Can we just take a moment appreciate how freaking adorable Squad Levi in this frame? I mean look at them! THEY’RE SO EXCITED! Sasha is LEAPING ON TOP OF MIKASA! And then she leaps ON TOP OF HITCH.

They’re just so cute, I can’t even. (And look at Armin’s tears of relief, I can’t! The feels!)

this morning my dog jumped on top of me at like 7 a.m. while i was asleep and i was like “what the fuck, if you’re gonna jump and on top of me and wake me up this early then you sure as fuck better be ready to cuddle with me.” so i grabbed him and held him close under the sheets but then he freaked the fuck out and ran away. he hasn’t looked me in the eye since. what have i done i just wanted a cuddle buddy bro


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        ↳ When someone asks Cas to choose them over Dean.


Karen and Arthur comment on the roof scene from TATM (x)