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I Hope That’s A Yes

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requestedhi, if you’re still taking requests i was wondering if you’d write a peter parker x reader imagine about him taking her to another homecoming or a prom, like maybe how he asks her and the dance itself? maybe he’s her first kiss?

send your requests here! 

word count: 1880

pairing: peter parker x reader 

warnings: some mean names, some bad words. 

a/n: so i tweaked it just a LIL bit, hopefully it still works out!! this was so fun to write because its not the usual personality i give Y/N, compared to my other fics. im also sorry to the anon who requested it, i know its been awhile!! but here you darlings go! 

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“If I have to see one more person put on a giant performance just to ask someone to homecoming–” you complained as you and your friends watched Flash ask some poor girl in an extremely over-the-top manner, “–I’m gonna puke.”

“I think it’s romantic,” Ned said, pulling apart a banana. “In a weird, disgusting way.”

You rolled your eyes, turning your focus back to your homework that was due next class. “It’s obnoxious, especially for someone like him.”

Peter laughed into his sandwich. “I don’t know what you expected, [Y/N], the guy’s name is Flash.”


As if he could hear you, your greasy classmate swaggered over with his arm draped over his new date’s shoulders. “You nerds better start getting to asking someone to the dance,” Flash drawled, ruffling Peter’s hair with entirely too much force. “Especially you, Penis Parker. You don’t wanna show up alone, do you?” With a malicious laugh, he steered himself and the girl he was with away.

“God, what a tool,” you muttered. “Seriously, Parker–you need to just pop him one time, right in his smug mouth.”

Peter chuckled, fixing his hair. “He’s not worth it.”

Shrugging, you fixated your glare onto Flash as he was leaving the cafeteria, feeling your hands curl into fists. If Peter won’t stand up to him, you definitely would take that opportunity for him.

“Hey, Flash!” you called, your voice echoing across the room. He turned around, his lip curled in a cruel grin.

“[Y/N], don’t,” Peter hissed.

You shushed him. “I know what I’m doing.” You stood up, palms flat on the table. Both of your friends were looking up at you, terrified of what you would say or do. “Peter already has a date, so quit sticking your prick in his business.”

That was enough to get Flash back to your table. He placed his hands roughly on Peter’s shoulders, and leaned down. “Penis Parker got a date?” He guffawed, loudly. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“That lucky guy,” you said through clenched teeth, feeling your fists twitching–begging to just land one good punch in Flash’s face, “happens to be me. So get your slimy hands off of him–unless you wanna give me a run for my money.”

Flash immediately took his hands off of Peter, and took a large step back. “He–you–he asked you?”

Peter was staring up at you in astonishment, and also confusion.

“Is that a problem?” you asked, warning in your voice.

“It’s–it’s not really my business,” he muttered, before turning away and leaving the cafeteria.

You sat down again, satisfied, flipping the page of your homework. Ned cleared his throat loudly, causing you to raise your eyes to him, who stared at you with huge eyes.

“What the hell was that?” Ned exclaimed, looking between you and Peter, who was still staring at you with his mouth slightly open.

“Look, he can’t keep treating you like this,” you said, crossing your arms. “I’m tired of seeing you get treated like this–you don’t deserve it.” After a moment passed, they still didn’t change their expressions. You slammed your notebook closed. “I’ll see you guys in P.E, alright?”

“C’mon, Peter. Just do like, one more,” you coaxed. “Coach Wilson isn’t anywhere near us.”

Peter groaned and did another sit-up. “[Y/N], about earlier today–”

“Don’t mention it.”

“No–I….well, first of all, thanks for sticking up for me,” he said. “But….were you serious? About–about going as m-my date?”

You didn’t say anything at first. “Do you want to go?”

Peter sat up all the way to look at you. “Kind of,” he replied sheepishly.

“Okay,” you shrugged. “But you have to ask me.”

“But you just asked me!”

“Did I?”

Peter stuttered out some words, a blush rising in his cheeks. You patted his knee, and moved to take his place to do your share of sit ups. As you moved, Peter rolled to his feet and stood up.

“I have a question to ask you,” he spoke loudly, his voice echoing through the gym, everyone stopping and staring at him. Your eyes widened and you shook your head vehemently at him, but Peter ignored you.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” you hissed at him, blushing furiously.

He moved and stood on the first step of the bleachers. “I only asked you in private,” he went on in the same clearly audible voice, “but [Y/N], will you do me the absolute honor of being my date to homecoming?”

Peter’s words hung in the silence, until you realized everyone was waiting for your answer. Looking around, you returned your glare to him and spoke through your teeth, “Yes.”

He returned to sitting beside you on the mat. “There. Was that good enough?”

“Peter Parker,” you growled, trying to keep your thoughts in order and your head on straight. “You–you–”

“I hope that’s a yes.”

“Sweetheart, there’s someone at the door for you!” your mother called down the hall. “I think it’s Peter–are you two going to the dance together?”

You fiddled with the neckline of your dress, staring at yourself in the mirror. You couldn’t believe that you wanted to actually look good for Peter–but ever since he embarrassed you in the gym last week, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. At first, you tried your hardest to push the rising feelings far, far away, but they kept resurfacing every time he looked at you, laughed, every time he ate a damn grape. Was he always this attractive? And smart, and funny?

“[Y/N]?” your mother called again. “Did you hear me?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a second,” you shouted back. You tugged at a lock of curled hair, and decided it would have to be good enough. You closed your bedroom door, stuffed your phone and some cash in your clutch, and entered your living room.

Peter stood there talking with your mother. He looked incredibly handsome in a freshly ironed suit, his hair combed to get the curl perfect, flashing his award-winning smile. You gulped, feeling your heart begin to race, and you almost turned around and went right back into the safety of your room.

Your mother noticed you first, who clapped her hands and exclaimed in joy. “You look so pretty, sweetheart.”

You met Peter’s gaze, who was staring at you in wonder. He held a small bouquet of daisies in his hand, with a corsage and pin in the other.

Wow,” he breathed, before shaking himself and stepping towards you while holding out the flower pin. “I–uh–bought this today. I think you’re supposed to pin this on my suit.”

“Wait, wait!” your mother cried, holding up her camera. “Smile, kids!”

You groaned, but obliged. After pinning the flower to his suit, Peter clasped the corsage to your wrist, his fingertips lingering for a moment that raised goosebumps on your skin.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered to you.

Looking to him, you made a mental note of how close his lips were to yours. You had never once thought of kissing him before, but now….

“Your tie is crooked,” you said bluntly, reaching up and fixing it, mentally kicking yourself. “Sorry–that was rude. You….you look really handsome, Parker.”

