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babysitter | john shelby

request: can I please request a John imagine where you babysits John’s kids for him and eventually thing starts to progress with the two of you, like just flirting and stuff and none of you go any further than flirting even tho u both like each other and John gets jealous when u get a boyfriend. Thanks x

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Alex Danvers Week - Free Day

I’ve been trying to write this for so long and it’s never felt quite right, but since it’s Alex Danvers Week I thought I may as well have a go. Very angsty, cw for grief, self harm, suicidal ideation.

Thanks to @all-the-gay-feels​ for reading a draft a while back. Also thanks to @alexdanversnetwork for organising the week!

In the corner of her high school library, walled in by textbooks, she can almost forget about it all.

She can almost forget how she’ll have to help Kara with her homework tonight, before sorting through bills and making a dinner that Eliza will never thank her for, and then maybe, maybe, finally finishing her history essay before she falls asleep at her desk.

She can almost forget that the memories of him are waiting for her at home, in every corner of the house, the size of corpses.

But even reading about black holes, about the lives and deaths of stars, feels too close. Close like when she’s half asleep in the morning, and she can almost hear the hallway floor creak under his feet, smell his coffee in the kitchen as he reads the paper.

But when she wakes, the grief comes to her brass-knuckled, and the silence that rips through the house is as real and raw as a howl.

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a "Working in the experimental area of the hospital has its merits - but then again, I’m fairly certain that other departments don’t have random outbreaks of deadly diseases or go into lockdown periodically. Honestly, you don’t know how many book club meetings I’ve had to do over Skype because someone opened a tube of small pox again” AU nalu?

This was actually a challenge for me to think about and write, but I liked having it, thanks for asking :) A bit long, sorry, also if it seems a little messy :/


“Alright Lucy, I’m heading home.”

I turned back to my friend Levy, waving at me as she turned off the big lights to our lab.

“See you tomorrow, I’ll be right out.” I said, distracted by the experiment currently laying on my desk.

She hummed and I heard her go through the metal doors and out to the glass ones that kept us contained inside. I stayed a while later, still organizing up my desk and cleaning up materials and supplies. I carefully handled a rack of test tubes and containers, placing them back on the shelf where all the other contained diseases stayed.

“Woah, this place is cool,” I heard a sudden voice say, sending a jolt through me.

I turned and saw my best friend, Natsu, bewildered. He strolled around the shelves of tubes and came around to me, “How come I haven’t seen this place yet? You always disappear into it and I don’t see you for days.”

I checked and saw the door wide open, whipping back towards him, “How did you get in here? You need a coded key card from staff?”

“Levy let me in on her way out,” he answered.

I sighed, Levy was always flexible on letting people into the strictly restricted zone of the laboratory, so long as it was someone that she knew or that she knew I knew, she always assumed they would do no harm. Boy was she wrong.

“I’m coming out soon, just let me grab my stuff.”

Natsu never really visited by here, part of it because he wasn’t usually allowed anywhere in the building, but also I guess because he had better stuff to do. I grabbed my purse and froze in my spot, hearing glass clinking and screws being undone.

“What’s all this stuff?” He asked, peering inside an open test tube.

Natsu!” I yelled, rushing over to push him aside.

“What?” He asked, and I snatched the tube from his hand, quickly screwing it shut.

“These containers hold the worlds most deadliest diseases, you can’t just open them like you’re looking for a snack!” I blurted angrily, studying the label he opened. Oh shit. 

Small pox.

“We need to be quarantined,” I said, placing it back on the shelf.

“Woah wait, what?” He panicked, stepping away from me.

“The molecules were released into the air Natsu, we can’t let them get out,” I said, annoyed.

I rushed over to the metal doors and pressed a button on the wall, a light flashing above the archway and a soft alarm sounding.

“Jesus Lucy you didn’t tell me you had the fucking Black Plague in here!” He screamed.

I rolled my eyes, and heard the metal doors thump to the ground, the vents in the ceiling spraying out puffs of sanitizing air to fill up the room. Believe or not, this was a regular occurrence in the lab, so this wasn’t actually anything new to me.

I walked over and grabbed his hand, dragging him towards the back room and shutting the door.

“The hell is this?“ 

I pushed him into a shower-like stall with foggy glass wall that separated the tiled flooring.

"Take off your clothes,” I sighed, stepping into the one next to him.

I saw him moving around next to me, his figure blurred heavily. “Huh?”

I took off my clothes down to my underwear, pulling my top over my head. More puffs of air fell on us, and I grabbed the clean clothes from the cabinet inside. 


I turned and saw his distorted figure, facing me, while scratching his head. He kicked off his shoes, slowly and reluctantly, and then his shirt.

I pulled on some blue scrubs and tossed a shirt and some pants over the top of the glass, “Here, I think they should fit.”

He grabbed them and tugged them on, coming out slowly.

I laughed. He looked pathetically scared as all hell right now.

“Are we gonna die?” He asked, pulling at his collar.

“Don’t know yet,” I answered, walking back out to the main room.

A marquee flashed above us, brightly shining the word ‘QUARANTINE’ and a clock counting down.

“We have to stay in for at least 24 hours, to make sure that the air is clean and the virus didn’t escape onto us or anything.” I said, the words coming out like a routine.

