gonna wait for someone to make one

give me the classic “listen bruh we’re high (or drunk) but your lips look sort of appealing rn so i’m gonna kiss you ok?? ok nice now we’re fucking && holy shit, that night was only supposed to be a one time thing but here we are again — wait, we’re just friends, y'know that right?? cool, cool, let’s do this && oh fuck, you’re making breakfast in your underwear and looking damn fucking beautiful, i think i’m in love with you even though we’ve only been doing this for a couple of months — but wait !! you’re seeing someone?? why didn’t you tell me?? i mean, idc bc we were nothing serious but ///: holy fuck i’m in love with you” plot pls

LMAO! So they went from not having any sense talking about Wells in the very vicinity where he was to not double checking to make sure that no one comes into the Lab while Barry was in his suit. This show isn’t even trying anymore. It knows that the end of Barry Allen is drawing near once Iris West rips him a new one. The producers were prolly like, ‘Welp, there’s no point. Lets just have her confront him so we can get the tongue lashing over with.”

I have a feeling we’re gonna need someone to write Barry’s emotional obituary.

I can’t wait!

Hi everyone :) In the last few days I’ve reached 1k followers and I had the idea that I could thank you all with a follow forever even though it isn’t enough because you gave me so much more love than this little post gives you. I’m not gonna make you wait so long, I just want to thank each one of you that you decided to follow me because this means you found my blog good enough to see it everyday on your dash and this feels very good, thanks again ♡

Okay so I’m not going to put you all in an order but I wanted to mention someone special who is thelifeofjasonmccann. My baby, my sis, my errthang. Hiya Jojo :) She’s the most important person for me in here. I met her so randomly and she became important to me so fast that it’s unbelieveable. I didn’t ever expect to find my baby here, on tumblr but I did and it’s wonderful. Jojo, you’re mine and I love you with all my heart 😘❤️

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Breakdown of BIGBANG’s LOSER MV.

So our kings just released two MVs and I kinda understood the messages hidden in the Loser MV. (At least this is what i think.)

The video potrays 5 types of losers basically and like the outcome of each loser. So I’m gonna explain loser by loser.

1. GD (Loser number 1)

So you can see that GD lives a rich lifestyle, he lives in a luxurious apartment/hotel and he dresses in branded clothing. However he is the “Lonely Loser”. Despite all his luxury, all the money, he has no one beside him, not even a friend. This can be seen when he lies down next to his cellphone waiting for someone just to text/call him but he gets nothing. He wanders the streets but no one gives a fuck about him and that makes him feel like theres no use living.

2. Taeyang (Loser number 2)

Taeyang on the other hand was living in a slump, alone again. This shows that he’s homeless and he has no family left except his dog. The cross that he was obsessing over shows that the only thing that kept him going was his faith, his believe in God that all things happen for a reason. He seems optimistic at first but as the video progressed you can see that his spirit dies down. And that he dropped his cross and jumped. This shows that even his faith cant overcome his loneliness and pain hence he decided to end things once and for all. 

3. Seungri (Loser number 3)

Seungri can be seen following a couple down a busy road. The girl is actually his girlfriend, its pretty obvious that she was cheating on him as she wasnt picking up her phone. He began trashing his home to vent anger and he wa obsessed with meeting his gf (ex-gf rather). She meets him but rejects him in a very harsh manner and he cannot accept it. I guess this is the most relatable loser because im sure everyone has been through harsh rejections. 

4. Daesung (Loser number 4)

Daesung looks like a lost soul wandering around. But actually hes just sad and alone. The people he was fighting with are actually the guy who stole his gf from him. As you can see at one of the scenes, there was a gril who was tying a scarf around his neck. At during the fight, the man threw the scarf in his face which could also mean that he is worthless to the girl. He keeps going back to fight him because he cannot accept the reality of losing someone so dear. 

5. TOP (Loser number 5)

Finally we are at TOP. I think the loser that TOP potrayed was the darkest and the most serious stage of “loserness” which is actually the most extreme level of pain felt. As you can see at the start they were all lovey dovey and clearly enjoying each other’s company. But thins soon turned sour because she cheated on him. He lifted up her hand only to see that her ring was no longer there, and he just lost it. He probably has been through so much pain, hurt and rejections in his life that it pushed him to actually kill the one he loves. The only way for him to deal with the extreme pain was to kill. And after that he regretted killing her because now he knows that he is gonna be all alone for as long as he lives. 

anonymous asked:

RhiNE you confuse me sometimes missy because you ask for cute cuddle buddies and stuff but then you say you can't write cute and only satanic stuff, when requests are open I'm gonna request one that starts out cute and has a twist just for a Rhine special

yES OH MY GOD I WOULD LOVE THAT SO MUCH Rhine special please make this a thing for requests I would literally die oh my goodness You, my dear, are amazing. I shall be eagerly waiting to see what you have in mind!

No but seriously wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute cuddle buddy and someone who’ll discuss painfully constructed plots and general creepy stuff with you because that is goals

One time this person was like “"omgg ur so cute I want someone to make a doll of u!!!” or smth 

Well they’re gonna have to wait until they make some merchandise of star for that 2 happen

Not really sad. Just really tired. Having to snap back to reality after such an amazing weekend makes me feel mergh.

But for real though… Life in Color was the BEST. I’m so happy I went. It was an adventure. Definitely something I’m gonna remember for a long time.

I got to rave with someone I met on tumblr who I’ve never met before in person and it was so fucking cool LOL.

And then the actual event omg. Just so many good vibes with amazing people. I can’t wait for my next one haha.

Just watched the Atari: Game Over documentary and overall it was good but I’m also annoyed.

