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That guy.

That guy.
Sebastian Stan /OFC (Camila)

Sebastian’s girlfriend made an impromptu visit while he was away filming the bronze right after the sex scene ™, he obviously had the tattoo (Which he haven’t mentioned about) and she couldn’t stop laughing at his junk. Hilarity assured

Warnings: Sebastian’s junk, a lot of gimme that gold references and some kissing, light smut. Fluuuuuuff-ish


“Hey, you come here often?,” Camila said leaning on the wall besides the table where her boyfriend was eating. Sebastian looked up and a smile spread wide in his face as he grabbed her by the waist and pull her on his lap and kissed her softly.

“I didn’t know you were coming,” He said as he place little kisses in her cheeks, she laugh and plant one final kiss and get up before people in the restaurant started staring. She smiled as she flagged the waitress.

“Neither did I, I missed you so I came.” She shrugged and Sebastian laugh grabbing her hand and moved his chair closer to hers.

“I’m glad you came, even though, babe” He said and kissed the back if her hand. “I just started my two weeks break, I was going to surprise you.” He said with a smug smile and Camila stared at him and then shrugged with a smile.

“I would had still come, like I say I missed my little cute dork.” Camila said leaning over and pucker him quickly in the lips and Sebastian smiled pulling her for another kiss. The waitress interrupted and Camila ordered a pizza, because she was sure Sebastian was going to eat with her after she noticed the chicken breast with a salad that he had been eaten for fucking ever all the fucking time.

He needed his pizza and she knew that.

“God, I love you.” He mumble while taking a slice to his mouth and she smiled while chewing.

“Are you talking to me or the pizza?”

“Both.” He smiled with his mouth full, his cheeks were full of food and he looked so darn adorable that she had to sigh like a schoolgirl.

“God, I love you too.”


As soon as the door clicked behind, they were on each other tearing down clothes outta the way and trying to get to the near cushion surface.

Sebastian pulled her shirt off and he lay her down on the couch and lean on to kiss her collarbone while she bury her fingers into his hair making a mess of it.

“I missed your hair.” She mumble and he hummed against her skin and placed wet kisses down her breastbone. Sebastian had his hands spread under her breast and slide down her ribcage until they reached her back and unclasped her black lacy bra and take it off and throw it out behind his head.

“And I missed your tits, fuck.” He groaned and he squeeze them together and bury his face between them and kiss, lick and nip them making her let out a soft moan as she bite her bottom lip; that encouraged him even more and he gently nip at her nipples and then suck her hard.

“Fuck-take it off.” She urged him pulling the collar of his shirt and he do as she told, totally forgetting about the tattoo. She noticed—of course she noticed. The blue and red lines of a ribbon under his belly button catched her eyes as he kept ravishing her tits, she tilted her head and when he tried to move up and kiss her, she noted how the lines went under his pants. “What the fuck is that?” She asked dogging his lips and Sebastian looked down and groan putting his forehead against her chest.

“It’s for the movie, the-the sex scene.” He mumble catching his breath.

“You already filmed that?”

“We finished it this morning.” He answer and felt her hands on his shoulders pushing him off to see it better, Sebastian sat on his heels and Camila looked it better and bite her lip fighting the urge to burst laughing at the stupidest tattoo that she had ever fucking see, she put a hand on her mouth and Sebastian groan again looking down.

“Baby, you got a blue and red ribbon of a medal tattooed on your dick.” She said with a small voice barely holding it together, feeling the building of a laugh in her stomach. She looked at it again and this time Camila snorted and that quickly escalated to a full body laugh as she laid down back in the couch.

“Camilaaaaa!” Seb whined as he faked cry with a smile on his lips letting himself fall on top of her. “I know it’s fucking awful.”

“Oh my God,” She breathed out putting her hands on his hair again and tried to kiss the top of his head as an apology but she couldn’t stop laughing. “Show me!”.

“No way,” He mumbled against her skin and shake his head.

“Sebbie baby, show me. I want to see, hell I want to pose with it and take a picture.” She said laughing even more and pull her cellphone of her back pocket and Sebastian took it of her hands.

“Nope.” He said shoving her cellphone in his front pocket with a pout and lay his head back to her chest looking away from her.

“Don’t pout at me.” She smiled struggling with a few giggles still.

“You ruin the moment.”

“I don’t have a gold medal around my pussy.” She snap back with a smile and he groaned.

“Now I’m that fucking guy, the one that had a tattoo around his dick like a douchebag.”

“You’re not a douchebag”

“How I’m gonna get to the steam room on the gym?” He asked looking up and keep the pout going while he locked eyes with her girlfriend. “You don’t want to even had sex with me.”

“Babyyyyy,” She said and hold a laugh. “I want to have sex with you, when the thing is gone tho.”

“Are you serious?”

“Baby, it’s fucking funny. You know if I laugh I can’t stop,” She said already smiling and out of the blue she remembered that line that Mackie was shouting when they were in the press tour. “Gimme that gold.”

“How do you know that?”

“I can’t believe you tell Mackie about the gold now I understand.” She poked him in the forehead with her finger.

