cause that’s just ridiculously odd

                                        a gift for @banchokun

up till now, yosuke has either opt out of participating in white’s day,
or given obligatory gifts ( and the occasionaltotally only happened
twice, not any more than thati kind of like you maybe
we should go out?
gifts. what? he’s a bit of a romantic. sue him ).
he’s never had to
really, really think about getting someone a gift.
until this year, anyway. he might have panicked
& totally forgot what
people do for White’s Day ( okay, so he
might have panicked,
and totally blanked, and then sat around his house trying to figure
something out for like an
hour. or two ). 

but, you see, souji has this weird calming presence. yosuke can just
see him passing by
& he’ll feel better ( the about what changes
frequently ). so when he spies his partner, he already feels calmer ( even
though some part of him is getting worked up because
this is a bad
, no dude—bad idea central!! ), already feels more confident
as he calls out for the other boy.

     “souji! hey souji!! wait up!” 

he’s a bundle of nerves as he rushes up to his partner, jittery when he
talks, fidgety & constantly moving even when they stop walking. his
mind is going five hundred miles per hour—-is this a good idea?
bad idea? good idea! nobad. definitely bad. but—-?

yosuke’s all smiles and big grins even as he hooks a finger in souji’s collar
& pulls him down ( he’s not that much taller, but he’s taller all the same )
just enough to reach and plant a quick, chaste
kiss on his lips ( getting
that close to souji always makes him short circuit.
he can’t help it )
before pulling away. the distance doesn’t do anything for his face, sadly,
as it’s
already getting red. yosuke’s quick to ( attempt ) to hide it
away behind a box ( neatly wrapped, if not plainly done. there’s no names
or bows or ribbon
he couldn’t bring himself to decorate it ), but his
smile shows even if his mouth isn’t visible. it pushes at the corners of
his eyes.

     “s-so!! yeah, uh, so i wasn’t sure how big of a sweet tooth you have,
        but i thought maybe this would be okay
—? they’re really good.
uh—-i can’t really bake. 

SO, i hope you’ll accept my favorite chocolate instead? 
well, they’re store bought, but these are damn good.
        sorry, partner. i know it’s kind of lame.

The Reason I’m So Happy 😂😂
Gonna Get Hella Baked And Watch Game Of Thrones 😂😋

P.S. (Do U Stoners Wanna See Who I Am Let Me Know By Liking This Gif 😂🙃)

these are the ingredients y’all can follow along now:

125g butter softened
100g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg
190g self-raising flour
115g jam

ok where am i up to step one:

1. preheat oven to 180. line 2 baking trays w non-stick baking paper

2. use an electric beater to beat the butter sugar & vanilla essence in a medium bowl until pale & creamy. u dont want to just drop a lump of butter into a bowl if ur gonna beat it so make sure u chop that sucker up into little slices. it makes it a lot easier for the sugar to mix all up in that 

for ppl who worry abt when to take the cookies out: wait until the colour is darker on the top, these biscuits went in pretty pale so im thinking a nice yellow gold brown kinda colour. but sometimes they’re still a bit soft so get a fork or a kebab stick thing?? skewer. get a skewer & stick it into one of the cookies & test the consistency like that. u can see by the way it reacts – like if it goes a bit gooey, if there is anything on the skewer/fork u know its not ready. 

4. okie dokie once its all mixed get some plain flour & put it on ur hands. this’ll stop the mixture from sticking to ur hands (& it WILL STICK this sucker is MESSY). just pour a little of the plain flour into a bowl or smth & u can stick ur hands in it when u run out. so w ur floured hands, grab a little of the mixture & smoosh it into a ball. put this on ur tray (w the non-stick baking paper) & keep making them. keep them a couple of centimetres away from each other in all directions these lil balls are gonna get bigger (i put them WAY too close i know that i did lmao but whatever). u might need a second tray

5. when ur done, stick the tray/s into the oven for 15 minutes & while ur waiting u can clean up

6. u should check on them halfway. if u have two trays, switch the positions in the oven i.e. tray on bottom shelf should go onto the top shelf. i only have one tray but im gonna spin it around so the half that was at the back will be at the front but thats just bc my oven is hotter at the back lmao