• Momoi: So, what are you guys doing for Halloween?
  • Midorima: Unfortunately, they want to do some... haunted house concept.
  • Takao: Of course! And we'll all have super scary costumes.
  • Kagami: Yeah. Kise is going to be a zombie.
  • Aomine: Just when you thought he couldn't get any uglier, yeah, I know!
  • He's gonna terrify everyone- I bet all the little kids will run away screaming.
  • Kise: Aominecchi will top me though. He's just gonna be himself.
Don’t Leave Me... (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by buckybass

Words: About 950

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Gender Neutral Reader (the one thing is he calls the reader ‘doll’ a lot but hey if you don’t mind that then it’s totally gender neutral!)

Warnings: Major character death, crying, cussing, a shit ton of angst so buckle up

Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) have been flirting and crushing on each other, but both are too afraid to make a move. When a mission goes south, confessions are made, and hearts are broken.

A/N: Alright so since it is the 1 Year Anniversary of this blog, I figured I should post something. I wrote this a few months ago but never got around to finishing it. I finally did, and I feel like it’s absolute shit but I figured what the hell it’s decent enough, let’s post it. I hope you guys like it! 

Missions weren’t anything new to you. You were an Avenger after all.

You had been recruited to the team shortly after the Fall of Shield. You were a deadly assassin, almost as deadly as Natasha. Some could even argue that you were deadlier with your telekinetic abilities.

You were currently in a HYDRA base, kicking ass with your fellow Avengers. This was a full team mission, and right now, everyone had their hands full.

You leap over a HYDRA agent, then swiftly turn around and shoot him.

Another one comes up behind you, and you do your signature spin kick, where you spin around with your leg out, kicking the agent wherever it lands.

“Hey doll, can you stop looking so sexy while beating the shit outta the enemy?” Bucky’s voice comes over comms and you smile, your heart lurching at the sound of his voice.

You feel yourself blush but keep your cool. “I can’t make any promises, Barnes.”

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"Things that I have heard people say" starters (part 2)

•"This is an interesting conversation to walk in on.“
•"I didn’t have any breakfast.”
•"My lunch was half a chicken strip and a peanut.“
•"Which thing should we do first?”
•"Huh? What’s going on?“
•"I just got like a million notifications.”
•"You look really nice today!“
•"Why is this month so busy?”
•"Where are you going?“
•"Where are they going?”
•*bell rings* “Shut up.”
•*sings imperial march*
•"Is my face less red now?“
•"You wanna go? Let’s fight. You and me, right now. C'mon.“
•"I am so hungry.“
•*“You’re in trouble~” ooing*
•*amazed ooing*
•"Ooh, you’re gonna need some ice for that burn!“
•"I’m gonna drop this thing and it’s gonna make a loud noise.”
•"How to kill a conductor: by low brass.“
•"Are you a singer? You’d be a great singer.”
•"Stop being such a nazi, I can do what I want!“
•"I once convinced my entire 6th grade class that I was related to Hitler.”
•"Just shove it in their torso!“
•"This is completely wrong.”
•"Someone come sit on me I’m cold!“
•”[First name]! [Full name, including middle name(s)], where are you?!“
•"I’m from Nova Scotia where the weather is evil.”
•"What did I do today? I accidentally set my dad’s hair on fire.“
•"Yes, I’ve already eaten three children.”
•"Everything would eat a baby.“
•"And that is how you set your ass on fire.”
•"I go inside for one minute and the dog sets himself on fire!“
•"This person doesn’t have a head.”
•"You can just steal someone’s head.“
•"I’m collecting body parts.”
•"It’s weird; they have noses!“
•"Would you like a shoe?”
•"I love human feet!“
•"Nonononono! Lick my feet instead!”
•"It’s just a big pile of no.“
”Hah as if I need sleep you petty mortal!
•"It’s so beautiful! F*cking dangerous, but beautiful.“
•”Just let them die. It’s a time-honoured tradition.“
•”Now there’s a trail of slime on my leg. Great.“
•"What a cute snail. Look at it. It’s so cute!”
•"Ice cream trucks are of the devil!“
•"If they will bring me shiny stolen things I will give them food. I feel like that’s a fair trade.”
•"I will live under your porch because I love you.“
•"Curse you, mocking ducks!”
•"Ducks are evil. But delicious!“
•"Um… there is a fungus on top of your trash can.”
•"Hypothetical book-spoiling assholes. They’re out there.“
•"Please do not burn the father.“
•"That is not a good.”
•"That solves the problem of killing people for shoes.“
•"Ah! I’m fine. Just tripped. While standing still. Nothing’s wrong.”
•"Flashlights aren’t exactly a skill.“
•"This is why I shouldn’t have a lightsaber.”
•"Those stars look like a giant stomping people to death.“
“Star! I mean, I know it’s a meteor, but star!”
•"What are you doing!? …You’re charging my pelvis.“
•"Shh don’t wake the sleeping truckers.”
•"Just think of the army of kittens coming out of the mist!“