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A baby? - Poe Dameron x reader

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Request: Hi. This is the anon that requested the prompts 34, 36, and 53 for Poe. From the list of 390 prompts. I have read just about everything you have written, and it is so amazing!!!

A/N: As I said, I’m gonna write this in two parts. Enjoy, and I hope you like it! (:

At the moment the nurse walks out of the room, General Organa walks in. She smiles at you, truly happy to see you awake.

“So… how are you feeling? You scared me, girl!”, she says, and all you can do is laugh. You’re still a little bit dizzy.

“Sorry for that. I just felt really bad and-”

“(Y/N), you don’t need to apologize. It’s okay.”

Again, you smile. Thing was: you passed out. In the middle of a meeting, right beside General Organa, you just dropped to the floor, everything becoming too dark for you to see. And she took you there, to the medical bay, immediately.

“You gotta eat, kid. You can’t keep passing out like that, especially now that… you know…”

“Now that what?”, you ask her.

“Oh, come on, (Y/N)!”, Leia laughs. “Does he know about the baby?

“What? Who? Which baby?”, you ask her, completely in shock. Your eyes are wide open, and you can feel your head spinning around again. “Do you think it’s possible that I… might be… pregnant?

“Well, I don’t think - I’m sure. The doctor made exams on you, just to make sure you were okay. And when the results came out, I asked him to tell me”, Leia shrugs. “I didn’t know that you would still find out about it, I’m sorry.”

You shake your head, still feeling your heart pounding on your chest.

“No, it’s okay! It’s… um… I-I’m just surprised. I wasn’t expecting this.”

Leia smiles, coming closer to you and caressing your hand.

“You’re on the first 4 weeks of your pregnancy yet, don’t worry. And things will be fine, I’m sure Poe will love the news!”

And at that same moment, Poe walks into the room.

“(Y/N)! Babe, I was so worried! How are you?”, he asks, running to your side and kissing your forehead. “General Organa, thank you so much for taking care of her!”

“Oh, don’t worry. She’s one of my favorite girls on the base too”, Leia says, leaning in and kissing you on the cheek. “Well, I gotta go. You two have a lot to talk.”

Leia blinks to you, walking to the door and closing it as she leaves.

“What? Talk about what?”, Poe asks you, frowning. And oh, boy - how would you tell him that?


Furudate Haruichi-sensei’s sketch!! Special Manga. 


Only Good Girls Get Pizza // BamBam

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Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You get your end of your results from school and your boyfriend BamBam helps you celebrate!

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i woke up at four and couldnt sleep because Menstruation is Hell so im the sleepiest person alive but i did an amazing job at work today and made a lot of people really happy including my boss which feels really nice so i dont regret covering my friends shift and i got some groceries and the lady at the market gave me some celery for fwee just because and im gonna slam a carton of raspberries and pass out

What I’m working on

Okay so today I am for some reason sick. I don’t know where it came from but I hope it moves along. I’m trying to write but, I feel like I’m gonna pass out after I type about 3 sentences. 


I thought I’d at least tell you what I’m working on 

Part 3 of Don’t Worry, Princess (Almost finished) 

Part 6 of Seeing is Believing

A really sexy Castiel x Reader request

and last but not least

A fluffy Sam x Reader request.

Even though I can’t seem to do much writing today I’m trying to get some stuff done, I’m at least writing outlines. Which is good, that means fics get written faster. 

anyway, send happy thoughts, prayers, and good juju or whatever it is that you do so that I can get over whatever it is I woke up with this morning.

im so happy woth the way i look lately like i feel like i look p masc.even on days im all puffy faced and im bot used to that but its amazi g amd like chances are im gonna continue to look more and more masculine and its so amazing to me and im so happy i honestly never thought i was gonna live to see the day where i happily got to live as myself as a boy and pass and just like look and feel how i felt i should and like its happening and i sound more how i want to and sing less feminine and its all so surreal and crazy and im very happy im so glad i got on t and im super thankful for my therapist that convinced me i needed to come out to everyone (he was not a gender therapist) he felt i wouldnt stop being miserable until i came put and boy was he right i might mot be happy but atleast im myself and alove and not completely miserable and full of self hate im far more me now and far happier ah

well fuck. it’s 4:30am and i’m wide awake and feeling hungry and i wanna die

anonymous asked:

If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

i was gonna answer this yesterday but i passed out :x
but thank u kind anon ily

5 things that make me happy are!!!

  • panic! at the disco
  • Brendon urie
  • my friends<333
  • cats
  • sims!!
Imagine (Liam Dunbar)

Notes:Sam is an O/C….y/b/f/n is your best friend’s name…. r/n is a random name. Hope you enjoy!

“Liam! You really missed your chance now!” y/b/f/n shouted.
“What do you mean?” he asked still confused.
“Some guy just asked her out. She said yes.” y/b/f/n walked away, dissappointed her OTP wasn’t gonna happen.
Liam looked down then back up when he saw you, looking happy.

You smiled at him, you were sad because you’ve always liked Liam.
You thought Sam was cute but you didn’t get that feeling around him like you did with Dunbar.
A week had passed when Sam had a schedule change to be in most of your classes. Now, he had gym with Liam. “Hey, Liam. Oh I was wondering, does y/ntalk about me around you? You’re always with eachother… well that will change anyway.” Sam smirked at Liam, setting him off. Liam turned around, glaring at the older boy with anger.

“If you ever hurt her or think about doing something to her… I won’t kill you. It’d be worse.” he clenched his fists. “Whoa Dunbar. You already missed your chance don’t ruin mine.” he laughed, “It’s a shame she’s the only one who doesn’t know how you feel.” Sam walked out of the locker room to the gym. Liam sat on the bench realizing how he really just handed you away.

