Guys guys guys I was asked to be a part of the @pjocoloringbook project!!! I’m so excited!!!! And so extremely nervous my art might be along side some of my PJO heroes and I think I might die!!! Thanks to @brunagonda for this opportunity and I hope you guys will all go check out this amazing project that these guys have so lovingly put together to celebrate the fandom we all love so much!!!

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do you think stiles ever kissed lydia forehead in canon but off screen ? it keeps me awake at night .

I don’t actually think he’s bold enough too, but I’m gonna say that she may have kissed his cheek at some point. I heartily believe that this happened. 

To Everyone Freaking Out Over Shiro’s Fate

Let me offer some of my thoughts.

I’m kind of going back and forth on whether it is or isn’t, but like I said in one of my asks, I think that he “dies” and everyone believes it and it’s a part of a greater arc. There’s been a lot of character development for Shiro and a lot of time and energy invested in him; he has a huge backstory we only have a part of and he helps hold the team together. I’m sure the creators are aware of our attachment to him and have taken it into consideration. I mean, hell, the Marvel fandom brought Phil Coulson back to life by sheer determination.

I think he’s gonna stick around; he may be separated from the team and may have to go through his own journey for awhile, but I don’t think he’s going to leave. They’ve already proven this show isn’t an exact replica of the 80′s, so we just need to be patient and see what happens.

Take a deep breath and think happy thoughts. We’re all gonna be good!

hey guys this is kinda important

I know Gerard going to a convention ur gonna be able to go to is fuckin amazing and with the whole mcrx thing I know ur gonna wanna ask questions about mcr, but please don’t
he’s there for the comics and his comics and stuff, not for my chemical romance and for people to bombard him with questions that he probably shouldn’t even answer? plus it’s kinda rude
and also don’t ignore the other artists,
gosh I felt so bad for them when I went to nccc last year with the Friday night panel the twd guy was pretty much ignored even though he seemed really nice, and a few (thankfully not many) went off topic with the questions so that they weren’t related to comics and their artist career and it’s ok to be interested in that but when it’s a panel for three different people show everyone some love like
but you could see with questions or things implying mcr they would get a little uncomfortable and answer then steer it back into comic territory so just
be respectful please? sorry it’s bulky just kinda worried with everything

  • Candela:Blanche went to investigate an area that was rumored to have a legendary pokemon so now I'm going to burn every piece of clothing I have!
  • Spark:What, why?!?
  • Candela:They're basically like 85% of my impulse control! *hair starts to catch on fire*

44 fics already? The writers are amazing! And sure work fast!

(Also, I highly recommend reading that first fic (Celebrate the Me Yet to Come) in the pic: there’s a part about Holtzmann as a kid which I adored and the fic is aching and beautiful and will turn your heart inside out: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7504096)

“I’m good at explosions,” Jillian says with care. “But I’m also good at repair.”