gonna miss your stupid beautiful faces


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Pairing: Dean x wife!Reader
Word count: 570
Warnings: A swear

Part 8 of Last Chance

There seemed to be a fire under Dean lately, and you were wondering what clicked for him. He’d been extra considerate, and more like the Dean you’d fallen head over heels in love with all those years ago.

When he was home, he took one day to give you a break. He’d do everything you did every other day, telling you to relax. Of course, you still wound up helping with little things, but just the fact that he was trying meant the world to you.

At the moment, you were relaxing in your bathtub, a glass of wine, bubbles, and candles all around. You’d put on a face mask, some music, and let yourself feel human. For now, you were Y/N, the twenty something year old who liked music, reading, curling up and watching a funny movie, and had a habit of trying new hobbies just to give them up a month later. You weren’t so-and-so’s mom, you weren’t just Dean’s wife, and you weren’t covered with everyone else’s names. You were yourself.

Hearing the door, you looked over and smiled. Dean was leaning on the doorframe, smiling. “So, both kids are out.” He sounded so proud of himself, and it was deserved. Most nights your daughter conned him into ‘five more minutes’ of dolls a few times over. Or ‘just one more book’ until he’d read her the entire fairy tale book. “I’m going to heat up the oven for dessert, and I will meet you in the living room when you’re done. Take your time. You deserve it.” Moving forward, he leaned over and kissed you lovingly, your heart skipping a beat.

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