gonna tag this in case spoiler i guess


Persona 5 Get Smoked Portraits~
 I thought this might be useful for someone so I guess this is a masterpost of sorts? Even though I couldn’t use every single portrait since there’s a wide variety of facial expressions and clothing changes. I tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible but I’m gonna tag it anyway juuuuuuust in case. Anyway, here’s the rest I made!

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Hey so uh if we were gonna get an unnecessary romance it could’ve at least LASTED like what the fuck

like ashi didn’t deserve that she was a really awesome character who deserved to be happy just as much as Jack and instead she basically got paradox disappeared or what the fuck ever and honestly I’m not happy with it? Like yeah Jack is happy and back in the past now but Ashi didn’t deserve that at all.

Hi, so I’d like to ask the people in this tag to please, please, tag your spoilers.

When Chapter 3 came out and still wasn’t translated in english I saw a ton of people posting a spoiler picture in the tag without saying anything about it being a spoiler.

I see it keep happening and I know I’m not the only one bothered by this. A ton of people I know over Twitter and here are annoyed by this. No matter how vague the spoiler is please tag it for the other fans of the game.

It’s one thing if a games been out for years, I think it’s perfectly fine to not tag spoilers in that case. But Chapter 3 came out just this month and the game isn’t even a year old yet so please tag your spoilers in some way. 

Some people come into the tag for news on the game that doesn’t contain spoilers? Please try and be considerate!


-”It Is A Mystery” plays in the background-

Days are super screwed up for me now, so this is a super delayed Inktober #2. Gonna catch up tonight!

The first Undertale fanart I post here, and it’s the guy who doesn’t even show up outside of hacking. Is it Gaster? Is it not Gaster? Who knows! I hope it is though. And he’s with his friends.