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Furudate Haruichi-sensei’s sketch!! Special Manga. 


Monsta X reacting to their best friend (crush) asking to sleep in their bed with them

A/N: Guess who took ages to make this! Yes, me :(  Still, this is for a wonderful anon who made the request. I hope you like it and sorry for taking so long.


He would try to look super chill about it, and make some jokes as an ice breaker he would think it’s a good oportunity to have a late night conversation with you, but when you finally fall asleep he would be terrifyed to touch you because he wouldn’t want you to think he’s actually taking advantage of the situation.

Jooheon: be careful, Y/N, I move a lot in my sleep, you might end up on the floor.
You: can you just shut up and let me sleep, Jooheon? I’m tired…
*a couple of minutes later in the dark…*
Jooheon: Hey, Y/N are you still awak- *accidentally touches your boob*

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He would be super nervous and start making a million scenarios in his head, as he wouldn’t be sure if you just wanted to sleep in his bed, or sleep with him. So he would just pull the typical Wonho move, play it cool (and collapsing in an embarrassment breakdown 2 seconds later).

You: Wonho… Would it be awkward if we slept together?
Wonho: No at all… Pfff… Wait a second, though. Do you mean sleep, sleep, or sleep sleep, because if it’s the second one…
You: Wonho, for God sake… I’m literally just gonna close my eyes and pass out. Chill, boy. What did you have in mind?
Wonho: Me??? Nothing… Of couse I knew you meant that… *sweats*

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This little savage would try to act like it’s not big deal while he would actually be so happy inside because he’s gonna have the chance to have you sleeping in his own bed. He would still try to hide his true feelings for you.

You: Can I sleep in your bed tonight? I’m too lazy to go back home.
Hyungwon: Of course not. I’ll give you a blanket, you are sleeping on the floor. 
Hyungwon: Okay, okay… You can sleep here but you have to do it on your side because I’ll only give you 20cm of my bed, so good luck trying to fit in.
Hyungwon: OKAY THEN. God, why are you so greedy?

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(Just to make the feels rise a little more, Ik he would stay awake till you fell asleep so he could stare at you BYE)


Oh this boy is everything but shy. He’d be glad you asked and he’ll be lowkey (and by lowkey I mean HIGHKEY AF) trying to getas close as he can to you, just being his clingy self. He’d take it as an oportunity to have a taste of the kind of relationship he wants we you but he doesn’t have (yet).

You: So… I can stay the night here?
Minhyuk: Yeah, that’s my side right there, you can have the other one.
You: Okay… Now I have a side…
Minhyuk: Of course you do. That’s how it works…
Both: *get in bed*
You: Hummm… Minhyuk… can you please go to your side, you are technically over me…
(you are Jooheon)

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Is no one going to talk about when Peter confessed to Liz? How perfectly amazing that scene was? 10/10 so realistic and relatable. 

The way he quietly slowly said, “Because I… like you.” Sounding so small and precious. And he wasn’t even looking at her because he’s so awkward and shy and because he’s Peter Parker and he believed he wasn’t good enough for someone so amazing like her. Liz liked Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. But Peter Parker is honest to god the smartest and sweetest boy so when Liz replied: “I know.” You can’t help but feel happy and relieved? Because she knew. She knew Peter was crushing so hard on her but she didn’t discourage it. She didn’t avoid him or anything because she saw that Peter’s amazing in his own way. 

So when Peter asked her if she had a date for Homecoming and she said that she didn’t… the way Peter lightened up like The Sun and stammered “Do… you… w-wanna go…” and then he slowly pointed at himself in disbelief and added so softly “…w-with me?” Like you really feel yourself struggling with Peter with his words and it’s so endearing. So when Liz said yes and Peter looked like he was gonna pass out from too much happiness because the girl he had been crushing on forever just gave him a chance. A senior gave a sophomore a chance. And when he walked away from her, you can see it on his face that he couldn’t contain himself and he was smiling so so so wide and you can’t help but smile with him too because you’re too happy for him.

And honestly? I’ve never seen precious cinnamon roll too good too pure for this world personified. 


Prompt: #21- “You’re mine, understood?”
              #23- “You’re jealous?”
Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader
Word Count: 1,634
Requested?: Yes, I forgot by who though, sorry!

I love when he shows what he’s feeling. He obviously has feelings and emotions but he rarely shows either. He bottles up everything. I love him, I do, I just wish he’d feel comfortable enough to share what he’s feeling with me. He seems to be comfortable enough with Betty to tell her everything when they’re not even dating, we are!

It hurts but I haven’t told him how I feel about it, mostly because he’s spending all of his time with her. I trust Jughead, I really do but he told he used to have feelings for the blonde before we got together. It’s worrying since his feelings could potentially resurface after being around each so much.

I was hurt that Betty didn’t ask me to be a part of Blue and Gold, every one knew I loved to write and investigate and would have loved being a part of the newspaper staff. She asked Jug, which I am not upset about since he’s quite talented. The reason I am upset is that she knew that I wanted the Blue and Gold to make a comeback, even before she did, and how badly I wanted to be a part of it.

Although I didn’t tell him how I felt about Betty and him spending so much time together, I did mention Betty’s lingering looks. He said I was being ridiculous and completely shut the idea down then left. The way she looks at Jughead is the same way she used to look at Archie, when she was in love with him.

The two of us used to actually be pretty good friends, before they (Jughead and Archie) had a falling out the previous summer. I never knew what or why it happened and Jughead hasn’t told me, though I’m sure she knows. They separated and Betty chose Archie, no surprise there though, and I chose Jughead.

It really hurt Jughead, to lose two of his closest friends so he became withdrawn and distant. It hurt to hear Jughead tell me this, since I find it horrible whenever he’s in pain or has any kind of inconvenience. We haven’t been dating very long. In fact, the day after tomorrow marks our thee month anniversary.

Last week he said he had planned something special but with everything that has been going on, I doubt he’d remember to plan anything special, or even remember our anniversary at all.