He smiled, and you both posed for the countless pictures your mother begged for, your heart racing and palms beginning to sweat at how he held your waist so tightly, the familiar scent of his cologne dabbed onto the hollow in his throat, and the way the butterflies in your stomach fluttered relentlessly whenever his brown eyes landed on you.

The music throughout the gym was booming, the bass shaking the entire building. The laser lights danced across the walls, ceiling, and the large mass of dancing students in the middle of the floor. Peter guided you over to the refreshment table, offering you a cup of punch.

“I don’t really know how to dance,” you shouted over the music, accepting the cup and taking a tentative sip.

“I don’t either,” he shouted back. You laughed, and bobbed your head along with the music. It was something that you probably wouldn’t listen to willingly, but you had it admit–it was catchy. Pretty soon you were tapping your feet and swaying side to side with the beat.

“We can both make fools of ourselves out there together,” you spoke in his ear, grabbing his arm and steering him towards the group of dancers. He protested, stammering about really not knowing how to dance, but pretty soon you were surrounded by dancing people. Peter started swaying awkwardly, but after a few more minutes of the catchy beat, you were both getting more and more comfortable and having a good time. With having Peter so close, the good music and flashing lights, you felt like you were floating on a cloud.

“Alright, we’re gonna have a little tune change–time to slow things down a bit,” the DJ drawled into the mic, fiddling with some flips and switches on his spin table. The pop song playing faded into a slow melody mixed with acoustic guitar and a smooth voice cooing about love. The large group of students began to disband, with a few select staying behind to sway romantically along with the song.

You looked to Peter, whose eyes were already on you. He held out his hand, and gestured to the song, pulling you close to him. As if by instinct, you wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands rested firmly on your waist.

“I’m having a lot of fun with you,” you said, relieved to not have to yell over the music.

Peter smiled shyly, resting his forehead against yours with a contented sigh. “Me too.”

Once again, you were very aware of how close his lips were to yours. You could just lean in, and….

“[Y/N]?” Peter murmured, breaking into your thoughts.


“Could I–” He cleared his throat nervously. “I mean, I’ve never–”

“Just kiss me, Parker,” you breathed, and he obliged. You were not expecting your first to be with Peter, and you wanted to accuse him of lying about never kissing a girl before because it seemed like he knew what he was doing. His lips were soft and sweet, and he tasted like the sweet punch you had earlier.

You pulled away, head spinning and butterflies flying around in your chest. He looked at you in confusion, his adorable lips still pursed.

“Is–is everything okay?” he asked uneasily.

You smiled and nodded. “Everything is….perfect. I just–I’m still processing all of this.”

He laughed. “Y-yeah–me too.” You both were silent for a moment, before he said, “So the kiss was–it wasn’t too bad, right?”

You playfully punched his arm, but followed it with a kiss to his cheek. “You did great, Parker. We’ll have to do it again sometime.”

The two of you spent the rest of the evening stealing kisses, dancing together, and then walking home holding hands, something that you had never thought would ever happen to you. You looked at Peter with fresh eyes now, and you couldn’t deny the growing feelings that now you knew were reciprocated–which held a certain kind of excitement for what the future held for the two of you.

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okay this is gonna be a scary imagine kinda 😂 Do a reaction of the gang playing and reacting to playing Charlie Charlie game or the Ouija Board. (Whichever you choose) Thanks fam!!!

BurLOVE THIS!!! gonna do ouija board, i’m more familiar with those ahahah

-It’s late at night
-Two-bit’s drunk
-Pony’s out of weed
-Steve is pissed at Soda because he keeps cheating during poker
-Legit fucking DARRY whips out an ouija board
-He bought it in high school as part of some teenage rebellion 
-Two-bit grins and turns out the light
-Ponyboy makes him turn them back on bc they forgot to light candles lmaoo
-Steve’s oddly quiet
-The gang is sorta like ‘…..’ but since it’s Darry’s idea, they all get in a circle
-Everyone places their hands on the planchet 
-Darry leads
-His voice is low and you can hear everyone’s breathing “Is there anyone here?”
-”Okay, who’s fucking around?”
-”Soda, quit movin it, I know it’s you!”
-”It ain’t Steve, I swear”
-”I’m too drunk for this”
-”Am I the only getting a little freaked out?”
-”Quiet, Pone”
-It lands on ‘Yes’.
-A nervous silence settles between the gang
-Darry places the planchet back in the middle
-”I’ve used these things before, they work, ya know?”
-”You’re fucking lying, Darry”
-”Watch you mouth, Pony. Okay…Is there something you want to tell us?”
-… ‘S’
-”Knock it off”
-”Hush, Pony!”
-”Wait, what’d that spell?”
-”Shit Two-bit, it spelled Stay, lordy you’re drunk”
-”Can it knuckleheads, it ain’t done!”
-The planchet quickly slides to ‘Goodbye’.
-Pony pales and backs away from the board
-”Stay gold…It wrote ‘Stay gold’”
-”Burn it, Darry. Just…Get rid of it”

Jealous| Cody Christian

Requested by @steph-oliveira :
“Hi honey 💖 Can you please do an imagine where the reader and Cody Christian are celebrating one year of dating and they are in a chic restaurant, then the waitress starts to “flirt” with him! After the date when they are going home he notices that something is wrong with her! Then she tells him that she didn’t like the looks that the waitress gave him… And he tells her he didn’t notice because he only has eyes for her… Very jealous and very fluff at the same time! Thank you very much 💕💕”

Hope you like it boo.
Feedbacks are always appreciated.
Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language.


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You looked at yourself in the mirror and brushed your hair with your fingers.


A faint knock at the door snapped you out of your thoughts.

“We have to go, and I’m sure you look beautiful, you always do.”

You smiled and opened the door.

“I don’t look good always,” you said walking past him to grab your heels.

Cody’s followed your every movement, admiring your beauty.

“You look stunning.”

You were wearing a long wine red dress, tied around your neck, that left your back uncovered.

You turned around and looked at him, lingering a little bit more on how good his arms looked in that white shirt.

“You don’t look bad,” you said biting your lip.

Cody chuckled and and grabbed your hand, guiding you downstairs. You grabbed your purse and your jacket and closed the door behind you two.

“Are you gonna tell me where you’re taking me?”

“No, it’s a surprise, I told you.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes. Cody stopped in front of his car and opened the door for you, helping you with your dress when he saw you struggling and then shut the door.

“Don’t worry you’re gonna like it.”

Thanks to Cody’s help you managed not to destroy your dress when you got out of the car.

Cody’s smile was shining more than never as he guided you inside the restaurant and then out. He stopped on a terrace, only a table in the centre of it. Everything was lit by the soft light of, at least, a hundred candles and you could see the whole city from there, every little sparkling light.

