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the no bullshit guide to getting your shit together: for the lazy student

Let’s be honest: time management and organization? They’re really hard. Sure, at first you might feel like you’ve gotten the hang of them, that you’re in control of your life. But how often have you fallen off the wagon? Procrastinated on one thing and the next moment, you’re behind in all your classes? I know that sometimes laziness feels like a part of who you are, but honestly, fuck that. Do you really want to give up your success for the disinterest of a moment?

If your answer is no (it better be no, or you really need to get your priorities straight), let’s get to it. 


“This class doesn’t even matter.” “I don’t care about my grades.” “I can finish this the day before.” Sound familiar? You might feel great now, but when you’re staring down at your report card later, it’ll feel like you just got punched. 

This is a cliche, but the greatest obstacle to your success is yourself - especially the lies you tell yourself! Sit yourself down and be honest about what you need to improve on. Be as blunt as you can, but for god’s sake, don’t throw yourself a pity party! There’s no use agonizing over what you can’t change. Instead, set realistic, achievable goals, and make a game plan. Struggling with math? Go to extra help. Behind in all your classes? Stay in for a couple nights and actually work. 


Now you know what your goals are, but maybe you want some inspiration, so you log on to tumblr and are instantly bombarded by all these beautiful, well lit shots of the most gorgeous bullet journals, planners, and notes. Impressive, right? Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: they’re all useless! A simple phone planner works just as well, if not better, than a fancy agenda, because you’ll always have it on you, it’s not a hassle to carry around, and you don’t feel obligated to make it look pretty. 

Riddle me this, where are you going to find all this extra motivation to keep prettying up your bullet journal? To write all your notes in perfect, colour coded printing? There aren’t many times in life where taking the easy was out will actually benefit you, so take advantage! Stop wasting your time; get a phone planner and write your notes in your natural goddamn handwriting. 


Yep, your entire room - not just your study space! This one can be put on the back burner for a bit if you’re on a really pressing deadline, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m notoriously messy, and if I don’t watch myself, I’d find myself in dirty-laundry-and-old-notes hell. A little bit of organized chaos is fine, I even encourage it! But try working when your desk is covered in mounds of paper and you have nowhere to put your laptop – it’s just not conducive to success. 

Keeping your entire room clean is a way to stave off stress, frustration, and even embarrassment, because nobody wants to show potential roommates how much of a mess they are. 


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “actually work? Who does this girl think she is?” I’d probably think the same thing, except I’ve learned the valuable lesson of sucking it the hell up, and you will too. When you get home from work, grab a snack and work. When you have a free period, figure out what’s due and work. Stop reasoning yourself out of work: you’re not going to finish this later, and that will be on the test. There’s really not much to say about this one, because it’s the step that requires the most raw effort, and you’re really only going to find that within yourself. Tell yourself what’s at stake, and realize that, by setting the standard for your mediocrity now, you’re potentially trapping yourself in a cycle that will last for years. 


Maybe you’ve been on top of your shit for a day, a week, or even a month, and that’s really great. But then… you fail. You miss a deadline or you bomb a test. So what do you do now? Do you allow yourself to fall back into your old habits? Fuck no! Everyone fails, even that studyblr with those perfect bullet journal photos and a perpetually clean study space. I’m going to tell you something that’ll sound really strange: you should value your failures, especially if you worked hard to avoid them. What?! Be HAPPY about failing when I actually TRIED? Yeah, you heard me right. If you don’t know how to handle failure, then when you inevitably experience it, your reaction will be much worse. 

Failing hurts, and boy, I know how embarrassing it can be. But learning how to deal with failure, and especially how to keep trying after it happens, is an invaluable lesson. 


Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you treat yourself after the most basic of tasks, because please. Treat yourself when you know you goddamn well deserve it. Remember that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” If all you do is study and do your homework, then, pardon my french, your life sucks. If you don’t have friends, play a video game! Eat an entire jumbo chocolate bar! Indulge in whatever the fuck you want, you deserve it. I’m someone that has trouble prioritizing future benefits over immediate gratification, so by allowing myself little pleasures, I save myself from crashing and burning. 

Hope these tips helped, but remember to take them with a grain of salt - you’re you and I’m me, and different things work for different people. Good luck!

continental drift

(#21 off the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I’m better when I’m with you.”)

It’s an experiment based on a hypothesis based on a coincidence. They’re sharing a room on a roadie, and Nursey has been stuck in a dry spell for a week and a half now. The words just haven’t been coming the way he wants them to, and he’s starting to feel dried out, like all the creative juices have been wrung out of him by school stress and lack of sleep. Maybe it’ll never come back. Maybe he’s just done. All washed up by the tender age of twenty.

He’s not even trying to write as he watches Dex from across the room, tracking his fidgets and expressions as he sits hunched over his laptop frowning at the screen. It’s been a while since he and Dex have been in the same room for an extended period of time – a fortnight, about. Dex has been on a project, and Nursey started isolating himself about when the drought hit. But it was nice to sit with him on the bus today, and it’s nice to dump his bag near the bed and just relax, hands behind his head, and drink in his presence. It feels like something he’s been missing for far too long.

Nursey’s not sure what it is that makes the words start coming back, but it’s like a cloudburst on a hot day – a few lines, scattered drops against a parched sidewalk, then all at once he’s drowning.

He writes for four hours that night. His poems are full of microchips and anger, all about the gray morality of man against the rigidity of binary code, and by one a.m., when he should really be getting his beauty rest for tomorrow’s game, he’s starting to formulate a theory.

The theory is that maybe being in Dex’s proximity jumpstarts his creativity. In a phrase, Dex inspires him.

So Nursey resolves to test it.

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anonymous asked:

You have a lot of posts about appreciating Taylor Swift's song lyrics. Can you share with us your favorite lyrics from each of her songs?

Wow, this was more difficult and more time consuming than I originally thought it would be. I didn’t include any unreleased songs, any soundtrack songs or any collaborations that weren’t on her studio albums. I also didn’t include Ready For It or Look What You Made Me Do since we don’t have all of Reputation yet. Still, here is 82 of my favourite Taylor Swift lyrics… 

Tim McGraw: When you think happiness, I hope you think that little black dress

Picture To Burn: I realise you love yourself more than you could ever love me

Teardrops On My Guitar: I’ll bet she’s beautiful that girl he talks about, and she’s got everything that I have to live without

A Place In This World: I’ll be strong and I’ll be wrong, oh but life goes on

Cold As You: You come away with a great little story of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you

The Outside: No one notices until it’s too late to do anything

Tied Together With a Smile: Seems the only one who doesn’t see your beauty is the face in the mirror looking back at you

Stay Beautiful: It’s hard to make a conversation when he’s taking my breath away

Should’ve Said No: It was a moment of weakness and you said yes, you should’ve said no

Mary’s Song (Oh My My My): Well I was sixteen when suddenly, I wasn’t that little girl you used to see

Our Song: Our song is the way he laughs, the first date man I didn’t kiss him and I should have

I’m Only Me When I’m With You: I don’t want to fly if you’re still on the ground

Invisible: You can’t see me wanting you the way you want her, but you are everything to me

A Perfectly Good Heart: Why would you want to make the very first scar? Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart?

Fearless: In this moment now, capture it remember it

Fifteen: In your life, you’ll do things greater than dating a boy on the football team

Love Story: Romeo, save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel, this love is difficult but it’s real

Hey Stephen: All those other girls, well they’re beautiful, but would they write a song for you?

White Horse: I’m not a princess and this ain’t a fairy-tale, but I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well

You Belong With Me: I know your favourite songs and you tell me about your dreams, I think I know where you belong I think I know it’s with me

Breathe: People are people and sometimes it doesn’t work out, nothing we say is gonna save us from a fall out

Tell Me Why: Why do you have to make me feel small, so you can feel whole inside?

You’re Not Sorry: There’s nothing left to beg for

The Way I Loved You: Breaking down and coming undone, it’s a rollercoaster kind of rush, and I never knew I could feel that much

Forever & Always: It rains when you’re here and it rains when you’re gone

The Best Day: I love you for giving me your eyes, for staying back and watching me shine

Change: They might be bigger but we’re faster and never scared

Jump Then Fall: Every time you smile I smile and every time you shine I shine

Come In With The Rian: I could go back to every laugh, but I don’t want to go there anymore

Superstar: You play in bars and you play guitar, I’m invisible and everyone knows who you are

The Other Side of the Door: I said leave but baby all I want is you to stand outside my window throwing pebbles screaming I’m in love with you 

Mine: You learn my secrets and you figure out why I’m guarded, you say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes

Sparks Fly: It’s just wrong enough to make it feel right

Back to December: Maybe this is wishful thinking, probably mindless dreaming, but if we loved again I swear I’d love you right

Speak Now: Horrified looks from everyone in the room, but I’m only looking at you

Dear John: I took your matches before fire could catch me

Mean: You have pointed out my flaws again as if I don’t already see them

The Story of Us: I’ve never heard silence quite this loud

Never Grow Up: Remember the footsteps, remember the words said… I just realised everything I have is someday gonna be gone

Enchanted: These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon, I was enchanted to meet you

Better Than Revenge: Sophistication isn’t what you wear or who you know, or pushing people down to get you where you want to go