The day had finally came, our anniversary. I’d be excited but Jughead simply messaged he wouldn’t be able to hang out today. His exact words were “cant hang busy w bets.” I laid in bed and replied with “k.” He never sends messages of that nature, he loved to send long paragraphs, with impeccable use of proper grammar and punctuation, exactly how he’d say it if he were to say it in person.

I stayed in bed for about twenty minutes staring at the ceiling until someone knocked on my door, signaling it was time for me to get out of bed. I sluggishly got up and slipped on my blanket and onto the floor. It hurt but I didn’t react. I picked out a large maroon t-shirt, a pair of black leggings, and some black ankle socks to change into. I went to the kitchen for breakfast but I wasn’t very hungry.

I was glad that everyone had already left, I didn’t have the energy to fake happiness or anything besides what I was feeling. Since Jughead cancelled I had nothing to do all day, though I had a feeling he was gonna cancel on me anyway.

Hours pass by and I have been on the rocking chair on the porch the entire time. No one messages me all day except multiple people inviting me to a party, I ignore the invites and my phone is silent for another hour. I heard the multiple chimes of my phone, signaling I had new messages, from Archie?

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Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7

Lookee what my brain coughed up~~

Peter stays the night again. The man cooks for the two of them, Stiles finishes his homework, Peter uses his shower and poaches more of Stiles’ clothes, and they end up in the fort again, knees and arms knocking together, blankets piled on top of them.

“Should we be expecting your father tonight?”  Peter enquires idly, not sounding like he cares much either way.

“Mm, no, he’s working on a case out of town.”  It’s instinct to check his phone, but there’s no text message waiting for him, and that’s to be expected too.  He sends one off to Scott though, just to check in, just to ask how he’s doing after everything that went down.  He doesn’t get a reply this time either, which doesn’t surprise him one bit.

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Unhappy Happy

Protective and angry Happy imagine, with some cheeky smut at the end ;)

You sit at the bar, bottle of beer in front of you and a frown on your face.

The MC had thrown a party to celebrate one of their new business deals, so naturally Happy had invited you and you’d came along.

However, on the drive over here, you and Happy had gotten into an argument. He’d been in a pissy mood as soon as he’d got home and you, being your argumentative ass self, found yourself quickly getting irritated. The argument was stupid and immature, but either way you’d both separated and had stayed away from each other for the whole hour you’d been at Diosa.

Taking a sip of your drink, you rested your head on your hand, wishing you could just put your stubbornness aside and apologise. You missed your Old Man and no matter who’s fault it was, you knew you’d spend the rest of the night being miserable if you didn’t spend it in his arms.

“Mind if I sit?” You look to the side, seeing an unfamiliar man standing beside you. You didn’t recognise him, figuring he was just one of the clients. You nod, trying to muster a smile so you don’t look so miserable. He smiles back, sitting beside you.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asks, swirling around the whiskey in his glass. You laugh dryly, looking at him. You had to admit, he was handsome, but he was no Happy.

“You haven’t got enough pennies.” He chuckles, as you turn to look at the cause of your problems. There he stood, playing pool with Jax, not even caring about your whereabouts or company.

That’s what you thought, anyway. Little did you know, Happy had been keeping an eye on you since you’d got here, and he’d spotted the man talking to you as soon as he had started to approach you.

“What you gonna do about that, brother?” Jax questioned Happy, before aiming his pool cue and taking his turn. Happy just continued to eye you. He wanted to walk over and gauge the man’s eyes out for even speaking to you.

“Nothing, for now.”

Fifteen minutes passed and you decide to go and find your grumpy other half, knowing you couldn’t be without him for long.

Scanning around the room, you hoped you’d see your boyfriend, but he wasn’t anywhere in sight. You see Juice walking through the back doors, so you decide to go and talk to him. As you turn to stand, you feel a hand on your thigh. Freezing in place, you raise your eyebrows at the man.

“Where you going, babe?” He asks, still not moving his hand. You push his hand off your leg, standing up.

“I’m going to find my old man.“ You try to smile, unsuccessfully, and turn to walk again but he grabs your wrist.

“You can’t just go when you’ve been talking to me and leading me on.” He tightened his grip as you try to pull away. Panicking, you pull harder, your wrist hurting from him squeezing so hard.

“You’re hurting me you dick. Let me fucking go!” You shout, guests turning to look at the commotion.

“Oi!” You hear Jax’s angry shout, turning to see him and Happy taking quick, long strides over to you. You breathe a sigh of relief, never feeling so happy to see your boyfriend so angry.

Happy instantly pushes you behind him, yanking the man out of his seat by his shirt, while Jax checks to see if you’re OK. After reassuring him you’re fine, he gently pushes you into the arms of Chibs, while he goes to stand with Hap. Chibs puts his arm around your waist, protecting you but also giving him a way to hold you if you try to get involved.

“You think you’re big, laying your hands on my girl?” Happy growls, slamming the creep into the bar. The man smirks, obviously not realising he’s about to feel the full wrath of The Killer.

“Let’s take this outside shall we, brother? We don’t need an audience.” You look around, some of the guests with fear in their eyes and panic on their faces. Other people were used to things like this happening, so they were calm. Bobby and Tig were standing a few steps away, ready to assist if need be.

After a few more seconds of his deathly stare, Happy grunts, Jax dragging the man outside by the scruff of his neck. Your man looks at you as he passes, squeezing your hip and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Go with Chibs, I’ll be back soon.“ With that he walks out, going to teach the man a lesson that everyone should know. Nobody touches his woman.

As the door to Nero’s office opens, you look up to Happy walking in. You get up, walking to meet him as he shuts the door. His hands weave round your lower back as yours go around his neck, bodies pressed against each other. You release a sigh of relief, the simple touch of him calming you down. He rests his head on your shoulder, as you place a kiss to his neck.

“I’m sorry.” You say, pulling back to look into his eyes, your arms and his keeping each other close.

