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Hi there! I am writing a novel and in it there is a character who learned self defense plus some martial arts skill online- watching youtube videos, and what not. First of all, I want to ask you how effective that would be? And If he comes into a fight with a person properly trained in a martial art, what would be his(online learning guy) weaknesses?

It’s not going to be that effective. Let me break it down.

Self-Defense: Self-defense training isn’t about learning how to fight, it’s about learning some tools and techniques to avoid trouble and extract yourself from a bad situation. All the techniques learned are geared toward providing the trainee to create openings that allow them to get away, to see trouble happening before it starts. “Do what you have to and get away” is the mantra. The techniques should be simple, easy to use, and capable of fitting a variety of situations. This isn’t always the case. Joint locks and throws were very popular in the 90s (and probably still are), the question is of course whether or not the student will remember how to do them a month or two later after only a few days or weeks of training.

Now, there are different schools of self-defense training. They also have different lengths. The best self-defense is consistent training, especially one where the instructor has a practical combat outlook. (The term “practical combat” can be confusing if you’ve never encountered it, it means the martial training has a total focus on “actual combat” or “real world combat” as opposed to sport or exhibition. Training with the expectation of real word application and usually restricted to students 18 or over. Here, you’ll see full contact training without pads because the only way to truly know how to do a technique is to experience it. Military combat styles, Police Academy, etc practice practical combat.)

The late Close Combat and Self-Defense Legend Rex Applegate is a good resource if you want to study the difference, so is Michael Janich. These are usually instructors who have a police or military background first and foremost with secondary martial arts training.

“Practical” self-defense will often include guns, knives, and other weapons as legitimate options to use when defending yourself. Because of the way non-martial artists and recreational martial artists think about the word “practical”, “militant” self-defense is probably a more accurate term to use.

Your character probably isn’t doing this kind of training, but it’s a good idea to stop and really hammer out where they were taught self-defense and what kind of class it was.

Did they pay for it? Go to any YMCA or public gym and you’ll find flyers for different martial arts schools and occasionally self-defense seminars. Many martial arts schools offer their own brand of self-defense as part of their school’s offerings. Any shop, like many privately owned bookstores, might keep around flyers and other sorts of community events (such as cons and author readings). Privately taught self-defense can be expensive, ringing in around $80 to $200 (or more) for just a few weeks. However, colleges and other groups do offer some seminars for free. If your character was in the Boy Scouts (or possibly Girl Scouts), they may have gotten their self-defense training as part of their activities. Sheriffs offices and Police Precincts regularly offer self-defense seminars for free to the public. (The techniques taught are usually the public safety approved variation of Police hand to hand.) I recommend at least looking into these for research if you’re serious about this character as they won’t cost you anything more than your time. (If you’re under 18, you’ll need a legal guardian to sign the waiver and participate with you.)

How long was their session? The guy who put down $200-$400 for a two week retreat into the mountains where he trained six hours a day, every day, is going to look a little different from the guy who spent a few hours learning some throws in the college gymnasium.

Did they earn any certifications? Some courses offer certifications similar to the belt ranking system, but also put in a legal prohibition of teaching the techniques to anyone else. Gun disarm seminars often include these.

Remember, knowing how to do a thing doesn’t mean you’re qualified to teach the thing. Just like me discussing the concept behind a technique doesn’t translate into practical application if you don’t already know how to do it. This segues us nicely into:

Martial Arts Instruction Through YouTube Videos:

No, it wouldn’t be effective. Just like many internet blogs, videos on YouTube are a form of self-promotion. The information handed out by martial arts instructors in those videos is useful for inspiring interest, drum up business for their studio, and help out trainees in their martial style who already have a school and instructor they train with.

Every so often, we get requests on this blog to sit down and teach what we know. My answer is always the same: you cannot learn martial arts by remote. You need the assistance of (at the very least) an instructor and of a training partner to actually learn how to properly do a technique. A video can show you a concept, it can show you step by step how something is supposed to be done, but it cannot correct your bad habits. Bad habits are inevitable. It can’t show you what the technique should feel like, it can’t push you to work harder, and it can’t help you beyond the concept. The concept may give your character confidence, just like reading through a variety of tags on this blog may have inspired you with confidence but what we are able to imagine doing and what we can do are separate things.

