gonna start this but probably not gonna finish

i….. honestly cannot remember if i ever saw the end of the lego movie.. i remember getting pretty far but i’m also pretty sure i ended up closing the tab at some point bc i just wasn’t feeling it anymore so. i probably didn’t.

one of the best things about natsume yuujinchou is there is no romance. instead it’s about an abused and neglected kid making friends and being accepted by his new foster family and befriending and understanding something that previously terrified him. such a good concept. and there’s a talking cat. i love natsume yuujinchou so much

Time’s a Gentle Stream (longer than it seems)

Robbie collapsed into his armchair with an exhausted huff. His latest scheme to make the little brats he babysat hate him and demand their parents found someone else to look after them in the evenings had, as usual, backfired, and instead the kids had gone home that evening excitedly shouting to their parents about the latest game their super cool and wonderful babysitter had played with them.

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Can you just imagine Even’s frustration in episode 4 when Sonja invited herself and Emma to the supposed date pregame he and Isak were gonna share? He probably attempted a weak argument like “oh but it’s just gonna be isak and me doing bro stuff. Pretty boring shit.” And Sonja insisted bc she totally gave Isak a look in ep 2 when they dropped by and Even said he almost forgot they had a thing planned.

He probably thought everything through and decided that he wAS GUNNA FINISH WHAT HE STARTED IN THE KITCHEN. He probably thought they would get high, listen to more Nas, drink some beers and maybe somewhere between the blurred lines of sobriety his pinky would graze Isak’s accidentally when they reach for their beers at the same time.

But then no. Instead, he’s being the most petulant version of God while his crush sits two girls and too many obstacles away from him. So he’s already having a shitty night, wearing a costume he didn’t choose, and the straw that breaks the camel’s back is Sonja being the most obvious babysitter as she tells him to “slow it down with the drinking.” So he decides that NO, he’s gonna turn the night around and he’ll be fucking damned if he didn’t get some Isak tonight.

So he goes out of his fucking way to be alone with Isak bc he is Even, man of EXTRA. And as soon as he sees an opening he’s like Usain Bolt gunning for the finish line.

And I just think that’s precious.


reunion falls- sock opera (part 3) (part 1) (part 2) (part 4)

welp. as usual, this took a totally unfair amount of time to finish. im sorry this part is pretty much just a shot-for-shot redo of the original scene with the dialogue rewritten (excluding “SORRY KID….” i couldnt bring myself to replace that line, it was too good!) but, yknow. possessed mabel! yay, finally!

next time we’re gonna start diverging from canon a bit more, and also probably the quality is gonna go down so i have some chance of finishing this behemoth of a project before school starts back up


i actually first came up with carter in about 2007, i drew the picture on the left in 2009. since i’ve only ever drawn him in a cute, cartoony style lately since i’ve revamped the story he’s in, i wanted to draw him in a more semi realistic style and thought i’d do the most drastic redraw i’ve ever done

he probably wont wear that horrible yellow shirt in the finished story but

can we just take a minute to appreciate that jim is a cuddler after sex? and can pls start acknowledging this in sheriaty fics? because sherlock probably has this ~ mr sex ~ idea about jim but then when they are finished jim just…. raises an eyebrows and say “well? i’m not gonna let you use me this way, darling, i’m a romantic” and starts just…. cuddling him and sherlock is so confused lmao 

i love having to resize gifs like 10 times its my favourite hobby

i make a million aus to just let them be forgotten forever lmao


OOHHH MY GOD IT’S FINISHED!!! I’ve been working on this for almost two months,yes I am very slow at drawing!xD But anyways,this is my first full color osomatsu-san drawing,so I had to draw all of them lol. And I had an idea to draw them as pokemon,and I was trying to think of which ones they’d be,then I realized the eeveelutions all have eon at the end of their names and there was one that matched each of the colors of the matsu bros. And I was trying to decide if I was gonna make kara a vaporeon or a glaceon,and I decided on glaceon because they’re both cool!xD (lmao bad pun,sorry!xD )

So yeah,that’s how that happened!xD I’m probably gonna finish this other drawing I’ve started on with two of my oc’s next,hopefully it won’t take too long lmao.
(Also i’m starting to figure out how to use photoshop so I can put a proper watermark on my drawings lol)

GOT7 reaction to you being kinky

Request: “could you do a reaction with Got7 to them realising your really kinky” 

A/N: I really enjoyed this request! So here it is! (p.s. these reactions are solely based on my interpretation of the GOT7 members.)

- Admin Sonsee


When he finds out just how kinky you are, he’s shocked to say the least. He looks at you wide-eyed, “Where is this coming from?”

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Jaebum (JB):

When you make a comment that let’s him know just how kinky you are, all he can do is give you those eyes and bite his lip. “Why don’t we finish this conversation in the bedroom?”

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Jackson is gonna be his usual crazy self. When he finds out you’re kinky, he’s gonna probably grab something (possibly you) and start to playfully thrust, “You like it like this Y/N?”

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Jinyoung (Junior):

Honestly, Jinyoung is probably lowkey kinky too. So if he finds out you are kinky, he’s kind of excited. He looks at you with a gaze, that goes straight to your core, as he thinks of all the stuff he wants to do with you later that night. 

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Youngjae becomes shy when you make a comment that let’s him know just how kinky you are. He hides his face in his hands saying something like, “Y/N-ah, my innocent Y/N-ah is gone.”

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Kunpimook (BamBam):

Words can’t explain how hype he is that you’re kinky. Being the pervert he is (let’s be honest… he is), he’s going to ask you about all your kinky fanasties. “Don’t leave out any details!”

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He’s a blushing mess. He’s too shy to admit to the fact that he actually likes that you’re kinky. However, he won’t have a problem showing you in the bedroom. 

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You can not mention the show Merlin around me especially if you’re just starting to watch it CAUSE I WILL TURN INTO THE BIGGEST FUCKING DORK AND WANT TO KNOW EVERY DETAIL ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT AND RAVE ON ABOUT IT FOR HOURS and then probably cry. I really love that show.

I really like Anders’ concept art and wanted to draw him closer to that.

hey y’all! so uh i’m actually finishing school this week and am gonna start looking for jobs n stuff, but in the meantime i’m probably gonna open commissions again

i’ll make a proper post about it later but, if anyone wants to get in line early or whatever, here’s some info:

  • $12 USD for b&w sketches like t h i s, paid up-front 
  • more art examples here
  • if you want something colored we can talk about it and adjust prices n stuff
  • +$5 per additional character
  • no NSFW/nudity
  • i reserve the right to refuse any offers
  • email me: spacechaserr@gmail.com

ty ty reblogs are much appreciated!

hi guys

so sorry for not updating you lately i’m just really busy and depressed tbh and my internet is kind of shit 

so yeah, my last 2 weeks in rehab start tomorrow. i’ll probably be back home by the end of february, god knows if i can manage that, but i’ll try my best. 

i’m gonna move out pretty soon into a therapeutic roommate thingy it’s kind of nice and i’m not alone since i’ll have a visor that is there for me with whatever problems i have. 

i’m gonna post my twitter thread about rehab on here soon. as soon as i feel like i finished it and things have been said. 

BTW: my TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM usernames changed: it’s both now torchesinhands, so the links in my bio lead you to wrong pages now. i’ll fix that as soon as i can.

yeah, so please let me know about everything great that will happen tonight because i’m 100 % sure that tyler and josh will win at least one grammy tonight. we did it. they did it. i’m so proud. 

and as always,

stay alive