Martin Riggs + Text Posts (because I recently fell in headfirst into the Lethal Weapon fandom and I love this sand hobo)

I’m so disgusted by 13rw fandom right now.

Like I get it. Courtney IS a bad person. I can understand why she did all this shitty things but I’m not gonna to excuse her. 

But saying that “she is the worst after Bryce”? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You like literally saying that guy who sexually harassed Hannah, a FUCKING STALKER who post a private photo of two underage girls in underwear while they were making out bc one of them refuse to go out with this creep and a dude who for fuck’s sake LET HIS BF RAPE A GIRL is somehow better persons than Courtney?

But you know “some of them were sorry!” so obviosly Courtney is more awful than sexual harassers and stalkers

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I suppose Uncle Jace needs to be included. I personally think Jace is terrible with kids. Not awkwardly, but just that he can't say no and he actively encourages rambunctious and rowdy behaviour. He is the uncle who gives the kid sugar and watches hell unfold with a gleam in his eye and suggestions for the hyped up child. Now imagine that plus magic Madzie. They've been banned from one park and Magnus wasn't expecting to have to teach Madzie memory magic SO EARLY AS THEY MIND WIPE 22 SOCCER MOMS

okay i am jumping around i know but i just read @lydiabranwels tags on a post suggesting that jace would actually be the well-researched overly prepared babysitter bc he wants to make sure he’s doing everything right and tbh i can see both sides??? so like.. i’m gonna need a 500 word essay from each of you stating your arguments on my desk by monday. site your sources

I don’t think that any apologies will change anything right now.
But still, I feel strange. Kinda sorry and sad. Kinda bad.
I was always bad, did I ever say that I’m good? Can’t remember.
I didn’t mean to offend whole fandom, I’m just pissed about the recent updates.
And be recent I mean … I think you know which one I mean.
This whole Sata//ivlis saga, which started like… year ago. It’s pissing me off.
This is what I mean by “praising DSP”. Because people see that this ship is bad and toxic, and still they are defending it and drawing shitload of fanarts with them. Most of this fandom is full of Sata//ivlis drawings and defenders and THIS is what pisses me most. And knowing that those fanarts are most liked/rebloged thing also. Maybe because of great art style. Maybe not.
I really want to cut myself from that part of fandom and stay more closer to this other part, with those who don’t care about this or also dislikes it. But still, liking somebody’s art is not the same with liking somebody’s themself. And some people have really nice art style and I’m just hitting the Like button without thinking who this person is.

I’m pissed and tired of seeing Sata//ivlis everywhere and seeing that people are defending this ship for their reasons. I wanted to get it off my chest and mind, that’s all. I have enough and I’m disgusted. Like the other people, yes there are other people like me who dislike this ship and are pissed off.

TL;DR, This is the last thing that I’m gonna write about it and to this very fresh drama. Kinda drama. Just block me and everybody is going to be happy.
Sort of. Maybe.

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Is there any proof that these Instagram posts from "Adam" are true? He hasn't said anything about it on twitter as far as I know, and something really doesn't seem right- especially a cropped photo of a script tease...

We’re gonna go with it (for now) bc he posted a bts photo at a scoring session. Also the last one he just posted - “if Twitter-me can do it, Instagram-me can match it”

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When are you gonna make the Snapchat?

I mean I could technically make it right now but I’m really busy with school bc it’s the end of the semester so I think I want to make it in when school is over so I can actually post on their frequently

Summer (Cat Boy!Taehyung)

Plot: spending summer with cat boy!Taehyung

Word Count: 678

A/N: so now the series will be resumed, I hope Jimin had an amazing birthday but can we talk about the fact that Tae apparently got him a $1000+ gift like what how that right there is a real fucking friendship to be willing to spend that much on something to make someone happy, this post is gonna feature cat boy!Tae (here) bc I just love the thought of it

Taehyung wasn’t picky when it came to seasons. He loved winter, he loved playing in the snow and building snowmen. He loved spring when all of the flowers would come back and he could start leaving his jacket at home more often. He loved autumn, watching the leaves fall and hearing them crunch under his feet. But he had a special place in his heart for summer, it was his favorite. It was your favorite to be with him in, for so many different reasons.

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Ok so I’m a total music nerd so I can’t help but post some of my favorite music on here so I’m gonna do it in the form of a Batjokes headcanon

Alright so Bruce and Joker they’re gay as fudge right and they’re going to see the doctor Bc oh shit J might have aids

Now Bruce is a scaredy cat and flaky as fuck so he abandons J

And poor J is just absolutely heartbroken

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Omg can you put your davekat analysis into it's own post? Since the original post was johndave, I'm not sure how many davekat shippers would get to see it, and that's a shame, cuz it's really good!

ok i’m gonna bulk up my analysis a bit since i wrote the original one fast and if anyone wants me to pull sources for any of this lmk bc i can find the comic pages i’m thinking of i just don’t have the energy right now

(there’s some discussion of abuse, be warned)

putting it under a read more bc its long but ppl are welcome to reblog if they’re so inclined

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- ̗̀ workout routine ̖́-

okay okay i accidentally deleted the link to the anon ask where i went over my workout routine bc i’m re-doing my faq so i’m just gonna make a post like i did for my skincare and makeup routines :+)

right now i follow two videos for my workout:

20 minute fat-burning yoga - this one is actually really fun and it’s super nice bc you can repeat the routine as many times as you want for a more effective workout, or you can simply do it once for a fast workout! either way, it helps with my flexibility and toning!!

ballet beautiful full-body sculpt w/ mary helen bowers - i love mary helen bowers’ workouts, they’re super duper effective, easy to follow, but still v challenging. she actually trains some of the victoria’s secret models (i think mostly lily aldridge though!) she has a bunch of other workouts too, targeting specific areas of the body!! 

