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Not Best Friends Anymore

Request:  hi! can you write a Gabriel x reader where the reader’s sassy and sarcastic and Gabriel’s best friend but he also likes her but it turns out she’s dating either Crowley or Balthazar or whoever you want and her boyfriend gets angry and/or jealous that she spends way too much time with Gabriel and they break up and the reader is heartbroken and gabe confesses that he likes her and they kiss and stuff

Characters: Crowley x reader, Gabriel x bestfriend!reader, Gabriel x reader, Sam, Dean, mentions of Cas

Warnings: some language, lots of pining, Gabe needs to learn how to eat a pie, too much sass, so. much. cheese. ohmygod.

Word Count: 3930 (oops)

Tagging: @badsongwinchester @daughterofthebrowncoats (won’t let me tag you idk) @gabe-crowley-trash @tattooedluci
             If you want to be added or taken off tag list, just let me know!

A/N: I’m sorry that this took so long, I was just really stuck and one night I kind of just pulled this out of my ass so here we are. I also kind of changed a few aspects of the request, I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!

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bimagnusbane  asked:


sorry this reply is so late; i’ve been swamped all day and i’m currently in the midst of cramming for an exam tomorrow. however, i am in desperate need of a study break, so, YES. let’s talk about bisexual jake peralta. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(under a read more because this got away from me and turned into an argument with evidence of bisexual jake, even though you probably don’t need much convincing. but when i talk about my shows i go ALL THE WAY.)

TL;DR: there are more things with bisexual jake undertones than i realized; bi!Jake makes sense and i’m all for it; idk if b99 would ever go through with it BUT if there’s one network TV show that would introduce a canonically bisexual lead character, it would be this one.

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Gabriel Fluff Part 2

Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel x reader

Warnings: extreme fluff, Gabe being disgustingly cute, like i had to take a break from the cute

A/N: idk guys this series needs a title now, so if you have any ideas, lmk. I also had to do this like ten times bc i didn’t realize my laptop was unplugged and it kept dying im cri

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Part 1

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Gabriel’s POV

“I love you.” I whispered to (Y/N) as she fell asleep. I loved having her in my arms. I loved watching her sleep. I loved just being in the same room with her. I just wish I could kiss her beautiful lips and sleep next to her every night. I wish she loved me back just as much as I love her.

She shifted in her sleep and I lifted my head to make sure she didn’t wake. When I saw that she was still asleep, I pressed a kiss to her forehead. A soft smile appeared on her lips and I smiled and nuzzled my face back into her neck, loving the way her body fit perfectly with mine.  


When you woke up, you and Gabriel were still in the same position as when you fell asleep. He lifted his head and gave you a tired smile. He snuggled even farther into your neck and groaned. “I don’t wanna get up.”

“I never said we had to.” You giggled leaning away from him. He pulled you even closer and groaned even louder, which made you giggle even harder.

“I just want to lay here forever.” He said into your neck as you ran your fingers through his hair.

“I do too.” You said as he sighed. You remembered last night and what Gabe said to you and you smiled to yourself. You really wanted to tell him, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to just yet. Gabe started to rub circles into your back as if he wanted you to go back to sleep. “I do need to get up, though.” As if right on time, Dean pounded on the door, startling the both of you.

“Wake up, sweetheart, we got a case.”

“Okay, but I need breakfast first.” You winked at Gabe and you couldn’t help but notice the slight blush that rose on his cheeks. You heard Dean grumbling his complaints, but once you heard foot steps, you knew he was headed to the kitchen to fix you breakfast. You stretched out on the bed only to have Gabe pull you back into him. You tried to push away from him, but he just held you even tighter. “Gaaabe.” You whined. “I’m gonna go see what they got, okay?” You reached behind you and unwrapped his arm from you, placing a kiss on his cheek as you got up.

“Fine. If you have to, cupcake.” He pouted and got up with you. As soon as you opened the door, the smell of pancakes and bacon filled your nostrils. When you got to the kitchen Sam had already made a pot of coffee. You made yourself a cup and plopped down next to Gabe at the table.

“Okay, what’d you find?” Sam proceeded to tell you what the case was and about the victims. When he told you they thought that it was a coven of witches, both you and Gabe tensed. You’d never dealt with something that big before. “Okay, so where is it?”

