Prompt: Anonymous asked: Ok, since we’re doing this, let me contribute to the season 7 wishlist too: I want Caroline pushing Stefan against a wall to kiss him hard, basically a reverse vending maschine situation! The chances aren’t that bad either, we all know she’s gonna jump his bones sooner rather than later, probably because of jealousy issues, and that’s when they finally take it to the next level, so I can totally see something like this happening. And she’d be the one in control which she has been craving…

Disclaimer: Alright you guys asked for it. My first fanfiction ever. This is very much smut and rated M because I am 100% trash. You’re welcome.

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Imagine Iron Bull and Dorian getting ready for some big social event where Bull has to wear a shirt but he’s taking a long time with the buttons so Dorian makes a tssk noise and starts doing the shirt up for him, and adjusting the coat and doing the cuff links, and Bull just watches him all fond. Thanks now I’m gonna go jump in a lake.

I still don’t know why I decided an 8 a.m. class was a good idea… I haven’t even had to get up for it yet and I can already tell that this semester is going to be filled with a lot of sleepless nights and trips to my nearest twenty-four hour coffee house. 


“I have no idea.” She whispered back. Noir had took her belt again and
fled, under Poppy’s Hive Queen orders. She’d gladly amend the directive and add Cheren’s team to the bunch.

Best to stay quiet and play dumb. So very, very dumb. And pretend there were no shadows turning into Raticates.

Cheren took a deep breath. There was no use in sending his Pokemon out against guns. He would invest in one himself if the very idea didn’t make his stomach turn. They were invariably linked to cowardice in his mind, and if he hated anything, it was feeling like a coward.

And although he did not know what was going on, and he could sense his companion’s fear behind him, he stood a little taller and spoke strongly.

“There’s nothing for you here, you know. She has no Pokemon. Let her go. The Unova league has experience in dealing with criminal teams such as yourselves, so I can assure you this attempt is ill-conceived.”

bongocake asked:

Could you please tell the story how you gave Caitlin her promise ring *make it long pls because it's so nice to read things you write about her *? You're both adorable BTW. Take care.

Haha oh man okay.
It was January 9th(our 3 months) and we had just gotten back to our hotel room from Hollywood. It was raining all day so we were soaked. I had talked to her friends autumn and Chelsea about my plan and asked them to help me out with it.
So when we got back, Caitlin and I were gonna jump in the shower together but I made an excuse that I had to do something and for her to just get in and I’ll be right there. That way she’d be in a little longer thinkin I was gonna get it, but really I wasn’t.
While she was in the shower I grabbed the ring from the ring box. I had the ring on me but I put the box in our mini fridge with a note that said “read me”. I took all of our shit out of the fridge so when she got out I’d ask her to grab me a soda and when she would shed see the box…OR SO I THOUGHT!
️Caitlin was stubborn and when she got out she was upset that I hadn’t gotten in with her. I asked her to grab me a soda so she did but she didn’t even look in the fridge she just quickly grabbed the soda and shut it. And I was like, “okay never mind I want a water.” And she got mad and was like, “no wtf you get your own water.” So I was getting agitated and yelled “️Caitlin just get me the damn water!”
So she got me the water, AND SHE STILL DIDNT SEE THE BOX. So I threw the water at the wall and she looked so confused. I got up and grabbed the box and note out of the fridge myself and told her to read it.
So she did and she started getting teary eyed and when she looked up at me from the now I had the ring in my hand and she looked at me and said, “Faith what are you doing.?”
And I took her hand and put it on her finger and said, “just freakin take it. You fucked it up.”
And she started crying and hugged me❤️❤️