You gasped in awe, tearing up a little bit, and turned to Cody, wrapping your arms around him.

“This must be really expensive.”

“I’m not playing your game, I’m not gonna tell you. I don’t want you to try give me back the money.”

“At least I tried. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The evening was passing smoothly, except for a single little detail. Your waitress looked at Cody in a way that you didn’t like and was shamelessly flirting with him.

Jealousy has been bubbling up in you for the whole evening and even if it wasn’t Cody’s fault you began to answer him with sneaky remarks. Cody knew that something was wrong with you, he could see it even before your sneaky remarks, your eyes weren’t as sparkly as before.

You played with the food in your plate, moving around your fork.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve lost my appetite.”

Cody seemed truly worried for you.

“Do you want to go home?”

“Yes, please.”

Cody got up and grabbed his jacket.

“I’m gonna go pay the check.”

“Yeah wait for me at the car, I need a minute.”

Cody walked out of the terrace and you waited a little before getting up and grabbing your purse.

You walked out of the restaurant looking at the ground, lifting up your head only when that waitress passed near you to send her a death glare.

You got into the car and closed violently the door, Cody was already at the driver’s seat.

He started the car and started to drive to home. He sneaked little glances at you to see if you were looking at him.

He put a hand on your thigh, trying to strike it with his thumb and when you slapped away his hand he knew that you were seriously angry.

You slammed the door behind you, took off your jacket and threw your purse on the couch, trying to take off your heels too.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“The waitress was flirting with you, Cody. The waitress. And she was doing it in front of my face, like it was a normal thing. You know what’s wrong? I realized that you have million of girls frowning over you.”

“Y/N,” said Cody as he grabbed your hand gently, “ I don’t want the others, I want you. I love you.”

You looked at the ground, feeling a bit guilty, you knew that he loved you.

“You know why I brought you there? Because I wanted to do this,” he got down on one knee and opened a little box, a shiny beautiful ring in it,” Y/N Y/L/N, I love you, and I want to spend my entire life with you so please, would you marry me?”

You squared excited and jumped on him, wrapping your arms around his torso.

“Yes, yes, a million times yes.”


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How would the guys react to suddenly being kissed on the cheek by their crush?

Edd: Edd would get really red in the face, and probably shut down for a second. He wouldn’t be able to believe that his crush just actually kissed him, even if it was just on the cheek. He’d stay silent for a bit before giving them a quick peck on the nose in response. He wasn’t aiming for the nose, but you were already facing him and it just happened. He’d blush even darker after that.

Tom: Tom’s gonna try and play it off like the kiss wasn’t a big deal to him, but it totally would be. He’s gonna have a very light blush on his cheeks, but look closely and you’ll find it. He’d be unsure of whether or not to respond with a kiss, ( In cast his crush’s was meant in a more platonic way.) so he’d slip his arm around their waist and pull them closer to him, resting his head against theirs.

Tord: You just killed this boy. He doesn’t know what affection is. He doesn’t even have f e e l i n g s. His face is more red than when it was covered in blood at the end of The End. The nerd probably fell over when he got kissed, and just laid there trying to figure out how to react for a few minutes before he even moved. He’s too awkward to live. God, he’d probably gives finger guns and be like “That was cute. Why you gotta do that?” and everyone around gets to endure the embarrassment just radiating off of him.

Matt: Matt is definitely the more flirty and suave member of the group. He’d get a faint blush at the unexpected kiss, but he’d respond like a master. He’d probably say something stupid like “Oh! I think you missed!” or “You can do better than that!” before shooting them a wink and placing a quick kiss to the corner of their mouth, leaving his crush a bit shocked by his more forward actions.

hello!! i felt my shadings been super bland lately, so if i could maybe get a critique that would mean a lot 2 me!! thank u in advance (also be as harsh as u like its ok!)

Okay so I think I can see what you’re trying to do here, but there’s a lack of direction and some rules that need to be adhered to with this kind of colouring. So what I can see you’re trying to do is add colour as a secondary light source, and generally switching the hues when going to a lighter or darker colour, which is good. However, one of the things you need to do is make sure that it’s consistent. If this isn’t the case I apologise, however it might be worthwhile addressing it anyways. This is pretty long so under the cut we go my dudes.

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(For the playlist ask) playlist: midnight moon riutal

The crowd is still milling aimlessly, chattering and finding their seats, silk gloves and polished shoes rustling over the slightly soiled velvet rails.  The lights dim, dip.  They move faster, scurrying to find A15 and D9, or whether box 2 is the right or left side, and is that stage left or audience left?  The lights blink twice again, then go out, rather faster than anticipated.  Whispers dart across the theatre before burying themselves in the shadows of the footlights.

A trapdoor just in front of the curtain slams open. Slams hard enough to feel it in the fourth row.  The crowd is silent now, eyes locked on the golden square of light.  There is a long, lingering moment where nothing happens, the kind that stretches onward, ad infinitum, like waiting for the dentist to finish picking at that one particular spot on your gumline.

Cigar smoke belches out of the trapdoor, followed by the crown of a bowler hat.  This followed by the brim of the hat, followed by a face that never looked young but probably looked handsome for ten minutes in 1949.  The man waggles his eyebrows at the audience before putting the stub of his cigar out on the stage, then laborious hauls himself the rest of the way up through the trapdoor.  He is short, wrinkled, and filthy.  He pulls another cigar out from an undershirt that may have been white at some point.  He lights the cigar and kicks the trapdoor closed.

“So.  Here we all are.”  His voice is a belt sander going to town on the sistine chapel.  “You all look nice.  Really, really…nice.  You, yes, you ma’am, in the blue dress, in the second row.  You look lovely.  You really do.  I know your mom passed away last week, you’re doing a really good job of holding it together.  Its ok, take a load off, relax.  Have a good time tonight, ok?”

He scans the audience for a response.  You could hear a pin drop, or at least, you could hear the woman in the second row start to sniffle and hold her breath.

“Tough crowd.  Ok, ok.  Not every night this goes over well.  It plays better in Cleveland.”

He whistles a long, high note, and the curtain finally rises.

The stage is set like a classic fairground, the kind that gave Bradbury the willies, but all the lights are out.  In the center of the stage is a massive carousel, and its no prop.  There’s no telling how the crew managed to assemble it on the stage, but its the genuine article, with chipped paint and worn steps, and dead-eyed wooden animals of every stripe and spot.

How did the man get to the top of the carousel?  There must be a ladder around the back.  He pops open a breaker box built onto the roof of the carousel, and turns to give the audience one last piece of advice.

“I mean it, people, enjoy yourselves.  Go on, grab the brass ring.  Get your second ride free.  We all pay for the first time.”

