gonna start a revolution

Building systems of mutual aid is definitely the most important thing the left needs to be doing right now. Y’all can crow about The Revolution all you like, but none of that is going to matter as long as the working folks you claim to represent and fight for remain dependent on the state and capital for survival. As long as that’s the case, any revolution y’all try to start is just gonna be a bunch of Bolshevik LARPers getting squashed by the cops.

The Basic Plot of Hamilton
  • Hamilton: I'm gonna start a revolution!
  • Burr: wait...
  • Hamilton: I'm gonna work with Washington!
  • Burr: wait...
  • Hamilton: I'm gonna marry a Schuyler sister!
  • Burr: wait...
  • Hamilton: I'm gonna write essays defending the constitution!
  • Burr: wait...
  • Hamilton: I'm gonna do Maria!
  • Burr: wait...
  • Hamilton: I'm gonna publish my affair with Maria!
  • Burr: wait...
  • Hamilton: I'm gonna endorse Jefferson!
  • Burr(pulls out gun): Ok, you know what...

f u c k hogwarts allowed pets, no i’m not gonna bring an owl or a cat or a fucking toad, who the fuck decided it was a good idea to leave dogs out of the picture? no fuck you, i’m gonna take my dog with me, i’m gonna start a revolution, everyone’s gonna bring dogs and one day it won’t be hogwarts, it’ll be dogwarts

Arrow 5x22 - “Missing” - What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


BLACK SIREN RETURNS — Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy) returns to help Chase (Josh Segarra). Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) organizes a birthday party for Oliver (Stephen Amell) while Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is furious after Rene (Rick Gonzalez) misses the custody hearing for his daughter.

Promo Stills

Cast on IMDB


Speed Weed & Oscar Balderrama

They never co-wrote together but they have written a lot of Arrow episodes

Speed Weed - 8 episodes

4x03 -  Restoration

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4x07 -  Brotherhood

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4x12 -  Unchained

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4x21 -  Monument Point

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5x02 -  The Recruits

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5x11 -  Second Chances

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5x15 -  Fighting Fire with Fire

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5x19 -  Dangerous Liaisons

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Oscar Balderrama - 9 episodes

3x20 -  The Fallen

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4x05 -  Haunted

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4x10 -  Blood Debts

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4x14 -  Code of Silence

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4x20 -  Genesis

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4x22 -  Lost in the Flood

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5x04 -  Penance

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5x05 -  Human Target

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5x12 -  Bratva

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I’m on board forgiving Oscar Balderrama for just about everything because of 3x20 but then I check the list. These two writers like to spring characters on either from other shows (Constantine, Human Target) or from Arrow (Roy, Sara, Noah).

There is a full Olicity episode while in the rest Olicity is reduced to moments.

There’s also the episode of the Wedding planning and the kidnaping of William.

So this all pretty much fits what I’m envisioning for this Episode: BS is getting into the show; Felicity is organizing Oliver’s birthday party; Oliver will finally find out Chase has William.

Billy Joel song 

“Close to the Borderline”

Blackout, heatwave, .44 caliber homicide
The buns drop dead and dogs go mad
In packs on the West Side
Young girl standing on a ledge looks like another suicide
She wants to hit those bricks
‘Cause the news at six gotta stick to a deadline
While the millionaires hide in Beekman Place
The bag ladies throw their bones in my face
I get attacked by a kid with stereo sound
I don’t want to hear it but he won’t turn it down
Life is tough but it’s just enough
To hold back the tears until it’s closing time
I survived, I’m still alive
But I’m getting close to the borderline
Close to the borderline

A buck three eighty
Won’t buy you much lately on the street these days
And when you can get gas
You know you can’t drive fast anymore on the parkways
Rich man, poor man, either way American
Shoved into the lost and found
The no nuke yell we’re gonna all go to hell
With the next big meltdown
I got remote control and a color T.V.
I don’t change channels so they must change me
I got real close friends that will get me high
They don’t know how to talk and they ain’t gonna try
I shouldn’t bitch, I shouldn’t cry
I’d start a revolution but I don’t have time
I don’t know why I’m still a nice guy
But I’m getting close to the borderline
Close to the borderline

I thought I’d sacrifice so many things
I thought I’d throw them all away
I didn’t think I needed anything
But you can’t afford to squander what you’re not prepared to pay

I need a doctor for my pressure pills
I need a lawyer for my medical bills
I need a banker to finance my home
I need security to back my loan
It isn’t new what I’m going through
But everybody knows you got to break sometime
Another night I fought the good fight
But I’m getting closer to the borderline
Closer to the borderline

Bruce Springsteen song

Missing by Bruce Springsteen

Woke up this morning, was a chill in the air
Went into the kitchen, your cigarettes were lying there
Your jacket hung on the chair where you left it last night
Everything was in place, everything was all right
But you were missing

Last night I dreamed the sky went black
You were drifting down and you couldn’t get back
You were lost and in trouble so far from home
I reached for you, my arms went to stone
I woke and you were missing

I searched for something to explain
In the whispering rain, the trembling leaves
Tell me baby where did you go
You were here just a moment ago

There’s nights I still hear your footsteps fall
Your key in the door, your voice in the hall
Your smell drifts through our bedroom
I wake, but I don’t move

Behind the screen pics

What we expect / hope

It’s Oliver’s birthday and two persons have special plans for him. Felicity and Chase.

