gonna stop with that

lmao @ people saying “this is not america!!” because this IS america….. this country was literally built off of racism, genocide, and slavery so of course the hatred is gonna continue. stop trying to absolve america of its racially charged atrocities and hold it accountable for being oppressive to minorities since the dawn of its civilization 


when ya boi feelin dapper as hekk and som hooha comes along like “eww it’s a sNaKe!!!! is it poisonous??!!1!1? i’m gonna kill it!!!11!!” n ur just liek “eKKXCusEeEeE mEeeEeEe??!!0?11?I”


Happy Birthday, BTS!


yo i made this one commission for boomboxblue of some neat mer lance !! i loved drawing this so much thank u pal

Here have two gays guys being dudes