“Oregon.” Dean brought you a plate and sat down with his own next to Sam. “So we got to get moving before they move on to another town. We’re gonna leave as soon as we can. Are you gonna tag along, Gabriel?” You knew Dean was secretly hoping that he’d say yes just in case they can’t handle it.

“Yeah, of course.” He looked at you and gave you that trickster smirk.

“Great.” Dean smiled. “(Y/N), go get your stuff ready and we’ll go.”

Potential “Ability List “ for Servamp BSD AU

Hello lovely people, wow first of all to be 100% honest I didn’t think bsd servamp au and servamp bsd au would get this much attention so quickly. The original ask post I made for it got OVER 100 notes in only a few hours and I was kinda only joking at first but then the idea became EXTREMELY appealing to me too and now its thing and I am happy about that. :D

But it seems bsd servamp au is more talked about so far, so I wanna talk about the Servamp bsd side right now. Here’s a potential ideas list of what the servamps/eves/subclasses abilities can possibly be. (NOT EVERYONE IS ON HERE YET CAUSE I LEGIT COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR SOME CHARACTERS) This post is in no particular order either,after all this au is still kinda a mess right now.

If you guys have any thoughts or opinions, please share cause that’s the point of this post. ^^;

*Kuro - His ability was easy to decide. It would be “Beast Beneath the Moonlight” like Atsushi. Because Atsushi is a weretiger in bsd, so that would make Kuro a werelion, doesn’t really have the same ring to it haha,but still fits him. 

That would also give Kuro the hyper regeneration that comes with it. Which works well for him, because both him and Atsushi get skewered CONSTANTLY in both series and Kuro is likely gonna be protecting a certain new subordinate a lot. *coughs* I’m talking about Mahiru. *cough**cough* 

*Tsubaki - @wonderfulchaos69 helped me with this one and I really liked this suggestion.

Tsubaki being modeled after Saigyo. (Bungou Stray Dogs is FULL OF literary references after all) “I’ll forget the trail I marked out on Mount Yoshino last year, go searching for blossoms in directions I’ve never been before.”  A deconstruction and reconstruction kinda thing maybe, able to tear things apart, but also put them back together again. I think that’s pretty cool and sounds like a badass ability for a mafia boss to have. (that’s Tsubaki’s role in this au by the way) “Sorrow for Change” would be his abilities name. 

*Tetsu - Another one that was easy to decide. He would have “ Undefeated by the Rain” which would give him the gift of super human strength, you know the same as Kenji. But in bsd the catch to his ability is that he is only able to use it on an empty stomach, and will fall asleep after eating. Should that also apply for Tetsu?? (sounds more like World End almost) so Tetsu can have a different catch to his ability? 

- Things are gonna get kinda vague from here on out cause of my own uncertainty.

*Hyde - Okay so you guys already know, Bungou has so many literary references to poems/books/and all that stuff. HYDE’S ABILITY SHOULD TOTALLY BE BASED OFF OF SHAKESPEARE. IT JUST HAS TO BE. I haven’t really thought this one out too much besides the possible names for it.

All The World’s A Stage”, “Fear No More” or even  “A Summer’s Day” anything that’s a Shakespeare poem works. For what it does maybe it can be like that Phantom of the Opera thingy he does in Servamp. 

Maybe that can be his ability? Kunikida’s character is based off a poet as well, maybe Hyde’s gift can also be something like “Doppo Poet”. Idk……

*Mikuni - I IMMEDIATELY thought his ability should be called “My Fair Lady”,  but do you guys remember that thingy he did with Abel in the manga from volume 2 chapter 10??? (I have my manga right here with me and checked lol)

Yeah, it should be like that. plus My Fair Lady is a perfect literary reference. haha yes. :3

*Snow Lily - When I thinking about Lily’s ability, I thought it should be like Junichirou’s. A ability that isn’t really suited for combat but is more illusion based. You know, allows him to project illusions in a certain range of area around him, covering the affected area with snowfall. It’s even called “Light Snow”. Which is perfect for SNOW Lily lol. (I need to be stopped omg) 

Ten Nights of Dreams” (another suggestion from wonderfulchaos69 ^^) is another possible name for his illusion ability. It can be like his “The Execution Block of the Red Queen” thing he does in the actual series. “My abilities don’t harm the body, but they do attack the mind.” Lily said. I mean I think that’s pretty awesome idea. *___*

*Misono - Alright don’t laugh you guys, but I was thinking of a Alice in Wonderland kind of reference for him maybe. I was thinking of calling it “Lonely Alice” also as reference to when Yuri and Mary called him the lonesome Alice. 

