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Fanfic Authors Appreciation Day

If you’ve just started fanfic:

Thank you for being the new voice on tags, a new mystery to be discovered. I’m so proud of you for starting this journey. Keep pushing, keep growing, keep writing!  You don’t even know what you have inside you yet.  And if you’re writing in a language other than the one you grew up speaking, know that I am completely in awe of your bravery and your talent.

If you’ve been writing for a while now:  

Thank you for the update alerts in my inbox in the morning like small drops of candy. Thank you for being the story that I discover late at night, just when I want to sleep, and thanks for keeping me up a few extra minutes despite my better angels.  Thanks for multiple chapters and hilarious story tags and for dragging out the heartbreak into a novel as good as any I’ve read from a published author.


To the writers I’ve shared fandoms with in the past, the ones I still follow and the ones I’ve lost track of:  thank you.  Thank you for raising me, nurturing me, teaching me, and guiding me. By example, by beta, by conversation.  Even if we’ve hardly ever spoken, if I’ve read your stuff, you’ve made my life better. Through the works that you’ve shared, you gave me not only a writing community that I love, but the confidence to put my content online and the joy to find others have done the same. I’ve gotten happiness and sorrow from your work. I’ve been moved.  I’m a better writer because I’ve had the chance to read your work, and I’m a happier person because your work exists.  

The following names are pulled from my follow list on tumblr, but there are hundreds, honestly THOUSANDS more on livejournal, messageboards, fanfiction.net, and AO3. Thank you. I wish I could find and list you all.

@absentlyabbie | @alipeeps | @batsonthebrain@bethanyactually | @book-junkie007 | @bootsnblossoms | @chase820 | @dallisons | @dettiot | @disasterintow | @eamestrousers | @effie214 | @elocinmuse | @fandumbgirl | @febricant | @freaoscanlin | @girlwithsword | @gnimaerd | @gyzym | @heathicorn | @hello-wright-or-wrong | @herself-nyc | @hopedreamlovepray | @htbthomas | @ivorygraves | @justscribbling | @ladybubblegum | @lemonsharks | @letteredlettered | @liz-marcs | @magneticwave | @maidenpool | @minim-calibre | @mrv3000 | @msbricolage | @mustangsally78@mystarsandmyocean | @nyclove3 | @ohmypreciousgirl | @one100suns | @partlygood | @peacefulboo | @pepperf | @pocketlass | @quicklikelight | @redbrunja | @renisanz | @rosietwiggs | @sarcasticfina | @sashayed | @scottlynch78 | @settiai | @sharkflip | @smoakandarrow | @smoaksignals | @sproutwings | @storiesbyladychi | @swimthroughthefires | @taraljc | @teaandchess | @terapsina | @theblacksmithsdaughter | @thelaughingduchess | @thezelbinion | @tsukinofaerii | @urlbending | @zjofierose 

To the writers of my current fandom, The 100 : thank you. Oh, we’ve had a tough time of it, haven’t we? Fandom highs and fandom lows this year. But no matter how wild the internet gets, I want to thank you for giving your time, your words, and your art to the rest of us every day. Even if you haven’t posted in weeks, months, or this entire season: your stories are out there, filling up the world with love and romance and adventure.  Thank you for your words. Thank you for being strong and optimistic and wild and bold and offensive and weird. Thank you for writing several fics I probably won’t read, but will admire from afar and cheer you on. Thank you for challenging the canon, for attacking the text, for rewriting the whole fucking world to be whatever you want it to be today. Thank you for crossovers and AUs and classic tropes and fake relationships and for building up the world of The 100 far beyond what we get on screen. Thanks for loving Clarke, Bellamy, and all their friends as much as I do, and for giving that love the words to live and breathe in my imagination.

The following names are pulled from my follow list on tumblr, from ship tags and fanfiction tags, from AO3 and from just me poking every which way online. Some of your works I know very well, some of you I’ve only read a single story from… but you’re awesome. A couple of these URLs are old (you crazy kids and your newfangled love of identity swapping!) but I’m gonna leave them anyway, just in case you swing by later. ;)

You built this city.  Thank you.

@apanoplyoffic  | @ahmren | @alienor-woods | @alltheworldsinmyhead | @andrevvminyard | @antebellamy | @argyledpenguin | @ariadnearcheron | @aroom0fonesown | @athenasnina | @autumnkru | @awesomenell65 | @awfullybashful | @azureriley | @bellamyfrecklefaceblake | @bellamyslady | @bellarkess | @bellohmyblake | @bellsqueen | @bilexualclarke | @bisexualbellamyblake | @bispaceprincess | @blakesdoitbetter | @bllrke | @braveprincessrebelking | @dreamcourtrhys | @broadwaybaggins | @caramelkru | @carrieeve | @chatnoirslady | @clarkescrusade | @clarkeslight | @crooked-queen | @cupcakesandtv | @damnmechanics | @dreamingundone | @dropshipheroes | @durinsbride | @enoughtotemptme | @feminist14er | @finnicks | @forwhomthebellamytolls | @freckledrebelking | @freesalami |  @goldenheadfreckledheart | @griifinclarke | @grumpybell | @hawthornewhisperer | @hiddenpolkadots | @historicbellamyblake-archive | @hooksandheroics | @iamthelocalpsychopath | @importantmetaphors | @isagrimorie | @jane-doe07 | @katebishoop @bellakeyblake | @katewritesbellarke | @katchyalater | @kay-emm-gee | @keiraknighted | @kindclaws | @kira-ning | @lackingstealth | @liciapocalypse | @likcoln | @loft-meeting | @lost-n-stereo | @lustrada | @madgesundersee | @madjm | @marauders-groupie | @megaphonemonday | @mego42 | @missemarissa | @muchmorethanaprincess | @nathenmiller | @notababoonbrandishingastick | @notmylady | @ofhobbitsandwomen-archive | @pepperish | @ponyregrets | @prosciuttoe | @pythiaspeaks | @queenofchildren | @raincityruckus | @rebellam-y | @reyyskywalkersolo | @rivendell101 | @rosymamacita | @rumaan | @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx |  @smallestbrown | @storyskein | @strawwolf | @tacosandflowers@tempestaurora | @thatweirdparamedicstudent | @thebellarkes | @thediaryofanerdygirlygirl@thefangirlingbarista | @themusingsofacurlyhairednerd | @spacexualkids@toast-the-unknowing | @tryalittlejoytomorrow | @underbellamy | @verbam | @wellamyblake | @wellsjahasghost | @you-were-born-to-rebel … and all the bright stars at @bellarkefanfiction . All the fierce persistent souls at AO3 and #bellarke and fanfiction.net: I apologize that I missed many of you here–thank you.

thank you.