gonorth festival


So I haven’t tumbled for a wee while with illness, workload and a sore ankle being just some of the reasons. So, as usual, there may well be a little flurry. of activity, although with this sunshine I can’t guarantee exactly how much work I’ll get done in the next wee while. Although being Scotland I’m sure it’ll be a rainy day soon enough and I can catch up on some editing. Anyway, I had the absolute joy of covering the exceptional GoNorth festival up in Inverness this week. If you don’t know about it have a look. In a nut shell I’d say it’s the Scottish equivalent of SXSW but small enough that those participating actually get a look in and some real one to one time with industry professionals and great showcases. I will do more posts with more info when I get through all the images but for now here a couple of the very very beautiful and lovely Rachel Sermanni who was kicking around the festival and has, herself, been through the GoNorth process. Please please check her out. I like her a lot. Kx