Innocent: Who you are is not where you’ve been

Haunted: Something keeps me holding onto nothing

Last Kiss: I’m not much for dancing but for you I did

Long Live: May these memories break our fall

Ours: Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine

If This Was a Movie: I know people change and these things happen, but I remember how it was back then

Superman: Something in his deep brown eyes has me saying, he’s not all bad like his reputation

State of Grace: Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right

Red: Moving on from him is impossible when I still see it all in my head, in burning red

Treacherous: Nothing safe is worth the drive

I Knew You Were Trouble: You never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything

All Too Well: Time won’t fly it’s like I’m paralysed by it, I’d like to be my old self again but I’m still trying to find it

22: We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time, it’s miserable and magical 

I Almost Do: I bet it never ever occurred to you, that I can’t say hello to you and risk another goodbye

We Are Never Getting Back Together: And you would hide away and find your peace of mind, with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine

Stay Stay Stay: It’s been occurring to me I’d like to hang out with you for my whole life

The Last Time: You wear your best apology, but I was there to watch you leave

Holy Ground: Tonight I’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been through, but I don’t want to dance if I’m not dancing with you

Sad Beautiful Tragic: Time is taking its sweet time erasing you

The Lucky One: They tell you that you’re lucky but you’re so confused, ‘cause you don’t feel pretty you just feel used

Everything Has Changed:
All I know is a new found grace, all my days I’ll know your face

Starlight: Look at you worrying too much about things you can’t change, you’ll spend your whole life singing the blues if you keep thinking that way

Begin Again: Turn the lock and put my headphones on, he always said he didn’t get this song, but I do

The Moment I Knew: You called me later and said ‘I’m sorry I didn’t make it’ and I said ‘I’m sorry too’, and that was the moment I knew

Come Back… Be Here: Now that I can’t put this down, if I had known what I know now I never would have placed so nonchalant

Girl at Home: Honey I am no one’s exception, this I have previously learned

Welcome to New York: The lights are so bright but they never blind me 

Blank Space: Boys only want love if it’s torture 

Style: You’ve got that James Dean daydream look in your eye and I’ve got that red lip classic thing that you like 

Out of the Woods: The rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming colour 

All You Had To Do Was Stay: People like you always want back the love they pushed aside, but people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye 

Shake It Off: It’s like I’ve got this music in my mind saying ‘it’s gonna be alright’

I Wish You Would: I wish you knew that I miss you too much to be mad anymore 

Bad Blood: Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes 

Wildest Dreams: He’s so tall and handsome as hell, he’s so bad but he does it so well

How You Get The Girl: Say I want you for worse or for better, I would wait for ever and ever, broke your heart I’ll put it back together

This Love: When you’re young you just run but you come back to what you need

I Know Places: Loose lips sink ships all the damn time

Clean: Ten months sober I must admit, just because you’re clean don’t mean you don’t miss it 

Wonderland: But there were strangers watching and whispers turned to talking and talking turned to screams 

You Are In Love: You understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars, and why I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it into words 

New Romantics: Please take my hand and please take me dancing and please leave me stranded, it’s so romantic  

Single Mom

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Being a single mom was not something that you had ever expected your future to hold. Having to leave your home in Star City and go back to Gotham in order to get you and your baby away from an abusive ex even less so.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you, Roy”

“It’s no problem, Y/N, you and Jackson are welcome to stay as long as you want. Trust me, I know all about needed to get away from Star City”

You reach out and pull your cousin into a tight hug, “We won’t be staying long, I already have a job and just need to look for an apartment”

“Don’t worry about it. I know that Gotham can be a difficult city to find a safe apartment in.”

“Tell me about it, luckily your dad sent in a good word to Bruce Wayne and I’m going to be his new secretary. It’s a surprisingly good salary, hopefully I’ll be able to save enough to get us out of Crime Alley – Not that your apartment isn’t nice! I just -”

“You just don’t want to raise a three year old in Crime Alley. Don’t worry, I understand”

“You can come live with us, get to a better neighborhood”

Roy ruffles your hair, “Nah, cousin, I like it here, this place has grown on me. And plus, if I leave whose gonna make sure that the girls on the corner ain’t pushed around?”

“So you look out for the hookers?”

“They’re sweet ladies, they just gotta do what they gotta do. I just make sure that the Johns don’t get too rough, and if they need a snack I’ll toss down a few things”

“You’re such a bleeding heart, Roy!”

“I can’t help it! They have kids and some guys can be assholes”

You let out a dry chuckle, “I know all about guys being assholes. Trust me”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Y/N” Roy pulls you down onto the couch, “Do you think Jacks will remember anything?”

“I hope not, the only time he really saw Lyle hit me was when we were trying to leave, at least I hope that’s the only time he saw it. Jackson’s a smart kid though, hopefully he’s too young to remember anything.”

“You think he’s gonna try and sue for custody?”

“I sure as hell hope not”

Roy smirks, “For his sake I hope to hell he stays far away from Gotham”

Six months later finds you in your own apartment in a much nicer side of Gotham than Roy’s apartment in Crime Alley. Jackson’s been enrolled in pre-school, and then goes to daycare while you’re at work.


You kneel down, easily catching your son in your arms, “Hey, pumpkin! I missed you”

“I missed you too, Mommy!”

Scooping up the now four year old boy you turn and head back to your car, “I have a little bit of work that I still need to do at the office, okay sweetheart? Will you be a good boy and draw me a picture while I work?”

The smile your son gives you is bright enough to warm your heart, “Yeah! And I can tell you about my new friends!”

“Of course, Jacks, of course. You know I always want to hear about your day”

Jackson continues to talk while you drive back to WE, “And everyone’s my friend! Even the teacher is really cool! She says that I’m super smart because I already know how to write my name and read some!”

Thankfully Jackson’s always been eager to learn. He took to reading relatively quickly, and even wants to try learning how to speak another language. The woman down the hall from your apartment likes to speak to Jackson in Italian, and has started to teach you and Jackson a few phrases.

“Did you show her that you can add and subtract too?”

“No, Mrs. Ellie said that we get to do math tomorrow, so I have to wait”

“Well, if you want you can practice your math when we get inside, just to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything”

Jackson’s eyes light up, “Yeah! You’re so smart Mommy”

“Thanks, pumpkin”

Once you get Jackson set up with his math problems, several sheets of paper, and a cup of juice, you can finally finish your work for the day. Most people think that being a secretary is easy work, and it might be if you worked for anyone other than Bruce Wayne. Mr. Wayne who was constantly canceling or rescheduling meetings, having some kind of scandal, or hosting some kind of party, was a lot of work to keep up with.



“How long are we gonna be here? I’m hungry”

“I’m almost done, sweetheart. I just need to make a few more of these invitations so I can send them out tomorrow and then we can go.”


You whip around, coming face to face with your boss. “Mr. Wayne?! What are you doing here so late? I though you left at 3 today”

Bruce raises an eyebrow, “I could ask you the same thing considering I know you left at 5 pm, but here you are at 6:30pm and still working”

“I – I had to pick up my son” you make an aborted gesture towards the four-year-old, “and I had to come back to finish these invitations for the gala in two weeks …”

“I didn’t even know that you had a son”

“Well, I try not to bring up my personal life at the office, I mean I’m just your secretary Mr. Wayne”

“Yes, but you’ve been with me for over six months and I still never knew that you had a son. Hasn’t he gotten sick or anything?”

“Well, my cousin Roy can usually watch Jackson when he’s sick so I don’t have to take time off work. I mean I can’t really afford to miss much, it’s a little difficult to be a single mom and pay rent. I was only just recently able to move out of Crime Alley and I’d like to be able to stay out of there”

“I’m … sorry. I always asked you to work weekends, or come in after hours. I never realized you had a son” Mr. Wayne pauses for a minute, “You mentioned your cousin. Roy? Would that happen to be Roy Harper?”

“Yeah, actually. Do you know him?”

“He and my sons, Jason and Dick, are good friends”

“Yeah, he mentioned a Jason and Dick, but I never got the chance to meet them before I moved out.”

“Mommy, I’m hungry”

“Sorry, baby, I’m almost done. Do you want some fruit snacks?”

“Yeah!” You quickly pull out a pack of fruit snacks and pull it open. “Thanks”

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Wayne, but I need to finish this up so I can figure out some dinner”

“Actually, I was going to go to dinner with my sons and I wanted to know if you and Jackson would like to come. It’d be my treat”

“I can’t ask that of you, Mr. Wayne”

“Call me Bruce, and I insist. You’ve made my life so much easier these past few months that dinner for you and your son would be the least I can do. What do you think, Jackson? Would you like to go out for dinner with my sons and I?”

“Yes, please!”

You narrow your eyes at your boss, “What was a dirty trick, Mr. Wayne, using my own son against me”

“Come on, Y/N, it’s just dinner. And three of my sons are close to your age, I know that you don’t have very many friends your own age, not with how much time you spend here and then with how much you must spend with your boy”

“Please, Mommy? Can we please go? I promise I’ll be good and I’ll use all my manners”

“Fine, we can go, but you have to clean up after yourself first”

Jackson scrambles to get everything in order. He puts all of his papers in his backpack, and throws away his juice cup and snack wrapper. “All clean”

“All right” Quickly logging out of your computer and gathering your own things, you turn back to the billionaire, “So, where are we going?”

