gonna make something proper when i come back

Seeing so many people talking about the band coming back/not coming back...

I want to share my thoughts and you make of them what you will. 

My opinion on this is that they are coming back, because I feel like they want to try and do it in a way that they can make their own thing, they can express themselves the way they want, but still keeping the “boyband style” alive. 

I think they’ve been forced to do so many things throughout the years, I think they haven’t had the proper opportunity to make their music the way they wanted to. I believe they put their hearts into everything they’ve created, that’s for sure, but we all know how their own team poorly handled and managed them. 

So, from what I can see, after spending the last five years in each other’s pockets and going through everything they went through, after being mismanaged and abused by their own team and their shit, now that they’re free, they’ll want to explore new things, new ways, new paths. Breathe some fresh air, be their own person.

I think Harry’s words about the band were very carefully choosen, and I for one liked what I read. He said they want to do it when they feel ready and when it feels natural for them to get back to the band. It’s clear that they need their band experience to be better when they decide to be together again. 

But just try to put things into perspective: think about everything they went through! They probably still get shivers just by thinking about Simon. I don’t doubt their love and devotion for the band, and I understand, agree and support their desire to pursue new stuff now as individuals.

They were all so young when they started, they were directed into what they had to do, and they actually had barely to no experience. They gathered it while the the years passed, of course, but I still think they haven’t had a proper opportunity to really do their thing. 

They now are gonna see the world, experiment new things, and I do think they’ll want to bring all of this back to the band. I think that they’ll want to, at least once, make something that stays true to their roots but has more of them to it. I think they will come back just to make it right and make something that they enjoy and can fully put their minds, souls and hearts to it. 

No overproductions and all the same songwriters. Not a narrative to push. They’re not gonna be teenagers still learning how to deal with fame and life, but young and mature mens with lots of feelings and views and different perspectives to share. 

I definitely think they’re taking much longer than everyone thought they would, and that’s alright. And I do believe they are in no position right now to say much more than what they’ve been saying. I don’t expect confirmations for a long time, or at least until everything is settled bts, which clearly isn’t right now. 

But I do believe they’ll want to come back and make it right. Without chains in their feets, without a bad team behind their backs, and with much more to add to their repertoire as people. 

Imagine a One Direction with more mature lyrics besides the usual boyband ballads? With a touch of various different things from four different personalities, who finally got to know themselves and their real inpirations as musicians? 

They barely had time to process everything they lived while still in the band, travelling all the time, rushing to go back to studio. Everything was rushed, time is money, and they needed to make it quick to sell. I don’t think they want this anymore. I think they’ll want to work on it, patiently and carefully.

I think they are coming back to, at least, make things right this time. I do believe so. 

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Them getting jealous? Thanks ;)



Luke would just see you talking to some guy and he’d get all nervous and not know what to do with himself. He’d probably walk over to you and subtly wrap an arm around you so hopefully the other guy would get the message and then he’d say something like “hey babe we need to get going” and eventually when you stopped talking and walk away with Luke, Luke would instantly question you about the guy because that’s just the kind of guy he is and you’d be all cute and shit because damn your boyfriend is jealous


Calum wouldn’t know what to do with himself, especially when he saw other guys around you. He’d see some guy harmlessly put his hand on your arm or something and you knew Calum was gonna lose his shit because hated when people touched you, and you just brushed the other guy off, hoping Calum wouldn’t blow up.You’d make some bullshit excuse to leave and you’d go back to Cal who would be there trying to calm down, but you knew.


idk I have this picture in my head that you and Michael wouldn’t even be like a proper couple, you’d just be “friends” who fuck. And you’d like be out at a club or something and some guy would come up to you and start talking to you and he’d buy you a drink and you wouldn’t even consider Michael bc he isn’t your boyfriend. But the like after 5 minutes Michael would drag you away and take you outside and when you asked him why he’d be like “you were with him way too long, now we’re leaving and you’re going to be punished like the slut you are ” I’M GLEAMING


Ashton wouldn’t even give a fuck about embarrassing you. Like you’d be talking to some guy you know and Ashton would see and walk up to you both and he’d be like “hey I’m Ashton her boyfriend” and you knew exactly where this was going. Ashton would practically interrogate the guy as to how he knew you and you and the guy would be so embarrassed and when you and Ashton left, he’d be all “I’m so much better than him” and you’d agree and kiss him and BAM he loves you so much