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  • Me:*listening to song @ work*
  • Song:♫ i got the holes, you got the kisses, i drew the blood, and you sewed the stitches.. i've got a fever under my skin, going to the water gonna jump right innn ♫
  • Me:[very loud] HOLY SHIT
  • Person:What?
  • Me:Ah...something just hit me
  • Person:weirdo. *walks away*
  • Me:fucking hannigram man! fucking hannigram!

Is it just me or is there somebody else who’s so paranoid that even if there’s just a 5sec video with a view over the sea without ANYTHING ACTUAL HAPPENING you’re freaking out and cannot look at the display bc ur afraid something’s gonna jump in and scare the hell out of ya???

anonymous asked:

Is it okay that I don't ship Ayato and Hinami romantically? I prefer to ship them platonically. I just haven't told anyone because I don't want to be rude.

Of course it’s okay? Why would it not be? It’s your choice and your ship headcanon. I’m not gonna jump down you guys’ throats if you don’t ship my ships. This blog is an all ship safe blog! I put all personal ships aside. If you ship what I ship, gr8! If you don’t, that’s awesome too! I like you all regardless or ships! Ship hate is really stupid in my opinion.


Remember this? Of course you do!

But something occurred to me when thinking of something and why it sounded so familiar…

See these symbols? Those first two?

Those are the ALCHEMIC symbols for “Earth” and “Air” elements, respectively. Uuh…

Does this mean that the title card from the VERY FIRST EPISODE OF THIS SHOW…

Is connected to the whole “when gravity falls and earth becomes sky” prophecy we had just only gotten from AToTS last month?


hello all!!! this is amy (adorablehowell) speaking on behalf of the entirety of cpn B)) 

As you may have noticed, dan is nearing FIVE MILLION subscribers!! and that is INSANE but so deserved of him!!! So all of us here at cpn have decided to have five days dedicated to posting gifs/edits/art/etc appreciating how GREAT dan is and promoting him and everything wonderful about him once it gets to the big day where he hits five million subs!!! (It was meant to be leading up to the day and it was supposed to be announced a week in advanced buT when he posted his collab with tyler it TOTALLY jumped from one week to two days until he’ll hit it) BUT YES DAN IS NEARING 5 MILLION!!!

What you can do:

Make art/gifs/edits/etc for the corresponding day!! Any type of thing to show appreciation for Dan NICE B)) Tag your edits and things with #fivedaysofdan and we will reblog them to the network and I’ll be reblogging a lot to my personal adorablehowell!! And it starts ASAP ON AUGUST 19, 2015!!!

Day 1 (August 19, 2015): Favorite Dan Hairstyle

Day 2 (August 20, 2015): Favorite Dan Outfit

Day 3 (August 21, 2015): Favorite Dan “Laughing” Moment (which is basically a video where you love how dan is laughing nice)

Day 4 (August 22, 2015): Favorite Dan Collab

Day 5 (August 23, 2015): Favorite Dan Video


any questions please redirect them to my blog <3