gonna try to draw daily comics like this

anonymous asked:

can i request some....oumasai angst heh

daily oumasai doodle - day 31

first of all, HAPPY MONTHSARY!! thats what i meant by 1 day left lol
hm? what does this drawing has anything to do with the ask? well ..

Im going to start a comic/series, 32 pages in total so = 32 days
and just like how the anon said, its gonna be angst!!!! yay
i’ll post 1 page a day,and im trying to draw the comic not too straightforward? bc i wanna hear like theories or some shit from u guys hoho but its p straightforward so eh

i’ll be focusing on the series > requests

the tag for the series will be #oms-com #oms-com pg 1

also this drawing is like the cover or smth??? idk ueh (not all pages has both ouma and saihara btw but i’ll still tag ouma)

thats all! have a good day(boi i hope this works out)