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Jungkook Scenario; The boy at the coffee shop

Genre: Fluff
Word count: 1,552
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Warning: Swearing but only a tiny bit though

It was currently 9:34pm as you were refilling one of the coffee machines with water. You had a part time job at a coffee shop near where you lived, which you worked at in your spare time. It was usually really quiet at this time of the day so there was currently nobody at the shop, except for you and your co-worker, Seulbi.

“Do you mind taking the trash out for me? I`m kinda busy at the moment” Seulbi said as she was writing something down on a piece of paper. “Yeah, sure!” You said tying the trash bags and carrying them outside and walking out the backdoor of the shop.

As you were entering the coffee shop you noticed a boy standing in front of the counter looking at the coffee menu. “Hey Y/N can you take this customer for me?” Seulbi asked still writing on the piece of paper. You nodded in response and walked behind the counter. “Hmmm…. I would like one americano” The boy said glancing at the menu with both of his hands in his pockets. You nodded and grabbed one of the cups to your left. “Your name?” You said looking up at him. Wow, this guy is tall. “Jungkook” He said with a sly smile facing you. You wrote his name down on the cup as he was paying for the coffee. He walked away and sat down on one of the seats by the window. To be honest, It was kinda pointless writing his name on it despite he was the only costumer at the shop. 

You walked over to the coffee machine to get his coffee ready. “Damn, he´s cute” Seulbie whispered from behind me referring to the boy. “Yah, shut up” You said trying to hide your laughter. You called out his name to let him know the coffee was ready. The boy turned his head in your direction and made his way up to the counter. He nodded as a thank you and grabbed the coffee, then went back to his seat.

“I´ll get going, bye Y/N!” Seulbi said as she grabbed her stuff and headed for the door. “Bye, see you!”. You has promised to be the one to close the store since she was the one that did it last time. You grabbed some wipes and started cleaning up the mess you had caused from the americano you made earlier. The thought of the coffee made you realize the boy was still sitting at the seat staring out of the window. Doesn´t he have anything better to do than sit in an empty store sipping on a cup of coffee? Apparently not.

You grabbed a mop and started wiping the dirt off the floor as a little clean up before you closed. Without even thinking of your little company you started humming and singing quietly to yourself like you used to do when cleaning. “Quite a nice voice you´ve got there” The boy suddenly said, turning his chair around while leaning against the back of it, facing you. You stopped what you were doing and looked up at him with a flustered expression realizing you weren´t alone. “Oh.. thank you but that´s not true” You said blushing a little, then looking down at the floor and started wiping it again. What the hell was this boy on about? You were absolutely shit at singing!

“I´m just being honest! You do have a beautiful voice.” You ignored his comment and continued doing your work. You noticed that the boy was still staring at you which made you even more uncomfortable. What the heck does he want!?

“When do you close?” He asked, not taking his eyes off of you. “In about an hour” You said trying to avoid getting eye contact with him. “I will leave in an hour then” He said. “Don´t you have anything better to do? I mean you´re the only person here and it´s getting late” You said starting to get annoyed by his presence. Now way were you gonna have some stranger staring at you for one more hour.

“Actually I don´t. I like it here. It´s quiet and relaxing, plus I get to hear you sing.” You decided not to answer and keep your mouth shut instead. “Do you have any problems with it? If you do I can just leave” He said. He could tell you weren´t too satisfied by his answer. You wanted to say yes so badly and yell in his face to leave so you could go home and take a warm relaxing shower. Despite for all that, you left it hanging. “No not at all.” You smiled and looked up at him, trying to convince him you were telling the truth even thought you weren´t. He wasn´t directly being rude and all he had been doing was complimenting your voice. If you had told him to get the f out of here you would´ve only be left with guilt.

