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“I… Um… This is kinda embarrassing, but… Well… Guren said we’re family now, right? So you, Yoichi, Kimizuki, and Mitsuba… We’re all a new family. And I’ve started to feel that’s true. You guys are important to me. But… I can’t forget Mika. He’s also an important family member. See… My parents abandoned me. So maybe I don’t really know how families work. But can I ask you guys this? Just because someone in your family betrays you, does that mean you have to betray them back? I don’t… think it works that way. So even if Guren betrays us… and Mika, well… even if he is a vampire now… he’s still family. We’re all still family, and we always will be.”

a list of people you can vent to bc we all need this rn

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ok so im not gonna do everyone right now because that would take forever but there are so many people who reblogged/liked this post if youre feeling even a little sad then dont hesitate to message them

- ̗̀ workout routine ̖́-

okay okay i accidentally deleted the link to the anon ask where i went over my workout routine bc i’m re-doing my faq so i’m just gonna make a post like i did for my skincare and makeup routines :+)

right now i follow two videos for my workout:

20 minute fat-burning yoga - this one is actually really fun and it’s super nice bc you can repeat the routine as many times as you want for a more effective workout, or you can simply do it once for a fast workout! either way, it helps with my flexibility and toning!!

ballet beautiful full-body sculpt w/ mary helen bowers - i love mary helen bowers’ workouts, they’re super duper effective, easy to follow, but still v challenging. she actually trains some of the victoria’s secret models (i think mostly lily aldridge though!) she has a bunch of other workouts too, targeting specific areas of the body!! 

boop that’s it

psa to everyone that reads this

you’re fantastic. trust me. like, you’re The Greatest. yes, i am talking about you, right now, reading this, bc you are Too Great For This World and idk all i can think about is you so i made a text post for you. have a good day tomorrow, even if today was shit. especially if today was shit. you’re gonna do great things and i believe in you and i’m here for you. good luck with your life :D

i understand a fandom trying to encourage each other to boost ratings by watching episodes through legal means (on tv, thru itunes, etc) but im kinda tired of the shaming of ppl like me who watch recordings online. not everyone can afford cable tv or spend money on itunes episodes.

im not gonna not watch a show just bc i cant pay for it. its something that makes me happy and helps me get through being poor and depressed and mixed up.

a more constructive thing to do is to ask people who cant afford cable or itunes to POST IN THE TAGS- tumblr tags, twitter tags, facebook, whatever. it still makes a difference, they pay attention to social media, and its a way ppl like me can participate and try to rally around a show thats being scrutinized right now by execs. we can all do something, just stop blaming other fans and making ppl feel bad for being poor with limited options. we love the show, too. 


i really fucked my phone up and I need to get it fixed, and money is tight right now! so I’m doing commissions if you want to help me out!

I can draw:

  • OCs
  • fanart
  • tf2 loadouts
  • digital (see above) or traditional: pencils, ink, watercolor, acrylics, do you want me to make you a wood carving because i can do that
  • if traditional i’ll actually mail it to you when I’m done
  • basically whatever, talk to me and we can probably figure something out
  • dont ask me to draw porn though you dont want me to draw porn

prices are going to vary but as a base i guess I’ll say $20 for a full body, colored whatever, $15 for waist up and etc. etc. 

if you’re interested add me on steam, email me at seathing@hotmail.com or message me here on tumblr! thanks for reading!

I’m gonna post a teaser of the fanfic I’ve been working on in a couple of days (depends on how busy I am) but all I can reveal right now is that:

- It’s a Hogwarts AU
- Farkle is the main character
- It’s a Riarkle fanfic
- The title is an Ed Sheeran song that inspired me to write it
- Some chapters are gonna be inspired by other Ed Sheeran songs bc I’m trash like that
- It’s set in 1981

read this if ur an overwatch blog i wanna follow u

lmao im losing a bunch of followers bc im posting p much just overwatch now

aight i follow way too many people so im gonna unfollow a bunch soon

like or reblog or reply to this if you blog about overwatch and feel free to follow me ill probs follow you back once i clean up my dash

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btw i like mcgenji and reaper76👌🏻

please donate ?

hey i am broke again, and at the moment starving bc no where i can get mony from right now aa.. sorry this post isnt gonna be very informative im lacking spoons to say much right now..

basically i need any kind of money, anything would help. my donation button is on my tumblr page, linked to my paypal (sheldonrawrsyou@gmailcom)
or you can commission me, the best place is to contact me on furaffinity, here it is along with my prices: http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/primarycolors/

if you can’t donate feel free to spread this post around. sorry for bothering anyone about this i just don’t know where else to turn for help..

(( so it’s wednesday, which starts with a W, so i’m devoting today to worldbuilding.

Send me ★ for a random fact about my muse’s world and upbringing! Or, alternately, send me any specific things you might be wondering about! (general topics, questions, etc.) ))

gonna-diee-thin  asked:


i’m so sorry i didn’t see this sooner, stay calm, if you can’t throw any more up try drinking some water & try again. if you can’t do it, just remember that it doesn’t mean everything is over, you can start again right now bc everyone binges it’s just a shit thing you eventually get over. also don’t skip exercising bc you “failed” today, in fact do more than you normally do. Try to fast for a while if you can it will get rid of the guilt but also serve as kind of a punishment to remind yourself not to binge again or you’ll have to fast for longer afterwards. But for now just keep yourself distracted, go get some tea or water & try not to dwell on it or look up thinspo or the calories you just had, you’re going to be fine just please try to keep control next time, it’ll be worth it💞