For what it does I was thinking of this being one of those abilities that are more of a curse rather than a blessing. It would be like Lucy’s “Anne of Abyssal Red” It would be a dimension he created with his ability. 

Lucy in bsd made her dimension to where if you are tagged by “Anne” (this giant creepy puppet/doll thing that chases you around) you lose and you will be trapped in Anne’s Chamber. (Alice’s Chamber maybe?) but if you get the key and unlock the door in Anne’s Chamber before she gets you, then you win. Also if you try to leave right away, you will only forget everything that happened in that room. The real world outside the dimension, time stands still. 

I think Misono’s take on it should be like when he challenged his own father to a chess game with one of his eve techniques. (that part in volume 4 with the whole Alicein arc remember? It was a giant chess board.) 

He said “It’s impossible to leave this place until one of us wins.” So I think in this au this would be an ability Misono doesn’t like to use since it can be pretty inconvenient.

Natsume Sōseki’s Botchan reference is also possible for Misono too  “No crime should be canceled before a man apologized.“ (chaos I love ya)

*Licht -  Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference anyone? (by Robert Louis Stevenson I think) Servamp already made this reference though lol. Cause you know, Licht Jekylland Todoroki. Plus that combination move Licht and Lawless(Hyde) did was a total reference. “Jekyll and Hyde” (the name maybe???)

Again another idea I am kinda stumped on for what it does….. I wanted Licht’s gift to be music based still but??? HELP ME GUYS.  SO MANY POSSIBLE THINGS. 

*Hugh - Hugh’s ability should be like Ranpo’s “Ultra-Deduction” where he can solve any case in under 60 seconds. But GET THIS Hugh isn’t actually gifted (like Ranpo) one of the very few un-gifted civilians at the agency. He believes he is using an ability but no HES JUST THAT GOOD and again like Ranpo he is a very respected  at for agency for it. 

You are a role model for the Agency, no, for all gifted people.” Yay or nay this people.

- I am gonna switch gears here a bit and talk about “Melancholy Mafia” a bit, even though I already mentioned Tsubaki above. I have only thought of two for now though….

*Otogiri - I think she should be ungifted as well and kinda be like Higuchi of the Port Mafia who specializes with firearms and is Akutagawa’s bodyguard(although he always going on about how he doesn’t need her help or anyone’s really) 

Otogiri can still use her wires/strings she uses in canon. :D 

*Sakuya - I was debating with myself on whether or not he should be gifted or ungifted. I was thinking he could also be a weapons kinda guy for the Mafia like Otogiri. Cause in Servamp we see him use knives, a chainsaw, and a blood sword(?) apparently (it was shown in the anime) etc. It’d be cool if he was a highly proficient with weapons. 

For a possible ability for Sakkun I was thinking kinda like Kyouka’s “Demon Snow” that makes her a ruthless assassin for the Port Mafia.  Allows her to materialize a sword-wielding phantom, known as Demon Snow, which only follows orders coming from a mobile phone she always carries on her person. It appears that it only listens to orders from another person on the other line and does not comply to Kyouka’s own wishes. 

I can change it up of course, it just an idea right now like everything else. :p Like that “phantom” could look like you know who….

I thought of this because I thought of Kyouka’s and Atsushi’s friendship and dynamic in the anime, Kyouka not being proud of what she’s done so far for the Port Mafia. Killing 35 people in one month saying she “doesn’t want to kill anyone else.” and then jumped off a freaking train with a bomb strapped to her chest(poor baby girl) but Atsushi saves her life anyway believing she deserves a second chance, (even though she injured him really badly)  and takes her in to leave the Mafia and join the Agency instead and learn better control of her dangerous ability. You know how the story goes.

Hear me out guys… how about that kinda thing for Mahiru and Sakuya??? Mahiru seeing the good in Sakuya despite all that he’s done. AND THEY HAVE THAT TRAGIC FRIENDSHIP TOO AHHHH. Okay I am off topic now. 

This last one is a real mere suggestion but:

*Wrath - She should have “Thou Shalt Not Die” like Yosano. Because also this is how members of the agency react to Yosano…. Despite her appearances, she has shown prominent sadistic and aggressive tendencies, which is more so magnified by her ability’s conditions. As a result, most members from the Agency flee when in her presence and as much as possible.

and some characters in Servamp are afraid of Wrath too, why not give her an ability that makes her to be feared as well? Being able to treat external wounds but however, to heal someone they must first be "half-dead”; meaning they must have fatally serious injuries before she can use her ability. 