You all arrive at the small diner at the same time. “Boys, I’d like you to meek Y/N and her son, Jackson. She was working late tonight and though it would be nice if they joined us”

“Hi, I’m Dick” The man grins, his blue eyes sparkle with the light of a man that’s seen a lot in his life, but still manages to see the good in everyone. “It’s really nice to meet you guys” He doesn’t seem to know how to handle Jackson though, so it’s obvious that he’s never been around kids.

The second man that steps forward is huge. He’s about as big as Bruce, but he has gunmetal grey eyes and a strange white streak in his hair. “I’m Jason” As soon as you let go of his hand Jason crouches down and smiles at Jackson, “Hey, big man. My name’s Jason, what’s yours?”

The little boy grins and to your surprise darts forward, wrapping his arms tightly around Jason’s neck. “My name’s Jackson, but mommy calls me Jacks”

Jason pulls back slightly, a soft smile on his handsome face, “Oh yeah, bud? And what does your daddy call you?”

You twitch not expecting the question, but before you can even open your mouth Jackson answers, “Well, my father liked to call me bad names, like bastard and little shit, and he used to hit mommy, but mommy and me left to come here and live with Uncle Roy”

Everyone paused, either in shock or in horror at what Jackson had just said. Slowly crouching down and pulling Jackson away from Jason, “Baby, we talked about this, remember? We said that we weren’t ever gonna tell people about your father and what he did.”

“I know, but -”

“You promised that you wouldn’t tell people, Jackson. When people ask where your father is you tell them …”

“That I don’t have one” Jackson’s lip wobbles, “’m sorry, mommy”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Come on, lets meet everyone else and then we can eat, alright?”


Dinner is a surprisingly fun affair. It’s full of the brothers constantly picking at each other, Bruce trying to control his sons, and your own son’s laughter. Jackson seems to bond even more with Jason and, to everyone’s apparent surprise, Damian.

Damian places the menu on the table, “No, Jackson, chocolate milk is obviously superior to plain milk, so that is what we shall get”

“You like chocolate milk too?!”

“tt – of course.”

“Mommy, can I have chocolate milk?”

“Only a small cup, I don’t want you to have too much sugar before bedtime”

Jackson’s smile is bright, “Thank you!”

Jason smiles at you, watching his youngest brother and your son debate which is better, grilled cheese or chicken nuggets. “He’s a cute kid”


“He’s pretty damn smart too. He was telling me about his math and reading when you were talking to Tim and Bruce about work.”

Your eyes soften when they fall on your boy, “He’s always been smart and he soaks up new information like a sponge. He likes to watch animal documentaries instead of cartoons, and one of my neighbors is teaching him a little bit of Italian.”

“Even smarter than I thought” Jason’s eyes meet yours, “You know you’re pretty awesome too”

“I just your dad’s secretary, Jason”

“You’ve also gotten yourself out of an abusive relationship, and are raising a pretty awesome kid”

A blush starts creeping up your cheeks, “Thank you. You seem to be pretty good with kids you know”

“Before Bruce adopted me I lived in Crime Alley, there were a lot of kids on the street that needed to be looked after. I honestly think that kids can sense that I’ve had experience, that I like to be around kids”

The chocolate milk comes for Damian and Jackson, when Damian just tries to drink it Jackson shows him the wonder of blowing milk bubbles, “I was surprised when he hugged you. Ever since we left his father he’s been wary of strange men, the only man he really likes is Roy. Damian I can understand because he’s young, but you’re huge and basically a stranger”

“Kids have pretty good instincts, especially ones who’ve witnessed abuse”

Jackson lets out another shrieking giggle, this time at Dick and Tim fighting over the last French fry, “You guys are just really good with him” Dick starts whining when he realizes that Jackson stole the fry among all the fighting. Bruce calls the waitress over and orders another three servings of fries.

“So, I know that we only just met, but I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me sometime? Like on a date?”

“Yes!” Both you and Jason look at Jackson in surprise, “Say yes, mommy!”

“You want me to go on a date with Jason?”

Damian snorts, “tt – you would be an acceptable partner for Todd, much better than any other woman he has brought around. The child is also acceptable, I quite enjoy his company”

“Glad we have your approval, Demon Brat, but it’s up to Y/N whether or not she wants to go out with me”

Giving Jason a shy smile you nod, “I think I’d really like to go out with you, Jason. I mean Roy had some pretty good things to say about you, and if you’re his best friend than I guess you must be a pretty good guy”

Jason’s grin is blinding, and Jackson cheers, “Yay, mommy!”

Jason’s out patrolling, making one last round before heading in for the night. He hasn’t been able to stop smiling since Y/N said yes to a date, but that smile is quickly wiped off his face when a red arrow hits his helmet.


Jason yanks off the helmet, looking up in shock at his best friend, “What the fuck, Roy?! Did you just shoot an arrow at me?!”

“That was a warning shot. You hurt my baby cousin or her boy and the next time I shoot, you won’t be wearing the helmet. Understand?”

“Yeah – Yeah I understand”

Slowly Roy unnotched his arrow, sliding it back into his quiver, “Good. Jay, I love you like a brother, but I’m serious, you hurt either of them and I’ll kill you”


[Christian. When were you ready to expect?]

“Which one am I supposed to buy?” Christian grumbled into his phone in English, taking salvation in hoping that the old ahjussi working couldn’t understand him. There was nothing more embarrassing than standing in a convenient store in the middle of the night looking at the various pregnancy test.

“I don’t fucking know Christian” you groaned pacing back and forth in your living room. “I haven’t done this before-just get all of them.”

“All? There’s like thirty different brands. Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes Christian. Yes I have because SOMEBODY may have gotten me pregnant.”

“Chill. I got this” he sighed looking at the shelves “…Hmmm this should be fine right?” He shrugged, grabbing the more inexpensive of the brands and shoving it in the bottom of his basket. There was no way in hell he was going to leave this convenient store with only a pregnancy test in his basket. He grabbed chips, cookies, and drinks. Anything that’ll prolong the clerk from getting to the pregnancy test. “Babe, you want anythin?”

“Yes I want to not be pregnant”

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I Need You

Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

Summary: Your boyfriend’s son has never really liked you, especially when you became pregnant with his father’s child. But when you need someone most, hate turns into love.

A/N: First FP Jones imagine and first pregnancy! Wow, thank you for pushing my boundary, Anon :)

Pairing: FP Jones x Preg!Reader ( x Jughead )

Warnings: Slut shame, anger, pregnancy, labor

The movie you and FP watched was cut short as the door to the trailer slammed open. Your hand gripped onto his tightly and he stood up sharply, before realizing it was his own son, Jughead. Jughead sighed and threw his bag down at the door, running his hand over his face. He looked through his fingers to his dad, then down to see you on the couch. Jughead ripped his hand down his face and pointed to you.

“Dad, why is this whore still in our house.”

FP squeezed your hand tight and looked down at you, your head looking down at your lap.

“Jughead, I’ve told you for months to respect her, and not be a prick to her. Or anyone.”

Jughead had a sarcastic smile and nodded his head.

“Oh yeah, says the serpent who’s killed people. Makes sense you’re still dating the woman who killed the relationship with mom.”

Tears pricked at your eyes with the thought. When FP and Jughead’s mom were filing for a divorce, FP found you at Pop’s, being held up by his own people. He saved you from the serpents and then you two began talking. FP never came out to tell you about the divorce, he just said it was complicated. Then his ex-wife found out, and there she went with Jellybean. Jughead hated you when he was a kid, and he still hates you now.

“Jughead, watch your fu…. Just shut up.”

Jughead began walking towards him, his face contorted in confusion.

“What happened to you? This slut is turning you into a softie and you would’ve cussed me out. To be honest, I’m happy you didn’t, but what the hell is happening?”

FP slowly let go of your hand and walked up to Jughead, getting right in front of him.

“Cut this crap, Jug.”

“What is going on with you? Did you kill someone? Did, did she cheat on you or is she holding you hostage or some bullsh-”

“She’s pregnant, Jughead!”

Jughead stumbled backwards, shaking his head slow then fast.

“You’re kidding me.”

You slowly stood from the couch and put your hands in your back pocket, pulling out a test. You gingerly walked towards Jughead and held out the test.

“I’m a few weeks in. I wanted to tell you, but I guess this was the… most convenient time.”

Jughead slapped your hand away, the test hitting the wall. FP jumped in front of you.


“I’m out.”

And then Jughead walked out of the trailer.

That was the last time you’d seen Jughead in almost a whole year. Of course, he came home for holidays and check-ins with FP. But he always gave you hot glares. As your stomach grew bigger, the anxiety settled in farther. What if I ruin this child? What if Jughead hates the baby? What if I’m not a good mother?

As the due date was coming up in days, FP was thrown into jail. The fear spun your world into chaos. Jughead stopped showing up and went to see his dad. You saw FP everyday, and he kept telling you the same thing.

“If anything happens, call Jughead.”

You nodded and smiled, knowing in your head that he would never come. When your due date came, Jughead came by coincidentally. He needed to grab more clothing and to take a shower. When he got ready to leave, he opened the door and looked at you, reading silently on the couch. Jughead remembered seeing you nine months ago, sitting on the couch, taking every asshole thing he’d said.

“When’s the baby due?”

