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Valentines’ Headcanons

Viktor x Yuuri

  • Yuuri and Viktor spend the day at home with Makkachin
  • Viktor makes a variation of a traditional Russian breakfast
  • Yuuri makes katsudon for lunch
  • They both go out to dinner with reservations at a new restaurant they both wanted to try
  • They get recognized and the server brings out a free dessert at the end with a wink
  • They spend the rest of the night scrolling through instagram and commenting on all the happy couples’ photos before falling asleep thanks to their food coma
  • The super athletic but simultaneously cheesy sex is the next morning

Otabek x Yurio (kinda)

  • Otabek spends the day uploading a bunch of his songs to soundcloud while he follows Yurio around to save him from Yuri’s Angels as needed
  • Later they go out for burgers
  • Otabek isn’t going to date Yurio until he has Viktor and Yuuri’s blessings
  • Also until Yurio is eighteen
  • He’s just gonna…aggressively friendship with food and music
  • It’s very cute and highly appropriate, Viktor assures

Mila x Sara

  • Mila wakes up to fresh made coffee and an assortment of fresh bread and jam
  • They exchange handmade valentines over breakfast and giggle at how silly but sweet the poems are on the inside
  • Sara takes Mila around Rome (since they’re staying there for some reason) and they end up at the Trevi Fountain, eating gelato and tossing coins in to the fountain
  • Mila buys Sara a necklace that she sees her girlfriend eyeing in the window
  • Sara sputters, but accepts it, going and buying Mila a purse that she’d be eyeing as well from one of the designer stores by the Spanish steps
  • They take a few selfies over by the Colosseum with more food and their Valentines’ gifts before posting to IG and going back to their hotel in Trastevere.
  • They silence their phones before they “end the night” so that they can’t hear Michele blowing up their phones

Phichit x Seung Gil

  • Phichit spends the day with Seung Gil
  • It’s new and Phichit just spends the day laying on the couch and taking selfies
  • Seung Gil gives him chocolates
  • Phichit happily accepts and live streams trying out each chocolate while Seung Gil is awkwardly happy on the side
  • It’s very cute and Phichit’s fans tell them as such

Chris x Boyfriend

  • Chris’ birthday is on Valentines’ day (and they had a party already) so he gets his Valentines’ celebration a few days later
  • He wakes up to a room covered in flowers and wreaths, freshly squeezed orange juice on his side table with a note saying that breakfast is ready next to it
  • He walks out, grabs his boyfriend who is ready to serve breakfast, and drags him back to the bedroom
  • The food goes cold, but Chris is very happy six hours later, chomping down on the still delicious food while his boyfriend is still sleeping
  • Everyone blows up his phone with EWWWWWWW and TMI after he tells the group chat about his Valentines’ day celebration

JJ x Isabella

  • They get married in a small ceremony with only their immediate family
  • It’s very private for once in JJ’s life because he wants this one moment for himself
  • Isabella looks gorgeous in a simple white gown and JJ wears a matching tux with a pocket square handmade by Isabella
  • It’s over relatively quickly, but them and their families go out for dinner at Isabella’s favorite restaurant and have a good time
  • Phichit is the first to find out about the wedding because social media
  • Everyone finds out a week later and sincerely wish the couple a happy life together

Leo x Guang Hong

  • They’re separated from each other, but they skype at the end of the night
  • Leo ships Guang Hong roses from the USA and they arrive just in time for the call
  • Guang Hong collaborated with Leo’s coach to surprise him with a brand new pair of skates and new iPod because Leo’s commented that he wanted to keep his skating music separate from his iPhone
  • They stay up for six hours just talking while eating boxes of chocolate


anonymous asked:

This blog is my reason to live!😍 Could you do what each member would do/be like if they were left alone for a while? (I'd imagine Taemin would almost burn the place down haha!) ty mum👏🏻😘

hi baby! make sure to also drink water, bc alas we cannot survive off mere memes just yet 

(this would be when they’re in the shinee dorm together but one at a time) 


  • opens the fridge, stares at food, closes it again
  • “i’m not hungry my mouth is just bored” opens fridge again
  • settles for a glass of milk eventually 
  • found an old math workbook, does… math????? jinki the internet exists why are you doing calculus 
  • falls asleep in the massage chair with it still on, open bag of shrimp chips by his side (key: BY MY SIDE) 


  • watches kimi no na wa again 
  • ugly cries very loudly 
  • rolls around on the floor, maybe eats an orange 
  • brings several large candles into the bathroom so he could take a bath with nice smells  
  • has reruns of one piece playing in the background while he reads ie watching it while holding a book in his hand  
  • did he just hear the floor creak??? but no one’s home??? someone’s here sos save jonghyun 


  • sipping on americano 
  • should he dye his hair?? he’s gonna dye his hair, no one’s here to stop him
  • has this face mask he’s been meaning to use 
  • oh god he looks like shrek 
  • cackling while uploading a selca on snapchat 
  • a lil wine drunk 
  • trying to diy while wine drunk was not the best idea….. his shorts are a bit too short but he’ll just rock it #fashion #key’sknowhow


  • misses the members and wonders what they’re doing 
  • sends them memes in the group chat / “stop texting us we’re together all the time” 
  • turns on fifa instead 
  • yells a lot and chucks the controller on the ground which makes a dent in the floor and he moves the table over it and hope no one notices it or moves the table ever 


  • keeps wandering in and out of the rooms bc he left his phone somewhere … maybe he’ll message kai to call him until he finds it 
  • still can’t find it
  • srsly the members joke about getting him one of those cellphone straps that you wear around your neck but he actually needs to use that………
  • goes into key’s room and touches all his stuff
  • is only allowed to use the microwave when no one else is home bc of a certain incident
  • he exploded a potato. he did that and the fire alarm went off and the entire building had to evacuate 

@ beautifulliepainfultruth this prompt was v similar to the one you sent in!