I don’t know I only thought of this because of Wrath and Yosano had something in common. so again yay or nay??

Alright guys this is all I got so far guys, if anyone isn’t on this list. ITS BECAUSE COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR THEM YET. Like I need a Literature reference and stuff but ITS KINDA HARD TO FIND ONE THAT SUITS SOME CHARACTERS. So shoot any ideas so I can update this list. Thank you!!

What’s up with Kaneki and dripping honey?

So I had this (probably really late) epiphany on the way to Staples. Remember how, in :re chapter 53, Haise says:

“My skull’s split and I taste honey.”

Well, that reminded me of this:

What the hell does that mean. There’s always a chance it’s a coincidence, but really, the use of honey in general is kinda suspicious. Just a little food for thought (pun not intended I swear xD)

Well, while we’re at it, here’s a crack analysis:

When Kaneki was fighting Arima and said, “Honey drips drips,” what exactly was happening, and what were the similarities to the situation when he was fighting Kanae?


1. There’s some kind of mysterious plan going on behind it, and they both involve Kaneki.

In the V14 fight, we now know that later, the CCG kept him as Haise and turned him into Arima’s “quinque”. In this fight, Eto, sort of the Arima of the ghoul side (with their constant comparisons and such), is using Kanae to further her plans, which, as other theories have said, could involve turning Kaneki into the one eyed king. Either way, she got him his memories back, and there’s definitely something fishy going on on both sides.

2. Kaneki was in a life threatening situation, even for Tokyo Ghoul standards.

The strongest characters in the series were endangering his life, and Kaneki had to overcome this seemingly impossible situation. The interesting thing is that Kaneki, in a sense, lost in V14. However, you could look at it like this- Kaneki still being alive and living as Haise has caused even more suffering. And little Kaneki states, he wanted to die then, and he didn’t. Here, against Eto, he won, technically. But, is this really winning? If the crack parallelism still holds, him not dying here will likely signify extreme change for the worse ;-; Of course, this can be taken from other symbolism and theories, like the tarot cards, parallels, etc. Interestingly, though, Kaneki was thrown into another side of the battle, the CCG, when he lost in V14. Perhaps, with all the art and symbolism between Kaneki, Aogiri, and the Clowns, he may defect from the CCG and end up here. Or maybe he won’t end up anywhere? Touka and Kaneki have both previously stated that he had no place in either world, after all. If we count CCG and the ghouls as the two halves of the world, then what about V though? I feel like, especially with the Noroi flashback, they’re gonna start playing a major role in this series soon. Sorry, got off topic xD Next!

What does honey even have to do with any of this?

Well, since this is a crack thing and nothing makes sense, I didn’t bother to google anything. But really, from general knowledge, what does honey do? It’s good for the skin. It’s healthy and doesn’t spoil.

Let’s think of this. When Kaneki was in these two life threatening situations, being honest, it would’ve made sense for him to die. Arima is the death god, stronger than the strongest ghoul, which, at least at that time, Kaneki was not. Kaneki was injured and disoriented. Bluh bluh, Arima wins. Eto, the one eyed king- though Kaneki had more of a chance against her this time than against Arima, the previous evidence tends to hint towards her winning if she were to give it her all. However, what all this doesn’t take into account is outside influences. Nobody knows why Arima and the CCG kept Kaneki alive. Nobody knows what Eto is planning to do with Kaneki. Nobody knows how Koori and Matsuri will react to Kaneki fighting the one eyed king. Only until a while after the fact, as with the V14 battle, do we understand what’s happening.

Let’s think of it like this: honey doesn’t spoil, at least to a certain extent. If Kaneki was, logically, meant to die in these situations (especially in V14), but he didn’t, isn’t that kind of like honey? Food should technically expire. But honey doesn’t, or at least it lasts a hella long time.

Other things regarding honey:

Well, honey is sweet. Honey is sweet, but Kaneki can’t taste it. Wtf Mel, ghouls don’t eat honey, right? Well… if his skull is split open and he tastes honey, wouldn’t the more realistic phrasing be, “My skull is split open and I taste blood”? So if we do that replacement… “Blood drips drips,” or “blood is dripping from my brain that Arima just impaled,” or “my skull is cracked and now a bunch of blood is flowing down my face and into my mouth.” Blood can probably be interpreted as honey to ghouls, as well.