He throws the breaker switch, and the stage comes to life.  The sign over the midway is a blinding neon MOONLIGHT GARDENS in green and blue and pink.  The lights scream and buzz, and the smell of stale popcorn and cotton candy and hot dogs is in the air, and the theatre is a memory.  Wind peels across the fairground, the pennants rippling from the top of the ferris wheel (wait, how did they get a ferris wheel on the stage?  A carousel is already crazy, but this?)

And then at last it begins to spin, and the bellows in the organ at the heart of the carousel shudder and pump, and the flywheel sounds like a bicycle race, and the airpipes start to keen and then-


ACT ONE: In which a celebration is made, a promise is given and a love is spurned.  

A community of worshippers gathers from far and wide in anticipation of a lunar eclipse, there to give offerings and make merry.  Among the celebrants are JANET, a beautiful young woman of strong will and much talent with magic, and her father, ORSINO, The Minister of the Midway, leader of their rites.  Orsino opens the festivities with a paean to community and tradition (2).  Orsino’s current partner and confidante is MADAME DELPHI, an oracle who may only speak her prophecy in riddles and allegory.  She is concerned that this festival is predestined to be disastrous, and vents her frustrations with the other fortune-tellers of the community (3).  Orsino’s position as chief mage of the order was secured years ago, when he bound THE DEVIL himself in mortal form, sealing satan from his powers.  The price to seal the devil was the willing sacrifice of Orsino’s wife, Janet’s mother.  As a result, he feels he has a tenuous grip on his soul (4).

Janet, meanwhile, feels that her father has been too overbearing in raising her, and that as a young woman she should be free to explore her desires, particularly those of a sexual nature (5).  Also attending is the STRANGER, a handsome young man with a silver tongue and golden eyes, who Janet sees as a worthy prize (6).  Janet and The Stranger meet during the preparations for the evening, and immediately feel a connection.  The stranger attempts to impress her with his bad boy image, which she finds hilarious (7).

BARNABUS, another celebrant, is a man who covets Janet, but believes he can win her heart by magic.  He struggles with his inner demons, particularly a sense of guilt for abandoning the church after the death of his abusive father (8).  As sun sets on the night of the eclipse, Janet and the Stranger are overcome by each other in the hall of mirrors, while Barnabus watches from the shadows.  The Stranger expects Janet to be a naive and innocent conquest, but she easily has the upper hand (9).  

The rites of the eclipse begin (10), meanwhile Barnabus tricks the Stranger into separating from the group and kills him (11).  He offers the stranger’s soul in exchange for Janet’s love (12).  The spell goes awry, however, and the moon fails to return (13).


ACT TWO: In which bodies are sundered but hearts are not.

The narrator ponders the larger questions of life, setting the scene for our return to the carnival (15).  Barnabus gloats to Janet, presuming that his spell was successful, only to find that it has not taken effect (16).  Madame Delphi announces that a presence is coming, and that the carnival has been removed from time (17).  The Devil begins to manifest around the carnival, revealing himself to have been The Stranger.  He is only able to appear momentarily while he gathers strength, but swears that before the night is out he will take Barnabas’s soul (18).

Janet, in shock, takes time to consider that her lover is The Devil (19).  The Devil manifests before her, and they both sadly acknowledge that these stories do not end well (20).  

Barnabus convinces himself that, in the end, he bears no blame.  The Devil made him do it (21).  Orsino, exhausted and demoralized, feeling that his wife’s sacrifice was in vain, rallies the revelers for a final showdown with the lord of darkness (22).  Madame Delphi, however, declares that though the devil has lost his mortal form, he can do no harm, for the spell Orsino cast years ago bound him to Janet’s soul (23).  The gathered revelers are at a loss and begin to argue as to the way forward, until Janet appeals to their shared sense of family and community (24).  

Barnabus, fearing for his soul, believes that killing Janet will force Orsino to bind the devil away (25).  Janet wakes in death to find herself in purgatory, with ROBIN GOODFELLOW, the narrator, as her guide.  She has not gone to heaven or hell as the carnival is still out of step with time (26).  Realizing that she must act quickly to save her love, she casts a spell to summon herself to him, pulling her soul out of purgatory and back to the carnival (27).  Their souls both lacking mortal form, Janet and The Devil share their power, restore the carnival, obliterate Barnabus, and ride off into the Moonset (28).

The company, as Curtain Call, asks the question: what makes the soul of a man? (29)

The curtain swings closed.  The hall is silent.

“Well, I know the bill said we were playing The Magic Flute, but I thought this was a little bit more fun.”

When the ushers opened the doors to let the audience out, only a humid evening breeze left the theatre.

Track Listing:

  1. Danse Macabre, played on Fairground Organ
  2. Cup of Wonder - Jethro Tull
  3. After Midnight - Dorothy
  4. Marked Man - Mieka Pauley
  5. The Devil - PJ Harvey
  6. The Heat - The Bones of JR Jones
  7. Reynardine - Show of Hands
  8. Old Time Religion - Parker Millsap
  9. Hunting Girl - Jethro Tull
  10. Dance In The Graveyards - Delta Rae
  11. Death Is Not The End - Nick Cave and Friends
  12. Shoot The Moon - Tom Waits
  13. No Light, No Light - Florence + The Machine
  14. Calliope - Tom Waits
  15. Hows It Gonna End - Tom Waits
  16. I Put A Spell On You - Screamin Jay Hawkins
  17. Conman Coming - Monica Heldal
  18. Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones
  19. Devil’s Resting Place - Laura Marling
  20. Demon Lover - Tim O’Brien
  21. Beelzebub - Black Pistol Fire
  22. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down - Robert Plant
  23. Tam Lin - Fairport Convention
  24. Come On Up To The House - Sarah Jarosz
  25. New American Standard - Ford Theatre Reunion
  26. Singapore - Tom Waits
  27. Tell That Devil - Jill Andrews
  28. Aint No Grave - Crooked Still
  29. Soul Of A Man - Tom Waits
Red Ribbon of Fate

BayoJeanne Week day 5 (a fricken moth late I’m sorry )
Prompt: AU
Pairing: BayoJeanne
Words:  7216 (DJFDKLSAFJ no wonder it took forever)

Summary:  One can never tell when the smallest of choices might lead them to something they lost.  For Jeanne, reluctantly tagging along to a rock concert on a lonely Friday night might have been the single best decision of her life.

Author’s Note: This story is legit massive, the BayoJeanne week is over by a long shot, but the ideas keep coming, so I’m gonna keep writing, even if it’s slowly. 
Frankly, I might have to write a chapter or two more for this story, as I have not even gotten to the core bits of this AU. Regardless, I had fun writing this and I sincerely hope you all enjoy reading it. :)

PS I read all tags and comments, they are always massively appreciated. Big thanks to everyone who has said nice things about my stories, they are a fuel source to keep me writing.  