“Don’t apologise, baby girl. Nothing about tonight has been your fault. I’m sorry for being an ass and for not looking after you when I should’ve.” He brings his lips to yours, his hands slipping down to squeeze your backside as you pull on the hair at the nape of his neck.

He lifts you up, your legs wrapping around him as he places you on the desk. His hands move to your hair, playfully tugging on your ponytail to expose your neck. His lips nip, suck and kiss at your skin, your eyes closing as you bite your lip. You tug at his shirt, him getting the hint as he separates, quickly pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it across the room. You thanked your lucky stars that the blinds were closed.

His lips attach back to yours, your tongue slipping into his mouth. You get up from the desk, pushing him gently so he lands on the sofa behind him. You smirk at him, slowly pulling off your shirt as he watches you, hunger in his eyes. You undo the button on your jeans, turning around and pushing your jeans down, bending over to tease Happy even further.

Standing in just your bra and panties, you walk over to the door, locking it so you wouldn’t be disturbed. Your turn around, the sight of Happy palming the bulge in his pants making you weak at the knees.

“Come over here, kitten.” Happy growls, opening his arms invitingly. You saunter over to him, making sure to sway your hips as you pull your hair tie out, your hair falling messily around your shoulders. You straddle him, his hands finding your ass again, squeezing as you roll your hips. His head drops back, your bitten lips peppering kisses on his chest as you continue your movements.

“I need you, Hap. I’m so wet for you.” You whisper in his ear, nibbling at the lobe. His hand slips down to your underwear, his fingertips moving your thong to the side as he sinks his fingers into you. You moan as he curls his fingertips, pulling out and bringing his hand to his lips. He sucks your juices off his fingers, your eyes locked on his as you watch him.

“You always taste so good, baby. If I wasn’t so hard right now I’d make you come with my tongue.” His words make you even wetter if that’s possible, as you stand up, him copying you and getting his jeans and boots off in record time. Unclipping your bra and slipping off your panties, you drop them both to the ground. He sits back down, pulling you to him.

You climb back on to his lap, closing your eyes in bliss as he fills you up. You both moan, his raspy voice like music to your ears.

“Fuck, Hap.” Digging your nails into his shoulders, you slowly lift up, grinding back down onto him. He squeezes your waist, his teeth gently biting your bottom lip. You move, rolling your hips as he thrusts up to meet you, both of you pouring your love into your movements. His lips are everywhere, leaving an invisible trail, claiming your body as his, as if it wasn’t already.

You both take your time, lost in one another as you make love. Marks are left, both claiming your territory as you bring each other closer to the edge.

“You feel so good, Princess. I love being the one to make you feel this way, being able to watch your face as you come for me.” You move faster, his raw words making you hungry for your high. He knows your body too well, his fingers moving down to rub your clit as he thrusts into you.

“Come for me, kitten.” His words are like a trigger, your body convulsing as you release, his lips sucking at your neck. He grunts, and you feel him empty himself inside you. You watch his face, feeling so lucky that you’ve got this man to call yours.

“I love you, Happy.” You stroke his cheek, placing a single kiss to his collarbone.

“And I love you, (Y/N).

Yikesssss! Hope you guys liked this!! The smut wasn’t planned but it felt right so I just went with it lmao. Havent proof read yet so hopefully there are no mistakes. Hope you like! Requests are always open X

Be My Best (Teen Dad AU Rap Monster) Pt 2

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Rap Monster’s teen dad au was so good. I was wondering if you could do a pt.2?☺️

Part 1

Namjoon tapped his pencil against the desk rapidly as he eyed his phone. “Mr. Kim the final is about to begin” his math teacher spoke as he nodded. As of 20 minutes they had induced labor and Namjoon was stuck at school finishing his finals. This was his last final so he was rushing to get it over with. His eyes danced over the test as he began filling in the bubbles rapidly knowing the answers were correct anyways and soon finished it and got up. “You’re done?” his teacher asked as he nodded. “Hey good luck though” he was told as Namjoon nodded “thank you” he said as he took off.


He smiled as he rushed into the hospital smiled as he saw you laying in bed “hey how are you feeling” he asked as you looked at him confused “why are you all sweaty?” you asked him as he smiled “I ran here” he said as the hospital wasn’t close but at the same time not far away. Your hand clamped down on his arm as pain washed over your face “contractions?” he asked as you nodded. He his lightly ran over your for head before cupping your cheek “you’re doing great. I know already our boy is gonna be so happy to be out” he says as you nodded.

Hours passed as the contractions grew closer and closer together and Namjoon had been doing his best to keep you occupied by reading classic Brothers Grim tales to you. He was holding the book and flipping pages as the other held yours as he would stop every time you contracted. “Well I think you’ll be able to start pushing soon” the doctor said from between your legs as you smiled. Namjoon gave you a glass of water as you smiled drinking it as your face soon filled with pain and Namjoon took the cup from you. “He’s coming like now” you hissed as he put the book down and rushed off to get the doctor.


A bit passed before you were greeted by the sound of a scream. “Its a boy” the doctor clarified as you smiled leaning back. Namjoon had grabbed your hands as you sobbed “you did so good” he promised as you smiled into him. You were cleaned and so was the small baby who was brought out. “Yejoon” you say as you were passed your son. His eyes were so dark and tiny, everything feature wise was tiny. At least at the moment nothing seemed off with him which made you so happy.

Namjoon spent a good 30 minutes cooling your face off with a rag and water, giving you drinks, and asking the doctors if the took care of everything for you before he really got a extremely good look at his son. Which led to nearly and hour of him standing there with a smile on his face before he as able to climb into your bed beside you. “We’re parents” he hummed softly as he leaned his head onto yours as you two stared at the sleeping newborn in your arms.


Namjoon didn’t go to graduation and begged to have yours and his diplomas early. And instead of the big graduation, he gave it to you in the morning and curled up with you while your newborn slept calmly in his crib.

