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One annoying thing about being from New Orleans is that everyone assumes that when you say your favorite Disney princess movie is princess and the frog ppl assume that it’s just cuz it’s set in New Orleans. I mean, yeah it’s kinda lit that it’s set in my hometown but bitch, have you SEEN princess and the frog??? The music score??? The characters??? The animation??? It’s fuckin incredible and criminally underrated. Why do ppl not talk about that movie anymore it was a MASTERPIECE.


I have to get this right. It’s a business proposition. I have some £15,000. It is lying in the bank at present, earning very little interest. Now, my financial advisors tell me that if you were to take this money and use it to run Marlborough Mills, you could give me a much better rate of interest. So you see, it is only a business matter, you’d not be obliged to me in any way. It is you who would be doing…

me at myself: you’re thinking of re-watching Detective Conan? aGAIN?

me: well yeah, it’s been 2-3 years since i last rewatched it and i forgot nearly everything from the later episodes-

me at myself: it’s almost 900 fucking episodes you nitwit

me: well i won’t watch EVERYTHING like last time just the relevant parts-

me at myself: remember that summer when you watched 630 episodes? when you watched 10-13 episodes a day? when you felt like physically and emotionally dying because you couldn’t sit or lay down for so long? when your back and bones hurt and it also probably caused your eye prescription to worsen? when your eyes burned so much from looking at the screen you would just randomly shed tears at times? when you shut yourself in for some two months and just wasted away in front of your laptop? remember those fun times?

me: …i said i’m gonna watch only the more relevant parts

me at myself: that’s… probably some 300 episodes, plus the 200 new ones you still haven’t watched

me: …i’ll try to wait until next year when RL is more forgiving?

me at myself: *taking a strong sip from a grape juice box* what a time to be alive

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I know it's not camren related at all but can you tell me if you've watched the L Word? if yes PLEASE tell me your favourite couple ^_^

I’ve watched the whole series 9 times in total, probably gonna rewatch it soon, and I am Sharmen trash.


swanfire appreciation week // day 1: moment you fell in love with them

“go, we got lucky.” “…we?”