due to personal reasons, i’m going to be taking a hiatus from both twitter and tumblr, as well as writing. i’m not sure how long it will last, and though i did consider, i will not be leaving, i’m super happy tao is finally getting the chance to live his dream and sharing it with all you guys is often the highlight of my day, but i’ve realized that i need to get my shit together if i want to ever live my own. i’m going to keep this blog running on queue, and please feel free to private message me for my line or kakao. from the looks of things, i will hopefully be back around the end of this school term and will decide where to go from there. thanks!

Hello everyone, I’d just like to let you all know that I decided to cut the crap here and just revive this cesspool of sin myself. Starting today I will be posting confessions again. It will start off slow with only two confessions a day, but will likely be increased as the queue gets filled. Despite the fact that I’m usually an absolutely perfect human being I will admit that disappearing for so many months was extremely stupid. So I’d like to apologize for that. Sorry.

anonymous asked:

when are you going to post a dick pic? asking for a friend. .

I’m not gonna announce it, it may just happen randomly one day lmfaooooo.

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna try to be bold(may come out of anonymous but kinda nervous). You are very beautiful. Your gorgeous, and attractive. Please Don't Ever let anyone tell you different. I keep seeing you say your attracted to all the "hot lesbians" and that's why your single. But in my opinion you are a hot lesbian, you are attractive. Some may just be intimidated by your cuteness to tell you they like you. By the way, you also have a really cute nose lol

Aw thank you but aha I try to hit up so many girls on Tumblr and none of them think I’m hot back so I guess I’m not that hot 😕 and aha my nose??

If you post original gifsets, photos, music and/or artworks and you are terrified by the new tumblr feature allowing people to erase captions in one click clap your haaaaaands


i am beyond proud of troye - to know that someone who started off by making covers of other peoples songs now has not only an extremely successful EP but an album ready to release, alongside music video(s), merch and even a potential tour is absolutely amazing; all the hard word, all the late night studio sessions, all the cryptic tweets and months spent perfecting this LP are going to be worth absolutely every single second - i can’t wait for you to let the rest of the world in on the secret of just how incredible you are!


aos rewatch ▶️ 1x01 pilot

We can’t explain everything we see. But our eyes are open. So what now?There are no more shadows for you to hide in. Something impossible just happened. What are you going to do about it?