In life, you can blame a lot of people and you can wallow in self-pity, or you can pick yourself up and say, “Listen, I have to be responsible for myself.” -Howard Schultz #NoteToSelf
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Adeline had just returned from the hospital the day before ( while she had tried to go back to school earlier, a fainting period in class had proved her incapable for a while — luckily William had been forced to go back too, so she was hardly alone ) and was setting down her first batch of belongings in the empty apartment. “Charlotte? Anyone else who lives here?” the tigger called out as she walked around. Not seeing anyone, she did hear the door ring, and walking over she opened the door to see Goni ( she had texted him the room number before she left, but that aside they hadn’t talked in a while ). “Goni!” she said with a grin. “Hi! Excuse the mess,” she chuckled as she gestured to the boxes behind her, “Charlotte seems to have vanished, along with the rest of my roommates I suppose.”


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after many resets I was left with an E in maths. I tried to retake in sixth form college but the teacher was a 24 karat dickhead who was only interesting in teaching those who missed a C grade by a few marks and boosting their grades to an A and not teaching the only person in the class who needed to actually learn maths and refused to teach me. anyway, I've got a degree now and lie on my CV that I got a C. no-one's questioned it.

aye yeknow what once you have a degree everything else is overshadowed like no ones gony ask ye the circumference of a jaffa cake when yer sitting on a masters like get te fuck. also, to anyone with shitty teachers just think of the day you leave school/uni you can tell them to eat a dick without any repercussions. or you can give them dirty looks in tescos whatever floats ur boat

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Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen
Agony - Into the Woods
Sex Bomb - Mouuse T. vs Tom Jones
That Man - The Cutting Room
On My Own - Les Mis
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper

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