gonna rage quit


“Watch at your own risk.”  [1]                                                                      Achievement Hunter // Game Play Poster Series

Can you imagine the sheer volume of shenanigans and trouble that would ensue of Roy came back and teamed up with Rene? They would probably fight with each other a lot and then tease, prank and just annoy the shit out of the rest of the team.

Felicity’s eyes would probably get tired from all the eyerolling she’s gonna do, Oliver’s hair would fall out b/c he’ll be pulling at it all the time, and John’s hands will start hurting b/c of all the damn smacks on the head he’ll have to administer. Thea could possibly develop respiratory problems because too much laughter and not enough air

Curtis and Rory would avoid the bunker like the plague because no way in hell are they getting caught up in this shitstorm or whatever trouble’s gonna happen.

Quentin would probably rage quit the team.

And dear sweet Dinah will simply approach the two dumbasses and tell them calmly that they’re gonna be put each on a cell until Rene and Roy calm the fuck down and that if they think of resisting “arrest” she will scream at close range.

Roy’s about to challenge her but then Rene stops him, b/c he’s seen Dinah when she’s mad and #nope.