You looked up from the parenting book and looked him in the eyes. Through his stone eyes, you saw a sliver of concern.

“Sometime today.”

He turned more, slowly dropping his bag from his shoulder.

“What are you gonna do if your water breaks?”

You shrugged, not thinking because of fear.

“I’ll figure something out.”

Jughead sighed and closed the door, sitting down next to you on the couch. You were grateful he stayed, because later that morning, your water broke. Jughead called an ambulance, which came in the knick of time as hard contractions hit.

The whole trip to the hospital was a blur. Jughead held your hand through the ride and helped you maintain a steady breathing pattern. When you got to the hospital, it took three hours of painful labor. You and FP wanted to wait for the gender to the day, being a surprise.

Jughead came into the room and saw you holding the baby. You slowly handed him the baby, and Jughead smiled. He looked up at you and smiled.

“I’m a big brother.”

“You better protect him, Jughead. He’ll need you. And when FP gets out, we are going for Jellybean. I promise.”

Jughead gave you a sad smile, then handed you back your baby.

“Thank you, mom.”

And that day forward, Jughead was happily your second son.

Transparent Crystalline Solid (5)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: Almost there, guys!

Originally posted by daniel-wellington

“He’s a wreck, Steve. He hasn’t been out of his room for weeks” Pepper sighs, rubbing her cheeks with the palms of her hands. “We still haven’t been able to contact Thor? Heimdall?”

Steve shakes his head. “It’s been silent. I’m worried something’s gone wrong. Jane hasn’t been able to find any fluctuations or whatever she calls it. She’s in no better shape than Bucky is”

Pepper bites her lip, smiling at Tony when he pulls her into him. “I’m sure it’s fine. Y/N and Thor separately can kick all of our asses. But together? I wouldn’t bet anything against them”

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kimbrleyhart  asked:

Hiiiiii Clare :) Congrats on 600! What are some of your hcs for the gangsey after the events of the books are done???

heidi!!! thank you!! you spoil me ahhh i had a long week but now i have some pasta and down time and im so Ready™ to talk about these kids that i love with my whole heart this is so long oh god

  • listen idk about you but i’ve been on a ton of road trips and they are not easy so if that trip actually lasts the whole 3 months of summer i’ll eat my shirt
    • ok but please??? imagine the bickering i bet you henry is so directionally challenged, blue probably wants a schedule whereas gansey is probably like “what do you mean we’re not just driving off into the sunset i don’t understand wait…we have an actual route?”
    • don’t lie to me you know he got lost plenty on his various adventures and his soft scholarly heart just went with it
    • protect him
    • but yea anyway they probably went up and down the east coast for about 2.5-3 weeks, hitting up all the state parks along the way and stopping in small towns
    • henry insists they have to find the best pizza on the east coast only to claim nothing can top Nino’s by the end of it
    • gansey wants to see all the wacky tourist spots “to get the authentic experience”
    • at each stop they send postcards to The Barns (theyre all on the fridge)
    • blue takes SO MANY pictures ok but all of them are candids 
    • so while there’s these awful blurry messes she also manages to catch these really fantastic photos of henry falling out of a tree he tried to climb with gansey laughing, of the three of them in a diner shifting their food around (you know how when you know someone so well you just order food and shift things around so everyone has what they like? like that)
    • her absolute favorite: she was recording them on a hike and they stumble upon a little grove with a stream running through and forgot to stop the video when she set her phone down. that night she plugs her phone in to the car charger and gets a screenshot of the three of them standing in the stream, laughing and singing. 
  • after the road trip blue registers for summer sessions at the community college and keeps working at Nino’s and walking dogs, she decides she’s going to save up and get her associates then transfer to a university to get her degree in marketing for art (listen she loves being creative, she loves collecting, she’s smart as hell and would get great buys for up-and-coming artists, that girl could own a really cool gallery i can see it now)
  • gansey defers for a year because. well. dying is stressful. but once he goes to college he decides to study art history. like blue, he loves art but he can’t deny he loves history too, and authenticating old works and searching for ancient tapestries and lost paintings is something our boy would be great at (bonus: in later years he would be the most eccentric art history professor ever and he’d totally where those corduroy jackets with elbow patches and his wire rim glasses im!!! i love the idea of old man gansey being this adorable weirdo professor that all the students love) 
  • because we don’t really know much about henry’s interests i don’t know what his major would be but wouldn’t it be hilarious is he was a professional beekeeper and bought up land to have bee gardens and sanctuaries and started a natural honey business and gansey goes there all the time because he’s Crazy but he’s decked out in protection gear and ronan and blue team up to make a rule that he not go out to the gardens because nobody wants to tempt fate that bad
  • adam and ronan spend the summer together with opal seeing the beginnings of their life together settle in
    • ronan teaches opal more and more english and spends hours figuring out what foods she likes or doesn’t like while training her not to eat sticks
    • adam comes up with little lesson plans for her to start learning how to read and write along with simple math and science
    • ronan dreams up some fake documents so they can get her enrolled in homeschooling because there’s no way they’re gonna do public school and try to explain their satyr child to anyone thats just…nah
    • when they’re not teaching opal ronan is tending to the farm, learning what livestock he wants to buy and care for, going to showings all around the state (people look at him so weird, a tall kid who looks more like a biker than a farmer, cradling a bunny in his arms at the makeshift petting zoo with a little girl on his shoulders. he’s A Sight.)
    • adam, it turns out, is very good at baking and opal develops a bit of a sweet tooth off of his many experiments with different cupcakes and cookies
    • their days are carefree. they explore the fields of the barns, make wild plans for the future, tell opal stories and play with her. they catch fireflies and learn constellations together.
    • every evening is spent giving opal bubble baths and wrapping her up in old tshirts and gym shorts from matthews room then settling down with warm milk and honey and telling stories of sleeping kings, trees that give advice, and ordinary people discovering magic
    • they brush out her wild hair and the fur on her legs and put her to bed and quietly get themselves ready for bed. sometimes adam will read to ronan until they fall asleep. 
    • sure, there are bad nights. they both have their fair share of nightmares. opal does too. that’s when they grab blankets and go sit on the porch and talk about the stories of the constellations until their minds settle again.
    • when they drop adam off at the dorms as he starts his first year, its hard. its really really hard. these three haven’t had a lot of good in their lives up until now so letting go of their routine, of each other, although its temporary, it hurts. none of them cry, but its close (close as in adam waits until they’ve driven away and he’s got a moment alone in the bathroom. ronan lets the tears fall silently as he grips opal’s hand reaching forward from the back seat where she’s crying into her knees she’s drawn up to her chest).
    • the first time adam calls home he’s worried opal won’t remember him, after all they only had a few months together, and they don’t know exactly how great her memory is. his worst fear happens when he’s skyping ronan, who tells opal it’s adam, and she says “who’s that?”
    • just as adam feels his heart break a little, opal leans into the frame and continues, “no papa, that’s dad.” (turns out ronan bought her a book that teaches family vocabulary)
    • adam feels like his heart is breaking again but this time from being so entirely full of love for these two he can barely comprehend it
  • adam, light of my life, goes into law. he gets a full ride because he is smart as hell and super dedicated (can u tell im proud of him). for the most part he assists at a small business firm his first few years out of college but eventually, he focuses on social work cases and getting law changes in the state to make it easier for parents to report their parents without endangering themselves, as well as changing emancipation laws so that emancipated minors can make purchases regardless of age and aren’t left homeless. its very close to his heart but even though it hurts sometimes to see these cases it only makes him want to win even more, and he knows he has ronan and opal to help bring him back from rough days at work
  • ronan is the Best Farmer Ever he starts buying livestock and filling up The Barns with dairy cows, hens, and goats (he thinks its hilarious when they get there and opal is absolutely fascinated by their legs). part of the land has an orchard that has both normal fruit and some of the trees niall dreamt up, and ronan sells fruit at a local farmers market as well as to other farmers who make local preserves. declan comes by here and there and…they actually start to get along a little better once declan accepts that this is ronan’s life and ronan accepts that declan was just trying to do what’s right. it also helps that for some reason opal loves declan like. so much man. and he loves her too theyre practically best buddies its precious, and even better when matthew is over too. all the lynch boys are weak for this little girl ok? they don’t stand a chance she’s got them all wrapped around her little finger.
  • finally, there’s noah. 
    • every year on the day he died, truly died, for them, they all get together and go to his grave (his birthday is for his family).  they tell his headstone about their classes, about new things opal has learned, about how the farm and the bee garden are going. 
    • blue always kisses her hand and presses it to the headstone before she leaves. he was her first kiss, so he gets another every year as thanks for giving her the boy she loves.
    • ronan always brings opal and tells her about his best friend, about a boy who was dead but lived loudly in spite of that. he leaves dream fruit at the headstone, and opal leaves her favorite stick she’s found that week. 
    • henry never met noah, but he hears so much about this boy who was a ghost, who was technically non-existent who still gave the last vestiges of himself up, just for the friends he’s come to think of as family. he leaves a bouquet of the most beautiful wildflowers from his garden.
    • adam always starts off with telling noah about classes, trying to keep himself together, but he always ends it by choking up halfway through telling his headstone how important noah is to him. adam leaves a stone from the river, almost like he’s redirecting the ley line again. 
    • gansey is always last. while everyone else is there for comfort they always leave gansey to say his goodbyes last, and instead take him into a hug when he gets to the car. gansey just…he needs to do this alone. he needs to tell noah it wasn’t for nothing, that he’s doing everything possible to make noah proud. gansey never knows what to leave that could possibly live up to what noah has given him. he leaves a copy of pictures of them every year. noah gave him life, so gansey leaves evidence of the people he lives for, the people that make it worth living, the people that miss him. the people that remember him. 

