gonna watch star trek tonight at the movies

100 Ways To Say “I Love You” No. 70

“You’re warm.”

Requested by @vodkamisha

They’d been married for three years now, and with two adopted children it was nothing short of hectic and lively in their household. Except tonight that was, Sam and his wife, Jessica, had agreed to take their two tiny terrors off their hands for the night so that they could go out.

And that they did, Dean drove them both to their favourite restaurant, a small Italian place where Dean could get a pizza that could potentially serve eight but Dean ate by himself and Cas would have the large plate of meatball and pancetta pasta bolognaise. The waiter had a tea light lit between them and served them the house wine, even though Dean would much prefer a beer, Cas enjoyed the wine they had.

After dinner, they drove back to their shared flat, just on the outskirts of Kansas City. Dean had kindly asked Cas if they could watch the new Star Trek movie together, of course, being date night, they would do anything for each other so Cas sat down next to Dean, leaning against his shoulder.

Near the end of the film, Cas was curled up against Dean more that usual, Dean kissed the top of his head and smiled. “You’re a cuddly bunny tonight aren’t you?” He said, wrapping his arms around his waist.

“You’re warm.” Cas replied, as if it were an excuse, shuffling further into Dean. “It’s nice. Gonna stay like this forever.” He commented, yawning.

“I can accept that.” Dean told him, planting more kisses into the mess of his dark hair and on his temple.

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