gonna use them today

heyy guess what series i finally watched

When it finally hits u that u a and all of your friends from the past 7 years of school are leaving to go our separate ways going to uni etc. and u become a sobbing mess..


Reaper!Sans, handmade ball-jointed doll, height 6.3 inches
Reapertale AU by @renrink 

yaaaaaaaaaay thanks for all the prompts guys! i’m gonna use them as lil breathers between big bang writing today so i’ll be posting them intermittently ^_^

got tons of brotzly which is MY JAM but if anyone want to throw more kurlish/faranda into the ring then be my guest!

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DOTSIE!!! I came out to my best friend today!! He's gonna use they/them and call me by my chosen name!! God I'm so happy ♡♡♡

Oh my god!! im so happy for you !!

Imagine Woozi sitting with you as you work or study because he knows how much you like to procrastinate and he wants to make sure you don’t get sidetracked.

me cleaning out my nightstand last week: i should throw away these pf changs coupons i’m never gonna use them
me: nahhh i’ll keep them just in case
my friends today: let’s go to pf changs tonight
me internally: nice job week ago self