Example: Once, outside my apartment, I saw a little girl practicing cartwheels. Each time, she tried it but always stopped halfway and fell over. She tried again and again, but she couldn’t complete the cartwheel. Watching her, I could see what the problem was: at the beginning she wasn’t putting enough momentum in to carry her through the wheel. So, I told her “Hey, you need to throw yourself into it, use your arms more, like this,” and put my hands up over my head I showed her the motion. She looked at me strangely because I was a stranger, but then she tried it and immediately after completed the wheel. Afterwards, she did cartwheels all over the lawn.

When your character is doing the technique wrong, and they will because all beginners do, there will be no one there to help them. For a really good example of the difference, go sit down and watch The Karate Kid remake with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. In the movie, Jaden Smith’s character brings videos from his former Karate school with him to China and tries to rely on them for guidance when he’s bullied by kids who train at the famous Martial Arts school nearby. You can see where he’s going wrong when he’s practicing with the videos, but again, there’s no one around to fix it until he starts training with Jackie Chan. Really, watch it.

This is part of why I, personally, get frustrated when techniques are passed around the internet as self-defense without the context behind them. “Hey guys! Did you know you could choke someone out with your thighs!” Yes, I did actually that’s a triangle leg choke and, like all grappling moves, it’s really difficult to pull off without a lot of… “Pass this around! It could save a life!” Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Watching videos on YouTube and even practicing them in your own home is likely to inspire you with confidence that you know how to fight, but is actually much more likely to get you killed. However, as writers, it’s great for conceptual work and studying up on the different personality traits and quirks martial arts inspire in their practitioners. Seriously, I love watching YouTube videos by different experts in the same style. It’s very illuminating about how different kinds of training affect personalities. For me, it’s basically just glorified people watching. For your character, it’ll probably fill them with false confidence.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Online Guy’s weaknesses versus Martial Arts Guy would be:

Slower: yeah, he may strike first, but he’s gonna be much slower both physically and mentally in terms of following what’s happening.

Lack the Ability to Chain: Martial artists train and train and train so that their techniques become second nature, so blocking or reacting to an attack becomes as instinctual as a non-martial artist trying to swat a fly. They can use their techniques together and switch them up. Basically: one, two, three. Online Guy will be lucky if he can pull off anything other than a one.

Less Adaptable: Depending on what Martial Arts Guy has been trained to do, he or she will probably be more adaptable than Online Guy, simply because they’ve spent more time doing different things. They’re more likely to go with what’s first and reactionary. Online Guy has only been trained to use his techniques in very specific situations, he’s going to have to think about each technique he uses. At the very least, he’s been trained to flee not to fight. (Traditional martial artists weaknesses are often that they’re trained to fight (sport), not to wound and flee.)

Sloppy Technique: Sloppiness, this translates to some holes in his defense and he’ll wear out much faster. Martial arts techniques teach conservation of movement, tighter technique expends less energy which allows you to fight longer. Online Guy will have less control, making him more likely to hurt his opponent even if he doesn’t want to. He will also be unbalanced, lack precision, and his body will telegraph his movements before he moves.

Isn’t Used to Kinetic Impact: Unless Online Guy spends a lot of time actually hitting other people, he won’t be used to the pain that comes from actually connecting someone else. Martial Arts Guy might not be ready for this either, but he has the help of practicing on pads.

Those are the big ones. The big thing to remember about Online Guy is that he thinks he knows what he’s doing, but actually doesn’t. He’s barely a novice, but those qualities are what make him dangerous.


mandy-monstar said: Don’t forget that about 80% of what you find in ‘self defense’ youtube videos is downright wrong, a bad idea, and will get you killed very quickly in real life. Someone who studies from youtube will not just be less trained, they’ll be trained wrong.

Too true. Always source whoever you find.

