gonna sleep

That great ocd feeling when u can’t sleep with the window closed bc u would feel like it is too hot and u can’t breathe, but u can’t leave it open either cause it is windy outside and the sound of the wind drives you crazy.

#just things u make up in ur head #am i rite

Me 3 years ago: omg if I ever get rats I’ll never share my food with them noo! i love them but germs.

Me now: frequently checks what rats can have whenever im eating. lets my rat eat part of the cracker I was eating.

Me 3 years ago: omg nooo i don’t want my rats to ever be on my shoulders or back!!

Me now: ^with rat on shoulder^ oh hey Piper where you going? oh into my shirt? that’s cool see you later.

Me 3 years ago: ewww what if they lick my faaaace. the geeee rrm s

Me now: gimme a kiss lil ratties ^they lick my forehead/cheeks^ ye e sss GOOD