“Where a good place to work?” Namjoon asked his parents as you slept peacefully still being worn out from giving birth only days ago. “You’re getting a job already?” his dad asked “yeah I need one” he says as he gestures to the picture of the newborn that already littered the living room with pride. “I have a family to worry about and I’m not making Y/N work anytime soon” he informed as he checked the baby monitor to see if his son was up.

“Where I work, I think I can find you somewhere” his dad said as Namjoon smiled “you might want to get him, he’s waking up” his mother said as Yejoon was kicking and letting out a light whine. He rushed off to the bedroom and greeted the sleepy boy as he picked him up “hello my handsome baby” he cooed as he carried his son out, sight wasn’t something he was going to have right away, the look on his little ones face he learned was him trying to distinguish was he was actually looking at. Yejoon seemed to understand that the male whose arms he laid in was someone trusting and nurturing to him also “I think mommy filled you a bottle before she fell asleep” he whispered as he carried his son out. You pumped one because you weren’t sure how long you were going to be sleeping. Heading into the kitchen and opening the fridge and smiled as a bottle sat there. “Good” he whispered as he picked it up and took it to the microwave.

Namjoon took a seat on the couch as he brought the bottle to his son’s lips. His eyes were closed again as he peacefully sucked the milk from the bottle. It was truly a bonding moment for any baby and parent to have. So much love radiated off of Namjoon for the little boy in his arms. He couldn’t stop smiling as the bottle was quickly emptied “I never have to worry about you not eating well” he cooed soft as he patted his son’s back lightly as he laid himself down after putting the emptied bottle onto the table.


By the time you had woken up you were alone in Namjoon’s room and made your way out seeing Namjoon sleeping with Yejoon on him. You smiled as you grabbed the blanket and covered them. You saw Yejoon smile in his sleep and soon Namjoon did as well as your hand rubbed his arm softly. You got up from kneeling and sat down beside him as Namjoon woke up a little “you alright?” he asked in a gruff voice “I’m fine. Go back to sleep” you cooed as he smiled laying his head into your lap and drifted off again.

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Could you continue the Lucien pining after Pablo??? It was so good!!!!

WELL IF YOU SAY SO!!! (i really wanted to anyways) this is just an entire fucking fic lmao.

Lucien goes to Pablo’s concert.

He and Pablo had been texting on and off throughout the last two weeks, discussing music and their favorite bands, a few of which Pablo had even met himself. Lucien has always been into the indie scene more than anything anyways–if Pablo gets him tickets to see smaller bands instead of more mainstream stuff, it’s for the better.

At some point, Pablo confided in him that this would actually be his third show. He’s sent Lucien a few of his mixes to listen to, and by the time the concert rolls around, he’s super into it. Even if he didn’t know there was an incredibly hot tee salesman behind the music, Lucien actually finds the music growing on him; witch house has always been a guilty pleasure.

Now he’s a diehard.

“You made it!” Pablo greets him outside the venue where he’s already surrounded by a crowd of people. He has fans. Of course he has fans.

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Single dad au?? Maybe it's not really a secret child but they are very shy and tony is totes mama bear protective so spawn is kept out of the media. Maybe tony takes spawn to parent/child group activity (like painting or cooking class) led by [bucky, Sam, tchalla, Nat take your pick] and spawn absolutely loves teacher and then they are big happy family 😄 or alternatively tony/spawn meet another parent/kid duo and hit it off

Oh. Oh. With every new AU I hadn’t considered, so many new doors open themselves… Also I love how you call Tony’s beloved child a spawn lol.

For Tony his child is the centre of the world and it doesn’t matter how busy work gets or how much Pepper yells at him, every Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock, he’s at the tiny bookstore right across the street of his favourite coffee shop, where an employee–his name is Sam Wilson, he’s twenty-nine and Tony is not interested in him at all–reads to the children.

It was an accident when they first stumbled upon one such session, but Aileen fell heads over heels in love with Sam–thankfully in a completely I-makes-the-best-voices-daddy way. And well, Tony’s never been all that good at saying no to Aileen when it comes to these sort of things (he’s surprisingly good at not buying her endless toys though).

So they’ve come back ever since, Aileen to listen to a new story and Tony to stare at Sam dazzling a bunch of children into worshiping the grounds he walks on. They regularly stay behind too, and by some sort of divine intervention Tony always ends up chatting with Sam for a little while–who, aside from being great with children and amazingly hot, is also unfairly funny and great to talk to.

Alright, so maybe Tony has a small crush on the man. But he’s not a complete idiot, he won’t act on it. He’s not going to ruin this for his daughter, not in a million years. Besides there’s one advantage to admiring from afar: reality doesn’t get the chance to crush your dreams.

There are moments where he almost thinks that maybe his interest isn’t so one-sided though. When Sam laughs at one of his jokes, even though it’s kind of a dumb one for example. Or when Sam smiles at him over the top of his excitable daughter’s head. Or when–yeah, well, whatever. Tony’s good at seeing things the way he wants them to be instead of how they really are, so what does he know.

The real problem is that having a excitable five year old daughter who loves fairytales. Because one day, near the end of the reading, Aileen suddenly speaks up. Which is unusual, she gets too caught up in the stories normally. But when Sam reads about the marriage of the prince and the princess, suddenly her hand is up in the air and she starts talking (she still forgets sometimes that she’s supposed to wait until her name is called).

“Why does she marry the prince?” she asks.

“Because they love each other,” Sam explains, radiating nothing but gentle patience in the face of the interruption.

“So when people are in love they marry?”

“Not always but yes, a lot of them do,” Sam agrees.

Aileen frowns and Tony edges closer towards her, wants to remind her that she can still ask her questions after Sam’s finished the story, but her next words stop him dead.

“But then when are you and daddy gonna marry?” she asks, turns towards her frozen father in confusion. “You’re in love, don’t you wanna marry? Daddy, you can have my green dress if you wanna!”