Here’s the fics I read (and like) during June! (friendly reminder I read almost only Explicit or Mature fics)

King of the Road, by Stoney : Derek sees the guy–all long lines, furtive glances, hungry–leaning against the diner out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Derek’s hungry, too. (30k, E)

He Gets Me High , by talktowater  : Stiles and Derek act like a couple. But they’re not. Seriously! Derek has a boyfriend and Stiles has a girlfriend. They’re just friends, overly-attached and possessive friends, but that’s it. Right? (11k, E)

even a bad cup of coffee (is better than no coffee at all) by vlieger :       AU where Derek and Laura stay in New York and open a coffee shop after the fire, and Stiles meets them when he moves there for college. (13.6k, E)

The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus), by  lupinus, uraneia : Stiles was enjoying his senior year until his crazy English teacher decided he made the best candidate to gestate Derek’s kid. Now Stiles is a seventeen-year-old pregnant dude and he and Derek have to figure their shit out, because in nine months they are going to be tied together for the rest of their lives. (40k, E)

Balloon Animals Are Awesome , by DiscontentedWinter  : Stiles is totally in love with Lydia. Until one day he’s not. Fuck his life. And seriously?  Derek? Derek Hale? He can’t be in love with Derek Hale. Derek hates him.
Doesn’t he? (22k, E)    

  no aphrodisiac like loneliness, by thepsychicclam : Stiles is 27 now, with a master’s degree and a career and a house and a serious boyfriend and a life in San Francisco that doesn’t include Derek. But then Stiles unexpectedly shows back up in Beacon Hills, and Derek would recognize that scent anywhere. (20k, E)         

  And miles to go before I sleepby  Heart_Of_Steel_And_Fandoms :     Stiles leaves Beacon Hills at the end of Sophomore year. He’s been abandoned by the pack, scarred by the hunters, and carries the equivalent of a volcano of magic inside him. Needless to say, his life sucks. But when Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills, over a year later and with a new persona, he isn’t the same powerless human the pack remembers. And when demons threaten Beacon Hills, he proves to everyone that sarcasm isn’t his only defence. (112k, E)       

In the Mountains , by GiaUrsula  : Feeling overwhelmed by his parent’s control and the pressure of law school, Derek moves to the small mountainous town of Beacon Hills to find himself and figure out what he wants in life. He finds love in the form of diner owner and single parent Stiles and Derek soon learns what real responsibility is. (48k, M)

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Operation Soulmate | One

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Summary: Steve has a confession to make.

Warnings: Language, I think? Mention of a gay relationship.

A/N: for @marvelous-fvcks‘ writing challenge. My prompt was ‘Heart’. 

Operation Soulmate Masterlist

Steve is in a mood.

He’s been acting like an ominous storm cloud is hanging over his head the entire morning. It was noticeable when he came back from his run, but is now even more apparent, as he’s had time to stew in his thoughts for far too long. When Steve Rogers starts over-thinking things, it’s pretty fucking difficult to get his headspace back into somewhere positive. He’s stubborn like that.

You’re eating lunch together, sitting side-by-side at the kitchen island. Your attempts to start up a conversation with Steve are met by a brick wall — you’re getting nothing out of him besides the occasional grunt and some monosyllabic replies. Eventually, you stop trying, resigning yourself to an eerily silent meal.

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#15: We Drunk**


I thought maybe he should have a payback after he’s done her so well in the last imagine ;)

The car halts on the front gate of the apartment, Harry and Y/N dramatically stumbling forward from the sudden brakes, laughing later at their clumsy behavior. To say they were drunk was an understatement; they’d literally licked alcohol off their glasses, breathed in the waft till it was what they breathed out and paid a bill for a whole month grocery to the bartender.

“Ben!” Harry called out to his driver form the back seat. “Ben, I love you man. God knows what we would’ve been doing without you.”

“I would’ve been driving probably.” Y/N inputs, blinking to keep her eyes open. “I can’t trust you driving drunk, Harry.”

Harry snickers. “You’re drunk too.”

“Yeah.” Y/N nods, blinking at her boyfriend for a good moment of silence. Then, she suddenly threw her hands in the air, exclaiming,”Let’s get outta here!” She opens the door but then sits back inside again, leaning towards the driver’s seat.

“Ben, I swear when I say I love you.” She slurs. “I would’ve have kissed but you see Harry Styles here,” She points animatedly beside her.”He’ll either punch you or me. Yeah, probably me. See ya, buddy! Keep saving people.”

She stumbles out of the car, Harry joining after her a moment later, after he’s planted a wet kiss on Ben’s cheek and told him how much he loves him.

“Y/N! Wait for me!” Harry calls out to the blurring figure of Y/N ahead of him. He strides ahead, clutching her shoulders, and she helps him out, swinging her arm on his shoulder and levering his weight on her body.

“But, Y/N, do you know why’d we drink so much?” He asks, innocently, as they take slow steps to the elevator.

“Because it’s religious to do so.” Y/N presses on  the elevator button, pushing Harry against the wall, and stretching her arms.

“Really? Damn, I should do this every day.” He chuckles, the lift door opening with a ding.

We. We should do it more.” Y/N walks into the elevator first, Harry following behind after he’s clutched her behind in both of his huge hands, keeping the distance between their chest and back a minimal.

Inside the elevator, Harry’s arms wrap around her full waist from behind, rocking her back forth as they wait for the elevator to start. He rests his chin on her shoulder, snuggling his face into her neck as she leans into him more.

“I’m gonna be off to bed, Harry.”

“We’ll see.”


“Did you press the button?”

“I thought you did.”

“So…you didn’t?”


Harry gives her a look. “Kay, I’ll do it.” He leans forward, pushing the button to their floor and resumes to his place behind her, clutching her waist tighter to pull her more close.

They push their way out of the elevator, Y/N having a hard time walking, considering the heavy weight of Harry being slumped on her. He then and now sets off in his own direction and Y/N has to work up to succeed in steering in the right way.

Reaching before their home’s door, Y/N bumps the shoulder Harry’s passed out on. “Harry, the house keys.”

“Whaa..?” He wakes, wiping the corner of his mouth on her shoulder and leaning past it. “What?”

“House keys, you silly cuckoo!” She whisper-yells.

“Cuckoo? Where?” Harry swings on his feet, looking around in the dark hallway.

“Harry!” She turns around, pulling him by the collar of his shirt.”House. Keys.”

“Ah.” He nods in realization. “They’re in my back pocket.” He rubs his eyes with the back of his hand, yawning slightly after leaking out the information.

Y/N boldly stretches, twisting her arm around him to reach his back pocket. She digs her fingers into one, and Harry squeals, chuckling.

“You’re tickling me!”

She winds her other arm around him, reaching for the next pocket, and Harry gladly hugs her back, pulling her face into his chest, giving her a hard time breathing. “Ha-wey.” She calls, voice muffled under his tight grip. Finally, the keys come in her hand.

She pulls away abruptly, Harry let frowning behind her. “I thought we were having a moment there.”

The doors open, Y/N walking in first. “Are you coming in or not?”

“Yeah, yeah, give me a moment.” He stumbles into the hall, mumbling on way.

Y/N locks the door away, putting the keys away on the tray placed at the table by the door. Harry has his boots kicked off, his belt now in his hand as he turns around to Y/N taking her shoes off. He slaps the leather belt against the marble floor, rattling the furniture around, and scaring the hell out of Y/N.

“Harry, wh-“

He strides quick, winding the belt around her and then him, pulling her close to his chest, and although the buckles don’t tie together as he wanted them too, he still keeps a hand holding both end of the belt together.

“Keep walking, you, keep walking.” He mutters to her, eyes eyeing her face like a savage, determined robber. “You’re in the Harry Styles’s grip now.”

Y/N smirks. “So, are we role-playing tonight, hun?”

He gives her a glare. “I didn’t ask you to speak, you little piece of-!“ He lets the rest of the words pass under his breath.

He’s walking her to the direction of the stairs, her back to them as they slowly take steps up.

“I’m tired, though.” Y/N whines, grabbing his chest muscles to grip as she ascends every stair.

“You will not say a word or there will be consequences!” He threatens her in a hoarse voice, sporting the wide eyed, deadly look.

Y/N acts all fragile. “Oh, dear! Sire, I’m still pure, too innocent for ya! Don’t think of me that way, spare this maiden tonight, please!” She looks away, shuddering intentionally like a drama queen.

“Oh, shut up!” Y/N’s back hits the door of their bedroom. “You cannot be pure! You’ve been with a man who’s nonetheless horny as fuck twenty four hours a day! How could you be innocent!”

He slams his hand against the door behind him, hoping it would open, and when it doesn’t, he has to shrug off his role playing and use the handle to push open the door. Y/N laughs at him, finding the chance and slipping out of the grip that she’s in.

