Signed up for an accelerated cohort that means I take my classes intended for next fall over the next summer which means I’ll graduate a semester early which means I’ll take my N-CLEX a semester early which means I’ll be working a semester early and they can offer $3000 financial aid which would literally pay for the rest of my schooling I’m just honestly shocked that it’s suddenly happening and life is coming together like jfc I haven’t even told my parents yet and wow graduation is less than 18 months from now HAHAHAHA

But in other news mom is buying me some beer to bring to Erin and tomorrow I drive up to Erin and I’m gonna bring some books and my water colors and bike I think and enjoy this mini vacation and just kind of forget about my impending doom lol horror stories are the ever accelerating future tbh

welllll I have one night to

- go over the final draft and feedback of my thesis one last time and hand it in
- e-mail the Council to remind them that I have permission for an exemption from about 50 ECTS since I already have an MA degree and they have conveniently forgotten about this
- make a plan for my final essay due about four days after I return from holiday (HALP)
- decide which books I’m gonna bring on holiday
- cook my sister dinner
- give freind cat feeding instructions 
- do nails
- do dishes
- take out garbage
- pack 

and then I’m off to greece