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Gonna reblog this again in the morning, but if I made a Discord group for art/writing, would anyone be interested in joining? Please like/comment if yes, I’m trying to see if it’s even a good idea ^^;;

>>discord is a program like skype that comes with voicechat and multiple rooms and all you need is an email and a password, it’s a lot faster and is more open though!! 

Signore e signori: The panel from The Legend of Korra/Avatar panel at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on November 19th, 2016.

It was a charitable event done to benefit the Cartoon Art Museum, Friends for Benefits, and The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

The panel was moderated by Andrew Farago, and the panelists were Janet Varney, Dante Basco, Mindy Sterling, John Michael Higgins and Dan Parsons (who illustrated Avatar: The Last Airbender Legacy Edition). (And I should add, Mindy was absolutely hilarious and stole the show here).

Here’s a little something you can listen to get your mind off of how depressing the past few days have been (though they did touch upon the election here, if only in a peripheral manner. Thankfully, it was left to a lot of lighthearted jokes and didn’t go any deeper).


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I got my webkinz golden retriever and I couldn’t b happier :“)


I know it’s really late and I’m definitely gonna give this a reblog tomorrow for the morning crew but here’s my video in response to that rather disparaging video JAC OneManBand uploaded yesterday. This is the first time I’ve done facecam for the channel since adding graphics to a 30-minute video would’ve been absolute hell, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway. And I know this is a bit different from my usual style of commentary, but this issue was a bit more personal and I felt the need to let a little more personality shine through. Again, I hope y’all enjoy it despite the differences.

And as usual, it really helps if you could reblog this, share it, leave a like or comment on the video, or subscribe to my channel. I put a lot of work into my videos and every reblog is greatly appreciated so I can spread my content to more and more people. Especially when it’s something like this where I’m trying to defend a community that I care about.

Thank you!

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29, 40, 50 (if ur still doing them) :)

i’m gonna be honest i reblogged this then completely forgot and went on a hike. so i reblogged it again and i’ll answer any i get. :)
29:What is a strange talent that you have? i don’t really have any that i think are strange? 40:What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? i woke up at 5 for work so it was probably something like “oh god no”50:5 random facts about yourself: i went to four different elementary schools. i hated dogs until i was 18. i love love love baking. i used to work as a landscaper and a stage technician. i’ve been to 22 us states.

Happy 38th birthday, Rhett!

The best thing about being tall is that people look up to you. We love that you can make us all laugh day in and day out, no matter what. We look forward to an eternity of your smiles and facial hair configurations. 

McDonald’s should sell the McRib today just for you. 

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Hi! I was just wondering when you're gonna change the mobile theme to the old one again? It's hard to read and I preferd the old theme. I love this blog and i'd hate to stop coming here (i only read phanfics on mobile) just bc of this. Have a great day/morning/eavning/night! <3

Hello everyone! I’m just going to make this an all encompassing reply, and reblog it a few times throughout the day to make sure everyone can see it. 

The Phanfiction Catalogue Team is currently working on/thinking about a re-vamp of both our mobile and desktop themes. As such, we are well aware that changes we are making, or will make, may disrupt people’s experiences using our blog. Unfortunately, the only alternative would be to close down the blog and make it unavailable while changes are being made, which would be impossible for many reasons, including the fact that we have no idea how long this revamp is going to take, nor would we be able to test our changes without the blog being online.

Once again, the Phanfiction Catalogue Team is very sorry for any and all disruptions you may currently be facing. Please bear with us while we try things out and chip away at this one day at a time. 

- The Phanfiction Catalogue Team

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For the ask thing, Morning. :-)

This is an old prompt. I apologize that it’s so late and it might not be up to par with my normal stuff, but it’s fluffy and sweet <3

Mornings when he woke up before her were always his favorite. She was at her most vulnerable during that time as her chest rose and fell, and her small snores filled the quiet room. The sheets were tangled within her legs, the blanket draped across her waist which he raised to cover her as she shivered. Serene sounds from outside their apartment sang up to them; the sounds of the people outside a soothing song to him as he watched his girlfriend sleep. Her hair was splayed on the pillow like a golden halo, her face towards him, and a smile broke across his face. It was a perfect image for her: an angel.