Tony is blushing so hard, he’s sure he’ll pass out any moment. (He also can’t help but feel a tiny bit of sappy happiness at his daughters’ willingness to lend him her favourite dress). It helps a little that Sam is flushed too, but Tony still has to fight the urge to grab his kid and make a run for it right there and then. Thankfully the children are distracted by the ending of the story, and if Sam has to clear his throat three times before he continues reading it out, that doesn’t have to mean anything.

The parents give them a couple of very long (in some cases very judging) glances though.

(They’ll figure it out eventually but what would life be without a little awkward pining?)


“Can you write an imagine where happy scolds you for not coming to him for help with money and you end up moving in with him please?”

“oh my god a friendship one with happy where he treats the reader like a little sister :’) im a mess lmao”

A knock at your door sounds, you scuttling from upstairs to go to the door, Happy on the other side as you open it. You smile at him, him smiling in return. You stand aside, opening your door widely and letting him come in, “Hey, Hap. I’ve just gotta take a wizz and grab my phone, wait in the living room if you want.”

“Couldn’t you have taken a shit before I got here?” he teases, dropping onto your sofa. You roll your eyes, pointing your finger at him warningly, a smirk on your face.

Happy watches you leave, your figure disappearing up the stairs, his attention shuffling to the TV. He watches the sitcom for a few moments, before his eyes flicker to the stack of letters on the coffee table, the word ‘URGENT!’ plastered across the top one.

Leaning forward, he looks at the stairs, expecting you to appear and catch him mooching through your things, but the coast is clear. He grabs the letters, quickly flicking through them and noticing they all say alarming words, all written in bold, red writing.

Grabbing one from the pile, he spins it around, unsealing the envelope with ease. He unfolds the piece of paper, his eyes skimming the text, his eyes widening in shock.

“I’m ready-” you trail off, reaching the bottom of the stairs and seeing Happy, letters in hand and a stern expression on his face. You chuckle nervously, trying to grab the papers from him, his reflexes too quick for you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were behind?” he asks sharply, you swallowing as he scolds you, you feeling like a little kid being told off by a teacher. “They’re threatening to kick you out, (Y/N).”

You roll your eyes, again trying to grab the letters and again failing. You fold your arms, trying to stick to your guns. “It won’t come to that.”

Happy just glares at you, begging you to see the seriousness of the situation. You know he’s not going to let this go without an explanation, him being like your big brother that you never wanted, but you’re glad you have anyway. Sighing, you take a seat on the nearest chair, running your hands through your hair.

“I lost my job, okay? They found out I stole those supplies that you guys needed, told me I could either walk away with no compensation for being fired, or they’d call the police.” you admit, standing back up and facing a apologetic looking Happy. This is exactly what you didn’t want, pity.

Huffing at him, you finally grab your letters, pulling open a random drawer and stuffing them inside angrily. “Thanks for going through my shit, by the way.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Tell one of the guys?” he questions, leaning against the wall as he watches you. “We could’ve helped you out.”

“I’m not a charity case, Hap. I don’t want your money.” you snap, feeling vulnerable, not wanting anybody to know that you can’t even afford to pay your own bills. “This place is shit anyway. They’d be doing me a favour by making me leave.”

Happy looks at you, not knowing what to say as you shrug your coat on. You glare at him warningly, miming a zip across your mouth, telling him to drop it. “Come on, I’ve gotta whoop your ass at pool.”

“You and (Y/N) alright, brother? You’re usually joined at the hip but she’s been spending an awful lot of time with Chibs today.“ Jax inquires, taking a drag from his cigarette. Happy looks to you, your hand holding a beer as you laugh along with Chibs.

“She got laid off, having money troubles.” Happy states, taking a sip from his own beer as he talks with one of his brothers. “You know how she is, too proud to accept help. She doesn’t want the pity.”

Jax whistles lowly, blowing out the smoke from his parted lips. You flick your gaze over to the two men, noticing their eyes are on you, Happy raising his eyebrow questioningly, you moving your attention back to Chibs.

“She’s good with books and shit, right? Could probably get her some work in the office, maybe send her to help Nero too.” Jax suggests, Happy mulling it over in his head before nodding. Drinking the last of his beer, he places the bottle on the table.

“Thanks, brother. I’m gonna go speak to her.” Jax nods in acceptance, Happy walking towards you, Chibs giving the two of you some space as he moves elsewhere. You smile at him, a slight tension surrounding the two of you.

“Listen, (Y/N), I’m sorry-” you roll your eyes, putting your hand up to stop your best friends apologises, a smirk on your lips. He looks nervous, not sure whether you’re about to tell him it’s fine or tell him the complete opposite.

“Don’t worry, Killer, it’s all forgotten.” you reassure him, signaling Chucky to pass you another beer, handing it to the now relieved looking Happy. “I know you had my best interests at heart. I’ll figure something out.”

“Jax is gonna get you some hours at TM and Diosa. Finance shit, sorting out clients, stuff like that.” he explains, you already starting to feel like you’re the number one guest at the pity party. Before you can disagree or reassure him it’s fine, Happy silences you with a warning glare, you laughing in response, him being able to read you so well. “It’s our fault you lost your job anyway, kitten. Least we can do.”

Nodding, you trace the rim of your beer, knowing that working within the club will probably be pretty fun, especially since you and Nero got on well. “I’m gonna go stay with my mom for a bit, till I get back up on my feet again.”

“That’s like two hours away, (Y/N).” Happy states, leaning against the bar. You shrug your shoulders, knowing that it’s probably going to be an expensive run backwards and forwards constantly, but at least you don’t have to worry about your house.

“Why don’t you just come crash with me for a while?” You raise your eyebrows at his suggestion, not expecting it at all. He grins at you, liking the idea of being able to keep his eye on you, especially when it comes to men. “It makes sense, and plus, I make a great pancakes.”

“I’m sure you do.” you tease, taking a sip from your bottle. As much as it would be great to live with Happy, being close to work and also having such good company, you don’t want it to get weird when it comes to food bills or rent, especially considering you’re not even earning yet. “I don’t know, Hap. I don’t want to be relying on you for shit that is my responsibility.”

