Bombay Bicycle Club

Genre: Indie/Electro Pop

For Fans Of: TV on the Radio, Foals, Kings of Convenience, Things your mawm likes (not a band)

Me and matt have been diligent cawledge students as of lately, which is why the posts have slowed down.  Not ta worry.  BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB HAS NEW STUFF OUT AND IT ROCKS AND ITS ELECTRIC AGAIN.  Yeah.  That sums up a lot.  I love this band, and if you have been following them since their start you know that they have just gotten better and better.  The newest album, “A Different Kind of Fix”, just comforts me that this band is always going to be one of my favorite bands.

This band has been a band since 2006, but I didn’t (unfortunately) start listening to them until they came out with their debut album “I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose”.  Immediately when I heard their track “Always Like This”, I started pumping their jams like a girl does when she gets a new Gaga track.  Fuck yeah I made a Gaga joke.  Every track on their first album stands out, because they all have a different sound to them.  Going from tight ass tracks like “Ghost” to subtle nostalgic tracks like “Lamplight” and “Autumn”.  They know what to do with their instruments very well.  I also really enjoy “Maybe More” and “Pedestal”.

They next decided to put out an all acoustic album “Flaws” in 2010.  A lot of people thought “Flaws” wasn’t as good as the first record, but they are so dramatically different that you can’t even compare.  First and foremost, “Flaws” is acoustic.  And let me tell you.  They can make their shit sound breathtaking.  "I Had The Blues But Shook Them Loose" lets you focus on the technicality of their instruments, and “Flaws” really shows just how good Jack is at singing.  His voice is really damn beautiful, and the accompaniment of Lucy Rose on the self titled track “Flaws” is gorgeous.  They also have some covers on there, “Swansea” originally by Joanna Newsom and “Fairy Tale Lullaby” by John Martyn.  It kicks ass.

“A Different Kind of Fix” was exactly what it says in the album; a different kind of fix.  They go back to their beautiful electric style, but they are also interpreting more of their electronic and effect driven style such as “Always Like This”.  I think part of the reason why I liked “Always Like This” so much is because it was the most different out of all their tracks, now on their new album a lot of their songs are just like this.  It rules so much.  Some gems are “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”, “Leave it”, and “Lights Out, Words Gone”.  I love every track on here, except “Still”.  That song just kinda took away the motivation from the rest of the other tracks.  This album is awesome, and to be completely honest, I would not be opposed to seeing some of these songs transformed into acoustic versions.  Dig it.

I am only going to put the newest album on here as this post is about the newest one.  

Download “A Different Kind of Fix”: http://www.wupload.com/file/125711042/Bombay_Bicycle_Club-A_Different_Kind_Of_Fix-2011-SiRE.zip 

READ: The above link is kind of weird, just scroll down where it says “slow download” or whatever and just follow the steps.