boop that’s it

  • police: 911 what's ur emergency
  • me: arrest min yoongi bc his cuteness is mixing with his hotness and it's illegal and killing me and i just
  • police: miss we're sorry we are not permitted to -


hello!! its ya girl back at it wih a bujo post ayyy

using my bullet journal has helped me pull myself together this month (bc tbh I need all the help I can get there l m a o) so yeah I’m gonna talk u through each spread and what I liked, inspo etc etc enough rambling lets go go go

july monthly spread!

this is definitely my fave monthly of all the ones in my bujo right now so lets see if that all goes to pot in august wish me luck
inspo: @journalsanctuary this wonderful post!!
also that wrapping paper is cool af and I used it loads this month thx sophie

july 4 - july 10

yeah so that week I went camping and the spread was v low maintenance which was good plus it looks hella!!! always a plus
inspo: @studyblrholla here :))))
this was such a good spread honestly I think I want to use this as a default when I get back to school in september I love it

july 11 - july 17

okay so for real think this is my least fave of all my spreads this month idk what those flowers are doing aaa?
inspo: none do u see why I need to use other ppl’s spreads
I didn’t like this one much bc it wasn’t very rigid if u get me? planning it was a disaster
also I tried a journaly writing down ur thoughts thing and honestly I didn’t really like it like it didn’t benefit me in any way moving swiftly on

summer study list!!!

I like this one omg it’s functional and it’s somewhat motivating me to get my lazy ass into gear
inspo: none wow emily u can do nice things by urself
yeah not much to say here but I do like the lettering in the titles yay

july 18 - july 24 + favourite songs

I really like this spread bc the bujo part only uses 1 page yano filling a 2 page spread is hard when its summer and u have nothing on, also dear evan hansen quote!!! musicals are consuming me too bad I’m dirt poor and live i live nowhere near any cool productions rip
song page: @somestudy this is art
yeah overall i love this spread idk what to add here

july 25 - july 31 + director info

i had llike nothing on this week which is why the spread looks kinda empty but as u can tell I liked last week’s spred so much I did it again ayyy
inspo: I’M SORRY OK
the director thing is just a brain dump and really it’s nothing too heavy but I wanted to get some thoughts down about pj’s directory stuff bc I really like his work and it’s gonna hep for next year’s coursework so yeah

so yeah my cool dudes, that’s my bullet journal this month yaya!! I think it was pretty efficient but we’ll see how that goes when september arrives and I shift into m a x i m u m o v e r d r i v e

love yall and have a nice, productive and happy august :)

psa to everyone that reads this

you’re fantastic. trust me. like, you’re The Greatest. yes, i am talking about you, right now, reading this, bc you are Too Great For This World and idk all i can think about is you so i made a text post for you. have a good day tomorrow, even if today was shit. especially if today was shit. you’re gonna do great things and i believe in you and i’m here for you. good luck with your life :D

i understand a fandom trying to encourage each other to boost ratings by watching episodes through legal means (on tv, thru itunes, etc) but im kinda tired of the shaming of ppl like me who watch recordings online. not everyone can afford cable tv or spend money on itunes episodes.

im not gonna not watch a show just bc i cant pay for it. its something that makes me happy and helps me get through being poor and depressed and mixed up.

a more constructive thing to do is to ask people who cant afford cable or itunes to POST IN THE TAGS- tumblr tags, twitter tags, facebook, whatever. it still makes a difference, they pay attention to social media, and its a way ppl like me can participate and try to rally around a show thats being scrutinized right now by execs. we can all do something, just stop blaming other fans and making ppl feel bad for being poor with limited options. we love the show, too. 

read this if ur an overwatch blog i wanna follow u

lmao im losing a bunch of followers bc im posting p much just overwatch now

aight i follow way too many people so im gonna unfollow a bunch soon

like or reblog or reply to this if you blog about overwatch and feel free to follow me ill probs follow you back once i clean up my dash

and if i follow you right now and you post overwatch P L E A S E message me so i can follow you again after i clean like PLEASE

btw i like mcgenji and reaper76👌🏻

Let’s stay positive. for now

I know “better save than sorry” is rule number one these days

but it’s sad and devastating to go into a tag that brought happiness to you and see negative posts about “code 307 is gonna happen” or “BYG incoming!!” and sure it’s okay and important to be careful and afraid..I am too…but i just don’t want to get it rubbed into my face..not yet - everyone who is now not watching yet out of fear can come with “told you so” or stuff like this when BYG/code307 actually happens to WayHaught (I really hope it won’t happen).

sure if you went looking right now you’d probably not find much but it stands out to gif sets of the same scene over and over again
bc when I for example see things repeating I actually kinda lower my attention until I see something different and that is sometimes post pointing out the fear of the Bury Your Gays trope.

When I saw Wynonna Earp getting more attention I hoped for more jokes fanfics and fanart
and not for people to say things that destroy the happiness we have for now..

so my idea is:

let’s start tomorrow by making this post-ep9 #WayHaughtWednesday * a day of celebration! ( * and the following days)

Let’s flood the wayhaught tag with positivity, creativity and good feelings.

Let’s enjoy the warm sunshine that is Wayhaught

Let’s bring the show more attention and views - it wuld be really sad when WayHaught stays alive and the show gets canceled bc of it not having enough views and attention.

So what we all can do (for official stuff) is:
- watch live or on other platforms that count
- tweet and blog spread the word

and for the fandom:
-let’s try to be super creative: fanart, fanfic, edits, headcanons, everything ♥

I really enjoy this show and I don’t want it to end and I really hope we get another season (especially when wayhaught stays fully alive and happy)

so let’s all have a positive view on it and enjoy it as it is ♥