So, if this is the case and you can switch out honey for blood here, why even use honey? Confuse the readers? Ishida doesn’t confuse readers with stuff just for the lolsies. The honey is probably something to help connect certain situations and therefore connect some form of foreshadowing we have yet to see. But I seriously don’t know what. I can only guess what its role is, not what its role does. Incoming explanation of this in 3, 2, 1…

Even though there was a hell of a lot of foreshadowing by Ishida, our fandom’s prediction theories (however wonderful they are) cannot know to interpret certain things as foreshadowing and others as symbolism, hints, etc. How many theories are there that have been “disproven”, even though the evidence seems far too detailed to be unintentional? It’s probably because Ishida’s foreshadowing is waaaaaaaaay in advance. He catches us off guard because we think, “oh, well that didn’t work,” and throw it to the side when he gives us more bait. It’s kind of like a cat and mouse game that Ishida always wins.

And so, I’ll leave this open for anyone that happens to see this. I know it’s likely nobody will, since I know like nobody on tumblr, but may as well. Before I part, I’ll contribute a bit: in these honey scenes, they both involve something about brains or heads being damaged to the point of extreme bleeding. Has there been any other time brains have been damaged and its been pointed out so obviously? He’s certainly received head trauma before, but it’s not the same as in these scenes. Around the Kanae fight is when Kaneki regained his memories. Around V14 is when he lost them. Connection, perhaps? We’ll see. Remember to give this some thought and tell me about it! :D

(Maybe I should tag people that are actually good at making theories? xD Not sure if anyone has covered this yet, either. Hmmm… people off the top of my head that like tg, go! @drowning-in-theories @oneeyedkingeto @makyun @desferal @crown-of-carnations lol anyone else idk I can’t think I was even gonna tag Ikimaru but she’s part of the homestuck half of the blogs I follow)

I ended up rewatching Frank and Karen’s first prison scene in 2.07 “Semper Fidelis”, so now here I am, completely distracted from my original purpose and about to go step by step through their body language, words, and how important this scene is for establishing their dynamic. Because it really is. (If you read this, I’m so sorry for the length.)

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sansa stark in s6 explained:

So i feel like a lot of people didn’t really quite grasp the concept of sansa’s character this season and a lot of people are also giving her hate when there’s no reason to so i decided to make this post.

Ok, so first thing you need to know and is something that the writers make sure of point out in every ep is that sansa doesn’t easily trust anyone anymore.

- She lost 100% of her trust on Petyr, giving his terrible mistake of selling her off to marry a fucking psychopath, and promissing protect her when, well, he didn’t. (I believe this was the turning point for sansa’s character)

- She certainly didn’t trust Davos and Melisandre before, and then brienne mentions that they might be shady and Sansa is like yep definitely no trusting those two

And then comes Jon Snow, her relationship with him it’s at least complicated, after everything that this girl has been through she’s more happy than ever of finally finding someone of her family, and yes, she loves jon, but then comes that key element of her character: SHE DOESN’T TRUST ANYONE.

I don’t believe is the same level of distrust she has with petyr, davos or melisandre at all. It’s different. It doesn’t even come as a distrust, it’s more a thing that the writers use to say that IT’S HARD for sansa trust people even if it’s her own blood. And let’s be honest not trusting anyone in game of thrones cannot be bad thing, like, ever. Think on Sansa keeping things hidden from jon like a survivor instinct. at first she doesn’t know exactly why she is doing (when questioned by Brienne) but she do it anyway, because she thinks it’s better.

I believe she didn’t told Jon about Petyr having the knights of the vale for two reasons:

  1. Besides the fact she was pissed at Baelish, like i said before she didn’t trusted him anymore. And thought that his help wouldn’t be necessary.
  2. She really believed that it would be more houses in the north supporting the starks.

Given that the plan with the northern houses didn’t go well as expected, Sansa found herself in a very complicated position, Jon was being extremely impulsive wanting to fight having only 2469 men while ramsay had like 5000+, sansa KNEW that this would put them at risk and sent everything to shit, so like a last option she sends that raven to littlefinger, even probably knowing that most likely he will ask something in return.