When he was younger, he had refused to call her by the nickname because didn’t seem fitting for her. Her actions were the farthest from being that of an angel — it was always more like a devil — but as he grew older, he found the word was perfect. She wasn’t an angel in the simplest meaning of the word in that her actions weren’t sweet and innocent. No, she was an angel in another sense of the word, a deeper meaning. She was an angel who saved him from madness, showed him what it was like to be loved, and was there for him when no one else was. Maka Albarn was his own person angel who was a gift that he cherished and loved, and he didn’t see it as anything else.

Leaning over, he gently kissed her forehead, his lips barely brushing her skin when she stirred a little in bed. He watched as she stretched out her back and moaned. Her eyes fluttered open, dark green scanning the world around her until they fell upon their target, and she smiled.

“‘morning.” Her voice was harsh with sleep still and he returned her grin.


“Did you sleep well?”


She glanced at the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand beside her. “What are you doing up so early?”

“Not sure,” he shrugged. “Just woke up early, I guess.”

Maka flipped over on her stomach and hugged the pillow to her, the smile still present on her face. “Good. That means I get to stay in bed with you a little longer.”

“I guess so.”

He scooted closer to her, draping his arm around her waist and burying his face in the crook of her neck. The heat of her skin was welcoming, and her heartbeat was soothing as he laid against her. This was why he liked waking up before her. Because he had the chance to admire the beauty that was his girlfriend, and enjoy the comfort of snuggling up to her. It was the perfect to morning, beginning, to a hellish week of death scythe duty and teaching on her part. It was the type of mornings he embedded in his memories and thought of when he wanted to quit, the ones that helped him through so much.

She helped him through so much, and he didn’t want to miss a single moment with her.

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First off, can I say how much I love droplets. Honestly, fantastic job! It's so great! :) Now, I'm starting my first multi chapter fanfiction, so can I please ask how you made droplets known? Did you advertise it, or did it just pick up by itself?

this is an interesting question, and i have a couple thoughts on it, so i’m just gonna jump straight in

at the end of the day, what makes a piece of work known is fundamentally down to the author’s hard work. personally, i’ve been writing for around 8 years now, and i’ve published a lot of fic, and in doing so, i’ve learned a lot about myself, my own skill, and what works/doesn’t work within the community. i’ve also managed to find myself and my voice as a writer, and i think i’m able to call my style my own.

some people get lucky. their first piece of work will take off, and that’s good for them. i have no beef with that. but generally, it’s gonna take months, years probably, of experience and learning and hard graft at your trade to get to the stage where something will be able to achieve this much sought after popularity. principally, that’s down to the fact that you will be presenting a much improved skill set to your audience, and readers will gravitate towards authors who know what they’re doing. 

i can’t stress enough how important /hard work/ is for getting “known”, though i must also stress that it shou;dn’t matter about popularity. every comment has the same value to me as any other comments or any quantity of comment, and the thought that just one person has read my stuff and enjoyed it is enough to keep me going. remember that writing should never be just a quest for infamy. i think it’s ok if seeking a popularity base is part of it - because hey, what writer doesn’t dream of touching and moving a lot of people - but remember: writing needs to be about you, first and foremost. about finding your voice, about exploring themes important to you, about growth and development, and about spreading a message. i think if you embrace all those things, you will begin to gain fan base without even trying.

however. i also believe that their are tactics for getting a larger readerbase, and i’ve thought a lot about them, and knowingly utilised them as well. as i said above, i think this is perfectly ok, as long as your principal reasons for writing isn’t searching for popularity. 

i was lucky with droplets, because whilst i hit a few of my checklist at first, i received a sudden burst of readers when hdotk drew some fic art for me and published it on tumblr. but here’s an important message: never EVER go pressuring artists or big fandom names to read your fic. it’s incredibly rude, and it’s using them for their own hard earned popularity, which is not cool.

what is cool is them chosing to read your work because they enjoy it. that’s down to your own merit, which is something to be proud of.

