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Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

welp I’ve got a new apartment lined up with an amazing view of a beautiful town in coastal oregon so I guess this moving/new job thing is really happening 😶


So Rufus, AKA the mountain, will now be called The Hound, since I truly have found The Mountain.

This cat is fucking huge. Rufus alone is the size of a small bobcat, but This new cat is significantly larger than him. I don’t know what the hell the ferals out here are getting into, but it’s some intense shit.

Y'all, go ask @inquisitorladybloomers about getting a scarf from her. Custom made, the material and colors YOU want (instead of a store bought), plus it’s lovely and chunky and cozy (I have one of them) cause it’s ARM KNIT so it’s pretty unique. Also, she’s super great and a lovely person so you know you’re gonna get quality for an excellent price. Do it for her. Do it for me. Do it for all the puppies. Hell, do it for her puppy. Puppy wants a happy momma.

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So I was just about to go to sleep

But when I laid down I stretched and my foot hit something. I was like “Wtf??” and reached down and it was a goddamn box of Cheez its

I was going to get a reasonable amount of sleep tonight but now I’m looking through tumblr and eating the rest of these stupid crackers

Queenie ~ ♔