“Hey.” he argues, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “You’re like family, (Y/N), and family help each other out.”

You look at him closely, searching his face for any sign of uncertainty, but come up empty. Finally, after a mental battle, you huff dramatically. “Fine, but don’t moan when I leave my bobby pins all over the house.”

You grin as he frowns, confusion written all over his face. Laughing, you place your hand on his face, pinching his cheek playfully. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

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Self Control - Chapter 1

Summary: Your first class together. As @fangirlisms-22​ commented when she beta’d it, “Enter Captain Dorito, stage right.” Inspired by this tweet series. 

Pairing: Professor!Chris Evans X TA!Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Some backstory, anticipation, and attraction. (It’s not NSFW, yet!)

A/N: Ayoo! I’m back with a new series that will likely not fit into my writing schedule either, but lucky for y’all, I only have a few more weeks till I get a break from classes (but not work). This is my first time writing a reader insert in second person, so forgive me if it sucks. A shout out to @lostboyinneverland who read the first chapter before I even finished it because she’s too hyped for this series and the patient @fangirlisms-22 for beta-ing me! Here’s the Spotify playlist for the entire series, because y’all know I can’t write a series without making a playlist. I love feedback, so send me your responses, feelings, or general thoughts anytime! See y’all soon!

Tags are open for this story, so send me an ask here to be added to it or my permanent list!

Self Control | Masterlist

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You know I’m not over you and I think you love it. You love the fact that I still think about you all the time, you love the unshed tears in my eyes when I see you pass by in the hallway. You love the way you know you make me feel. It gives you a pleased feeling. Maybe even pride. I’m not sure. But one day, I will be over you, you know. Whether it’s gonna take 2 months or 2 years, or even more than that. One day, you’ll bump into me or see me walk out of a building from across the street. You’ll see me, maybe with another guy, maybe with my friends, maybe even all alone. And I’ll see you, too. And I’ll smile at you. I’ll give you one of my most beautiful, truly happy smiles; the smile you fell in love with once. And then, I’ll walk away, just like that. You’ll feel just like how I’m feeling right now. And…that’s all on you.
—  Unknown
A baby? - Poe Dameron x reader

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Request: Hi. This is the anon that requested the prompts 34, 36, and 53 for Poe. From the list of 390 prompts. I have read just about everything you have written, and it is so amazing!!!

A/N: As I said, I’m gonna write this in two parts. Enjoy, and I hope you like it! (:

At the moment the nurse walks out of the room, General Organa walks in. She smiles at you, truly happy to see you awake.

“So… how are you feeling? You scared me, girl!”, she says, and all you can do is laugh. You’re still a little bit dizzy.

“Sorry for that. I just felt really bad and-”

“(Y/N), you don’t need to apologize. It’s okay.”

Again, you smile. Thing was: you passed out. In the middle of a meeting, right beside General Organa, you just dropped to the floor, everything becoming too dark for you to see. And she took you there, to the medical bay, immediately.

“You gotta eat, kid. You can’t keep passing out like that, especially now that… you know…”

“Now that what?”, you ask her.

“Oh, come on, (Y/N)!”, Leia laughs. “Does he know about the baby?

“What? Who? Which baby?”, you ask her, completely in shock. Your eyes are wide open, and you can feel your head spinning around again. “Do you think it’s possible that I… might be… pregnant?

“Well, I don’t think - I’m sure. The doctor made exams on you, just to make sure you were okay. And when the results came out, I asked him to tell me”, Leia shrugs. “I didn’t know that you would still find out about it, I’m sorry.”

You shake your head, still feeling your heart pounding on your chest.

“No, it’s okay! It’s… um… I-I’m just surprised. I wasn’t expecting this.”

Leia smiles, coming closer to you and caressing your hand.

“You’re on the first 4 weeks of your pregnancy yet, don’t worry. And things will be fine, I’m sure Poe will love the news!”

And at that same moment, Poe walks into the room.

“(Y/N)! Babe, I was so worried! How are you?”, he asks, running to your side and kissing your forehead. “General Organa, thank you so much for taking care of her!”

“Oh, don’t worry. She’s one of my favorite girls on the base too”, Leia says, leaning in and kissing you on the cheek. “Well, I gotta go. You two have a lot to talk.”

Leia blinks to you, walking to the door and closing it as she leaves.

“What? Talk about what?”, Poe asks you, frowning. And oh, boy - how would you tell him that?

excuse me i just wanted to say that


yes that’s all 

shiptonofshits  asked:

19, 'things you said when we were the happiest we ever were' with hamburr? Thank you, I absolutely adore your fics <3

Alex is on dish duty for the night.

He doesn’t mind, not really. Aaron is better at settling the kids down for bed, anyway. Alex always manages to get them all riled up again, much to Aaron’s annoyance and Theo and Philip’s delight. 

So dish duty is probably a much safer activity for Alex, especially since Aaron has been yawning constantly since he got home for work. Alex can tell it’s going to be an early night in.

Having a three year old and five year old is a lot to handle.

“You missed a spot,” comes a voice from behind him, arms wrapping around his middle. “Right….here!” Fingers tickle his sides, and Alex makes a strangled, noise, dropping the cup in his hand into the sink, water splashing up.

“Mean,” Alex grumbles, turning so he can face Aaron, who is giving him a tired smile. “You got them down?” He wipes his hands onto his jeans as Aaron nods. “What story did you tell them tonight?”

Aaron chuckles, moving closer and resting his head on Alex’s shoulder. “They told me one. Something about a dog princess and a knight that saved her from a giant robot. I zoned out a few times.”

“Sounds like the next big hit,” Alex say, tone serious, smiling when Aaron laughs again. He nudges at Aaron until they’re looking at each other, moving his hands to cup Aaron’s cheeks. “You look tired.”

“I am tired.”

Alex smoothes his fingers across Aaron’s face, and then leans in to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “You should go to bed, get some sleep.”

Aaron hums, but shakes his head. “I’d rather stay here with you.”

