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Quiet as a Mouse - Part 2 (Final)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,398

Summary: Jensen and his girlfriend are on a break so he’s in a bad mood. His sister drags him out shopping where he meets the reader. She ends up being someone Jensen doesn’t expect.

Part 1

“What are you looking at?” Jensen says to Mackenzie.

“You’ve been a moody bitch all day…and now you’re smiling like the biggest dope in the world.”

“Am not!”

“Am too! I’m looking at your face!”

“Whatever.” Jensen says chuckling.

“You’re welcome by the way.” Mackenzie says.

“For what?”

“For sending you into Y/N’s store!”

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Live Stream (AO3)

Summary: Dean Winchester, a famous youtuber, is finally showing all of his fans who his partner is.

Castiel hears excited chattering coming from the doorway. He lifts his head to see two young girls walking into the classroom watching something on one of their phones. 

A few more people shuffle in seemingly doing the exact same thing. By the time his classroom is full, the whole room, well, mainly the girls, are watching something on their mobile devices and chatting - or what Castiel might call squealing - with their friends.

Class officially starts now but no one seems to even notice he is there. What on earth is going on? Castiel slowly walks over to the front row where the first two girls who walked in are still fixated on the tiny screen 

“What are you watching?” he asks, stunning the girls and seemingly most of the class out of their daze.

“Um, sorry Mr Novak it’s just one of the most popular Youtubers is live streaming on Facebook and he promised everyone that he would show us who his girlfriend is today.” 

“And that’s a reason to interrupt class…why?” he asks, glancing between the two girls.

“You probably wouldn’t understand but it’s kind of a big deal, Mr Novak. I mean it is Dean Winchester,” Castiel’s eyes go wide, “and he’s a local here in Kansas so where all trying to see where he’s going.” 

As soon as she finishes, Castiel cranes his head over the girls to look at the screen. 

“Okay, guys, so I’m gonna turn this off for a sec cause I’m nearly there. But I’ll bring it back up as soon as I reach my destination and be prepared cause if you think I’m cute then you obviously haven’t seen my partner.” Dean says, and with a quick wave the video finishes and Castiel hears a collective groan throughout the classroom.

“Alright, everyone, I think it’s time to start some work.” Castiel says, clasping his sweaty hands together. 

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{Klance} The Bloom AU


(You’ll see why it’s called the Bloom AU later ;D)

Ok so how about an au where both Lance and Keith are both YouTube stars but they’re both cover artists? Like they do covers of songs, put them on YouTube, and they’ve gone viral? Yeah.

• Lance has been with YouTube since the very beginning. He’s been on the site ever since 2007 or something but he only has like 500k subscribers smh. Usually he does covers using only his guitar, but there are often times where his friends Pidge and Hunk help out with vocals and/or other instruments needed. Pidge also does the editing for some of his videos.
•Keith, on the other hand, has been on YouTube for a while and has over 2 million subs. His earlier covers were just like Lance’s; no editing, only had a guitar, and a low quality filming, using his laptop to record. In due time, when he started to sing duo’s w/ Allura, his channel started to boost. They do covers as often as possible now (fans think that they would make a cute couple but in reality Keith’s in the closet and is scared to come out to the internet).
• Since Keith and Pidge go waaaay back (high school), she suggests to Lance about arranging a duet w/ Keith. Lance chokes.

- “No way!! I mean, even though he has the voice of a god I won’t duet with him!! I’m fine the way I am!”
- “Lance, it’ll help boost your channel.”
- “……..fine”

* So Pidge get’s back in contact with Keith and soon they arrange a duet. They’ll meet at Keith’s studio, which is in his brother, Shiro’s, house. Shiro’s in a band. Enough said.
• At first, Keith and Lance don’t really get along well. It started as bickering, which led to arguments, which led to actual fights. Shiro has to supervise to keep the two from ripping each other apart. The main reason being on what song to sing…

- “so let me get this straight. You flew all the way over to the other side of the country and you haven’t thought about what song we’re going to sing?!!!”
- “this is going to be a train wreck.”

• Wrong!! Once they find a song, sing the cover, and release it to the public, people were ecstatic. The people who were both Lance and Keith fans lost their shit. The video gets thousands of likes and millions of views. It went viral. Lance gained so many new subscribers.
• The two rewatch the video and think “huh. That could have gone so much worse.” So at the end of the day, they exchange numbers for “business reasons” and Lance leaves.