PPS. Massive, massive Shoutout to @xall4one for hosting the week in the first place, and for all the hard work she puts into the Bayonetta Fandom and into the BayoJeanne pairing. I think you’re one of our pillars in the Tumblr Bayo fandom. Rock on dude. :)

Jeanne regretted giving into her co-workers wheedling from the moment she walked into the concert hall. When they arrived the music wasn’t supposed  to begin for another half hour, but the place had already been packed, floor to ceiling, with people, not all of whom bathed regularly. The general milling noise had already been enough to start the beginnings of a headache (after dealing with teenagers all day it didn’t take much), and she’d swallowed down an aspirin in preparation  for the rest of the night.

A rock concert was not her first choice for a TGIF party, no matter how much her co-workers insisted it was better than clubbing. 

Sitting at the edge of the bar, which was at the opposite end of the hall from the stage, Jeanne was fairly certain she could write a five page argumentative paper on how dissimilar the experiences were.

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Tell The Truth

Hello Lovelies!!! I haven’t written Kastle in sooo long. I’m so sorry. I been involved in writing other things and I’m trying to get finished with a couple of before November, because I know where my muse is going in November. 

WARNING violence! Sorry Karen. Just a little piece. I have no idea where this came from but here’s a little bit with Karen, Frank and an ex-con named Grindle… don’t put your money on the ex-con, fyi

Tell The Truth

She wasn’t giving this asshole the satisfaction of seeing any fear. The man dressed in all black was locked in a damn cage, no way to get to her.

Grindle dragged the blade’s blunt edge across Karen’s collarbone. He’d already stripped her of her top, leaving her in her purple bra and black skirt. Her lip was split, blood drying on her chin, but her blue eyes flashed angry; no fucking fear.

The ex-con turned the blade and poked her flesh with it just enough to draw a few drops of blood. “He’s not even saying anything. You’d think he’d come to your rescue, instead of sitting there like you’re not going to die under my blade.”

She spit out a mouthful of salvia and blood next to Grindle, staining the cement pink.

“Not much of a lady are you?” He jerked on the flex cuffs that restrained her and flicked the knife against her bicep making a thin red line trail down her arm.

She didn’t whimper; she didn’t cry out; and the man in the cage was still silent.

“Why’s he letting this happen to you? You must really only be a piece of ass to him. Him letting me cut on you like this.” Grindle made another thin line down her arm, before turning to the man in the cage and sneered. “Is she not any good? You use her up already? That why you don’t care if I mess her up? So much for the big bad punisher…” He chuckled darkly before examining Karen again.

He pressed his finger against one of the cuts, forcing it to bleed more. He held his finger up for the woman to inspect, her expression was still stony. Grindle painted her lips with her own blood then grabbed her chin. “I think I’ll fuck you before I kill you, but I just can’t decide if I want to do it myself or use my blade on you.”

Her eyes filled with tears suddenly and she let out a pained whine. “Please.”

“Please what darlin? You want me instead of my blade?” He patronized. “I knew you were scared. No one to protect you… Now you beg me like a good girl.”

“Please.” Her blood-stained lip quivered and she bowed her head.

“There we…”

Whatever else Grindle would have said was interrupted by Karen throwing all of her weight into him in the form of head butt to his chest. He fell back on his ass, teeth clacking together as she struggled to push away from him. Her long legs flailing wildly as she scrambled to her feet.

“Run.” Came the one-word order from the man in the cage.

She paused by the cage for a moment, but then dashed out of the warehouse, looking desperately around the docks for someone to help her.

Grindle was on his feet. He couldn’t believe that dumb broad wasn’t screaming for help. He snagged her hair and jerked her back towards him, but instead of fear in her eyes there was only triumph. “No one’s coming to help you.”

“You dropped your knife.”

“I don’t need a knife to kill you.”

“You dropped the keys.”

He could feel ice run down the back of his neck, like death’s hand was a moment from grasping him.

“and… I kicked them into the cage.”


She had tied her blouse together in a vain attempt to cover herself, but she looked a like a city version of Catherine Bach. Her hands were still shaking as she heard the splash of the body hitting the water. She closed her eyes and tried to take a calming breath, but she was still trembling.

“You’re just out of adrenalin. Gonna have the shakes for a bit. Need to eat and rest.” His presence blocked out the streetlight; the darkness somehow more comforting than the light right now. His voice was a low growl as he questioned, “You good?”

She looked up at him, “Are you?”

“Bit better now.” He shrugged off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

Well he never lied to her.

“How’d you know I was playing possum?”

“You told me once that you’d die before you begged.”

Well she never lied to him either.

He nudged her gently, “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“That’s my line.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I’m not sure how Frank ended up in that cage…but I do not want to know what Grindle looked like when he went into that water..Yikes.

Love to my Loves.


My latest Water Boyy video got deleted. Well, I hope you’ll enjoy this one! I really love the story of Apo and Waii, though Waii tends to be really mean, but he changed so that’s a relief.
Song I used:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiUw7FBjPiY


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got the chance to see a 90-minute romeo and juliet for free in chicago’s tuley park! (they’re traveling around chicago until the end of august; i’d highly recommend going to see it if you live in chicagoland.) it was a phenomenal performance, but there were two choices that i especially liked:

  • the staging of the parallel scenes between romeo/friar lawrence and juliet/the nurse; the director basically intermixed them so they’d occur at the same time on different sides of the stage. this led to a really striking juxtaposition between the suicidal teens + the panicked adults trying to calm them down
  • friar lawrence was a young man. i feel like a lot of the time he’s played as this old wise guy, but the more i think about that choice, the more it doesn’t make sense because—well, the plan to fake juliet’s death is pretty dumb, let’s be real here. but this friar lawrence was a young guy who was a) idealistic enough to believe romeo and juliet’s marriage would actually work out and b) literally just pulled the “okay juliet you’re gonna pretend to be dead” plan out of nowhere because he was freaked out by her talk of suicide. playing him as young and kinda naïve makes SO much more sense textually, and i now see the character in a completely different light because of it

but yeah, amazing show. probably quite a bit better than the anime-themed r&j i was in as a high school sophomore tbh

ticktockclockwork  asked:

!!!!! Soulmate prompts! 15 &/ 27? Any pair ya feel :)

lovedreamsselfesteem said to thehausghosts:Hello! If you’re taking prompts from that soulmate AU list can i request either 17 jackparse or 27 zimbits? Thank you!

27. the one where you can transfer any injuries/pain your soulmate has onto yourself. 

“It’s just a light sprain.”