“Good” The boy, or Jungkook if you should call him that instead, said happily while putting his hands behind his head. “I would like to order another americano then.” Oh my god. Could he get anymore irritating? But what was there to complain about. To serve your costumers was your job. You took a deep breath to calm yourself down and went over to the counter to make that goddamn americano. “Can you add some cream too?” Jungkook yelled from his seat. You looked up at him and gave him a glare. “Pretty please?”. The sweet sweet smell of his money was the only thing that didn´t make you completely lose it. “Of course” You said with a fake smile plastered on your lips.

“It´s done” You said as you finished adding the cream. Jungkook went up to the counter and handed you the money. “Keep the change” He said as he winked and grabbed his cup of coffee. “Thank you” You said flashing him a smile, this time a genuine one, as you grabbed the money and put it inside the cash register.

“Sooo.. do you work here often?” Jungkook asked leaning against the counter while taking a sip of his coffee. “Only when I have time really, like in weekends and holidays.” You answered. “Aah I see.” The shop went silent for a couple of minutes before he opened his mouth again. “I´m sorry if i´ve been a bother, it´s just that i´ve had a lot of things on my mind lately and just having someone to talk to is exactly what i need to get my thoughts to drift over to something else.” Why was he opening up to you like this? I mean, I barely know this guy. “Not at all, it´s just me who´s been a little grumpy. You know, periods and stuff” You said. Hold up. Did you just tell him you were on your period. What the heck Y/N!?. He noticed how flustered you became by your last sentence and let out a little laugh. Not gonna lie but his laugh was adorable.

“Just to let you know, you´re the first person that has made me laugh in long.” How the hell were you gonna answer him on that? You couldn´t really ask him what was bothering him, what if it was too personal? You didn´t even know the guy anyway. He took another sip of his americano. “You make really good coffee!” Jungkook said, cutting the awkward silence that had now filled the room. “Oh thank you” You said pushing a few strands of ear behind your ear. 

“So I guess Y/N is your name?” he said as he took a glance down at the name tag on your shirt. You nooded as you started playing with your fingers. Why was this guy making you so nervous? You weren´t usually like this, especially not around boys you didn´t have any feelings for. “You look tired, maybe I should get going” Jungkook said looking at the watch on his wrist. “No!” You immediately said making him jump a little. “Or I-I mean it´s okay. The shop doesn´t close yet anyway.” Jungkook turned around with an cocky smile leaning slightly closer to you. “You enjoy my company, don´t you huh?” He said with a smirk. “Well I wouldn´t say that I enjoy-” You tried to say but got interrupted. “Yes you do.” Jungkook winked at you as he placed the cup that was now empty down on the counter.

“Thank you for the coffee and for making me feel better” He said with a smile, this time a smile that looked more similar to when he laughed. “Oh it was nothing, I´m just doing my job.” Jungkook made his way over to the exit but stopped only a couple meters in front of the door, then turned around to face you. “You should eat a lot of dark chocolate, I heard it helps when you´re on your period.” And with that he turned around, walking out of the coffee shop and disappearing into the dark.

After that day Jungkook never stopped going to the coffee shop. If it was a good thing or not was up to you to decide, but there was never a day you weren´t looking forward to go to work.

I started writing this last summer but never got to finish it until now. I hope you enjoyed it chingus!!

-Admin Karoline


100 Days of Practice - Day 12

After a long day at work I came Home and practiced viola technique, and received some hilarious snapchats from @itsaviolathing at a party with her tipsy friend 😜 But my practicing was interrupted by an attack on my leg from my cat because he apparently hates the viola with a burning passion 😳

After I moved my murderous cat to another room I worked on the 2nd and 3rd movements of the Hummel sonata in Eb, which I haven’t practiced in a while so it was Very Rough.

I was about to start practicing piano when my mum decided to watch a movie where the piano is, so I guess I’ll have to practice at midnight again 🙃 I’ll most likely just work on t exposition of ballade 1, and maybe some technique 🙄

I think I’ll take a leaf out of @orchestraordie’s book and make a practice journal to keep track of what I practice and when, because I’m Trash at making consistent practice 🙃

(Also ClassicFM shared my post, so now I’m an official Music Blog™😱)

Guess who’s officially 21! and back.