*Now let’s cut to the events on the episode 9*

  • In the moment Sansa sees the head of Rickon’s wolf she understand Ramsay’s entire plan
  • worst, she even knows that Jon is gonna be impulsive (stark like) again, and try to save Rickon and fall into ramsay’s trap.

And that my friends, was the whole concept of that scene with jon and sansa arguing before the battle. A lot of people didn’t get this, and thought sansa was being greedy and saying to let rickon die so she could have the claim, WICH IT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENNED. Like i said, from the moment she sees the dead wolf’s head, she knows Ramsay will use Rickon to win this shit and then kill him. When she says “You’re going to die tomorrow, Lorde Bolton”, it’s not just to be dramatic, it’s something like: “i know you’re going to kill him, i know your plan, and i will make you suffer for this”. Sansa didn’t gave up of rickon, she accepted the facts, and choose to act on it. It’s also very important to notice that sansa tries to advice jon and he’s all like “nah i just gonna do what i want”

I’ve already told you guys about the reasons why she didn’t told jon about the knights of the vale, before the events on ep. 9, now comes the iportant question:

Why sansa didn’t told jon about the letter she send and again, about the army of the vale in the scene where they’re arguing?

Because after that arguing, became quite clear to sansa that jon was going to do exactly what ramsay wanted him to do no matter what, unfortunately in this case, that was saving rickons life, i’m not juddging jon (we all probably woud have done the same) but that was a huge mistake, not only he put himself at a vunerable position, but he also sent the entire estrategy of battle that davos and him had planned to hell allowing that ramsay’s forces create that shield circle around them.

The knights of the vale were the last hope and if they were there since the beggining there’s a big chance they would have fallen in the trap too, one way or the other sansa chose to keep this information as having a card up her sleeve, using the element of surprise. And in the end was what saved the battle.

I said this in a previous post, and i will say again: Jon fought this battle phisically and i congratulate him for it, but Sansa fought this using her cold blood and knowledge to move the pieces around (aka playing the game of thrones).

The final scene, with her killing her abuser is basically saying that yes, she is a stark, but she is not the same stark she was once. She is not what everyone expect a stark to be (quick tempered, impulsive and trustfull).

Well that’s it, i wrote this post because tbh i’m tired of people saying shitty things about this wonderful character, so If this long ass post it’s not enough to make you understand sansa’s stark character development and stop with your unnecessary hate, then idk how to help you.

ok anon inspired me to think about Coffee Shop Fire Emblem Awakening AU while i was going home

so like there are two coffee shops in one neighbourhood, therefore theyre Rivals. of course those coffee shops are Plegia and Ylisse

they are rivals for ages now, which was awful before Emmeryn inherited Ylisse after her father had passed away. he would focus solely on destroying Plegia and wouldnt think at all about costs and what clients want, so of course he left a bunch of debts and stuff (it was basically a miracle they didnt go bankrupt before Emmeryn inherited it)

so now Ylisse is barely making ends meet, Emmeryn as a boss is trying her best to improve the situation and pay off all debts and loans without losing the shop (which was in the family for a couple of generations now so it would be v sad to let it go; also she lives with Chrom and Lissa in a flat above the coffee shop so it would be heartbreaking to pass by everyday if it wasnt theirs anymore) while Plegia wants revenge after what Emmeryn’s father was doing to them and they want to bring Ylisse down.

Plegia is very stable and makes good money. Gangrel is technically the owner of the coffee shop, but hes also an extremely lazy busy businessman and Validar handles managing the place most of the time. Validar is very sneaky and somehow manages to improve stuff for low price and find all the good deals etc etc so $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Aversa is part of the staff, but shes Validar’s right hand and handles rest of the staff and reports to him all problems. she also handles pr (you know those sassy official twitter accounts of shops and stuff? thats her)

Robins are twins (and i was thinking whether they would have different names but then i was like “parents thought there would be only one kid and didnt pick other name and then shrugged and rolled with one for both” i honestly believe Validar would do that)  and are a part of the staff; they are well liked by Literally Everyone and some clients come just to talk with them. they make the best drinks and are ultra good at making clients buy more than they wanted.

Tharja and Henry are both part of the staff too. Henry mostly does side jobs like moving stuff around, restocking, and cleaning. most likely to make comments like “oh hey this stain looks like a skull” or spend a long time discussing with robins how much coffee do you need to kill somebody.