“I have to tell her.” Liam told Stiles at the game, waiting to be put in. “But she has-” he dropped his head, forgetting he really can’t just tell you. Especially since he pulled away for awhile. “I don’t care. She needs to know… even if Sam beats the living hell out of me.” Liam snapped, getting ready for the game. “So… you aren’t worried?” Stiles asked, looking at the field. “Why would I? If I love I should be able to just do it. Right?” Liam asked, now becoming worried.

Finally, Coach put him in the game. That’s when he saw you in the stands. Just you. No Sam. you caught Liam as he stared, waving. He smiled shyly and waved back as the wanted to be a ‘little’ show off.

As a reslut Liam ended up getting himself hurt. “Liam!” you shouted, running down to his aid. When he saw you, all his groaning and pain came to a hard halt. He was calm. Then Liam knew he loved you. He could let you and Sam be together. They carried him into the locker room, so he could calm down. Soon it was only you and Liam in the silent room. He could hear you heart racing, not knowing if that was good or bad. You broke the silence, “You okay?” He looked up at you, an odd expression soaking his face.

“No.” he said, never breaking eye contact with you. You knew he was a werewolf so he would heal soon. “What do you mean?” you asked, tilting your head to the side. “Y/b/f/n was right. I missed my chance. A-and I was an idiot. For not telling you and for being so stuck in what I choose.” he said, shifting so he was facing you. “Liam-” he cut you off. “Wait. I need to say this. You’re my anchor, I lied about it being r/n. A-and I love you as I always have and always will. It pains and hurts me to see you with that douche-” You shouted over him, “I broke up with Sam!” Liam froze just like when he first laid eyes on you.

“W-what?” he stammered, eyes wide. “I broke up with him… I don’t love him.” you said smiling at the amazed boy. “I love you too.” you grinned, kissing his cheek. He quickly replaced his cheek with his lips, kissing you passionatley. You smiled, kissing him back. “I love you y/n. Always have.” he whispered, pressing your foreheadds together. “I love you too Liam.”

After so many hours of working on this and me not getting much sleep last night, I FINALLY finished this.

25 years already? Man I feel like it was yesterday when I was playing Sonic Mega Collection. 

Even though my hype for the franchise has died out a little, I very happy that Sonic had made it this far in gaming. Happy Birthday Blue dude! Thanks for the adventures and stories that had moved me as a fan. Let’s hope we can actually make it to 30 years!

hi hello it is time for my Jared photo op story!! Okay so basically it’s me on the left and my bff @superhoe99 on the right and we walked up to him and I was like “hey” and he said “hey” and I asked if we could do “like…moose antlers???” and I put my hands up to show him what I meant then he SMILED AT ME and was like “yeah!!” So we stood next to him and took our picture and he TOUCHED BOTH OF OUR HEADS!!! She says he like pet her head but he put his GIANT MOOSE PAW ON MY HAIR then he moved his monstrous hand down AND GRABBED MY ARM AND SQUEEZED IT AS I WAS WALKING AWAY and man I thought I was gonna pass out right then and there. Something about him was so comfortable and warm and cuddly idk how to describe it but talking to him just feels so casual and it seems like he’s just a big happy teddy bear it’s honestly amazing.

I just need Emily and Ali to confess their feelings with emotion and crying and hugging and then they kiss and end up making out and then they’re like oh shit what just happened and then they start holding hands in public and everyone’s like what the hell when did that happen and then the other girls see them kiss in the hallway and they’re like what the actual but they don’t question it and Emily and Ali just sort of slip into dating each other and everyone’s confused but no one really asks about it cause they knew this would eventually happen and they’re just happy and have cute scenes and hot make out sessions and I’m just gonna stop now before I pass out with feels…


Sam : “Everyone hated me while I was with Brittany, I  made fun of Santana saying Brittany was better with me, and then she dumped me the worst way possible, making me look like a total idiot, but anyway Brittana is endgame and I’m so fucking happy for them!”

Rachel : “I never asked Santana about her break up with Brittany and I didn’t care about her feelings at all, while she always show her support for me and Finn and helped me through the bad times, I was a shitty friend, but now I’m like trying to make it up to her by FINALLY being a good friend and support her for the biggest moment of her life ! See, I’m not as selfish as people say! ”

Sue : “I finally got invited to their wedding!.. The fuck I don’t want Brittana, gimme Klaine.”

Rachel & Tina : *FANGIRLING*

Schue, the biggest Brittana shipper, hold their bouquets with a proud smile on his face, while every ex-boyfriends of Brittany and Santana watch them walking to the Altar with happy tears in their eyes, because they always knew they were stupid cockblockers for them and that Brittana was meant to be.

Mama Lopez :“

… The fuck I don’t care about these two gay boys, where are my daughter and soon-to-be-daughter-in-law? GIMME BRITTANA.”


Baby Sugar proud of her moms. <3

Mama Lopez singing in the background. <3







today, for the first time in a while, i walked home feeling both happy and healthy. the bitter winter winds didn’t feel so cold on my cheeks because i actually felt warm for once, from the inside out .. i dont feel so cold anymore, my nails arent as blue, the little hairs on my arms are beginning to fade, my hair doesnt fall out in clumps as much as it used to, i dont feel like i’m going to pass out during lessons, everything is better. i haven’t let myself be myself, be happy or be anything for the past year and a half. i’ve prolonged myself from ‘growing’ in every sense of the word, physically, emotionally, mentally and i too am terrified that i’m letting go and becoming more open. it’s gonna be a long journey from here but i’m ready, i’m so so ready