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Jackson | 1081 words
anon requested: Jackson + “Would it be too cliche if we matched clothes a little?”

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The K2 Review: Episode 16

Most of the time when I finish a drama, I’m just like “okay, let’s move on to the next one” or “wtf was that, give me a better ending” (*ahem* Moon Lovers). However, I was actually really happy with how they ended this drama. They closed up major loose ends, tied everything together, and had our favorite couple have their happy ending. In my opinion, this was an action-packed drama that found the balance between comedy, action, and drama. It wasn’t without its faults, but it was worth watching and I’m sad to let it go.

Choi Yoo Jin: You know, going into this episode, I didn’t want her to die; I thought it would be a waste for such a well developed character. I figured once they got out of that mess, she’d regain control JSS and JB Group, be the First Lady and all that, but her ending was truly fitting. I’m glad that she and Anna had their talk and she admitted to what happened that night. She may not have been the one to directly kill her mother, but she didn’t attempt to save her either. Like she said, that was her tipping point. I was also really happy with the fact that Assemblyman Jang decided to stay and die with her. Their hug in their final moments was a nice touch; she died with a smile on her face at least and with someone she once loved. When I started watching this show, I was determined to hate her because she, of course, was the supposed villain. The “evil stepmother.” But the one thing the writers did well was give depth to her character; once we learned more about her, it was easy to sympathize and empathize with her. She in the end even told Je Ha to save Anna, probably to make up for the fact she didn’t save Anna’s mother. She may have deserved better, but I think her ending was fitting. Major props to Song Yoon Ah for a fantastic performance!

Assemblyman Jang: The only decent thing he did this entire show was saving Anna and staying with Yoo Jin in the end. I never gave him much thought, but his death was also fitting. He certainly wouldn’t have survived the Blue House without Yoo Jin.

Chairman Choi: The little bastard got what he deserved, it was actually really satisfying to see Chief Kim be the one to deliver the final blow. She’d never let her precious Madam go unavenged lol. Speaking of her, I thought that there would be more to her, especially with the attempts at killing K2 and Anna, but the writers seemed to have conveniently closed the door on that. I would’ve thought that it would be interesting if they had gone that route, but the time-constraints are understandable.

Kim Je Ha/Anna: MY BABIES ARE FINALLY TOGETHER AND HAPPY and I was so excited ya’ll. After everything they went through, they deserved a happy ending. The writers tied up all the loose ends regarding them well. Je Ha testified against Blackstone and cleared his name and was finally a free man while Anna released the Kumar-gate information to be done with it all. (Their scene in which she pressed the button before he was ready was absolutely adorable, I grinned so hard.) I found it interesting that Je Ha didn’t kill PKS himself and simply had him kill himself. It was a good way to keep his hands clean of unnecessary blood. And I was happy with Anna giving up on restoring her mother’s reputation. It was kinda impossible with Yoo Jin dead and she knows how her mother actually was so it was nice to see that she let the past stay in the past. Tbh, I’m just happy that they got their happy ending and are frolicking around free in Spain. <33

Mi Ran/K1/housekeeper/JSS Team: I adored K2’s bromance with the JSS Team, I thought how they have started to look out for each other was really cute and their bonding moments were some of the best funny scenes in the drama. (I’m still not over the facemask scene. Lol) Mi Ran and K1’s relationship is equally adorable and I loved that scene with how annoyed the housekeeper got with him. That was amusing.

Final Thoughts:

I honestly truly enjoyed this drama; this is one of my top pics for this year. Like I said above, it wasn’t without faults, but that was mostly due to the directing and writing. The whole Yoo Jin’s apparent “no-so-platonic” feelings for Je Ha were just weird and that could’ve been more properly done. I think the cast was perfectly chosen, everyone did an excellent job and I will sing praises for the lead three. Song Yoon Ah’s acting was amazing, I hope she gets all the accolades for this performance. Ji Chang Wook is a fantastic actor, he is made to do action dramas; I love that he does his own stunts and I hope the awards season recognizes his work. (I’m gonna miss him a lot when he leaves for his military service next year. :( ) And people may have hated on Anna, but I think that Yoona did well with the character she was given. Honorable mention to Lee Jing-Jin, he had a stellar performance as Chairman Choi. They wrapped everything up nicely so while I’ll miss this drama, it was all mostly well executed and I’m satisfied with how it ended. :)

We Are One

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You knocked on the door, hurried, impatient.
“It’s open!” You heard Chanyeol’s voice shout.

When you walked in, nine boys stood before you, smartly dressed in identical suits and ties. Y

ou beamed; they all looked so handsome.

“So…what do you think?” Jongin asked.

“Wow. You guys actually almost look like real adults.”

“Yah! Real adults! We’re older than you!” Tao scoffed.

And then, they were kids again. They were laughing and joking and teasing eachother.

Suho leaned in and murmured, “Kyungsoo’s in the other room.” And then he winked, giving you a knowing look.Even though you and Kyungsoo were keeping your relationship private, infact so private none of the members realized it was happening right underneath their nose, Suho hadn’t took long to guess what was happening. 

He was a true leader; he knew his members right up to their very best talents and right down to the very last flaw.

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Happy Birthday Daniel!
Thank you for all the good memories, laughs, smiles, and music. You’re an amazing person and incredibly talented. We miss you so much. So please take care up there and Happy Birthday Daniel. Happy Birthday