Okay, well, technically my birthday was at the start of May but I’m back to this blog now, so surprise!

Also, I’m more than happy to be back. I’ve been meaning to return for weeks but health got in the way and I’ve actually been writing more, so I might actually have some things to post other than just imagines. So, trust me, my absence was not for nought.

So much has changed since the start of the year, so with that I want a fresh start with this blog. No, we’re not moving URLs or changing names or anything like that, calm down. I just wanna let go of what’s happened and move on. Start again.

That’s why I’m doing an overhaul of the tag system (er, well, finishing the overhaul of my tag system that I started in the midst of my life falling apart) and now that I have most of my symptoms organised enough to know almost exactly what I have/don’t have, I can organise things into more specific categories. Which will make for much easier browsing and less tags to have to go through.

Also, a masterlist/tags page. That’s something I’m gonna work on but not until I have my tagging system completely worked out because I only wanna do that once. When it is done though, I’ll absolutely make sure everyone knows.

As for messages, I won’t be answering anything that’s been sent anonymously or otherwise because A) it’s been ages and B) I just want a clean slate.
So, although I’ve read them all and I appreciate all the words of kindness and I am incredibly sorry to anyone whom I haven’t responded to, I’m clearing my inbox.
Otherwise I’ll get overwhelmed and not end up replying to anyone because honestly, there’s so many it’s almost literally scary and I’d rather just start again than not talk to anyone because I miss you guys <3

So, I’m back, buttons! :D

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equivalent of 'started from the bottom, now we on top': haters mocking us, saying that charinina's never gonna be canon, but look at us now, we've got the hug+dragon transformation scene in episode 13, the new OP and ED and the girl talk between nina and jeanne!! ;))

Yeah, and we’re halfway there, we still have a lot left. :’) 

I love the fact that was the staff itself the ones that killed all their arguments, all their metas, all their analysis in less than two weeks/two episodes, and that’s what we have saying since awhile ago but oh well. Is not like right now they are gonna forget about that couple, because they are, even at this point, doing more theories about a future development that is not gonna happen. *sighs* But I do think if that makes them happy, that’s cool. ;) 

Bringing back the most important thing, I remember that time when there were no charinina fans talking about what they liked, not an official tag for the couple, no fanarts, no metas, no post, no gifs, nothing. At that moment I tought that was a bit sad because since the beginning I saw that Charioce and Nina were always “the thing” and then I decided to create this blog and start with this post. AND NOW THERE WE ARE. Our journey has no ended yet but we patiently and with every week are achieving more things!

Sadly, recently some things has happened and I have lost some trust for some users but I’m still here for the fandom as a whole. So, please, still supporting Charioce and Nina until the end. ♥

You want to know what bothered me as a kid?

That one scene in Reign Storm.

When Pariah picks up Danny and Vlad he exclaims “They’re both ghosts AND humans! Will this day of surprises never end?”

RIGHT AFTER this Valerie comes in yelling “HEY STONEFACE! SURPRISE!”

Like, when I was younger, I had this massive OH SHIT moment because I thought she heard what Pariah Dark said. THAT SHE KNEW DANNY AND VLAD WERE HALF GHOSTS! But nope. She still doesn’t know. Even though she clearly responded to what Pariah said with the whole “SURPRISE!” thing.

AND I WAS SO MAD TOO! Because I thought ‘holy shit this is going to change everything! She’ll stop hunting Danny! She’ll become a part of the team! Danny’s finally going to get an ally who can fight with him rather than support him! That’s awesome!”

And then nope. IT still goes back to her hating Danny Phantom. And good god did it annoy the shit out of me forever afterwards. I was always so frustrated whenever Valerie showed up as a hunter because I had my heart set on her teaming up with Danny. Especially after all their ship teasing in the second season because dammit THEY WERE FREAKING CUTE.

So I started thinking, y’know what, I’m older and have a better understanding of story telling now, I’M GONNA MAKE AN AU OF IT NOW.