Discussing Hero's

Summary: Discussing the finer points of hero’s.

Paring’s: Sam x reader

Warnings: Self doubt

Setting: During season 11

Notes: Written for #SPNDAYSOFFCHALLENGE, I was given the song Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw, Requests are open as well.

Tags:  @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @aquabrie

“No, I won’t accept that answer,” you stated arms crossed, glaring at Sam, one hip currently perched on top the mahogany table.

Rolling his hazel eyes, Sam shook his shaggy brown head, “You’re impossible Y/N Captain America isn’t the best superhero out there. Hell he’s not even a superhero even not really. Now Batman he can kickass.”

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Chance//Isaac Lahey Imagine

(Gif isn’t mine so credit to owner)

Pairing: Reader/Isaac

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: cliche, fluffy Isaac!!

Plot: Y/N is a human, and begins to feel left out and useless when the pack has deal with the new supernatural problems, and keeps her out of it to ‘keep her safe’. Although Isaac is a part of the Hale pack, he notices her left out and talks to her. 

A/N: This is just a short little imagine, fluff thing I wrote bc I love Isaac with all my heart. This imagine takes place in season 2, before all the new characters and also includes the cocky new werewolf Isaac, along with the cute cuddly one we all know and love! I wrote this imagine because I miss my baby so much and all I want is for him to come back from France. Also, we all need some Isaac fluff to lighten the mood after the finale. So please enjoy, and if you like this feel free to request and check out my other imagines!



“So what movie are we gonna watch tonight?” You smile as you sit down next to Stiles in the cafeteria. After a long, boring week at school, it was finally Friday and time for your annual movie night with your best friends. Ever since middle school, almost every Friday you, Scott, and Stiles would get together at one of your houses and watch a movie together. Eventually Allison joined in, with the occasional appearance of Lydia, and now it’s kind of a tradition for all of you.

Stiles looks everywhere in the cafeteria but at you, and you sigh already having an idea of what he’s going to tell you. “Lemme guess. I’m being ditched to go deal with ‘horribly dangerous supernatural stuff?’”You say already rolling your eyes.

“What? No… I have to… help my dad at the station…” Stiles says shakily. 

“You already no you’re a terrible liar, why even try?” You say, trying to hide your smile because of your anger. 

“Eh, I don’t know it was worth a shot.” He shrugs. “Anyway, we can’t watch a movie tonight because we have to do more research on the Kanima.” Stiles sighs, knowing how upset you’re going to be. 

“Oh great! Am I actually invited to this research party or do I have to stay home to ‘keep me safe’?” You say with sarcasm.

This time Scott speaks up and says, “Y/N, you know we only want to protect you. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you got hurt!”

“What’s the big deal if I help you guys? I’ll stay out of the way of the fights! And besides, you let Stiles go to everything!” You retort, crossing your arms in a childish way to help get your point across.

“It’s different.” Scott says quietly, trying to calm you down.

“How is it different? Because he’s a human genius and I’m just average? Well thanks Scott. Since it seems like my presence isn’t needed anymore, I’ll make myself useful elsewhere.” You snap, standing up, making sure they understand how annoyed you are. You may not be as smart as Stiles, but you didn’t think that meant you couldn’t be of use to your friends. 

“Y/N, you know that’s not what I meant! Wait!” Scott says beginning to stand up.

“No Scott its fine. I’ll leave you all to talk about your supernatural problems that you so desperately want to keep me out of. I should probably go study if I wanna be as smart as Stiles anyway.” You finish, turning around and walking out of the cafeteria. You feel like you may have been a little harsh, since they did say they were only trying to protect you. But it’s not fair! Stiles is just as human as you are, and just because he’s a genius he gets to help with everything! You’re sick of it! It’s not like you’re not aware of the supernatural world. You were the second person Scott told about his werewolf abilities. You just can’t understand why he won’t let you help. Lost in your own thoughts, as you’re walking out of the cafeteria you bump straight into someone, making them drop all of their books. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” You apologize, not even looking at the person before bending down to help pick up their books.