“Romantic,” Alex teases, smiling when Aaron rolls his eyes. “I mean, really, watching me do the dishes, that’s what does it for you? I’m all for weird kinks but-”

Aaron cuts him off with a kiss, pulling back with an exasperated expression. “I meant so we could talk.”


Aaron huffs out a breath, but Alex sees his lips twitch. “Will you just shut up and let me stay here like I want to?”

“How can we talk if you want me to shut up?” Alex asks, laughing when Aaron groans. “Okay, okay.” He wraps his arms around Aaron as the man leans into him with a yawn. “Hey, if you pass out in here, you’re sleeping on the ground, cause there’s no way I can carry you.”

“I’m not gonna pass out,” Aaron mumbles, but he makes no effort to move away. “I just don’t get how Theo and Philip have so much energy all the time. I feel like I’ve aged ten years just from today.”

Alex smiles, rubbing small circles against Aaron’s back. “They are a lot,” Alex agrees, pausing his movements when Aaron just groans again. “Hey,” Alex gives him a gentle shake. “You’re happy though, aren’t you?”

There’s a long beat of silence, but then Aaron is lifting his head, staring at Alex with furrowed brows. “Of course I am. What do you mean?”

Alex shrugs, chewing at his lip. “I just…want to make sure. I want you to be happy.”

“I am.” Aaron blinks at him, and then moves in for another kiss, bumping their noses together. “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.”


“Yeah,” Aaron tells him with a murmur. “We’re a family. That’s…” He pauses, and Alex sees him swallow, throat visibly working. “For so long, that’s…that’s all I’ve ever wanted. This, you and me, Theo and Philip, it’s…it’s everything.”

Alex leans in to rest their foreheads against each other, his heart beating quickly in his chest. “Yeah.” He takes a deep breath. “Okay. Good.”

Aaron laughs softly, angling his head to catch another kiss. “Good,” he agrees, smile growing wide. “See, watching you do the dishes is romantic.”

“You dork,” Alex says through a laugh, breathing in sharply when Aaron kisses him again, this time deeper, with much more behind it. “Hey,” Alex tells him sternly, pulling back. “If you want me to finish these dishes, then you should probably not do t-” He’s cut off by another kiss, this one taking his breath away.

Aaron’s hands are tangled in the front of Alex’s shirt, tugging him forward, and Alex slides his hands up Aaron’s back, melting against him as they keep kissing, mouths moving against each other with years and years of practice.

“Forget the dishes,” Aaron whispers against his lips, taking a small step back and pulling Alex with him. “Let me show you just how happy I am.”

Alex smiles, about to make some sort of joke about kinks again, but Aaron must be able to tell, because he kisses him hard, and all thoughts of talking flies out of Alex’s mind, more than happy to let Aaron lead them to their bedroom. 

He never thought happiness would feel as good as this.

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can we get some angsty and/or fluffy karchie headcanons pls? (i live for ur headcanons lol)

Anon I’m SCREAMING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Damn omg you got it pal, Kevarchie coming your way. (Also I apologise for this being so fucking long I just had so many Ideas)

- It’s some unspecified future time. Kevin and Archie are living together, with Jughead too. Kevin and Archie are boyfriends and they both have qpr’s with our aroace Jughead.
- It’s their anniversary. They decided years ago that they’d take turns of who planned it each year, it’s Kevin’s year. He takes Archie to that new superhero movie he’s been dying to watch, then up to the observatory hill after grabbing some food to star gaze.
- Kevin’s watching Archie beaming in the moonlight, happily stimming as he talks about his favourite parts of the movie inbetween bites of ketchup dipped chips and he’s struck by the thought that he wants to marry this man.
- Kevin’s driving them home, one hand on the wheel, the other in Archie’s hand. Kevin laughs at one of Archie’s stupid jokes while driving under a street lamp, the warm yellow lighting up his face. Archie’s struck by the same thought; I want to marry this man.
- Kevin always has to leave early for his shifts at the hospital as a nurse so it’s just Archie and Jughead sitting at the table eating breakfast.
“Jug, I… I want to propose to Kevin.”
“Okay. Figured out how yet?”
“Wha-? No I- Jug-”
“Arch, I love you, and I love Kevin too. But I don’t love you guys the way you two love each other. I know you both love me. If this is something you want, go for it. There’s nothing in your way.”
- They get a few minutes together when Kevin gets home from work, but Archie has to run off to a gig that night and then it’s just Kevin and Jughead.
“Yeah, what’s up Kev?”
“I want to ask Archie to marry me. Just want to make sure that’s okay with you.”
Holy fuck, Jughead thinks, a grin spreading across his face but not for the reason Kevin thinks.
“Totally okay with me.”
- The next few months are Stressful™. Archie is running around behind Kevin’s back trying to create a perfect proposal, Kevin is running around behind Archie’s back trying to create the perfect proposal. Jughead is laughing to himself eating cereal in the background.
- But it wears on them. They’ve both pulled away from each other and neither can figure out why the other would do that. It’s been five months since their anniversary and Archie realises they haven’t even been together since then. Nothing beyond couch cuddles and kisses on the way to work, no more than an hour or two at a time.
- Archie freaks out, stress stimming all day in their room until Kevin gets home. “I miss you.” He whispers, the tightly squeezed play-dough in his hands giving away how anxious he is.
- Kevin’s shoulders slump, because he’s been freaking out about the same thing for about two weeks now. “I miss you too.” He says back softly, walking over and taking Archie in his arms.
- They talk it out, both of them knowing how busy they’ve each been now. They both take the next day off to just be with each other again. It’s the most relaxed they’ve been in months, and Jughead feels a little bad for not noticing sooner. But they’re happy now, kissing his cheek or squeezing his shoulder every time they pass by to get more tea or snacks.
- Tour season for the band starts up again in a month.
- Kevin: “I’m finally gonna propose after their first concert on the tour.”
Archie, fifteen minutes later: “I’m gonna propose to Kev after our first concert.”
Jughead, eating cereal: “This is gonna be so fucking funny.”
- So the concert has ended, Kevin’s out on stage congratulating his boyfriend, nothing out of the ordinary with that.
- Then Archie grabs the mic again, he’s blushing and shaky and stuttering. “Uh, Kev, there- there’s um. Something I wanna ask you…”
- Kevin knows this Archie. This was the Archie that approached him when he was questioning, who asked him out for their first date, when they first came out, and he’s PISSED
- “Oh hell NO!! There’s no way you’re asking me first!” Kevin yells, scrambling in his pocket for his ring.
- Archie catches on and instantly drops to his knee, scrambling for his own box.
- They both yell “MARRY ME, YOU DORK!” And “MARRY ME, DAMNIT!” At the same time, kneeling and holding their rings out at each other.
- Jughead is laughing so hard he’s fallen to the ground clutching his sides
- Archie takes a moment and just looks at the sight in front of him. The love of his life kneeling and offering him his heart. He can’t help but beam, placing the ring he’d bought down and holding out his left hand for Kevin. “Absolutely.”
- Kevin melts a little bit, sliding the ring onto Archie’s finger only to watch the redhead melt completely. He blushes darkly right to the tips of his ears, sinking all the way to the floor as he stares at the ring, his free hand flapping.
- So Kevin laughs softly, heart bursting with love for this man. He grabs Archie’s ring himself, noting that they matched (bc of course Jughead made sure they matched), and sliding it onto his own hand.
- When he gently tips Archie’s head up to show him the ring on his own hand, Archie tears up and starts flapping both his hands, before Kevin pulls him into a hug and the hands end up clutched in Kevin’s sweater.
- They have a long, long night together, and are woken much sooner than they’d like by heavy binders being dropped on their chests.
“Let’s talk napkin colours.”
“Veronica it’s six am.”
“You were in New York last night.”
“I’m thinking some soft blues and yellows, a real summery feel.”
- Jughead makes waffles for breakfast as an apology for not stopping Veronica on her way in (Though he’s not completely sorry bc his boys are most adorable when sleepy).
- About a month after the engagement.
Archie: “You know I’m surprised Jug never figured out we were planning the same thing.”
Kevin: “What??”
Archie: “Well, I told him how I was gonna propose to you.”
Kevin: “What the fuck?? I told him how I was gonna propose to you too!”
Both of them: “JUGHEAD!!”
Jughead: drops his spoon into his cereal “I suddenly remembered I have to leave right now immediately.”