So now I’m going to start up the tag “Phantom Hunter” for this AU idea where Valerie joins the team after Reign Storm. I’m not sure how deep this rabbit hole is gonna go besides some fanart for it, but let’s see!

Rewatch Starts Tomorrow!!

Originally posted by stopandimaginelove

Just a couple of notes: 

  • I know a few of you wanted to do your rewatches on Saturdays - so feel free to watch today/tonight if you feel inclined. 
  • Volunteers - I’m gonna do this week’s round up so I can figure out what I’m doing, and then I’ll go through the list and contact you when needed.  If there’s a week (episode) you really want to work on, let me know! Otherwise I’ll be in contact :) 
  • For now - please @-tag me in everything (@todaydreambelievers) so I make sure I see everything. 
  • Every thing should be all set - if you have any questions or concerns, etc let me know~

Have fun!! :) 

Honey It Will Come Back (1555 words) by thegaminebruise
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Maia Roberts/Jace Wayland
Characters: Maia Roberts, Jace Wayland
Additional Tags: Enemies to Lovers, this is just the lovers bit though
Series: Part 1 of Meaningless

“Jace Wayland-Morgenstern-Herondale-what-the-fuck-ever is a bad penny. Maia knew he was gonna be trouble the very first night he’d walked into her bar all wet and pathetic, and her suspicions had only been strengthened with each subsequent interaction.”

Maia fed a stray and it’s started following her around making moony eyes and smiling all sweet like, so now she has to deal with it.

I wrote some Jaia fic, maybe someone would like to read it.

The lovely @keenveins tagged me in the challenge to post the last sentence from 5 of your fics which sounds so fun so I’m gonna do it!

Making Gardens Out of Wildflowers-Pepperjack

He looks around at his sons crowded around them and back to his daughter and he knows that his life is complete now as he kisses his newborn daughter and the love of his life on their heads. 

What Can I Do For You?-Razzadoop

“Was that okay?” Barry asked, starting to become concerned that it was all too much for Ross too fast.

“It was…It was fucking incredible.”

The Current-Razzabang

Dan’s brain flooded with endorphines and he kissed the junction of Barry’s neck and shoulder as he let paradise overwhelm the both of them.

Seeds-Brick (Beth/Rick from The Walking Dead)

“Yeah, yeah get back out there.” Rick told her trying to keep his voice neutral, he didn’t want her to register anything akin to disappointment or disapproval. She seemed to understand, only nodding curtly before bidding him goodnight.

The Widows-Brick

Everything from the way he held her shoulder in one hand and her hair in the other, to the way the tips of their tongues passed against each other every so often, sang with relief and joy and something so good it couldn’t be wrong.

If I were to do a livestream for art, would anyone be interested?

I’m thinking, sometime on Saturday (6/17/17) maybe around 8pm EST (give or take - i have company coming over so we can watch the rest of season 12 of Supernatural, so i’m not ENTIRELY sure what time we’ll start)

If you’re interested, then let me know, and when i post up the link, i’ll tag you - that way if i start late, you won’t be worrying you missed it.

I think i’m going to work on a Star Trek picture. I drew out a design in ballpoint pen today, and i’m gonna make a clean version of the linework tonight and scan it in.

 the livestream will be for the coloring :D And if people want, you can talk to me via the chat and I can explain anything you want about my coloring process :D

Works in Progess

I was tagged by @heebiejbies thank you <3 i fcking love that url

I’m sort of hesitant to do this because I’m garbage and exposing myself with what I could be writing makes me feel like now I’ve got an army of people sitting here like ‘so uh…you ever gonna write it or????’ 

So uh…please be nice to me I might take 4 years to get these out.

