gonna sleep


Gosh I find myself all stupid with this whole thing but can’t let it fly! 

I suddenly realized I have no idea how Tetch would react of his “fan-club”. I thought he would try to ignore it and just carry on like normal. He might not want to have contact with them because it wasn’t necessary. Other possibility is that he would actually cared a little and took some sort of action. I guess he would be flattered of it but found it more annoying than anything else. Of course it would mean club had a contact or contacts with him that didn’t end in right way(thinking of one lost tea set at least!).

Nigma would be jealous of this attention which Tetch didn’t want in the first place. He would rub in his face for reaction just sake of it.

Well this is what I thought but lost track somewhere in my foggy mind. I need help, if anyone is interested of this nonsense I just created vUv

Hello friends ^^ I just wanted to let you all know that im very sorry that i reply really late to you, i swear im not ignoring you and it’s not that i dont wanna talk to you or anything like that. I love talking with you guys and i like getting messages ok ^^ But im not feeling well emotionally recently so when im not ok i dont reply bc i dont want to be a negative person, u know?? So im very very sorry, pls be patient with me if you’d like, i will reply as soon as i feel better. And pls dont think i am ignoring you. Have a good night/day everyone ^^

My name is Porthos and I’ve never licked a butthole before hurp a derp a durr I love my friends too much and probably can’t parallel park. The Commanders had to limit my computer time because I kept downloading viruses from all the porn I watch hurp a derp a durrrrr