En Canine, Care-itas.

Uh so yeah.  When I got tagged for this it isn’t where I pictured it going but you know…. beer.  @contrivedcoincidences6 and @mihosayuri for the MSR prompt:

Scully: “Is this… Is this real? Are you really here?”
Mulder: “It’s real.  I’m here, Scully.  I’m right here.”
Scully: “Prove it.”

I knew I would die, first. It never took a genius to tell me that.  Scully beat cancer, TERMINAL, INOPERABLE cancer.  Sure, I had a little bit to do with that, I like to think.  Skinner did, too I guess, that prick.  Selling his soul to the devil and all.  He always did have the hots for Scully.

And Clyde Bruckman DID tell her she was immortal.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  He wasn’t psychic, right?  Not ALL of his prophecies came true, right?  And I mean, I had Scully… SCULLY… for fuck’s sake, in my bed every night - at least, after I got my shit back together.  And there was that pesky run in with that weird alien virus that left me stranded and looking like absolute shit on a bridge.  But after I rebounded from THAT, I think we all knew there was no way I was going to die from auto-erotic asphyxiation.  I mean, c’mon… who the hell do you think I am anyway?  I’m no David Carradine.

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SHINee: Taemin~ being in a haunted house with his crush

•  taeMAN will try his best to make you feel safe and protected, esp if you’re scared of these kinda things
•  he’ll try his hardest not to squeal when a skeleton goes for his foot
•  then proceed to laugh it off, saying he just did it to make you laugh
•  but now you’re noticing he’s walking closer to you
•  one more attack from a clown and he’s got a wild look in his eye
•  he swears he’s gonna punch the next thing that crawls next to his legs or attacks him
•  thinks it’s unfair bc they’re all going for him and nothing is scaring you
•  tbh you’re just laughing at his adorable reactions
•  so you’d suggest holding his hand bc maybe now they won’t be inclined to scare him
•  oml he needs a sec to catch his breath and he’s just scared he’s gonna pass out
•  shyly grabs your hand and gives you a grateful smile
•  "I doubt it, I bet they planned this before we even came in and decided they’re gonna attack this innocent, good looking boy with the attractive girl next to him"
•  he feels like he’s on top of the world now, since he’s feeling extra manly after holding your hand and he’s too focused on the beating in his chest to pay attention to the fake blood and the skeletons
•  considering he was finally gonna confess his feelings tonight, he was esp happy that you made the first move so now he’s more ready than ever
•  so if he could only make it out of this hell hole…jfc
•  safe and out of harm once you’ve made it out, he takes several deep breaths
•  not once letting go of your hand despite his being a lil sweaty now
•  "y/n, I’ve been meaning to ask you…would you want to go out again? Like, as in more than friends? You can totally say no if you want, let’s just pretend I never said anything"
•  "what do you mean, you dork, I like you more than a friend too. So no, I’m not gonna pretend like you didn’t say that.“
•  after kissing him on the cheek, he’s blushing more than ever
•  kinda regrets eating that churro earlier
•  "how about we go on that Rollercoaster next?”
•  oh no…here we go again

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DIVE Part 5


Here is DIVE Part 5!

Please enjoy this one, Babes! It’s another roller coaster!

Like I posted earlier, this is likely the second to last if not the last chapter, BUT there will be an epilogue/update.

I love you all and thank you for loving this series, but don’t fret! MANY more to come!

TAGELIST: @alexahood21 @caramara3 @wrestlingbabe @isawthesights @naturalmeadows @camm-wow @blondekel77 @ravishingrandall @sxrxndipityy @panda-girl1999

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