gonna use them today

heyy guess what series i finally watched


One year x

Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3

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Can I give Connor a hug?



do not reupload


Reaper!Sans, handmade ball-jointed doll, height 6.3 inches
Reapertale AU by @renrink 


mad as rabbits // panic! at the disco

might i say…………….its quite fucked up that one cant get contacts with medicaid…… or even a discount on them…….it is particularly unfortunate in my situation because my eyesight is so poor that i cant see anything at ALL unless its within 3 inches of my face. like people a few feet away literally just blend in with the other blurry colors in the background….so i cant do makeup if i only have glasses and even though makeup is stupid and i hate it i have an atrociously low self esteem and extremely bad anxiety when i have to show myself in public without it

BASICALLY what im saying is that im going to wear this one (1) contact i have in my single eye until i die. and if i lose it or if it rips then well………..guess i have to be blind…….and/or ugly……….forever………

AHEM, may I introduce the kind king, Maggie, and his partner, the great witch, Max! They rule upon their tower of ye ole books, books that are old in knowledge. Let their rule be kind, just, and full of new learning! Long live the King and Witch!

(Here’s it is)

Imagine Woozi sitting with you as you work or study because he knows how much you like to procrastinate and he wants to make sure you don’t get sidetracked.


You and the Captain? You will get a chance to say what you need to

Warmup sketch of my default exr state.
I have so many sketches like this one with R standing by enjolras side under the flag /sighs/ babies

me cleaning out my nightstand last week: i should throw away these pf changs coupons i’m never gonna use them
me: nahhh i’ll keep them just in case
my friends today: let’s go to pf changs tonight
me internally: nice job week ago self