“Mackie didn’t sleep with me.”

“You knew this will happen.”

“Of course. I just forget about it when I saw you ‘cause I missed my girl.” He smiled biting his lips and captured her mouth his his.

“Give me that gold, seriously?” She pushed him off and started laughing again, Sebastian looked at her and couldn’t fight the smile forming in his lips.

“It’s silly, but it’s funny. You’ll love it.” He said pressing a kiss in her neck.

“I need to take a selfie with it.” She said and Bed sigh. “This had to go in Instagram.”

“No Instagram.”

“Yes Instagram. You still own me when you fill your Instagram with my burnt pizza and the time you posted the ugliest-”

“I love that photo.”

“photo that someone had taken of me.”

“You’re beautiful on it.”

“I’m sleeping with my mouth open hugging a pillow with photo of your face stapled on it.”

“The staple was in my forehead. I love it.” He smiled and she groaned. “I’m never taking that down.”

“I want my selfie.” She demanded and Sebastian agreed as he stand up and she grabbed his shirt and put it on. She started laughing when she saw it up close and tug his pants to see how far it goes and noticed something missing. “Where’s your hair?”

“The transfer doesn’t stick in hair.” He explained pushing his hair back, she chuckle and grabbed her cellphone out of his pocket and saw her struggling to take a picture because it just looked bad for whatever angle she tried to take it.

“This look kind of sexual.”

“It’s in my dick, of course it’s looks sexual.” Sebastian said and she laugh, again and kept looking at it and he grabbed her cell phone and snap a picture of her laughing.

“Okay, right. I got this… ” She laugh one more time and grab her boyfriend by the waist and pull her besides her, she make pointed a finger at the tattoo and snap the picture.

As she do her thing on Instagram, Sebastian sat down the couch and she snuggle right besides him, he looked at her with heart eyes.

“You’re one of the reasons I took this gig.” He said out of the blue, the smile still plastered in his face.

“You’re doing this for me?” She asked, amazed as he nod.

“The script was so bad that it got incredibly good and couldn’t stop imagining you laughing at it.” He said and she put a hand in her heart and frown a little with her lips pucker up.


“Really.” He answer and Camila grabbed his face and kiss him, slowly.

“Sebastian,” She Whispered against his lips.


“Why don’t you gimme that gold?” She asked with a smile and wiggle her eyebrows making him let out a laugh and kissed her and while pushing her against the cushion of the couch he muttered.

“Fuck yes, I’ll give you this gold.”

Late Night Blogging

I hasn’t done the thing in a while and ahhhlec wanted this a long time ago in a galaxy far far away sooo yeah. sorry.



It was 2:13 in the morning and Jack sat on his bed, knees propped up with his laptop inches away from his face. What could he possibly be doing at this time of night you might ask? Simple; what every other teenager who has nothing better to do with their time and refuses to sleep does.


You can blame his sister for introducing him to the rollercoaster of a site. Until four and a half months ago, he had no clue that Tumblr even existed. Crazy right? She pretty much flipped the fuck out and wouldn’t shut up until he agreed to create an account.

It’s pretty obvious that when you join Tumblr, you start out with zero followers, and you gain them over time. Not Jack though. Oh no, not him. Four and a half months and not a single follower for his efforts. But its nothing new honestly. No one ever really notices him.

Why did I ever let Emma talk me into signing up for this?

He sighed again as he clicked the refresh button. Why was he still up? He should be sleeping right now, getting his much needed rest and ignoring the fact that he had NO followers. But then again fall break was coming up, so he could sleep then. When the page finished loading, his breath caught in his throat and his heart stopped. Perhaps the snow haired boy spoke too soon.

the-horrendous-haddockIII is now following guard1an-jack-frost

He blinked unbelievingly at the glowing screen before him. Did he see that correctly? Maybe he was just tired. Yeah, that had to be it. Jack rubbed his eyes and stared hard towards the screen which seemed to have gotten several inches closer to his face.

the-horrendous-haddockIII is now following guard1an-jack-frost

Okay so maybe he wasn’t dreaming. A grin slowly spread across his face until he smiling like an idiot and leaned back against the pile of pillow supporting him. Placing the quietly humming laptop down, he rolled around on his bed in sheer happiness with his hands covering his face. Jack was absolutely thrilled and couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off his face. A single thought was running through his mind right now.

I have a follower. I have a follower! I finally have a follower!

This was the happiest day, er, night/morning of his life. After several minutes or rolling around like a dork, he sat back up and reached for the laptop. Now that Jack had a follower, it was time to interact with them. Not really though, he was just gonna reblog one of those ask questionnaires and hope his new follower would send an ask.

Hey, he was hopeful and excited, give him some credit. And no, it wasn’t too soon to bother this person.

Biting his lip, he moved the mouse icon so it hovered over the reblog button of a questionnaire he saw earlier. It was a simple “drop an ask to get to know me”, nothing too serious.

Jack just stared at the screen, a queasy feeling enveloping him. Saying that he was nervous would have been an understatement. The boy was downright afraid. He didn’t want to do anything that would cause him to lose his new follower. All his celebrating would be for nothing then. Granted, his celebrating was just him rolling around on his bed for five minutes.