“Where d’ya think you’re goi-“  As Y/N jumps on the bed and away from him, Harry runs behind, tripping his foot on the edge of the bed in an attempt to climb up. He lies in pain on the floor, and Y/N gets down to tend him.

“Harry, are y-“ She lets out a shriek when he grabs her hips and turns her over on the floor, pinning her on the carpet floor, and hovering above her.

“Gotcha!” He titters as Y/N struggles underneath him. His face ducks down on her for a kiss, but ends up hitting on her forehead, and they both cry out, laughing in the end.

“Do it again, it brings bad luck, otherwise.” Y/N urges, and they pull in for it again, Harry catching Y/N’s lips right in the moment.

“Mhm, Harry.” She groans, his lips forcefully coming down on her.

“Please, kiss me, kiss me, please.” He coos in a soft, pained voice, leaning down again for her, and she accepts it.

They kiss in a luscious, thirst-quenching manner, the noises of their clicking mouths and heavy breathing the only sound in the room. His hands trail down, holding the hem of her dress in his finger, and he pushes it up, up till it reaches her navel, and he breaks from the kiss, moving down to kiss on the exposed skin.

“Harry, no.” He doesn’t stop, groaning against her skin. “Harry, stop, no.” Y/N slips her fingers on his forehead, pushing him away from her.

“But, why?” He sounds hurt, as he sits up, keeping a close touch on her inner thigh.

Y/N tries and sits up, but Harry’s pushed her twice back and got on top, and she’s twice pushed him and sat back up.

“I have a theory about why we shouldn’t have sex when we’re both drunk?”

“Why?” he asks, frowning.

“Because, we lose our limits.” She says, proud.

“Anything else?”

“This is it.”

“It’s shit. Let’s just do-“

“No!” She whines, pushing him hard by the chest into sitting position. “You don’t understand. What if you forget to put on a condom? And even if you do, what if it’s just left behind in me like in the Love, Rosie movie and I end up having a child?!”

“I won’t really mind.” He shrugs, shy.

“But, I would. Because we’re too young, and you’ll be always off to work, and I’ll have to look after our child all by myself which would not at all be easy, understand?”

“Point.” He nods, lips pursed in a somber expression.

“So, let’s just get back to bed like we’re an old couple.” Y/N sums up, getting off the floor.

“But you just said we’re too young.” Harry points out.

“Oh, just get here in bed, you!”

“But, I’m confused.”

“Stop running your walnut sized brain, you won’t be confused.”

“Point.” Harry nods. “But, I wanna cuddle!”

He jumps off the floor, climbing on top of the bed, where Y/N’s lying already, still in the same party clothes.

“I wanna naked cuddle!” He wiggles his eye brows at her, grinning.

“No!” Y/N whines. “You’re sleeping in these same clothes, so that we’re not confused if we did have sex at night or not.”

“Ah, nice.” Harry gives a cheeky smile. Y/N turns her body to the side, Harry snuggling into her back with his arm wrapping around her hip tightly. “But, can I atleast take off my jeans, they’re too-“

“No! Sleep.” Y/N closes her eyes, unconsciously pushing her behind on his groin, making him wince behind.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” Harry consoles, more to himself.


Harry groans, waking up, feeling a tight strain in his pants, aching till it literally had him whimpering into the pillow. He opens his eyes, shaking his head, as he looks down to himself to see Y/N behind pressed hard over his morning wood.

It already is a torture having had to struggle with these morning surprises, and now that Y/N had kept rubbing her behind to him the whole night, the erection feels much tighter, harder and achier.

Pulling his hand back to him from around her, Harry sits up, staring at the bulge resting down between his legs. The more he looks at it, the more it hurts inside.

He looks over at Y/N beside him, asleep, and slowly creeping on the edge of the bed, he sits, pop opening his jeans button, groaning and throwing his head back at the sudden rush of air inside the space. He anchors his body with one arm behind, palm flat on the mattress, while his other hand works to undo his jeans and then, slide down his boxer briefs.

His member springs out, hard and erect, swollen at the tip, red and throbbing before his eyes. He runs his fingers over him, erupting shaky breaths from his mouth as sheen of sweat collects around his temple. His fingers wrap around him, moaning, then shushing himself with a lip bite, as he begins to pump up and down, running from the base to the tip. His breathing falters, his mind automatically shifts to thoughts of his girl, sweet and innocent, only his.

His cussing begins, he pumps faster, trying to ease off the tension quicker and free himself of the ache. His chest rises and falls unevenly, and suddenly, he feels a touch on his shoulder. He looks over, Y/N peeping at him pleasuring himself, and see meets his eyes, biting her lip.

“Need some help there, baby?” She rasps, sliding her hand down his shoulder to his wrist. Harry nods, freeing himself from his hold, and leans back, both hands resting back flat against the mattress.

Y/N gets off the bed, sitting on the floor, between his legs, and stares at his throbbing muscle, tensed and swollen in front of her. She gives him a look from underneath her eye lashes; Harry’s gut doing twists staring, down at her.

She takes him in her hands, wrapping her four fingers around, flicking her thumb on the tip of him. Harry throws his head back, spilling her name, as she brings her lips down on the tip, sucking at the pre-cum accumulated. Her hand begins to pump, up and down, up and down, as her lips then and there keep leaving tender pecks on his tip.

She leans her face closer to him, looking up through her eyelashes at him and crooking an eyebrow, sultrily

“Oh, god. Yes, yes, do it, pet.” Harry urges, breath shaky.

She brings the tip close to her mouth, slowing opening her lips to take him in. Her head goes low on him, till he’s filled her to the throat, and she grabs the rest of him in her hand, pausing to taste him around her mouth.

Her hair falls around her face, disrupting the very view from Harry, and he leans forward, clutching her hair in his both hands, bringing it up in a ponytail above her head. She starts moving, thrusting him in her mouth, while her hands pump the rest of him, going down to touch his balls, tickling her fingers underneath them.

Harry tugs at her hair, falling into a relentless saga of moans and curses, throwing his head back when she hollows her cheeks around him, giving that sudden tug at his base. He pants, his chest falling down, and then rising upbeat, Y/N’s pumping turning faster, as she bobs her head against him at a faster rate.

He twitches into her mouth, she feels a back thrust; his hands tug on her roots tighter, and he’s coming undone into her mouth. She swallows his juices, pulling out his cock from her mouth. Kissing slowly from the tip to the base, then up to his stomach and up over his chest, she comes in face to face with him. He leans in for a kiss, but she leans back.

“Morning breath.” She teases, biting her lip.

Harry pulls her to from the back of her head, attaching lips with her in a slow, fulfilling kiss. He sucks on the corner of her mouth, tasting his tanginess on her, before he pulls away, falling back on the bed with a content sigh.

Y/N lies down beside him, and he’s quick to pull her to his chest.

“My headache’s feeling worse now.” She groans against his chest.

“ Need my medicine, d’ya?” Harry smirks, pulling her by the chin to look up at him.

She smirks. “Would you give it to me?”

Harry slides down, leaning in between her legs already, as he slides her panties down her legs.

“But, Harry, tell me this: are you really twenty four hours horny?” She asks, eye fluttering from his kisses on her inner thigh.

He looks up from her legs, grinning. “Only for ya, pet, only for ya.”


Man Beneath The Mask|| Matt Murdock

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This is so long overdue because I’m nearly 80% done with this fanfiction that’s almost 10 months in the works and I’m kicking myself for not getting this done sooner, so please enjoy a Matt Murdock oneshot! 

Requested by @iamthemaskhewears

Prompt: Reader is friends with Matt and has a crush on him, but doesn’t know he’s Daredevil. Somehow the two of them start talking about Daredevil and she says she has a crush on DD even though she doesn’t know who’s beneath the mask? And Matt decides to make a move as DD?

I’m sorry if this sucks lol

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Leverage (Peter Parker X Reader)

anonymous requested: hi! if you can do you mind doing a imagine where the reader is dating Peter Parker and doesn’t know he’s actually Spider-Man but she gets taken for leverage or something? And then Spider-Man saves her? thanks!

Warnings: deals with kidnap and sex

Word Count: 1058

Part Two: https://prabbling.tumblr.com/post/165456177046/leverage-part-two-peter-parker-x-reader

A/N: Peggy, Regina, and Nicky are all fake characters, meaning (at least to my knowledge) they are not at all apart of the marvel universe and created only for this work! Also this is just Part One!

The four girls Y/N was sitting with hadn’t talked for a resounding ten minutes and with each passing minute, she wished even more that Peter and Ned were here. They were both off tutoring some seniors in the library, leaving Y/N alone at the lunch table. Y/N didn’t necessarily mind being alone it would at least give her a chance to work on some of the talking points for her debate club on Saturday. But, of course, because Liz Allen was the captain of the debate team and sometimes annoyingly good hearted, she invited Y/N to sit with her and her three friends on the front steps of the school. 

Those three girls (Peggy, Regina, and Nicky) were all apart of the elitist upper East Side and were more often than not annoyingly good-hearted. Peggy flounced around the school in her gucci shoes and her designer purses, yet she always was the first to answer somebody’s academic question. Regina stole money from her parents to throw a party (Peter’s words, not Y/N’s), yet invited everybody in the school. And Nicky went to a well-to-do boarding school before she came here, yet she has no problem in laughing at her own mistakes. 

Like Y/N said - annoyingly good-hearted.