-They still text and message each other.

• So, due to others wanting more collabs between the two, they give the fans what they want. Two duos every month by Lance and Keith. Fans ate it up.
• And as weeks pass, the songs become more intimate. Their first duet had them both in separate recording boxes- now their newest cover was of them looking into each other’s eyes while singing a very calm and sweet love song idk
• also insert slow burn/mutual pining
• and so many people ship them (:
• Lance was the first person that Keith came out to, and he helped him with an idea to come out to his fans

- “Two words. Original. Song.”
- “…..alright?”

• So they both write the song about how it’s perfectly ok to be who you are and not be afraid to show it to the world. It’s really sweet and cute and it’s a duet w/ Lance on acoustic guitar
• Saying the fans cried and replayed the song over again was an understatement. Many of Keith’s fans were so supportive and came out themselves in the comments. Both Lance and Keith read the comments and they almost cried.
• One day, Lance gets an idea. A very, very, very good idea.
• He asks Pidge for a camera. She agrees.

- “break it and I will break your skinny noodle legs”

• So from then until Vidcon, every time that Keith and Lance were together (either working on a song or just hanging out) Lance filmed it. Every moment of Keith smiling, singing, and just being Keith was caught on film. Lance always said it was a semester project for his film class.
• but Lance doesn’t have a film class
• (so you might be wondering why I said this lasted until vidcon, which was, luckily, exactly one year since Lance and Keith first met. Ohohoh, just you wait (((: )
• So, a few days till Vidcon, Lance (with the help of Pidge and her brother, Matt) edit all of the clips together into one 10 minute video. It’s gonna be showed at Vidcon
• So at Vidcon, there’s a panel with different Youtube musicians. It includes both Keith and Lance.
• Note that their panel is HUGE. Even though there’s like 5 people talking in the panel, at least a couple hundred people show up. And there’s a big screen. You see where I’m going with this.
• As soon as the Q&A’s over, Lance says he has something he’d like to say. The lights go out. And the video begins.
• It starts with Lance saying a little thing into the camera for context.

- “Exactly one year ago, I met someone very special. He’s an asshole, a smartass, and has the worst hair I have ever seen. But, he’s special. He can be caring when he wants to be, he can have amazing tastes in music, he’s kind to his devoted fans, and he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know the real him. And I’m glad I did. He means a lot to me and I hope he loves this as much as I love him. Keith, this is for you.”

• And the video is just a bunch of clips put together of Keith being a total dork and being a cinnamon roll and laughing and bloopers behind some of his cover videos while Lance is covering Bloom by the Paper Kites (THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED THE BLOOM AU HAHAAA) and people in the audience are crying and I’m crying and Keith’s about to start crying.
• The video ends and Lance gets up from his seat, faces Keith, and just gets a microphone and is just “I’ve been wanting to ask you this for months but… Keith Kogane?”
• everyone’s on the edge of their seats
• “Will you be my boyfriend?”
• So Keith’s now definitely crying, he says yes, and they both hug tightly, and there’s two people in the audience that are handed the microphone.

- “That was amazing!! Definitely worth the wait. But, Hunk?”
- “Yes, Pidge?”
- “I honestly think that after all this, a year of pining and duets and sappy cue videos, they hug? And they’re boyfriends? Don’t the fans want to see them do more?
- "I agree. What do you think guys? Does anyone else want to see them kiss?”

• Everyone screams yes because they’ve waited for this for months and they want their fanfics to be canon dammit
• Keith’s all flustered and sputters out words that’s just “what?? we uh we just got together and” and then Lance just dramatically dips him and kisses him and everyone goes nuts
• Two weeks after Vidcon, a new duet by Lance and Keith are released to the public. It involves an acoustic guitar, two lovey dovey happy boyfriends, and the song “Can’t help falling in love”

Brendan Gallagher - Babysitting (Submitted)

You’re kind of lost as to why the Habs are having a gala for their employees.  It’s a nice thought, certainly, and you adore having the opportunity to get a little fancy, but the guys are acting like their usual selves, all in a group together.  Sophisticated might not be the first word you’d use to describe the affair.

You’d grown just a touch tired of sitting with the guys, up to the same antics you have to deal with when you’re trying to reign them in on a daily basis, and decided to talk to some of the nice ladies that work in logistics.  It’s not terribly interesting, just conversation about family, but it’s a calming break from the children that are parading as a hockey team across the room.