Tharja joined the staff after meeting Robins and she always tries to have a shift with one of them or even both if its possible. although not very good with costumers, she makes killer coffee. is surprisingly creative coming up with new recipes, too.

as for Ylisse, only Chrom, Lissa and Frederick are the regular staff. they have some (very) part-timers consisting of their friends helping out for almost free while they can spare a moment.

Frederick has been sticking around Chrom and Lissa since they were tiny, so of course he thought it was his duty to help out at the coffee shop as well. his drinks and food are always Perfect (and he trains the rest of the staff really harshly. boy do they remember exactly how many times to grind the beans for perfect texture now). hes liked the most by old ladies who always try to flirt with him lol

the rest of Shepherds are either people who befriended Chrom and Lissa at school or clients that evolved into friends and now hang out at the shop since its not very busy. Ricken wants to be a barista (and help out Chrom) real bad and gets upset when hes told hes too young. actively advertises Ylisse wherever he is able to.

Maribelle is Lissa’s best friend and of course helps out often, mostly making sure everything is clean and put in the most efficient place. she also often bullies convinces people to come to the shop.

Phila is Emmeryn’s friend and she helps out with managing the shop and finding money and all that Business Stuff. she was/is (idk about everyones ages im too lazy to think about that lol) Sumia and Cordelia’s (uni?) senpai and the two were curious what kind of place she is helping, and thats how they ended up at Ylisse. Sumia liked it and Cordelia fell hard for Chrom, so they became regulars.

Gaius was supposed to be the Problem Client and spread bad rumours about Ylisse on Plegia’s behalf, but after tasting delicious sweets served at the shop he decided to hang around.

Libra was a regular client, but after finding out that Plegia wants to bring Ylisse down and telling Chrom in time he became closer with everyone and visits the coffee shop more often.

Similar case was with Miriel, although she mostly became curious whether the coffee shop can even stay alive despite the bad luck and all obstacles and decided to make a research out of it.

Vaike is Chrom’s school friend and of course he had to see where his Rival works. ended up becoming a part-timer. oh how tables have tabled,

Sully, Kellam, and Stahl are also Chrom’s friends, although they came to the coffee shop more out of curiousity than willing to help. they found it a very nice place to hang out (and Stahl got very fond of stuff they serve) and would spend their free time there when there were no other clients around, so eventually they started helping out.

rest of characters are there somewhere too but im too lazy to think about them, sorry,,,

anyways one day Chrom is sent to Plegia as a spy to find out what the heck they do to be so good and there he meets Robins and of course ends up befriending them. Robins of course quickly realize why hes there and that he works at Ylisse, but dont really mind and just start hanging out at Ylisse when theyre not busy at Plegia. other Plegian staff also starts hanging out there and basically eventually Gangrel and Validar have to give up and make a peace with Ylisse because their staff is now friends and would fight for each other if needed.(it all started just because i imagined flustered Chrom and Stupid Sexy Baristas Robins smiling at him oh dear)

mya-stone  asked:

i'm new here so idk if you've already answer this. i'm seeing a lot of people complaining about Fee this season. And in my head all I can think is: why? why people don't accept the feelings he has?? Why can't he search for his past, do something for him and not for the clone club?? I know Sarah has to deal with a lot of things and, of course Felix should treat her a little nice but does her treats him? He has always been here, being supportive to everyone. What are your thoughts?

Excellent questions! I’m gonna attempt to give you two answers: the in-universe one and the meta-narrative one.

In-universe: Absolutely. Felix deserves the same kind of unreserved support in his own life and endeavors that he has been giving to Sarah and Leda for the past three seasons. And if he chooses to dig into his past, that’s entirely his right. He doesn’t exist just to run backup for clone club; he’s a person in his own right. It’s high time he and Sarah had a blow-up like this. Sarah definitely does have a longstanding tendency to prioritize her own drama over his. Which, on one hand, is understandable! She’s in the middle of clone war hell. But on the other, that doesn’t make it okay to treat your family like they and their problems aren’t important, too. I’m glad Felix is finally standing up for himself in that sense, though I really really hope they can get back on good terms with each other, soon. They need each other’s support.

On a meta level, it’s a little more complicated and slippery. Over the past few seasons in particular, OB has really fallen into a pattern of giving more weight, attention, and priority to biological relationships over those formed voluntarily by other means. More and more, the biological connections between characters has become more important than their personal connections. Or rather: their personal connections only matter because of the underlying biological connections.