“Don’t apologize gorgeous, It’s my fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” You hear a voice say. You look up to be met with the most beautiful blue eyes that you’ve ever seen. Shivers soar through your body when you look at his face and realize that this is not the same boy that you’ve had a crush on. It’s a werewolf. You are kept out of a lot of things supernatural, but Scott always makes sure to tell you the people you should be cautious of. Of course your luck causes you to run into one of the most gorgeous guys in Beacon Hills High School, who just so happens to be a part of the Hale pack. You quickly stand up, handing him his books and brushing off your clothes. 

“Yeah.. um I have to go to class now… sorry again for bumping into you.” You put on your best fake smile, and turn around beginning to walk the other way. You’re about to let out a sigh of relief, before you feel an arm wrap around your shoulders, causing your heart to speed up intensely.

“You see Y/N, I’m a very observant person, and I couldn’t help but notice the way that your pack has been treating you lately.” Isaac says smugly, obviously hearing your heart beat jump at his touch.

“Scott just wants to keep me safe, from you know, people like you and the rest of your pack.” You answer gaining a little bit of confidence. It’s just Isaac. Isaac Lahey. A boy you’ve been going to school with for years! The fact that he’s a werewolf doesn’t change anything. He’s not going to hurt you! And even if he was, he wouldn’t do it in a school setting! Or would he?

“Oh you won’t need protection from us Y/N. I would never let anyone, especially my pack, hurt you. The real problem at hand is the Kanima, and all Derek and the rest of us want to do is get rid of it. Scott has no reason to be afraid of us.”

“Scott isn’t afraid of you guys or Derek.” You answer. “He just doesn’t agree with your opinions on things.”

“Do you?” He asks. “Or do you just believe in whatever Scott tells you too.” 

“I think you should remember that this is one of my best friends we’re talking about here.”

“Well I think you should remember the situation we’re in. All of us could be in serious danger, and all of the disagreeing is not helping any of us.” You look down, knowing that he’s right. When you don’t answer, he decides to continue. “Look, I’ve liked you for a while now, even before I was a werewolf. But because of how I was before, I barley had the courage to even talk to you. Well look at me now! I have the strength and confidence that I’ve always wanted! Scott may disagree with what Derek is doing, but he’s not taking into account the people on the other side of the story. My life has done nothing but improve since I was bitten. Same with Erica and Boyd. So how about you give me a chance. We don’t have to tell Scott right away if you don’t want too. We can see how things play out.” The two of you reach your next class, and you turn around to face Isaac.

“Alright, we can give this a shot. But Scott and the rest of my pack can’t know.” 

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 7!” Isaac says quickly kissing your cheek and walking away to his next class. Shocked with how forward that was, you slowly lift your hand up to your cheek, touching where he kissed it. You better not regret this.


Hearing a knock at the door, you take one last look in the mirror, grab your bag, take a deep breath, and answer the door. You’re finally going on a date with Isaac, who has been your crush for the longest time, and you know you should be excited, but you can’t help but feel a little bit worried. The door opens to Isaac, who immediately smirks when he sees you.

“Ready?” He asks. You simply nod in return, following him out to the car.

“When did you get a car?” You question, since you normally only see him on his bike.

“It’s not mine. Derek let me borrow it.”

“Derek Hale let you borrow HIS car?” You reply shocked.

“Yes, but he did threaten me to take care of it. Anyway, let’s get going shall we?” he walks up to your door opening it for you. You thank him and get into the seat.

“Where are we going anyway?” 

“It’s a surprise.” He smiles, getting into the drivers seat and starting the car.

“C’mon you can tell me.” 

“What’s the fun in that?” He laughs, making your heart skip beat at the beautiful sound. 

The two of you drive in silence for a while until Isaac stops the car outside of the woods.

“Uh, Isaac? Why are we outside of the woods?” You ask confused. Hoping that you weren’t wrong in agreeing to go out with him.

“You’ll see. Just close your eyes and take my hand.” He says taking your hand in his, him leading the way as you trail behind him. 