I’m gonna tag some blogs I lurk on just because I love your writing but I’m trash and don’t follow you I’m so sorry @exowolf-reactions @nctreacting and @caliboyjaeffrey if you want to <3

Basically nothing has been started, I just have the posts (title, gif, tags, description, warning) laid out…..This is all that’s in drafts rn~

1.) Seungkwan’s A-Z NSFW

Status: Started

2.) Vernon’s A-Z NSFW

Status: Not started

3.) Dino’s A-Z NSFW

Status: Not started

4.) Johnny Smut (Requested)

Status: Not started

5.) Johnny Smut

Status: Not started

6.) Yuta Smut

Status: Started

Preview: Sunshine poured through the curtains Yuta had neglected to close before he left, disturbing your sleep and forcing you to wake and face the day. Accepting the rude awakening, you let your eyes flicker open and the first of many yawns flow as you rubbed sleep away from your eyes. Laying still for a moment to gather your tired thoughts, you rolled over, the silk sheets falling away from your bare body as you did so. Seeing the empty side of the bed wasn’t a surprise, it was very common for Yuta to be absent during the morning hours thanks to his job. Provided with a key of your own, he allowed you to stay the over the previous night, and left you on your own until he was to return in the afternoon. After all, how could he expect you to make the journey home after the workout he put you through until the sunrise? It was a miracle to behold, seeing Yuta manage to pull himself together just a couple of hours after you two had crashed on the bed, sweaty and out of breath, and get ready for work as if it hadn’t affected him in the slightest. It surely affected you, the delicious ache from his actions the night before still being felt, you were positive if you even attempted to move from the bed, you’d be a puddle on the floor. Even after all that, you still couldn’t wait for Yuta’s return, the sinful thoughts of how you’d pick up where last night left off already swimming through your mind, a mischievous smile gracing your face.

7.) Taeyong Smut

Status: Not started

8.) Johnny Fluff

Status: Started

Preview: He transferred to your class half way through the school year. Lucky you, he got placed beside you on account of your old table mate being expelled.
Johnny Seo.
He was nice enough, maybe annoyingly so. Who could be so happy all the time? Everyone else walks in to class sluggish like a zombie and eyes as dead as corpse, and he’s got the nerve to come in, bright smiles and excited chatter while all you wanted to do was slam your head onto the desk until you could leave. What sane person is that damn happy all the time! Try as he might, he couldn’t get you to respond, though. Apart from a nod in greeting each morning, you barely acknowledged him. Thanks to the beginning of the year chat with the teacher, when partner work came up, you were left alone and Johnny was pushed over to the table beside him. You didn’t ignore him, to say, you just…didn’t respond. You looked when he tried to break the ice, give that ‘ok I’m not in the mood to talk but thanks’ half smile and went back to work.
Oddly, that didn’t deter him.
He’d managed to worm his way in to your reading group in the library, yet he never read. He was too busy trying to get you to respond to his attempts at conversation. Maybe he took you ignoring him as a challenge, who knows, but he wasn’t stopping. Before you could think, he’s secured a spot in your nonsocial group, he was at your table at lunch, he was everywhere. Johnny Seo was quickly becoming a rash you couldn’t get rid of.

9-11.) Suprise [A lil something I’m working on you don’t need to know about just yet]

Status: Not started

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hey sorry to bother you, but I really loved the stuff you wrote for sanversweek and was wondering if you have tag or ao3 with all of your writing?

yeah I should probably get on that….

don’t actually have a lot of writing right now? i have terrible executive dysfunction so getting things started, and then finishing what i started, can be a pain in the ass.

that said i’m gonna go through what i’ve got to make sure it’s all tagged with “sa writes” sometime soon, and try and remember it in the future.

my ao3 is syllabic_acronyms, but right now all i have over there is (we are not an) idosyncrasy. i should probs clean up skin hunger and post it over there soon though.

there’s a couple of little mini askfics too - a cuddle porn one and this one where vas helps alex out of a tight spot.

I am looking so fabulous this morning, I feel fantastic. I got up early, took a shower, got dishes done, started laundry, now I’m gonna work (and make baller money for the family) until someone wakes up and I’ll see if they need anything and I feel so productive and fierce and beautiful, this is GREAT. Why can’t I feel like this everyday? 

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Okay, look at your most recent anon answer where you hate on Rucas and then look at your anon answer before that. That is the pot calling the kettle black. Hypocrite.

