gonna publish this now while no one's awake hee hee

Dean finishes flipping through the Bible he found in the side table drawer and tosses it aside just as Castiel finishes getting ready for bed.

“You were around when that thing was being written, weren’t you?” he asks. “Did you know any of the guys who wrote it?”

“No, though I knew Jesus Christ, a little,” Castiel says absently, sliding into bed beside Dean and pulling the comforter over his legs.

Dean quirks an eyebrow. “You knew Jesus? Wow, Cas, way to keep that one to yourself for years.”

“I didn’t think you’d have any interest in hearing about him,” Castiel says. “You rarely want to know about what I did before I met you.”

“Yeah, well,” Dean grumbles. “That’s ‘cause most of it’s boring. But being part of the big guy’s entourage, that must’ve been kind of cool.”

“I watched over him mainly while he was traveling, so not really,” Castiel says. He steals a glance at Dean and then says, casually, “You remind me of him, sometimes.”

“I remind you of Jesus?”

“Only when you’re not annoying me,” Castiel smiles one of his very small, quiet teasing smiles.

Dean smirks back. “Oh, did you have a thing for Jesus, too?”

Castiel rolls his eyes but smiles secretively enough to make Dean pin him down and kiss him, which leads to other things and pretty soon they’ve both forgotten what they were talking about in the first place.

It’s only later, when they’re lying wrapped in each other, doing that very-manly-cuddling Dean refuses to admit he loves but secretly craves all day long, that Castiel says, very quietly, “He loved the same way you do.”

Dean looks up from the lines of Castiel’s hands, which he’d been studying.

“What do you mean?”

“He was a traveler. He saved people. And he loved the world enough to die for it,” Castiel leans in to nose against Dean’s cheek. “He had flaws and he made mistakes, but he loved so deeply, it was a miracle in itself to witness.”

There’s a moment where Dean can’t do anything but look at Castiel, at this incredible being who hung around with Jesus freakin’ Christ and still looks at Dean like he put the moon in the sky.

“But… I’m still your favorite, right?” Dean finally asks, grinning.

Castiel shakes his head fondly, but places his hand on Dean’s face. Dean leans into the touch.

“Yes, Dean,” Castiel says softly. “You’re my favorite.”