“I wonder what they’re laughing about?” Ms. Lane laughs, noticing Brendan getting pushed around.

“What are you talking about, girls don’t make me nervous!” Brendan snaps, turning away from the rest of the team.

“Yeah, that’s not what we said man.  We said Y/N scares you.  It’s different,"  Alex laughs back.

"She does not scare me!”

“So ask her out,” Prust calls from the back of the room.  Brendan turns a hot shade of pink, running a hand through his hair and mumbling an excuse.  The guys roar.


That last word is all you hear as you walk back to your seat next to Gally.

“Ooh, that sounded smug.  What’d I miss?” you ask.

Brendan jumps about a mile in the air, looking up with uncharacteristically wide eyes as you plop down next to him.

“I forgot that dress was short,” he squeaks.  You look down at your hem and pull it down, just a touch.

“I mean, I guess.  I just thought it was cute, I didn’t really think about the length,” you shrug.  Okay.  Not necessarily the truth.  One thing has to be clear, you don’t dress for guys, you dress for yourself.  But by the same token you’d be lying if you said you didn’t consider if Brendan might be interested in how it falls on you.

“No, no!  It’s super cute, you look great!"  You grin.

"Well, thank you.”

“What do you like about it Gally?  You know, specifically,” Pricey asks, leaning forward on an elbow.  You miss the flicker of his eyes down to your cleavage and across the way it hugs your body, as well as the play of the colors across your skin.

“Just like, you know, the cut and stuff,” he says, picking at the cake in front of him.

“My, what a ringing seal of approval,” you laugh.

Before you can continue, you get a call and step out.

“What’s up?”

It’s your friend who’s in town, calling about her son.  She and her husband both got called to travel for work, and you and your friends are still so young that none of you really have the leveraged to say no to a boss.

“Can you babysit?"  She’s near tears, and you can hear a wailing toddler in the background, screaming about how he doesn’t want mommy to go.  You can hardly say no.

"Of course, Mel, of course.”

“I’m sorry it’s such short notice, and I know that’s not helpful because my boss said the exact same thing, but I don’t know what else to do.  It’s only for a week, then Jeff will get back, and I checked to make sure that everything was at the Bell Center-”

“Mel, really, it’s fine!  I’ll come over right now to get him, you said your flights leave soon?”

“I couldn’t, you’re at your work thing,” she moans.

“Ever heard of a roadtrip?  Plenty of these guys have had to leave their kids to travel for work, they’ll understand.”

“Thank you,” she says, crying in earnest now.  You tell her that you’ll be there soon, and dash into the ballroom.

“Hey boys, I have to go,” you tell them.  They moan, shouting your way.

“You’re leaving already?”

“You know my friend Mel?”


“Short term work surprise.  She needs a babysitter for her son Jason.”

“But you’ll be at work tomorrow,” Chucky asks.

“With Jay in tow, yes.”

When you get to Mel and Jeff’s, they’re scrambling to pack, Jason underfoot.  The tension in the household is incredible.

“Aunt Y/N!” Jason shouts, toddling up to your legs.

“Hey love,” you murmur, pulling him up to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“You stay with me while mommy and daddy gone?” he asks, stuffing a hand in his mouth.

“Yeah little man, you’re gonna come stay with me for a little while.”

“Gally can come too?”

For his second birthday, you’d given him a little Gallagher plush because his parents wanted to get him into hockey.  It’s his very best friend.

“Gally can come.  He can even come to meet the real Gally!” you respond.  Jason’s eyes pop wide open and he wraps a hand in your shirt, kicking and too excited to talk.

“Y/N, I owe you forever,” Mel sighs as she comes downstairs.

“I think I’m the one that’s winning, getting to keep this little guy,” you laugh.

“Yeah.  I’m gonna miss him.”

Her eyes get misty.

“It’s only a week Mel, and we’ll skype every day,” you promise.

“Yeah.  Yeah.  Okay, so here’s his bag, it has everything he’ll need, and I gave you a list of the foods he’ll eat.  I know you know already, but you know, just to have a reference,” she says.  Her hair’s a mess.

“Mel.  We’ll be okay.  I fall asleep every night at like, eight thirty, bed time won’t be an issue, I love what he loves cause I’m a giant kid, and I can play with the best of them.  It’s gonna be a giant playdate!”

Mel nods, and after you wish Jeff a fond hello and goodbye, it’s you and Jason in the car.  His little carseat is bright red, “like Gally’s shersey!” Jason insists.  He’s out before you even make it home.