An entire doc and not a single woman anywhere in sight, except as someone’s wife or background. No interviews with women gamers or game geeks, not even in the crowd waiting for the dig.

I think maybe one passing reference to a woman game designer at the tail end. I hate when a doc make me feel invisible ><.

anonymous asked:

On that note is there any way I might bump up my income despite being a minor/being allowed very minimal time ACTUALLY on the floor? I did okay with dances my last shift but feel I could very dramatically improve that/I have high standards for myself

Ask people at the rack, as many of them as you can. Not one after the other but approach each of them throughout your set, lean in and say breathily into their ear, “you look like you’ll be ready for a lapdance when I get offstage”/“you gonna be ready for a dirty dance after my set ends?” &c. After that check in via eye contact throughout if they don’t immediately say yes, and then when the song ends check again, sometimes the people who say yes will have changed their minds while others will want one so you don’t want to do anything decisive that may make someone feel snubbed.

If multiple people want dances you just say “oh wait right here and I’ll be back for you as soon as I’m done with him” and then hope for the best.

Also don’t rule out the possibility of giving multiple guys dances at a time, I sell those a lot more often than anyone things is possible. So if a guy doesn’t want to leave his friends, don’t take that for an answer, just say, “bring your friends!”

anonymous asked:

how do you unlove someone who isn't inlove with you?

Stop loving that person. Stop waiting for something that will never gonna happen. If that person isn’t love with you well, bad luck coz maybe you’re the one that could make that person believe that forever does exist. Uyy effort ko dito english to ples HAHAHAHAHA! yun lang ang masasabi ko. Mwa.

just saying, if you’re gonna apologize to someone don’t start crying when you do it. it makes the other person feel like they have to forgive you, or worse, that they have to take care of you when you’re the one who wronged them. if you’re gonna apologize, wait until you’re emotionally stable enough to do it without crying.

Waiting on one song now. Currently at: 24 songs, totaling 1 hour, 33 minutes. I’ve decided not to split it into two, for various reasons. Anyway, some final points need nailing down -

Possible titles:
Do Yourself a Favor and Run
My Assembled Friends
ups and downs
we can make the world stop

Possible taglines:
we smooth as hummus on fancy toast
Just start talking - as if someone was paying attention.
strangers with an attraction to dangers
We’re gonna burn this city.

Genres: electronic (main one tbh), dance, alternative, hip hop, pop, rock, + indie amalgamations of all of the mentioned

Some songs are character specific, some are just general feel/mood, some are plot points, all are arranged specifically

Warnings: disturbing and destructive imagery, sexual themes, swears and slurs in lyrics

aaaand, still working on a cover image. I’m never happy

anonymous asked:

if it makes you feel any better I'm 17 and have a great sex life with my boyfriend (20) but believe the wait is honestly worth it, the first time isn't a big deal in the sense of self worth but to have it with someone you truly care about is one of the best feelings there is

nah like ik its not gonna change anything bc after i had my first kiss i felt the exact same lmao

anonymous asked:

Kay, douchebagz4lyfe2015 dared me to send anon hate..I'm gonna try it. Ahem. You're...YOU'RE LUCKY AND LOVABLE. Wait. Lemme try again. You're SO STINKY people can SMELL YOU. Dammit, one more try. YOU'RE A PERSON. A FUGGIN PERSON. I'm not good at this. Can you act all heartbroken and I'll pretend to be a smug lil bitch? Because I can't do it, man. You don't know what it's like for anons in there who don't make someone upset. They fart in your face, man. It's terrifying. Help me. Be scared, please

I’m scared of why you took a dare from  douchebagz4lyfe2015 to begin with but here goes…


Will that work? 

Tagged by TEEJ. Gonna call you that forever now.

Name: Caitlyn

Time and date: 7:26 pm, April 27, 2015

Average hours of sleep at night:  8 or 9. 10 if I’m exhausted. 4 to 5 ish if its midterm season during school.

Last thing I googled:  Doxycycline (lol)

Nickname: Fai, Cat, Caitlyn, Kk

Birthday: May 2nd

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: I’ll be completely honest, I can tell you all about stuff like tetrahydrafuran and the reaction speed of glycolysis but quiz me on anything gender/sexual orientation related and I’m gonna fail the hell out of it. I don’t understand any of it. I’m just someone who is pro whatever makes you happy (except killing people, or hurting people, don’t do that).

As for me I’m not really interested in anyone sexually at the moment. I was in a long relationship that really left me bitter towards any companionship to be honest.
Waiting for the right one. Is that an orientation?

Height: 5ft and 2in.

Favorite color: Purple and burgundy red.

One place that make me happy:  My room. Instead of wallpaper my room is covered in fanart by all sorts of people. I often sit around staring at it just to feel inspired.

How many blankets I sleep under: 1, sometimes just a sheet. I’m super hot natured.

Favorite movie(S):  Lion King 1 and 2, Avatar, POTC, Hobbit, LOTR

What am I wearing right now: TYR suit

Last book I read:  Does manga count? (I don’t really read)

Most used phrases: ‘I’m sorry?’, RIGHT?!, damn

What I last said to a family member:  AWWW YIS.

Favorite beverages: Milk, tea, mango anything, coconut anything

Favorite food: Tempura Udon, Ramen & Gyoza, Sushi

Last movie I watched: Furious 7 (CRIES FOR ETERNITY)

Dream vacation: The longest cruise ever created and possibly meeting Vin Diesel or Johnny Depp

Dream wedding: On a Disney Cruise boat (those are the prettiest boats ever)

Dream pets: Raichu or Mewtwo

Dream job: Working on it! A pharmacist. 4 More years! It would be really cool to create a drug but I don’t think I’m smart enough for that.

I tag fukinaway watagashi710