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"we searched the whole forest for you!" "i didn't ask you to." is THE most iconic thing any mc has said ever i LOVE HER


I love how when someone says something insane to her she’s just like nah I’m outta here goodbye


I love it I love her

Cybird’s localization is ABSOLUTELY spot on. This isn’t just pure translation. They’re adjusting the characters to suit our tastes. I love them. THANK YOU SO MUCH CYBIRD

(Usually I never tag mc in my posts but you know what, she deserves a tag, I’m gonna make a tag for her)

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About C's IG post about the LGBTQ+ community. I read a lot of comments asking her to come out already and things like that. I think it is unrespectful. I don't even think C is even bi. But even if she was, she will come out when she feels prepared to do so, stop pushing is not OK. I am a lesbian and I knew since i was little but didn't accept it until i was 22. My friends knew but i was in denial. I'm out to everyone but my parents, I'm 34 now. We have our own reasons to stay in the closet.

I don’t even know why people keep doing that in her social media, commenting and tagging her. It’s not like she’s gonna come out if people commented enough. You’re right, people are gonna come out on their own time. That’s why I get it why Lauren was so annoyed and angry.

btw, Camila has her own community, which is the “LBGTQ+” (Lowkey Bisexual, Girl Too Queer)

I’m joking.

I only joke in here don’t worry, I don’t go to their pages and spread my crude jokes. 😅

But what if the princess was in the tower because she was the dragon?

Like the queen gives birth and oops it’s this adorable little scaley lizard with tiny wings that she can never quite seem to fold right

None of the King’s advisors or doctors can explain it, no one can remember anyone who might have cursed the royal family, plus sire she’s clearly yours still I mean look at those eyes

They just kind of accept it and keep her in a tower so no one tries to slay her

The queen or castle servants reading bedtime stories to the toddler princess, who’s made a nest of her favorite toys and some jewelery she stole off her mother, and when she laughs little puffs of smoke come out of her mouth

The king being so proud when she flies across the room for the first time

And once the princess comes of age, confused knights breaking into the tower to find a twenty foot long dragon sitting at the vanity getting her horns polished by her handmaidens


oh wow, I was not expecting this to be popular at all @_@

Due to popular demand I am… going to attempt writing this. By all means, that doesn’t mean anyone else who said they wanted to or who might already be doing so has to stop, especially because I’m sure we’ll have different takes on it. Just, yes, I am going to write it, and yes it will probably take a while but you’ve all gotten me excited enough that I really want it to be a thing, one way or another.


Hosoi Mieko’s Illustrations Anime OPs/EDs


#it’s not like they literally jump into each other’s arms #letting go what they’ve been holding back for so long #the way she wraps her arms around him kills me everytime #this was so hot and cute and passionate and adorable at the same time #outer space puppies in love


time to dance // panic! at the disco


Rebecca Sugar singing during the ending credits for OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.




It’s Kevin time *gets hit in the face with a chair*

I made myself a tmnt self insert and BOYY HOWDY was it a blast. 

She’s a Kranng’s attempt at a human/cyborg solider that could infiltrate human society. They cut off her arms. legs, and few other tidbits here and there and replaced it with a technology called plasma metal that can change shape into various weapons (ie guns, shields, lasers and her weapon, a giant hammer) as well as textures like normal skin, or clothing. Sadly for them, the mind control didn’t stick and now shes rogue. Her blood is now a hybrid blood/mutagen mix that powers her body and her robot parts. But she needs mutagen supplements to survive, which made her learn a skill called mutagen alchemy.

I feel no shame this is too much fun