“Then what?” He asked.

“We see if we’re infected or not, and if we are then…well, we’ll see when we get there.” I sighed, falling back into my desk chair, rubbing my temples.

I saw him walk around, dragging a hand through his hair, “24 hours?”

I hummed. He groaned loudly and fell to the ground on his face, “That’s too loong.”

 "Your fault,“ I said shamelessly.

He only groaned.


I don’t know if it had been hours or minutes, I was too lazy to look at the clock and my body felt stiff and numb. I sat next to Natsu on the floor, our backs against the wall and spirit shot. He groaned next to me, swaying back and forth.

"Lucy I’m so hungry,” he held his stomach, rolling around on the ground.

“We don’t really let food in the lab, sorry. Wait it out.” I said, staring at him groan again.

He pushed himself up and onto my lap, laying his head on my thighs, “We’re gonna die.”

I rolled my eyes. He always got clingy when he was hungry. “Quit being so dramatic.”

“Lucy we just let out the Black Plague and are starving, I don’t see how we’re gonna make it out alive.” He said, depressed.

“You let out small pox and it’s been like two hours.” I countered, feeling him bury his face in my stomach.

I felt his arms wrap around me and moaned again into my shirt. I sighed, playing with his hair with my fingers. I leaned my head against a pillar, trying to shove away the warm feeling crawling up my cheeks. 

“Go to sleep, it’ll distract you.” I considered.

“Mmhm,” he shook his head, “Too hungry.”

And I couldn’t fall asleep with his constant complaining, much less him laying all over me. Great.

“Let’s do something then,” I said, shaking his arm.

“Like what, break out?” He said, looking up to me gloomily. “Let the virus escape to the people, let natural selection do it’s work. We can get a burger and watch.”

I laughed, standing up from his arms. “No, actually, I was thinking something more musical to pass the time.”

I decided to bring in my iPod and a stereo about the third time I was under quarantine with Levy. I hit shuffle on my playlist and music started playing out of the speakers, filling up the barren room. I turned to him smiling, cheekily clapping to the beat of my song.

I saw him start laughing, “I’ll never understand your music taste.”

I shrugged him off, swaying my body around the tiled floor, my bare feet tapping loudly. What? I liked 80’s music, they gave you the best feelings and most of my favorite movies were from that period.

“Dance with me,” I held out my hands for him, still swaying in place as he watched me from the ground, half smiling.

He shook his head, “I can’t dance.”

I motioned to myself, shaking my hips, “Neither can I. Good thing there are no camera’s in here.”

I urged him again, taking his hands in mine and pulling him to his feet, tugging us both to the middle of the room. It felt like forever since I had a break, and believe it or not, I was kind of glad I was quarantined. It was a wonderful excuse to do nothing but goof off for an entire day. And luckily, I had the goofiest person I knew stuck right here with me.

He refused to do anything for the longest time, but I was pretty insistent, might I say myself. I twirled around him, grabbing his hand to spin me like a ballerina and shook his arms back and forth, pushing him to participate so that maybe I wasn’t the only one looking a fool at this moment. He finally gave in after I tried to spin and dip him, letting him nearly crash us both onto the floor. He picked me up easily, laughing, and for about the next hour or two, we just completely did the entire choreography for The Breakfast Club, jumping off of tables and chairs and singing terribly enough to crack the glass windows.

That was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time.


Soon enough we tired ourselves out, yet not enough to fall asleep. For the next couple of hours we just screwed around, playing stupid games that we could with no electronics but my iPod, which consisted of charades and by Natsu’s name, “Name this terrible song’.

The sun rose and set back down again to midnight where we started in the first place, having to wave away my coworkers who came in to check on things. We sat on the floor, talking about something weird like snails, with his head in my lap again staring up to me. He suddenly gasped, pointing to the marquee. “Hey, we have like ten minutes left!”

I cheered and clapped loudly, hearing him howl along with me. He chuckled and sighed, “I feel like I’m being released from prison.”

I gazed down to him, resting my elbow on his shoulder, “I don’t prison would be that fun.”

“Oh what, you mean there’s no break out of musical numbers during the night?” He asked, grinning up to me.

“Only in Chicago.” I answered back, looking to see if he got my reference. He seemed confused, I guess not.

I’ll have to make him watch that later. That is if we don’t have a deadly disease in our bodies right now.

We counted down the clock, standing up and pacing by the doors, down to the last second, before the word ‘CLEAN’ flashed in green letters.

He cheered again at our health and the metal doors slowly rose, a burst of air washing over us from the rest of the building. I felt him snag my waist, lifting me up into a hug and my feet off the floor. I laughed loudly, hanging onto him as he spun me around. He looked like he was close to tears.

He finally set me down in a flurry, and in another moment I was frozen against him. I felt his lips crash onto mine, a squeak in my mouth as he grinned against it. My chest bumped into his, and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, my body swarming with warmth. He pulled away and I stared up to him, dazed, yet smiling. He didn’t say anything for the longest time, and instead grabbed my hand, pulling me out the doors in a sprint and ran with me down the hallways, laughing.


“I HAVE NO MONEY!” I shrieked, running out into the darkness of the night.