gonna tag it cause this is relevant

simple explanation of empathy types
  • *your friend is crying*
  • affective empathy: I see that my friend is crying and I feel sad because of that.
  • cognitive empathy: I see that my friend is crying and I understand that they feel sadness and possibly anger.
  • compassionate empathy: I see that my friend is crying and I wanna help them (hug them, calm they down, etc) so that they feel better again.

Can we just talk about Tim in S2Ep8 of Young Justice when Jaime and Bart are talking down by the memorials. How Tim just stands there looking at Jasons hologram?

Cause I’m having major YoungJustice+Batfamily feels tonight. Look how timmy just stands there looking at him, (and this takes place a few episodes after dick told him “just dont die” right before a mission). This little puppy obviously looks up to his predecessor alot. Also can we talk about how Jason looks pretty late in his teens from this shot of his memorial we usually see around tumblr

But then if you look closely

Look how teeny tiny he is

I just really need more seasons of this show, preferably with a live and kicking jason todd

The Septic Virus

I don’t know if this is gonna be relevant or not, but I just wanted to mention how on July 16th of last year, Jack made a Plague Inc. Video called “THE SEPTIC VIRUS”.

I saw that a few days ago but didn’t think much of it since it’s ab old video and probably doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on now, but this post made me go back and check the date. And it’s close. Just 15 days.

Maybe whatever Jack’s planning right now is gonna happen then. Who knows?

PS.: I already checked the tags and there’s nothing really important there

New Roman Fic

So I might be workin on a lil Roman mini series (smut WITH plot? Shocking 😱), I’m probs gonna make it a werewolf fic just cause idk I’m a slut for supernatural creatures 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’ll be set around like the 2014 RR, and my OC will be Seth’s younger sister (Seth and dean won’t really be relevant at all, I just needed the Shield dynamic), and there’s gon be a whole lot of teasing between her and Roman but I swear they’ll fuck at some point 😂😂😂

Would anyone be down for that? I fucked up my phone and lost my old tag list so lemme know if any of you wanna be tagged in this (and in future fics)