“Do you want an apple, Y/N?” Regina asked, offering Y/N the most beautiful honey crisp apple she had ever seen. She nodded, thanked Regina politely, and as she took it in her hands, she nearly fell with the weight. What the hell - was it made out of solid gold?

As Y/N took a bite she groaned in ecstasy. “Thfis - isf amafing!” She slurred, mouth full. 

“Oh my god, Y/N!” Peggy and Liz laughed in unison, “Isaac Broadman is looking at you!” Peggy’s jeweled bracelet jingled in the air as she pointed to the boy. Y/N quickly wiped her wet chin with the back of her blue sweatshirt sleeve and glanced up. Indeed he was, staring at her that is.

“You should totally go for it,Y/N!” Peggy exclaimed, tucking her blonde hair behind her ears and folding her legs into her cream dress. Y/N opened her mouth to protest, but she was interrupted before she could get the words out.

“Yes! You should! I think he liked the way you groaned.” Nicky egged, winking before patting Y/N’s shoulder, encouragingly.

“Ask him to the dance,” stated Regina though she was smiling brightly.

“Guys shes seeing someone,” Liz spoke up, exasperatedly rolling her eyes. She whispered a few moments later, “I think.” Suddenly, all four of them turned their necks so quickly Y/N was sure they all had whiplash, and glanced at Y/N with questioning eyes. 

“Uh - yeah I’m dating Peter Parker, he’s in - uh - debate club,” Y/N muttered, gesturing to Liz before taking another bite of honey crisp apple (Y/N had to hold back the groans).

“Well I’m sure he appreciates those - um - moans,” Nicky said, waggling her eyebrows. Nicky stood up on an upper stair and waved to Isaac Broadman who apparently was still staring at the group of girls. Her pat and leather heels clicked on the marble as she climbed.

“I can’t believe Peter Parker has a girlfriend! Good for both of you guys! I bet you two have um .. fun.” Peggy said, her voice higher than it was before and Y/N couldn’t help but to think she was trying to insinuate something. 

She watched Isaac Broadman finally leave and heard Nicky’s heels again clanking as she made her descent.

Y/N took a breath in and faced Peggy asked as nicely as she could “What do you mean?” Y/N had always been a bit protective of Peter and her relationships. Even in the years before, when she knew Peter as a friend, she was protective. Not that Peter couldn’t take care of his own, but - well - Y/N was never one to do nothing to dickheads. She had learnt quickly that in this school if you didn’t hang on to something real tight, you never had it to begin with. 

Another moment of silence befell upon the group of girls as Liz sipped on her coffee and cocking her eye. “You gonna answer her, Pegs?” Liz asked smirking.

Y/N turned to face Peggy, who had gone completely white and her pale blue eyes widening. “Well - I - really didn’t mean anything by - by it, you know. Peter’s great! And smart!”

“Answer the question Peggy, we all know you love the attention.” Nicky said, laughing in between her words.

“It’s just Peter - is just - like - I can’t imagine him having a girlfriend, okay! Or you know, doing other stuff, he’s just so, so ..” 

“Innocent?” Regina offered.

“Innocent! Yes! No offense, Y/N.” Peggy said apologetically. 

In all honesty, Y/N had never thought about that before. And as she forgave Peggy (”None taken! Just please don’t tell Isaac Broadman I like him!”) she couldn’t help but to think about it the rest of lunch and the day. Peter and her had only been dating for three months, but yes, in a old fashioned sense they were still both .. innocent.

Prepared and excited, yes. But innocent all the same. 

Sure they kissed and held hands plenty, now though she couldn’t help herself in feeling inferior to the upper East side girls who had flaunted their womanhood so gracefully. So Y/N made her way in the rain to Peter’s apartment unannounced as she figured the best way to set the mood would be to skip all the “Are you sure?” conversation bits. She wasn’t much for second guessing anyhow.

Though she stumbled in and out of puddle after puddle she finally made it to his apartment door, soaking wet. She raised her hand and before her fist could make contact with the wood, the air was knocked out of her lungs. It felt like her stomach had been taken right from her as she fell to the ground.

“Isn’t this the girl from the frame?” She heard a gruff, muffled male voice asked.

“I don’t know, does it matter? She knows him - it’ll work.” Another said and Y/N could feel her body being dragged upwards. She struggled against the pull, kicking, wailing, and screaming before she was gagged and a firm punch to the head knocked her unconscious. 

unrequited pt. 3

pairing: peter parker x reader

words: 2,332

a/n: finally it’s here! sorry if it’s too heavy for your taste, i personally love angst. wasn’t planning on a part 4 but if you guys are interested or have any ideas, lmk 👀💘


Things between you and Peter seemed normal for the first time in a while, and you couldn’t be happier.

Peter’s secret brought you closer, and neither of you could deny that. Being Spider-man was a significant part of Peter’s life, and something he couldn’t share with you for several months.

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Anonymous said: can you do a jeff imagine (your dating) where it’s a rainy day and they stay inside watching movies together?
Anonymous said: Would you write one where you assumed that since Jeff’s a super popular jock that he would expect sex and he admits to you that he doesn’t think he’s ready and would prefer to wait until marriage and it ends with cuddles?

Author’s Note: So I decided to combine these two prompts because they seem liked they’d go perfect together. I hope neither of you mind..?

Originally posted by kvnai


With both your parents away on a business trip for the week, you had made plans with your boyfriend Jeff for the entire weekend. But that morning as you woke up, you noticed the house was colder than usual and that your room was gray and gloomy rather than bright and sunny.

The weather apparently wasn’t going to cooperate with what you and Jeff had planned, and by the time you had finished with your morning shower there was a nice steady downpour of rain happening outside.

“Well shit,” you sigh. Checking the weather channel proves to only disappoint your further, the rain showers only turning into thunderstorms over the next couple of days. “So much for our plans.”

Listening to the rain only makes you sleepy and knowing that you and Jeff aren’t going to get anything done, you decide to change into a clean pair of pajamas. Grabbing up your phone, you pull up your text messages and shoot off a quick text to Jeff.

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I think I liked you better when you didn't have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 106 - Just five more minutes

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 106 - Just five more minutes

[Negan gets up early for his run to Alexandria…but Blake is reluctant to let him leave. FLUFF/ROMANCE]

A grey early morning light seemed to stream though the drapes of Negan’s expansive room, as Blake opened a single sleepy eye, feeling the warm body beside her, suddenly slip from the covers, leaving her alone beneath the cool sheets.

It was too early for Blake to be awake, especially given the pair’s lack of sleep, but even so, she didn’t want to be in bed alone this morning.

She gave a small huffy purr, nuzzling her head down into the soft pillow beneath her cheek, seeing the tall, silhouetted figure of Negan, get to his feet and grasp up his abandoned pants from the floor.

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Classic Car Family

Title: Classic Car Family

Characters: Dean and Ben Braeden

Word Count: 2600ish

Warning: Lots of fluff

Originally posted by fireshinigami

“Welcome to Zeppelin’s Auto, I’m Max.” The young guy behind the desk mumbled as he turned around. “What kind of problem are you having?”

“I need some new spark plugs and a filter for an oil change. You guys sell parts for a ’67 Impala?”

Max turned around and gave Dean a weird look. “A what? That’s, like, a super old car right?”

Dean looked past him into the window to the mechanic’s bay. “Anyone work here that knows classic cars?”

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Summary: Dean takes care of the reader’s daughter for a night and he quickly learns that it’s more exhausting than hunting. 

“Morning, sweetheart.” You hear Dean’s sexy voice say when he answers your call.

“Hey babe. I’m on my way home. How’d everything go?”

“Good. Everyone is still alive so I think it went ok.” He chuckles.

“Ok. See ya soon.”

You just finished a 24 hour shift at the hospital and you feel like you’re about to fucking fall over.

Dean finally decided he was ready to watch Grace overnight by himself. Even though you’ve been together for about seven months now, Dean was always nervous about watching her for long periods of time. Like he would break her or corrupt her. You’re not sure which.

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“You’re my Princess.” Jonathan Byers x Reader

Pairing(s): Jonathan Byers x Reader

Note: I’m so happy that you requested an imagine ! I really hope you guys will like this story and also feel free to leave more requests ! Thank you all for the positive reactions. You guys are amazing! Here’s a little Jonathan Byers piece for you guys. This will take place in season 2 after the last episode. So SPOILERS!

Request?: Yes ( @sgarrett49 )

Word Count: 1152

Summary: Y/n and Jonathan have been in a relationship for a year, and Jonathan is the best boyfriend she could ever ask for. Y/n is enjoying a decent ride down memory lane before jumping back to reality.


Jonathan Byers is my first love. He was always there for me and I was always there for him. Although at first it was just a friendly gesture, now it’s something more. I noticed the feeling development, it was really obvious to me. Whenever he was near me I had goosebumps, whenever he hugged me I missed the warmth that his body radiated to me. I was really falling for Jonathan. My feelings have grown so much through the years, and not only did mine but his did too. Jonathan had felt the same way I did, but we just never wanted to ruin what we had. We knew it could either bring us even closer or it could destroy us. The encouragement of our relationship came from Will Byers. After the horrific experience that Will went through he encouraged us to take a risk before it’s too late. Now, for a little kid, Will is a very smart boy. Jonathan had almost lost his little brother, so that did help us see that there’s harm in everything. We decided that Will was right, we need to do something before it was ever too late. When Will was missing we grew a lot closer and we fell harder for each other, but it wasn’t the time then. That was then, we have so much love to give to each other that we finally gave to one another. It’s first love. We’re going through the love and hurt in relationships.