Bitty frowns at Jack’s swollen wrist before wrapping it back up in the bandage. He secures it tenderly with the clip before leveling his glare right at Jack.

“You can’t play like this,” Bitty tells him. “I don’t know how you bribed the trainer into letting you on the ice tomorrow, but it won’t work on me. I’m texting Marty-”

Jack catches Bitty’s hand before Bitty can get to his phone. “One more game, Bits, that’s all. Tomorrow’s gonna be a tough one and they need me out there. It’s not even that bad.”

Bitty sighs and lets his arm drop to the side. “Let me take it then.”

“No, Bits-”

“In the morning, before warmup skate, I’ll take the sprain. It’s not that bad, right?”

Bitty hasn’t outright given Jack an ultimatum, but the intention lingers unsaid: give me your sprain or don’t play. They’ve both seen the consequences of pushing through an injury, and he’s not going to stand by and let Jack do that to himself. A couple hours with a sprained wrist is worth the peace of mind. 

Jack rests his good hand low on Bitty’s back and pulls him in. “Okay,” he says eventually. “Okay. I’ll text Marty and let the trainer know to scratch me from the lineup.”

Bitty blinks at him in shock for a moment. “Wait. Really?”


“Cause if you really wanna play-”

Jack cuts him off with a kiss to the nose and Bitty can’t help but smile dopily at him. “I want to. But I’m never, ever going to hurt you. Jamais.” Jack grabs his own phone and holds it out for Bitty. “Can you text Marty for me? I can’t type with just one hand.”  

Into You Ariana Grande Lyrics

I’m so into you, I can barely breathe

And all I wanna do is to fall in deep

But close ain’t close enough ‘til we cross the line, hey, yeah

So name a game to play, and I’ll roll a dice, hey

Oh, baby, look what you started

The temperature’s rising in here

Is this gonna happen?

Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move

(woo, oh, oh, oh)

Before I make a move

(woo, oh, oh, oh)

So, baby, come light me up, and maybe I’ll let you on it

A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

Got everyone watchin’ us, so, baby, let’s keep it secret

A little bit scandalous, but, baby, don’t let them see it

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you, oh yeah

This could take some time, hey

I made too many mistakes

Better get this right, right, baby

Oh, baby, look what you started

The temperature’s rising in here

Is this gonna happen?

Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move

(woo, oh, oh, oh)

Before I make a move

(woo, oh, oh, oh)

So, baby, come light me up, and maybe I’ll let you on it

A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

Got everyone watchin’ us, so, baby, let’s keep it secret

A little bit scandalous, but, baby, don’t let them see it

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

Tell me what you came here for?

'Cause I can’t, I can’t wait no more

I’m on the edge with no control

And I need, I need you to know

You to know, oh

So, baby, come light me up, and maybe I’ll let you on it

A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

Got everyone watchin’ us, so, baby, let’s keep it secret

A little bit scandalous, but, baby, don’t let them see it

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

So come light me up, so come light me up, my baby

Little dangerous, a little dangerous, my boy

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you


Don’t wanna post too many previews of this thing, but wanted to show people a bit more of it. I’m making a print! It’s gonna be a hefty project, and I actually haven’t gotten to work on it in awhile, but figured I’d put up some of what I’ve been showing on Twitter from the past. I’m honestly pretty happy with how it’s been coming out. I’m ecstatic to be getting to play so much with color and lighting in these. Wanting to get it to be as emotional and aesthetically pleasing as possible! Hope you like so far!

Core!mettaton Chapter one: Playing the part.

(Well, here it finally is! Chapter One of the Core!mettaton AU! Hopefully it isn’t too out of character or poorly written, the next chapter shouldn’t take too long, I’ve nearly written it already. Also, you might want to read this prequel snipped too before the actual story! http://big-fluffy-dragon.tumblr.com/post/135013273212/coremettaton-snippet-thing it kind of explains metta’s behavior a bit more.

Also, some notes for you: In this story and AU frisk is a non-vocal child and communicates with ASL and basic gestures for when the monsters struggle to understand them.
Metta isn’t completely himself like he is in canon either, this versions confidence is much more false and he has a harder time keeping his emotions in check.
Oh, and Alphys is gonna have lots of love later on as is the legbot even if I’m a bit mean to them both in the early chapters.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!)

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“Into you”

Request from anons: “Hey can i have an imagine based on into you by ariana grande? 💕thank youuu💖💖💖💖” “I love y- oh crap I didn’t mean to say that" Sammy wilk please your blog is amazing 💛” “Request from anons: “Roof part 2 maybe?” “Roof part 2?””

Part 1


“So, college?” He asks me. “Boston.” I nodded at him, taking a sip from my beer. “Boston, huh.” He says indistinctly, playing with his beer can. “Why not Los Angeles?” He asks looking at me with hope on his face. “Go to school in LA and be closer to the boys and I! You can live with us so you don’t have to dorm. We can drive your car down to LA. Dude. It’ll be great.” I laughed at his enthusiasm. “I don’t think so..” I felt myself get sad. “I think it’s time to just, do things on my own. Not rely on others.” his eyes turned worried, “But you can always rely on us. You know that.” 

“Yeah, I know. And I thank you guys for that. Always being there for me, comforting me, climbing up onto my roof to be with me. But, I don’t know.. it’s time for me to just go out into the real world. On my own, y’know?” He gives me this bullshit smile, nodding and looking forward at his house as we became silent. Ever since that night Sam came onto my roof, he sits up here with me almost every day. It’s become our spot to just talk and hang out. Whether he’s having a bad day or I am. Or when the rough times of my family got to me and I needed a get away and someone with me. The roof became a big part in our senior year, along with the other guys. It was the most relaxing place and securest place for us to be together. It was the last day of school before we graduate and all our conversations just constant circled around college. The sadden truth about leaving each other and not seeing each other for months. Sam and I are having the roughest time about this whole separation thing. Or I was, because it’s going to be hard to leave the person you fell in love with, without even telling them.

We saw the boys walking towards our houses as I nodded for them to come into the house. We got into the living room as the boys walked in.“FINALS AND PROM ARE OVER. GRADUATION IN 4. LIFE IS GOOD. AND IT IS OVER!” G yelled, throwing all his paperwork on my floor, jumping onto my couch. All the guys mimicking his actions, laughing and high-fiving each other. I just stood there, my arms wide open, “EXCUSE YOU?! YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PICK THIS UP CAUSE I’M NOT!” I yelled at them. They just turn their heads to me, chuckling, “Come on Y/N. We are graduation high school. Have some fun! Yeah?” J called out, motioning to come to him. I cross my arms, roll my eyes and frown as I approach him. He quickly sits up and grabs my waist, pulling me on him, tickling me. “Come on, give JJ a smile!” He continues to tickle me, as I start hysterically laughing, trying to push him off of me. All of a sudden, G joins in, as they both know my weak spots. “OK OK OK, STOP! I’M SORRY!” They stopped as I tried catching my breath.