Look at the entire Kendall/S/Sarah storyline. Look at the way the Kira-Sarah relationship is developed as much more deep and important than Alison’s relationship with Gemma and Oscar, largely because of Kira’s biological potential, even though Sarah and Alison were set up in S1 as parallels of motherhood (let’s not even dig into the race aspect of it rn because I don’t have the energy, let’s just acknowledge that it is another factor at play). Look at the way that, despite us being told that Gracie was important for reasons outside her biology and reproductive potential, she has been shown to be largely irrelevant/turned traitor since she miscarried and lost her biological link to Leda. There are probably many other better examples, but these are the ones I have off the top of my head that rankle me the most.

See, the way I personally see it, from the beginning Orphan Black and Clone Club were far more a story about found family than about biological family, despite the fact that they are genetically identical clones. I’ve loved seeing Sarah thrown into this mess and suddenly finding that she actually cares very deeply about these people she never even knew existed before. Trust and shared history and choosing to being there for each other: you need these things to be a family even when you’re biologically related. Shared DNA does not a bond automatically create. You need to create those bonds yourself. A lot of people just tend to form them with their biological relatives, because that’s often who they’re around growing up.

But not always! Adopted families and important non-biological relationships (like Sarah’s and Felix’s) exist, and are too often treated as less real, valid, and important in media and society which prioritize the (in my opinion) narrow-minded ideal of the nuclear normative biological family at the cost of all other kinds of relationships and families. Against this background noise, things like Felix saying things like ‘I want to find my ~real~ family’ has unprecedented weight. It’s like the narrative is saying all those other important things don’t matter, because the biology is the real thing. Which, biology is important! But people are so much more than just that. Biology isn’t the thing that makes people important to each other. And I really hope this story develops in a way which reaffirms that. In that case I’ll happily eat my words.

Anyway. tl;dr Yes, Felix deserves whatever answers he wants and his own story arc independent of Sarah. However, from a narrative point of view, doing it in precisely this way in this context is dangerously close to doing a disservice to both his real and valid relationship with Sarah and S, and to the theme of the importance of found/chosen family that OB was founded on.

It’s impossible, I’m sure, to explore these kinds of themes and issues without it getting messy. It’s just what happens. However, to answer your question, this is to my understanding why people are justifiably less than enthusiastic about Felix’s story arc so far this season. I’m sure there are others who can elaborate on this better and further than I, so feel free to add on/discuss on this post.

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Hi there! Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to say that I love seeing all your Being Human posts/tags … and I was wondering if you'd mind taking the time to write out something about your thoughts on John Mitchell? Judging from your tags, I feel like you would have a very interesting, balanced take on his character; most people I follow on tumblr either love him and forgive all his faults, or they completely hate him. And if you don't have time, that's okay too. Thanks! :)

omg you’re not bothering me at all! i’m surprised anyone would actually ask for my opinion about well anything, really. 

(you’re probably gonna be really disappointed in this i’m sorry baby)


(includes lots of pictures, some gifs, and a few quotes)

mitchell is so special to me. i can spend hours (edit: i literally just did) studying and breaking him apart. he’s a bad character, and a lot of people miss that because of the whole “mitchell is pretty he can do no wrong” thing which even i suffered from. but if you excuse everything he’s done, and just focus on his looks then oh boy y OU ARE MISSING ONE HELL OF A CHARACTER IT’S A ROLLER-COASTER

he’s both good and bad; he’s both a hero and a villian—boy, you are something

i love mitchell, i always have, and probably always will. bUT with that said, i will probably always hate him, or be really bitter about him. because plainly: mitchell is a little shit who uses people as a means to an end and who always blames everyone else for his mistakes. 

what is mitchell’s means to an end? survival, probably. salvation, happiness—and you know what? it’s what a lot of humans do. strip away everything about humanity, and what’s the end goal? happiness, salvation from themselves, to survive as long as possible. BUT mitchell…abuses it…almost? that and he doesn’t do it right.

mitchell, sadly, suffers from something i like to call the saving complex which means that he seeks salvation from other people (from friends and/or lovers—usually those who have no vampiric influence, they complicate things even more). he both seeks salvation, and offers to give it BUT there’s a catch: you have to save him in order for him to save you—he never really says that directly, though, like “save me and i’ll save you” but it’s implied.


(season one; episode one)

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