gonyosoma janseni

The jansens seem to be doing great I only say seem because Izzy traumatized me. This is Bri, who is wandering every moment of the day but is a bit less scared of people than Fel. They should be out of major quarantine soon!

Really hope she grows up without issue, she’s turning out to be a real sweets.

I’m not sure if they’re just chronically bad drinkers or baby gonyo skin is just funky, because their skin seems springy yet doesn’t pass the ‘pinch test’. Regardless, I offer them water every time they’re out (bitches love faucet water).


Million babies photos time? Sure why not.

-Tiny Vayu, because a baby this tiny just begs for my macro lens.

-Solas*, who is in shed but I wanted a green reference to compare with the jansens.

-Briala and Felassan. Fel is whiting out a LOT faster than Bri, who is silvery but still definitely green at first glance. So now I’ve got a gradient of gonyos. Briala also has a serious thing for sitting in her waterbowl all day now, just like Justice and Anders (rip). Female gonyo hobby?

-Violet, for no real reason other than I had to give her more water (and Cole nipped me, so bad dog no biscuit).

*Solas, formerly Imshael, renamed because I was THAT disappointed with how much the character was just shunted into a lame miniboss in Inquisition.