I remained sitting on J’s lap, and my legs over G’s lap. Listening to the rest of the guys talk about college. I looked at all the guys and my eyes landed on Sam, whose mouth was mouthing things, looking a little salty about something, shrugging his shoulders. I was about to stand up when my phone dinged. I looked at my phone, getting off from the boys and jumping up and down. “What? Who’s that?” I got asked. “Check your phone in a few seconds.” Then a bunch of dings echoed in the room as they looked at their phones. They all cheered with me, high fiving each other. “Sam why aren’t you celebrating?” “I didn’t get the text.” 

He put his phone down, sitting back with his hands cuffed together on his lap, looking bummed. We all remained silent. “Hey,” I sat next to him, “You could be my plus 1.” I tried cheering him up. “Really?” His face lightening up. I just smile, “Yeah.” Then a ding rang from one of our phone. We all looked at each other, I picked up his phone to see if it was his, “Looks like someone wanted to invite you privately.” I teased, as we all OOOOO’d at him. “Damn, Therese De Vega wants Sammy Wilk?! That’s what I’m talking about.” They all cheered on again, as I sat there, looking at Sam chuckle, replying to her. The guys picked him up and started jumping up and down as I fake smiled to show my happiness. I felt myself get a little salty at first but i had no reason to, I love my best friend. 

Sammy’s POV

I look out the living room window across the street at Y/N’s roof, but didn’t find her there. I just sighed, going back to the boys. “Alright alright boys. We are OFFICIAL graduates! We are now FREE! And it is time to get this shit rocking for the summer!!” I yelled out as we all toasted our beers. “Hey, where’s Y/N?” Mikey asked and we all looked around. “I’m here! I’m here! Sorry I’m late!” She runs into the living room, grabbing a beer, opening it, and lifting it up in your toast. “TO GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL!” J yells and we repeat. “TO STARTING A NEW CHAPTER!” G yells and we repeat. “Where’ve you been?” I whispered to her as all the guys made some toasts. “Just busy.” We did one final cheer and chugged our beers. I watched her walk away from me, and talks to J. 

She keeps her distance the whole afternoon and night. Not talking to me, laughing at my jokes, looking at me, or even be near me. Was it because of Therese? Nah, I highly doubt she would see someone like me like that. Was it because of last week where I was too drunk I pushed her? Nah, she’s used to that. Was it because she was going off to college and I was moving to LA? Did it have anything to do with me? I was so caught up in my thoughts, we were already at Therese’s venue for her party. When we all walked in, “HAPPY 18 BIRTHDAY THERESE!!!” We all yelled, surprising her and hugging her. 

“Happy birthday Therese.” I approached her with my arms open for a hug. She runs into them, giggling and kissing my cheek. “Thanks for coming.” She says close to my face. “Y/N, HEY!” She lets go, hugging her. I watched them hug, looking at how beautiful she looks, how her smile shines bright in the sparkling lights hung above us, how her gentle hug makes me want to hug her tight, and her long beautiful hair just falls perfectly without her trying. She’s so beautiful. She lets go of Therese and jogs to Emily and G, hugging Emily. God I’m so fucking into her. But it doesn’t matter because she’s not into me. And all we will ever be is friends, I sighed to myself walking to the rest of the boys.

The night consisted of everyone taking pictures with each other, signing year books, dancing like we’re raving on the dance floor, eating like we haven’t eaten in days. They were playing slow songs so the parents and couples could dance. Then played songs that you can dance or slow dance to. Everyone was finding someone to dance with. Therese asked me to dance with her one song but kept asking other guys too. Didn’t mind that though. I sat at our table, working up the nerve to ask Y/N to dance. The whole group went to the dance floor and started dancing to some EDM music then before the song even came on, the mood changed knowing it was a somewhat slow song so everyone grabbed their partner. I watched Y/N slowly walk off the dance floor and back to the table as I followed her, and the song started. 

I’m so into you, I can barely breathe
I look at the back of her, on the way to the table.
And all I wanna do is to fall in deep
She sits in her seat, and I take mines. 
But close ain’t close enough ‘til we cross the line, baby
We both take a sip of our drinks, forcing a smile on our faces. 
So name a game to play, and I’ll roll the dice, hey

Oh baby, look what you started
The temperature’s rising in here
Is this gonna happen?
She look into my eyes
Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move
(Woo, oh, oh, oh)
She looks forward at everyone dancing and laughing
Before I make a move
(Woo, oh, oh, oh)

She starts singing along to the song
So baby, come light me up and maybe I’ll let you on it
A little bit dangerous, but baby, that’s how I want it
A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you
Got everyone watchin’ us, so baby, let’s keep it secret
”Do it. Just do it.” I said to myself.
A little bit scandalous, but baby, don’t let them see it
A little less conversation and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you, oh yeah

This could take some time, hey
I made too many mistakes
Better get this right, right, baby

Oh baby, look what you started
The temperature’s rising in here
She quickly stands up, and I thought she was going to go to the dance floor but approaches me, sticking out her hand as i grab it and she pulls me somewhere.
Is this gonna happen?
Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move
(Woo, oh, oh, oh)
Before I make a move
(Woo, oh, oh, oh)

We reach the photo booth, putting on props to take a picture, laughing.
So baby, come light me up and maybe I’ll let you on it
A little bit dangerous, but baby, that’s how I want it
We get in, and she sits on my lap as my arms wrap around her waist, holding her tight.
A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you
Picture 1 taken. Smiling.
Got everyone watchin’ us, so baby, let’s keep it secret
A little bit scandalous, but baby, don’t let them see it
A little less conversation and a little more touch my body
Picture 2 taken. Silly face. 
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

Tell me what you came here for
Picture 3 taken. Another silly face.
Cause I can’t, I can’t wait no more
I’m on the edge with no control
She looks at me in my eyes then down at my lips, grabbing my face, Kissing me. 
And I need, I need you to know
Picture 4 taken. Kissing. 
You to know, oh

So baby, come light me up and maybe I’ll let you on it
A little bit dangerous, but baby, that’s how I want it
She releases her lips from mine, getting off my lap and out the Photo Booth.
A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you
I get out watching her as she’s walking backwards toward the dance floor, holding out her hands for me to come with her. 
Got everyone watchin’ us, so baby, let’s keep it secret
A little bit scandalous, but baby, don’t let them see it
I jog to her as we made it to the dance floor, dancing together.
A little less conversation and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

I look into her eyes, moving a piece of her hair behind her ear, kissing here again.
So come light me up, so come light me up my baby
A little dangerous, a little dangerous my baby
A little less conversation and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

The song fades out into another song, but we didn’t notice as we were still locking lips. We broke apart when we heard everyone cheering, looking at us. The guys were the most hyped, jumping up and down, fist pumping and clapping. “FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!” They all yelled, even Therese. “He’s been into you since 6th grade. She’s been into you since freshman year.” G says. “Now you both know. We all good now? Everybody happy? Can we all now celebrate as a family now?!” J chimes in. We just laugh, nodding our heads, celebrating the start of summer. I look into her eyes, “I love y- oh crap. I didn’t mean say that-” I covered my mouth. “I love you too.” She smiles at me. “Roof later tonight?” I suggested. “My roof. 1:30 am. Be there.” She sticks out her hand. I shake it, laughing, then pull her into another kiss, as I feel her smile mid kiss. 