“Close my eyes? What if I fall? We’re in the woods!” You say cautiously as you close your eyes. 

“Don’t worry babe, I’ve got you.” He says, causing a light pink blush to appear on your cheeks. Isaac leads you for what you think is about 5 minutes, until he stops, walks behind you and grabs both of your shoulders. He leans down to your right ear and whispers, “Open your eyes.”

You open your eyes and are met with the sight of beautiful lights strung around all of the trees, and a blanket set up with a bunch of food placed on it. You’re speechless, and you’re heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest. 

“You did all of this for me?” You ask, utterly amazed by the view in front of you.

“Erica helped a little, but yeah. You deserve it Y/N. I wanted to make sure that you knew how special you truly are, since you haven’t really been feeling that way lately.”

Not knowing what to do to show Isaac your true appreciation, you turn around and pull him into a kiss. You know your heart beat must be going insane right now, but you could care less. It was a short but passionate kiss. The two of you separate, and he grabs your had into his once again, and leads you over to the blanket. You two sit down, and you cuddle into his side.

“No one’s every done anything like this for me before.” You smile.

Isaac leans down and kisses the top of your head. “You deserve this and more Y/N. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” In that moment all of your worries about the supernatural flooded away, and you got to enjoy this unbelievable moment with the werewolf who has managed to steal your heart in a night.

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how do you stay motivated to draw? like whenever I try to draw something a part of me always say it's gonna be a waste of time and will turn out terrible and it's sorta made drawing less...fun I guess. Have you ever had days like that?

definitely! every artist has those days where nothing they draw is turning out how they want and they’re just not feeling it! at this point for me i don’t tend to go into a piece thinking that it won’t turn out well or that it will be a waste of time. i’ve come to be very confident in my skills as an artist so i tend to think that things will work out! going into projects or drawings with a positive attitude like ‘let’s just try this and see what happens!’ will help keep up your motivation.

don’t go into things thinking it’ll be a failure, and don’t go into things expecting a masterpiece. be patient with yourself!

and it’s okay if things don’t end up turning out well! there’s no such thing as time wasted drawing. every single thing you do is practice, even if it’s the worst thing you’ve ever made in your life. maybe you drew a super terrible ugly face but you realize when you make 50 super terrible ugly faces all bunched up on the same canvas it looks pretty cool! maybe you drew a squiggly line and it led to nothing, but still gave your hand more practice moving across a piece of paper or a tablet! that’s important!

to get out of this way of thinking it helps to do something that you’re not used to. sometimes when i’m tired of my own stuff and i’m feeling discouraged, i’ll do an exercise! drawing something at all is better than quitting before you try. try some of these to get you out your funk:

1. panel/character redraws - take something that already exists and make it your own

2. copy something - this helps a LOT for me. basically find a photo of a character or a scene or something and try and copy it as closely as possible without tracing! match colors the best you can, match the line width, and look into negative spaces to make sure your proportions are the same as your subject (this is more fun when you’re not working realistically and you pick a show or something and try to copy how they draw stuff)

3. switch mediums - if you’re doing something digital, try traditional! if you’ve tried both then switch up your traditional medium to something else. maybe instead of paint, use markers. instead of markers, use crayons. try to copy a panel of something by ONLY using crayons!

4. watch something or look at something that inspires you - i like to go through art blogs when i need a break from my stuff or if i’m not sure what to do next! look at blogs/artists you like, watch a show or a movie that inspires you (maybe draw some of the characters or scenes!), read something you love to get you in that mood of ‘i want to make something as great as this!’

5. work more academically - draw from a model, work from life, make studies from references! 

exercises that restrict your freedom tend to help get you in the drawing mode because there’s less room for you to make your own decisions and possibly ‘mess up’ ! it takes some stress away from drawing and helps get you back into your drawing groove

if none of this works then don’t worry either! be patient with yourself and forgive yourself when you can’t get things to look right. sometimes there are periods where i just don’t draw and i do other things, and eventually the drawing groove always comes back to me!

i hope this helped!! :)