*literally my tags*

i don’t like posting hate but you started it so  but let’s all stop okay”

also, I didn’t go bother anyone out of the blue and try to make them feel bad for what they like, whereas this is you ANONYMOUSLY calling someone a hypocrite for spreading hate..If you don’t see the irony in that there’s not much I can do for you.

Hey guys!!!

Guess who’s back?
That’s right. Me. (That joke didn’t get any funnier the last billion times I used it but anywayyyyyyy)
I’m glad to be back. A couple of things to note:
1) I do my best to make sure my blog is safe for all and I’m finally gonna do what is long overdue and tag anything that could be potentially triggering just in case. If there’s anything else you would like me to do, let me know. I’m already making sure there’s no nsfw on my blog. ( ^∇^)
2) It took me so long to get back because I actually moved during Ramadan (would not recommend) and I was offline. Also, that’s the reason I haven’t been replying to messages or messaging anyone lately. Please forgive (ಥ﹏ಥ)
3) While I was offline. I read pretty much all of Rick Riordan’s writing so expect that to pop up on my dash from now on. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
4) I’ve also been drawing so I was wondering if anyone’s interested? If you are, then I could start posting what I’ve been doing? Up to you guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
5) I haven’t been writing because I’ve got writers’ block so please send me prompts on @kittycute40writes ب_ب
6) Ramadan is over but I’m thinking of making a post regarding it to explain why Muslims fast in Ramadan and just the generals of what it is. Of course, I can always answer any questions you might have privately. Lemme know what you think. ᑴ✧ツ✧ᑷ

P. S. A reminder that I love all you and you can always message me for whatever. ♡ ♡ ♡

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Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: im gonna start by saying chanyoel is another one of my favorite blogs ! kelsey is,,,an angel, her about page says it all. A+++ pcy content. EVERYTHING kelsey makes is stellar, (my fav is the ‘/365 days of the cutest pup’ series who’s surprised) but whether its graphics or gifs im always in awe. has left tons of sweet tags on edits ive made, i rly got so happy when she followed me

send me a URL anonymously and i’ll tell you

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any tips for when you've procrastinated (and the teacher changes the due date to make it earlier ) and a project is due tomorrow and you have about 6 hours to do it? pfft no one in particular though

*asking 4 a friend am i right OK SO it’s time to crack down. I am personally an expert at churning out giant projects at the last minute so here’s what you do

- DON’T GO CRAZY WITH THE BREAKS. You’ve procrastinated? Ok. It ends now - you have six hours and can’t afford to waste time. I’d recommend the pomodoro method - 25-30 minutes of work with five minutes in between. Lanes.io (I love lanes) has a built in pomodoro timer for the computer + u can adjust ur break and work times!! 

-STAY ORGANIZED - if it’s a paper, make sure u start with at least a basic outline so your teacher can’t tell u did it the night before  you’re not all over the place

-ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS!!! go put ur phone in another room. do it. 

-Write a really basic to-do list of what ur gonna do and how you want to go about it. Like 3-5 bullet points honestly. I do this on a post-it and keep it next to me so I stay on track. 


here’s my procrastination tag!! make sure to spend no more than like 2 minutes on this bc u have a deadline!! i believe in u


4.16.2015 9:22 am. Although I had trouble falling asleep last night, I decided to just get up and start my day at around 8:30 am.

I looked at my plants, made coffee, did some dishes, and picked up from what I left last night. So this is a new chapter, and it’s about research philosophy. I’m pretty excited about it. :)

Now I’m gonna make some breakfast, maybe watch White Collar…… :-P I don’t know. Let’s just hope I don’t take a 5-hour-long nap because I really need/want to sleep AT NIGHT and do stuff in the morning.

Have a good day, studyblrs :-)

P. S. When I try to tag “studyblr” it doesn’t automatically show up like it used to do, I think ever since the new Tumblr iOS app update I installed a couple of days ago. Is this only me or is everybody experiencing the same thing?


Connor Franta

↳Then & Now