but as for advertising yourself, i think that’s important. i still stick to the same advertising technique for droplets as when i first started. i make a post in the tumblr tag with a bold, clear headline stating the new chapter, and then a quick teasing summary of the chapter content, followed by a general summary of my fic. i make sure to tag the post broadly to reach a wide user base. i also promote on my twitter.

what i /don’t/ do, and notice a lot of people fall foul of, is post anything along the lines of a post that says: “hey please read my fic [link]”, with no further explanation bar the demand for viewership. from a reader’s point of view, i’m put off by informal advertising. i’m also put off by passive aggressiveness, which i see a lot in tumblr tags. a lack of good presentation also doesn’t exactly get me clicking.

but back to my methods. from the first post, i usually leave it a few hours to let it pick up steam. i reblog it a few hours later, to pick up the folks from later timezones. i then tend to reblog it again the following morning, and then the following evening. this usually manages to grab everyone, and at the moment i’m getting around 300 notes per chapter on tumblr alone, which is decent, but prinicpally i’d imagine, down to good advertising, but not being too in your face about it. i also keep a tweet pinned to my twitter for a few days.

now, starting off a fic isn’t exactly going to work the same way. you’re not gonna pick up readership just by doing that, and it’s worth remembering that this stuff is very much slow build, and knowledge of your fic will spread like ripples as it’s passed via word of mouth. things start off small, and it’s important to appreciate every single one of the people who support you. 

make sure to interact with the people who support you. talk to them, reply to their comments, reblog their art should they choose to do any, and encourage them to share your work. i think polite suggestion works wonders. i usually end most of my chapters with the gentle reminder for people to comments on the fic, or to message me on tumblr, or to drop appropriate material in the fic tag. this works wonders, believe me. as far as i’m aware, droplets is the /most/ commented jm fanfic on ao3 of all time, and i don’t see anything in it’s content that should give it that title above anyone else. but what i do do is get involved with my readerbase and prompt them to get involved with me. super duper important.

some other important tips for starting out with a fic which you hope to pick up readers with:

- the title has to be good, or at least snappy, or memorable. i personally tend to read fic that involve titles with strong nouns. they pop out more to me. vague titles i tend to just brush over - especially titles that don’t involve solid nouns, and more involve excess verbs or superlatives or things that aren’t solid feeling. however, this is personal, and it’s not an overarching rule. one of my FAVE fics of all time is “as much as i ever could”, which falls foul of my usual preference based on titles in every way, yet i fucking love this fic, and so does the rest of the fandom. so, there can be exceptions. just make that title memorable. a good anagram is worth thinking about.

- it’s gotta be presented neatly and cleaning and precisely, to the best of your abilities. correct spelling, impeccable grammar, no changes in tenses, no super bulky paragraphs. read your words alloud to lsiten to their flow. make it pleasing to read. make it /easy/ to read. people will gravitate towards a smartly written piece of work.

- check out what’s missing from the fandom, and fill a gap in the market! this is what i did with droplets. there are a lot of jm fics set in high school or in university - and whilst i do adore most of them - i didn’t want to copy the trend in the same manner. i decided to pick a different route, and choose a base trope that hasn’t been done before, and expand on it with familiar ideas and relatable emotions. but difference is key. be original, and people will read it. that’s how any idea works in any walk of life.

- make those summaries interesting. set the scene, but don’t give too much away. use an interesting premise that has them already asking questions before they click the link

- additionally, make use of literary techniques to hook in readers. use cliffhangers, but not all the time. use symbolism and leave things said between the lines for people to analyse. drop hints for future main events. leave a trail, and get people invested in the story from the get go, even if you’re still expositioning for the first few chapters. 

- good characterisation will get you miles. get those character trope pages up for reference !!!

that’s all i can think of at the moment, but at the end of the day, tl;dr

my top two tips:

- work your butt off. it might take years. it doesn’t matter. write hard for yourself. discover yourself. discover your style. people around you will happen if you can achieve that

- embrace your readership when it comes. get involved with them. stay chill and down to earth. never let it get to your head.

peace out !!!