Felicity planned a Surprise birthday party for him at the loft. But Oliver’s fighter mode is allways on alert and

Poor Curtis. 

The stills show Oliver happier than I ever seen him (on current timeline) this Season and a ravishing Felicity

I could just stay here watching these two for at least half an episode…

but Chase has other plans. The episode is called Missing and, even if the synopsis is really unhelpful, from the promo we can see Chase’s friend’s are taking Oliver’s friend’s:



Felicity and Diggle

I can be wrong but that woman in LoA like attire looks like Talia. I know Lexi is not listed on the Cast for the episode at IMDB but it wouldn’t be the first time people aren’t listed and show up.

Quentin Lance

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Poor Quentin, is in for another daugther shock when BS pretending to be LL shows up at his home. And he’s taken. Chained and locked inside a shipping container.

Thea Queen

We know Thea is taken, from the stills. Shes locked with Quentin inside the same Shipping container. Who get’s to her? Maybe BS, or maybe Malcolm. It really depends on which side Malcolm is. If it’s Prometheus’s side then he could be the one taking Thea.


Oliver will confront Chase about all this. Chase’s friends have not only taken Oliver’s friends but they also have orders to kill them all.

I can only imagine how Oliver is going to feel. Desperate, willing to do whatever to get them back. Exactly like in the song

It isn’t new what I’m going through
But everybody knows you got to break sometime
Another night I fought the good fight
But I’m getting closer to the borderline
Closer to the borderline

Oliver will be “Close to the borderline”. 

But Chase has something else up his sleeve.

I’m almost sure this video call will about William.

Oliver will be a wreck but also unstoppable. And even if ARGUS agents look to be blocking Oliver’s path, I think that that still is from before Oliver get’s to Chase. After all their friends are taken I don’t think Lyla will stop Oliver, Diggle is in danger, probably the opposite will happen.

This will set up the finale perfectly. By the end of the episode we will have the opposite situation of what we had on the pilot. Oliver will be alone in Starling City; his family and friends will be at Lian Yu.

This is going to hurt so bad

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Meanwhile in Flashbacks. Anatoly is arranging the boat to get Oliver out of the Island but Oliver is in serious risk of missing it. Kovar is torturing him.

I’m all for shirtless Oliver but the torture thing kind of ruins my buzz. Oliver had enough torture this Season already, Kovar want revenge. I get it. But I’m guessing something else is going on on that Island that has Kovar interested in being there.

Nevertheless the delaying of Oliver’s arrival to light the bonfire is mute because we know he get’s there. We know he gets there in time. The only question now is if Oliver kills Kovar or not.

Personaly I would love to know Dolph can pop up anytime but some how I doubt he’s still alive in present time.

This will set up the Pilot perfectly and with a kudos to the writers I’m pretty sure that knowing how things are going to end is not going to help us any. It’s going to be painful just the same.

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There were some official spoilers  and non official BTS for this episode, find them under the cut.

Side note:

I’m so looking forward to this

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ok so like I am currently reading Lord Of Shadows and all the Kit and Ty moments are DESTROYING ME FROM WITHIN. if they don’t kiss then this bitch is gonna start a revolution.

(with the amount of staring Kit does at Ty it may happen???? at least I hope so, kids)

‘Darling, are you pouting again?’


I’m really in the mood for drawing pictures that go with my fics? Idk why. Anyway, here’s canon era trans boy Enjolras dealing with arguably one of the worst parts of being AFAB in the 19th century; corsets.

Jokes on you mom he’s gonna ruin that hairdo when he sneaks out later to go start a revolution,


“Senpai, can you hold this for a second please.”

“Sure. Like this?”

“Perfect.” *click*


External image

bratsuke and I are gonna start another revolution and that is. Kakashi shaming. Because it’s been how many fucking years since we have had any yamato at all what the fuck one little scene of him falling out of the shitty tree is not enough. Come on kakayama lovers. Get on it. Or you know…I’ll just end up doing it all by myself.

Hey everybody, we’re gonna start the revolution tomorrow. Please go outside at 6pm pst and yell “fuck the government” and throw a rock or something. Thanks for your help.