It’s been a year since Will had returned from the upside down. We went through so much this year. A lot of pain, but it was worth it all. I was there with him through, almost, everything with Will happened. I spent most of this month with Joyce and the kids. Jonathan was doing something with Nancy, and I trust him. They wanted to get justice for Barb and I do not want to get in the way of that. I trust my boyfriend of a year to be safe and he certainly doesn’t need my permission to be with another girl. Nancy is our friend and I trust them both. While they went out to do what they needed to do, I was with Will, Joyce, Bob, and Mike. We helped find Hopper and we helped save him. Not only did we help save Hopper, but we also almost died and sadly we did lose Bob. I could never blame Will for what he did. He wasn’t himself and we all knew that. He did what he had to do in order to survive and I’m just happy he did. When we evacuated the facility, there he was. Jonathan with Nancy, Steve, Dustin, Lucas and Max. Jonathan looked very concerned when he saw his very unconscious brother. On the way to the Byers’ residence, we explained everything to him and even he knew that it was the right thing. The second we all arrived he hugged me, relieved that I’m fine and vice versa.We had a surprise guest arrive right when we needed her, Eleven. We all had gone through the process of figuring out a possible way to free Will from this horrible monster and we were on our way to try it. I went with Joyce and Jonathan to Hopper’s cabin and set up our little station. Conventional ovens turned all the way up and Will right next to the lit fireplace. It took the Mind Flayer a while to react and we were sweating like crazy. Jonathan and I held hands and kept each other sane while we waited in this crazy, stupid hot cabin. When it finally reacted we watched it leave Will’s body and we got our Will back. Eleven was able to close the gate and we were free of the Upside Down.

A month later and the kids were all going to their winter dance. Jonathan invited me to go with him since he was the photographer. Will danced with someone, Lucas danced with Max, Mike danced with El, and Dustin danced with Nancy. It was one hell of a night. This was what everyone needed. Peace. Jonathan had began to feel even better and our relationship was even better than before. We have gotten closer and his prince charming personality just helped me fall even deeper for him. We had a great time at the dance, we danced, we talked, we laughed and just had the most amazing time. That brings us to today, the day after the dance.

It was a nice and peaceful day in Hawkins, Indiana. We all deserved this, especially the Byers’. I decided to stay at the Byers’ and have a nice relaxing day with them and also it was just really late last night after a fun day with Jonathan. When I woke up it was because I couldn’t find my boyfriend’s body to cuddle up to. I laid there wondering whether I should get up and find him or just wait for him to come back. I decided to get up to find him and I have an idea where he was. I walked into the kitchen and saw him preparing breakfast for us. I walked up to him and hugged him from behind and rested my head on his back.

“Hey Jonathan.”

“Hey, how did you sleep?”

“Great, I sleep better in your arms.“

Jonathan left a chuckle leave his lips as he takes in my attire. His shirt which was quite big on me. He’s a pretty tall dude. He looks down at me and just smiles.

“You’re so special to me.”

"Well that’s good to hear cos you’re special to me too.”

He lets his beautiful smile take over his face and I can’t help but let a smile take over my face as well.

“You make me happy y/n. So much. I can’t believe you’re finally mine.”

Jonathan was being so adorable I couldn’t help but lightly laugh. I pushed up on my toes and wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled him down to reach my height and placed a soft kiss on his lips. We just smiled at each other and I couldn’t help but laugh again.

“God, I love your laugh.”

And once again I let a laugh leave my lips as my boyfriend was being really adorable.

“What has gotten into you?”

“You’re my princess and I will always make sure that you know it. Here’s your breakfast, I’m gonna go wake Will.”

Before Jonathan left, he placed a kiss on my forehead then went to get Will. I couldn’t help but let a smile take over as I thought about him. It was always the small things that he did that made me feel so special. I felt like a princess who found her prince. This is first love and I’m happy it’s with him.

Caller From New York


Over the past few weeks, things have been going really great for me. I’ve been bringing in a lot of money since i opened my salon suite which was amazing. I was working like non stop during the day, but i loved the dollars it brought. Since i had been working so hard and stacking my paper, i decided it was time to treat myself to something nice. So i settled to get what i’ve been wanting for a while, a new Mercedes. I figured, what the hell right? Gotta ride my pretty ass in style so why not?

I made my way over to the dealership, looking bad and boujee of course, as i pranced my excited ass through each car until i found the one that was perfect for me. It was a pretty, white, little two-door that had a lot of power. I could just see my ass beaming and gleaming down the streets in this lil baby and i had to have this one. It was clean and perfect and was pretty spacious on the inside for Cam and his long-legged ass. I wanted to consider Cameron too because he drives my Jeep all over the place every time we’re together now but i wanted him to be able to fit comfortably in my new car.  

When i finally came to a decision, I went inside to fill out paperwork and run my information. I sat at the available salesman’s desk and pulled out my wallet and phone. I looked and saw that i had missed a call from a random number but me, not paying much attention because i was too excited about the car, i didn’t look at the area code.

When I began to give Steve (Salesman) all my info, my phone kept ringing back to back from this unknown number. I finally turned it over and saw that the number was from Brooklyn, New York. My heart sank into my fuckin stomach. All the people i still kept up with in New York were saved in my phone so i knew this could only be one person. Why the fuck was he calling me now? I haven’t heard from this nigga in over 7 months. So i guess he feels like he can just pop back into my life when it was convenient for him? He was a selfish asshole and i wasn’t falling back into his trap so i let that shit ring. 

Obviously distracted by the multiple phone calls, i wasn’t paying attention to the questions Steve was asking me. I was lost in my thoughts as i watched the phone ring yet again. Steve paused with his questionnaire and asked if i wanted to take a moment to take the call. I snapped back and shook my head and placed my phone on silent then tossed it into my bag, hoping that nigga would get the point. 

Later that evening (Cameron’s POV)

I had just got back in town from base and all i was really wanting to do was be with Kala tonight. I didn’t care what we was doing just as long as i was doing it with her, but i guess she sensed i was tired and so was she so it ended up being a netflix night at her apartment, which was cool with me. We had been binge watching Vampire Diaries (Her choice not mine) for the past few weeks. We agreed not to watch it without each other so I guess you could say it was our show and since i had been gone for two weeks we had to get our fill of Stefan, Damon and Elena. 

We were laid up on the couch and i was holding her tight and kissin all on her like i always do. Normally, Kala would be the same way but tonight she was quiet. I noticed that Kala had been a little off tonight, she wasn’t as clingy as she usually is when i come back to town. I was not sure if she just wasn’t feeling well or what. I knew she was excited earlier about her new car but I could tell something was on her mind but she wasn’t ready to share yet and i wasn’t gonna force her to tell me. So we laid there not saying much. 

Our phones were laying on the coffee table next to our leftover pasta i had brought over and Kala’s phone just kept going off. It was turned face down and all night long when it would ring she would silence the call. I figured her and one of her little girlfriends might have gotten into it and she was avoiding the call or something. That would explain her mood tonight. i didn’t wanna be pushy and ask. i figured if she wanted me to know, she would tell me but at the same time i didn’t want my baby sad over some bullshit. 

When the phone rang again, Kala didn’t move. I reached over and silenced the phone myself and looked to see if she was sleeping. She was awake but i could tell her mind was somewhere totally different. 

“You okay babe?”

“Oh…Um.. yeah i’m fine. Just watching the show. Can we take a pause break, i gotta pee real quick.” she said while untangling her legs from around mine and getting up from the couch quickly. 

I sat up on the couch stretching my legs for a second. It was getting late and i was getting tired. i was ready to move this back to her bedroom. I was about to pick up my phone to see what time it was when her phone started ringing once again.

Annoyed at the fact that they had been calling all fucking night, i flipped the phone over to reveal a number with a location of Brooklyn, New York. I knew Kala had lived up there briefly last year but i was curious as to who would be blowing her phone up like this. 

I sat there and thought about letting the phone go into voicemail once again but i wanted to tell whoever was fuckin with Kala to calm that shit down. I watched as the phone seemed to ring forever. I figured, what the hell right? i mean, we not official but we been together for like 4 months now. I think i’ve earned the right to answer her phone. I reached down and clicked the answer button and placed the call on speaker. 

“Yo, Who this and why you keep calling this number?”

“Awww, Shit. This must be K’s New nigga huh? Damn, that bitch move on fast.”

“The fuck you talking bout bro? Who is this?”

“Calm down lil nigga. Where Kala at?”

“I’mma ask this one last time and then you gettin clicked on nigga, Who the fuck is this?”

“Chill out chump. Nigga its Stefon. Tell Kala to hit me back. I need to speak with her.” He said as he hung up the phone. 

I put the phone down, pissed off. Who the fuck is this nigga to Kala? Ignorant ass muthafucka. I sat there heated as i waited for Kala to come back out the bathroom. When she did she saw that i was mad af. She sat down and look to see her phone turned over and unlocked. 

“Who is Stefon?”


YO Setfon really got some fucking nerve man!! omggg! this was me yall!

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