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Phillips and pops sketches. :) 

The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life 

carolina she’s my lady


One year x

Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3

   Silver gets tattooed.

   This, coincidentally, requires him to be in varying states of undress for the exact amount of time it takes for Flint to lose his fucking mind.

   let me be your passenger by @vowel-in-thug

   John Silver/James Flint

   Words:    5,025

100 Days Of Black Sails:

  • Fic Rec #2 (84/100)

hi i just wanted to say a lot of people may be side eyeing stuff happening this season, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something to side eye! people will have their speculations and if you think it makes sense for you to be cautious, then go for it! but don’t take this fandom’s word for how things will go down this season. a lot of people are making more guesses this season compared to the last because there’s way more of us now, so they’re bound to be correct on some aspects but it doesn’t mean they’ll be right about anything! julie almost always manages to surprise us and the story is creative and wonderful so just let yourself enjoy it that way! if you enjoy reading all the different theories even if they all cant come true, then go for it! but no need to feel like you have to read them or agree with them just to go along with the fandom! <3

finally sent off the redblue merch today yay!❤

it’s my first time sending off so many things at once lol I really hope I didn’t mess anything up TwT

guess I’m free to work on some new things now! ❤

IzuKatsu - ELEMENTS [20/20]
In a world where quirks exist but the entertainment industry reigns supreme, one lonely Todoroki Shouto brings a boyband together. Also, Izuku and Katsuki are in the same band and haven't really spoken in years, but it's no big deal.
By Organization for Transformative Works

I apologize for the absence, had a lot of exams and such recently. My last one’s tomorrow, so then I’m back winglets