The next day you find out that Jason will probably be a better alarm clock than one you’ve owned.  He’s on your chest promptly at seven am, and you swear you’ve never been to practice in such a timely manner.  He’s got his little Gally shersey on, and you’ve promised to do all your work in the stands so he can watch practice.

His eyes are the size of saucers by the time you get into the arena.

“Y/N, Y/N, it’s the screen!” he gasps as you walk up to the bleachers.

“Yeah big man.”

“Are we gonna get to watch the screen?”

“We won’t need it baby, we get to see everyone up close!”

“Y/N that’s Gally!”

You’re sure Brendan must hear the yell, even from where he is, and he looks up with to wave.  You wave, just before you catch Jason from tumbling down the stairs as he tries to run to the ice.

"How about I carry you, hm?”


He’s bouncing as you wait to be let out onto the ice, but as soon as Brendan skates up, he tucks his face shyly into your neck.

“Aw Jay, say hello to Gally,” you laugh, kissing at the top of his soft little head.

“Hi,” he whispers, looking up shyly.  When Brendan waves through his thick glove, Jason hides again.

“What an adorable baby,” he coos.  “You wanna go for a skate little dude?”

Jason’s face pops up, and he nods so frantically you nearly drop him.

“Well, why don’t you go skating with Gally?”


Across the rink, PK and Pricey are watching. 

“So, I thought your idea for locking them in the towel closet was good, don’t get me wrong, but I think this kid may be our solution,” Pricey says speculatively.

“This is why I love little kids.”

When Gally gets back to you, Jason is shrieking in delight.

“Tell you what, when I’m done practicing, we can skate some more, okay?” Brendan asks.  Jason grants him another of his vigorous nods.

Brendan doesn’t just get roped into skating.  By the time he leaves the ice, you all are headed out for lunch. 

“What are you gonna have to eat Jay?” Gally asks, turned around as you buckle the toddler into his seat.

“Mac and cheese!”

“But Jay, you only like mac and cheese if it’s done your way.  Does that mean we’re going home so I can make you mac and cheese?” you ask, tickling his stomach.  He nods, kicking his feet and giggling.

“So Brendan, how do you feel about mac and cheese?”

“I’ll cheat a little on my diet plan for that,” he shrugs.

Brendan has to wrestle Jason down by the time you get home because he’s just that excited about his mac and cheese.  It tickles something in your chest, seeing him carrying a Jason like he’s his dad.

“Okay, you stay in the living room and I’ll cook.”

“I thought you weren’t into gender roles?”

“Brendan, I remember the time that you set noodles on fire.  Stay in the living room.”

His laughter follows you into the kitchen.

“Brendan, get out!  I like my apartment standing,” you giggle, trying to push him out before turning to grab a pot.

“Maybe I want to watch you cook,” he says, and there’s something in his voice that makes you turn around.  He’s staring at you with something like want in his eyes, and you almost drop the utensils in your hand.


You’re hoping he’ll do something- anything.  You’re dying for something to break the tension, but then Jason yells for someone to change the channel, and Brendan’s off.  After you turn on the stove, you need a moment to lay your head down on the counter top.

“I’m gonna die,” you gasp.

You’re about halfway through the mac and cheese when Gally walks back in.

“Hey Y/N, what do you look for in a guy?”

You look at him for a minute.  He’s got his phone in his hand so maybe it’s a question from the guys but…

“I dunno.  Hockey players are definitely hot.  And I like guys with a good smile,” you shrug.  Your heart is pounding as he chews on his lower lip.

“You know, uh, some people say I’ve got a good smile,” he says, scratching his hair.

“Yeah, you really do.”

He looks at you for just a couple seconds, and you’re almost worried you misread him.  But then he’s stepping forward, grabbing you around the waist and kissing you.  His lips are chapped, just the way you expected, but it takes you a moment to react.  He’s about to pull away when you grab him by the neck and reel him back in.  You don’t know how long you’re kissing for when all of a sudden you hear Jason cough in the doorway.

“Mac and cheese?” he says, sounding exactly like a disapproving mother.

“Almost done.”

(Written by captainsquidcrosby)

Dead Natural {7}

Reader x ?

Warnings: Swearing?

Words: 3,415

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Spoilers if you haven’t watched The Walking Dead. Love you all. Can’t wait for the next Dead Natural Weekend!

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