[There will be no continuation to this imagine.]

anonymous asked:

Which program do you use for colouring your art? And that may sound bad, but can you make a tutorial for your colouring style? I really like it.

Hello, Nonnie!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I mainly use Open Canvas for digital colouring. If you’ve stumbled upon my old art, it might be Photoshop or Paint tool SAI - but my colouring process is basically the same. (Trial versions of all programs are available for download if you want to try them out)

A little disclaimer: I’m a disgrace to digital artists, because I usually pretend I’m painting on a traditional, non-digital canvas. That is; I work on just one layer (max two or three) and slab on paint. I do use digital textures or custom-made brushes sometimes, but not very often. Also, I almost never finish the lineart before I start coloring, so my drawing and colouring-processes are very mixed up - unless I color somebody else’s art, in which case I naturally don’t want to change the original artist’s lineart.

That being said…I’ll try to make an extensive tutorial when I have more time, and a better example at hand. For now, here’s a step-by-step thing of a current WIP.

1: Old sketch of ALW Meg. Not black/white, but beige/brown. I hardly ever start colouring on a black/white canvas.

2: I start by blocking in some main objects, as well as highlights and shadow. At this stage I use very few colours, normally some kind of contrast. In this case: blue(ish) - orange(ish) (complimentary colours). Other contrasts are lighth- dark, warm- cold, etc…

3: More intense colors, more details, tralalala… (ah yes, I do listen to music when I draw. Sometimes I sing too. My poor neigbours.) Oh, and I mainly use a hard round brush, low-medium opacity. As you can see, my WIPs are really messy messes. Why am I even posting this ugh

4: And so on… ever more colors and details. Cleaning up. I love playing with light/shadow. A bit too much sometimes, but let me indulge.

Note the blue reflections on the skin, and the orange reflections on the dress. Nothing is ever just one color. Also, reflections and highlights are fun too add. ^^

Still a WIP at this point. I don’t like her face, gonna change it…I suppose the final result will be posted one of these days.

Was that helpful at all? O_o Gah, it’s difficult to explain my process, it’s kinda intuitive and random. I hope that was atleast of a little bit of help!

[fanfiction] miyuki/sawamura + kuramochi; ~2200 words; sfw

Read on AO3

(Oooooh, okay I’m gonna give this a try!)

(Sorry sorry! I know this probably isn’t what you had in mind, but I just really like the idea of Kuramochi playing reluctant matchmaker and Eijun failing to execute his instructions satisfactorily.)

(This was a labor of love to write, y’all. I kept deleting huge chunks and rewriting them until I was happy lol. This had like 4 beginnings and 13 endings.)

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[Ereri 365 Project] Day 217 : Dark

“Why are you making me watch you play this?”

“Cause I really don’t wanna play it alone.”

Levi sighs, getting comfortable. “What’s this called again?”

Amnesia,” Eren replies, getting his laptop table comfortable on his lap.

“Sounds harmless enough,” Levi says.

“So does Silent Hill but you can’t play that either.”

He loads up the game and when the title screen comes up Levi already wants to leave the room. “That’s not ominous at all,” Levi says.

Eren chuckles as he presses the start button. The listen to the opening cutscene and Eren starts to play. Not five minutes in, Levi is already trying to hide behind Eren’s arm. “Really?” Eren asks.

“Shut up, you know I don’t like this kind of thing.”

“Literally nothing has happened yet.”

“But something will happen eventually.” Eren continues to play without comment and Levi rests a hand on the brunette’s arm. “It’s too dark.”

“That’s the point.”

Levi frowns. “Why would you follow the blood? Doesn’t that mean you’re going to find something dead at the end?”

“Not necessarily. Oh look, there’s a letter or something.”

“Why would blood lead to a fucking note?”

“Because we need to know that we have to kill Alexander and there’s a shadow following us.”

Levi frowns. “Oh no, don’t go into the door behind the creepy bookcase.”

“I have to.”

“No you don –“

“Shh, there’s more dialogue.”

Levi frowns again, and frowns harder at the sound of screaming after Eren has control again. “I don’t like the noises in here,” he mutters.

“It’s just a game Levi.”

Levi whines, watching just over Eren’s shoulder. “Oh no, it sounds like there something else in there with you.”

“Shh, Levi.” Levi holds Eren’s arm a little harder. “It sounded like it was above us anyway.”

Eren keeps going, trying to figure out where to go.

“The darkness is closing in…” Says a voice in the game.

“Eren, turn this shit off right now.”


There’s more weird noises in the game and Levi considers just getting up and hiding in bed but he’d much rather Eren come with him so he stays right where he is while Eren charges forward. “Eren~” Levi whines as there are more noises like something is moving besides the player character.

“It’s fine, Levi.”

Levi pulls his legs up on the couch and holds onto Eren. They walk into a room and a book falls off a shelf and a piano begins to play. Levi whines again, rubbing his face on Eren’s shoulder. He freezes when they’re a gross noise. “Eren?”


“What was that?”

It’s only now Levi notices Eren’s afraid too. “I don’t know.”

Eren walks down a hallway and his hard jerks off his mouse when there’s a loud noise like a rockslide. “I don’t wanna walk toward the light,” he mutters when he has to play again.

“Do it,” Levi mumbles against his shoulder.

“You’re more scared than I am!”

“Do it!”

“I am!”

Neither of them know why they’re still sitting here. Eren continues playing, leaning into Levi a bit. After opening another passageway, there’s a banging sound. “Find somewhere to hide!” Levi shouts.

“Are you sure something’s following us?”

“It sounds like it, I dunno!”

“I’m gonna keep going.”

There’s a growling noise.


“I’m running!”


Eren opens a door and the monster is on the other side. They both scream and Eren slams his laptop shut. They pant and stare at the computer in silence.

“You are never playing that again,” Levi growls.

“Yes sir.”