Maybe I shouldn’t do this. I mean, they JUST followed me. But what if they answer it if I do? Darn it Jack, why do you freak out about every little thing?

Taking a deep breath, he clenched his eyes shut and clicked.

I probably just screwed up. Watch this person unfollow me right now. I hate Emma so much.

After several tense moments, he reopened his eyes and swallowed hard. Honestly, Jack didn’t know what to expect. He was afraid he would scare this person off, and that wouldn’t do so well for his self esteem. He already didn’t exist to many at school, so yeah, he was afraid because someone finally wants to have something to do with him. Sounds silly, or at least that’s what his sister would say.

But nothing happened. The only new thing on his dash was the reblog. He still had his follower. Yay.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he ran a hand through the messy white mop of hair on his head and bit his lip again. The last time he had been like this was when he was buying *ahem* for his sister, and he saw this HOT skinny auburn with freckles ranting to a blond chick while using his hands dramatically to emphasize his point. The guy didn’t notice him obviously, but that wasn’t anything new and Jack had felt his insides burn when he strolled past the couple towards the registers and the guy’s elbow brushed his arm.

That was three months ago, yet he still became flustered whenever the thought of the guy crossed his mind.

Oh well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. At least now he had someone, even if it wasn’t the guy he saw at the store.

Jack clicked the refresh button for what had to have been the millionth time that night, and nearly had a died when he noticed he had a message. A message. It may seem like nothing, but that was the first message Jack ever received.

the-horrendous-haddockIII asked: can you post a selfie so I can get to know you?

Jack smiled, happy to oblige, switching on his light and grabbing his phone. He wasn’t sure what kind of selfie he should post, so he took several, each with him in a different pose, and settled for one that made him look like a dork.

Jack’s mind was in overdrive right now. He wanted everything to be perfect. Usually the boy could care less about what he posted and tagged, but he wanted to impress this guy. Y'know, show them he wasn’t as lame as he really was.

Emma teased him about that almost nonstop.

Once the pic was uploaded and everything was good, his tiredness finally caught up with him. It was like that time when Pitch threw that dodge ball at Sandy, and it wound up hitting Jack in the face. The only difference between then and now was blood wasn’t gushing from his nose right now.

He shut the laptop and placed it on the table before turning off his phone and plugging it into the wall near his bed. Crawling under the covers, the snowflake yawned as he finally passed out from exhaustion. Staying awake for nineteen hours straight was not something he could accomplish. Unlike Emma, who could stay up for more than 27 hours on just one cup of chocolate milk and four hours of sleep.

Yeah, he couldn’t figure that one out either.

Had he stayed on tumblr just two minutes longer, he would have seen that his new follower reblogged his selfie with plenty of tags saying how hot he was. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

“Jack wake up you lazy bum, its 10:24.” rang a voice, startling the sleeping boy awake.

“Huh? What?” cried Jack as he flailed like an idiot, trying to free himself from the blanket that had somehow mysteriously wrapped itself around him. “Grr, Emma get out of my room, I wanna sleep!” he yelled, throwing a pillow at the brown haired girl who was giggling madly by the door. She quickly ducked and made a sour expression before throwing it back and nailing him in the head.

Jack lay back on his bed as she left and sighed. There was no way he was gonna go back to sleep now. He really hated when she woke him up. He really did.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he froze, suddenly remembering the events from earlier that morning, which was about 8 hours ago. The blue eyed boy scrambled for his phone, nearly falling off the bed in the process. He rapidly unlocked the device, not realizing he didn’t power it down like usual, and was somewhat surprised to see the little tumblr “t” in his notification bar. Interesting, he thought.

Jack swiped down and was shocked at what he saw.

1257 new notes

The boy’s heart began to pound in his chest as he continued to stare at the notification. The grin from earlier was slowly inching across his face again as he opened tumblr and tapped the activity tab.

derpfire is following guard1an-jack-frost

fangirltothefullest is following guard1an-jack-frost

shibeme is following guard1an-jack-frost

laryndawn is following guard1an-jack-frost

twinskeletons is following guard1an-jack-frost

frosty-haddock is following guard1an-jack-frost

jibblyuniverse is following guard1an-jack-frost

livori is following guard1an-jack-frost

guardianoffrost is following guard1an-jack-frost

orbmanson7 is following guard1an-jack-frost

kit-replica is following guard1an-jack-frost

There were too many new followers to count. Jack was blown away to say the least. Grabbing his laptop, he powered it on and opened Tumblr, intending to see how many new followers he gained while asleep. The blue eyed boy expected something around a hundred. How wrong was he.


If you’ve ever had that moment where you try to swallow and end up choking, Jack was currently experiencing that. He was choking more so on the surprise rather than his saliva, but it didn’t seem that way.

Knowing Jack, there were two things he was going to do immediately. First was to check out some of the blogs following him and some of the messages he was sure to have gotten, and second, rub his new follower count in Emma’s face.

Boy was she gonna be jealous.