Some old doodles of my rendition/designs for the characters from the book Journey to the West! Ofc, it’s a more modern twist and this does take place in the same universe/time as Bran’s does (AKA, there is a magical ass monkey king somewhere in Bran’s universe… amazing). 

Anybody who knows me or has followed me for the last few years knows I’m a huge fan of this series! v/w/v I’ve only just started to learn from the actual source material some years ago, but I’ve known of this story for a long while without really knowing it (Lost Odyssey anyone?? That terrible American adaption to it… ooh boy. I was like in my early teens at the time if i remember right). But ahh! Sun Wukong has quickly become one of my favorite mythical characters vwv I also enjoy how ridiculously strong he is and all the other characters as well ;w; 

I’m gonna upload some newer pencil sketches tho! I’m sorry this account’s been so dead! Sabers Chapter 5 is nearly finished and I decided to take a two day break from it vwv;;; so yeah, in time when all that’s done I hope to be more active!

Cheesy (Leon Draisaitl)

Prompt: hi! can you write a leon draisaitl one where he and the reader are just adorable together and everyone/leon’s teammates are surprised to see him show any kind of pda because he’s usually so shy and reserved and everyone teases them because of that? please? thank you!

Leon Draisaitl x Reader

Requested: it was

Includes: fluff

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

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video for this week is up

tried to upload last night but i went to bed so it finished this morning.

this is gonna take a while with my hands but i wanted to upload something



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so if we message you in private you'll be able to send us the link for morgan's live stream? that would be amazingggg!

Yes, but youtube being an asshole blocked the video, so i’m uploading on onedrive, it’s gonna take a little while, but then you can message me and i’ll send you the link :) 


Soooo my oc that I finally doodled while Tumblr was being awful and wouldn’t let me upload stuff. B(

Her name is Enigma. I’m not sure if she’s a troll or one of my fantasy characters or just a floating character at this time…But she’s really rad and I love her.

She lets dead folks into her head and takes on their personality/memories for a time. She has up to five in their at a time, and mixes and matches their personality traits to make her current ‘self.’ Because the ghosts are almost always different, she always answers questions differently and acts differently.

She doesn’t have arms, and can manifest psychic hands (Between 1 and 15 at a time.) up to help her. She also can take the memories of people doing things and use them, like, say, sword fighting, drawing, yoga, ect. She keeps her body in really good shape so she can do a lot of stuff. But when the ghosts leave, she can’t use that ability anymore.

Anyway I’ll probably make a page for her, bc I really like her. 

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is this story on archive of our own? if it's not, would you consider posting it there? sorry, i just think it's a bit...tedious to scroll all the way through your blog to read each chapter...

No it’s not. And don’t apologize.😊
I already thought about putting it there once it’s done. Just need to reread and fix at least the major mistakes before then…
So it’s probably gonna take a while until I actually upload it there. Sorry.🙈 But it WILL be done, I promise!😊


Castle 8x22 Crossfire icons (I’m gonna do more icons from this episode)

  • They are all twitter size.
  • You can find them on my icons page too (it may take me a while to upload them all).
  • Please, like/reblog them if you use/like them.
  • Credits are not necessary but highly appreciated!
  • Feel free to use them!
  • Don’t claim as your own!
  • Requests are open!

dceu lois lane is not getting enough love

she’s phenomenal at her job, she climbed an ice mountain out of curiosity, saw a weird floating machine and her first instinct was ‘i’m gonna take a picture of that bullshit’, stood up to and back-sassed government officials, believed in clark when he didn’t believe in himself, believed in clark when no one believed in him, walked into a hostile situation without hesitation to avoid escalating said hostile situation, figured out alien technology and uploaded jor-el like a boss, blasted her way to safety while simultaneously learning how to stop the kryptonians, and in turn taught everyone else how to, kissed that hot alien boy on the goddamn mouth, and held him while he cried. 


I’m gonna be doing some grammar posts in the near future, it may take me a while to make them and get them uploaded so please bear with me if I become inactive for a couple days between posts! I’ll try and keep vocab posts in the queue to keep it running but some of the bigger ones I’m working on currently are also taking me a bit longer than usual

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Are you ready for this? 1) What's Peri's nationality? 2) How'd they meet? 3) What's Peri's backstory? 4) Was she turned human or was human by birth? 5) Is Veggiehead gonna be a part of your comic? 6) when's the updates for this comic? 7) Are there any other ships in this comic or just mainly Lapidot? (Im sorry if this is too much im just so excited for this >\\<)

wooaaahh okay chill 😂🙌🏻 i got yo numba ;3👌

okaayy so first question,

peri’s nationality? in this comic, she’s a canadian :3

how did they meet?? i’m not gonna spoil ya, cuz i just uploaded the 2nd page a while ago hehehe

her backstory? her backstory isn’t that much tho, just a typical nerd going through life n blablablaa 😂 and yeaass she’s human by birth 😎👌

i guess pumpkin could take a role as a puppy, laaaater in the future :p i promise u that

the updates will happen everyday (in the morning) but if im busy then you might hav to wait the next day :‘3 (i’ll make sure to have a double update whenever that happens)

oooohhhh yeess, there will be more than just one ship in this comic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👉🏻👉🏻

*whispers* there’s gonna be some love triangle action tooooo ahahahahahahahah ill promise u that too 😎🙌🏻

naaahh its okaayy, i’m happy tht there’s someone who’s excited abt this :‘3 💕 thanks for asking me these cuz these questions reaaally my day man >.