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‘One Man Town’ A vld Fanfiction

Prompt: Torture

Wordcount: 3179

Characters: Lance McClain, Pidge Gunderson

Ship: N/A

Title: One Man Town

Goddamn. This one took ages. It’s one of my faves tho. of the things I’ve written this week. Apologies to Lance in advance. 

Hope you enjoy!

Lance is woken by, what at first sounded like menial chatter, then he observes the hard edge to it. Slowly, he realises the voice belongs to none other than Pidge, and the second voice…he doesn’t recognise. With severe effort, he opens his eyes, at the same time attempting to focus on conversation.

“-hurt! He needs medical treatment!” Pidge yells to the other party, kneeling on the floor, protectively, over Lance.

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The Morning After

Jinyoung x Reader
Short scenario: Fluff/implied smut (is that even a thing?)

The warmth of the sun shined against your face as it stirred you awake. You opened your eyes, regretting that you forgot to close the curtains last night, but you were a little preoccupied. Rubbing your eyes, you turned over, Jinyoung’s arms was wrapped around your waist as he laid flat on his stomach. You looked at him as he slept so peacefully. Gently you moved his tousled hair away from his eyes. Careful not to wake him, you gently made your way out of bed. You reached down to find Jinyoung’s shirt on the floor. Picking it up you slipped it on, glancing over at Jnyoung to make sure you didn’t wake him, finding your panties you quickly slipped those on too and crept out of his bedroom. You looked down the hall to see if any of the other members were awake. The rest of the apartment was quiet and you could hear faint snores coming from behind the doors of the room. You quietly tipped toe through the hallway towards the kitchen. Your stomach growled, you decided to raid the fridge to see if you could whip anything up. Just as you expected, their fridge wasn’t fully stocked. They had eggs, some vegetables, and cheese, pulling those out you decided to make an omelette. You made a mental note to yourself to go grocery shopping so you could whip up some dinners for the guys this week. You opened the cabinet, to your surprise there was a bag flour and syrup. You decided to add some pancakes to the breakfast menu so you pulled out the milk and fruits that were also in the fridge. You set the ingredients on the counter and started whipping up the batter. On the top shelf above you there was some vanilla, going up on your tip toes you reached for it.

Jinyoung leaned against the kitchen table watching you. You were wearing his tshirt that cut mid thigh on you. He watched as you reached for the vanilla, the more you tried the more the t-shirt rose up your thigh, revealing more skin little by little. Desire formed a ball in his stomach as his eyes travelled up and down you legs. He walked over to you, placing one had on your hip he reached up and grabbed the vanilla from the top shelf. “Let me help you” he said as he pressed himself into your back. You let out a little gasp as his touch surprised you.

“Good Morning” you said.

Jinyoung kissed your cheek then planted a kiss on your neck. You turned around to face him, wrapping your arms around his neck, you gave him a quick peck on the lips. He was wearing a white t-shirt and his boxers.

“Hungry?” you asked.

Jinyoung smirked, “starving” he replied as he leaned down to kiss you. Placing the vanilla on the counter behind you, he grabbed both your hips pulling you closer towards him and pressing you against the counter with his body. The kiss deepened and pace quickened, his hands travelled down your body and he inched your shirt up a little higher.

Pulling away you looked at him, “the other members could walk in” you whispered.

Jinyoung’s lips travelled to your neck, “then we better be quiet” he said planting kisses along your neck. A little moan escaped your lips and Jinyoung’s mouth found yours again to keep you quiet. He lifted you up and placed you on the counter, your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Yah, this is not what I wanted to see before breakfast.” Jb said as he walked into the kitchen.

You and Jinyoung quickly pulled away from each other, heat rising to your face from embarrassment. You quickly jumped off the counter and fixed your hair, tugging at the shirt to bring the hem down a little lower. Soon quickly after the rest of the members walked into the kitchen.

Jackson walked in and gave a little smirk to Jinyoung and you, “Well good morning you two, getting busy?” he winked. “Cooking breakfast I mean.” Snorts escaped the rest of the members as they tried to hide it.

“Yes” clearing your throat, “I’m gonna make pancakes and omelettes… as soon as I get some pants on.” quickly glancing at Jinyoung “Can I borrow some sweats?”

Jinyoung smiled, “bottom drawer” he said a little disappointed.

“Thank you,” you said as you scurried out of the kitchen.

The members stayed silent until you left, then burst out laughing as they caught Jinyoung in the act. Jackson ran over and put his arms around Jinyoung shoulders. “She’s so cute when she’s embarrassed, sexy in that t-shirt.”

Jinyoung nudged Jackson in the stomach, “I know right? I’m going to go check to see if she needs help finding those sweats.” He said as he walked out of of the kitchen and into his bedroom, shutting the door.

“Damn. I was really looking forward to pancakes” Mark said as he sat down at table.

“I’m assuming Y/N won’t be out for a while.” JB snickered as he glanced down the hall towards Jinyoung’s bedroom, “but she got the batter started, Bambam go finish the job”  

Reluctantly Bambam went to the counter and started mixing the batter again, while the other members went about their business. Unfortunately, you and Jinyoung ended up missing out on the pancakes.

-Lea ♡ <3

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please please please do 17 29 and 30 for Kylo plsss

Ok ok ok ok!

Modern AU Kylo +  “I think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.” +  “I like the way your hand fits in mine.” +  “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

Feeling the haze of sleep slowly wear off, your eyes began to gently creep open. The room around you was still dark, revealing hardly anything to you aside from the vague shapes of objects around you. With a sigh you shifted in your place, scooting your body backward. Just as your body moved you could feel the warm mass of weight behind you shift as well, his hot breath fanning over your ear. A smile slowly crept over your lips as you heard him move again, obviously awoken by your sudden movement. Turning to face him you sleepily smiled at him.


With half lidded eyes he smiled back, “Morning.”

Shifting again he unwrapped his arm from around you and brought it between you, gently taking your hand in his.

“Did you sleep good?”

Kylo smirked faintly, “Mhmm.”


Knowing Kylo constantly suffered from insomnia and other things that deprived him of sleep you couldn’t help but feel relieved that he had rested. For at least once, he could give himself the rest he so deperately needed. The room fell silent again for a few moments, aside from you and Kylo’s breathing. Quietly he observed your hand in his, rotating your arm just slightly to get a better vantage point. A smile just barely tugged on the corner of his lips once again.

“I like the way your hand fits in mine.”

You smiled, gently rubbing your thumb over the side of his hand. In comparisson to your own hands, Kylo’s almost entirely swallowed yours every time he held them. 

“I do too, it’s quite easy to fit them into yours.”

Gently Kylo brought your hand to his lips, placing a chaste kiss to it. The simple sensation of affection made your heart swell. For a man who was so incredibly shut off from the world and most certainly brooding, he was surprisingly affectionate and emotional behind closed doors. Giggling faintly at the now ticklish feeling of his lips on your skin you gently pulled your hand away from him.

“I’m gonna make us some pancakes.”

Kylo’s eyes finally began to open fully, his brows raising faintly, “Pancakes?”

You shrugged, “It’s a lazy Sunday. Why not?”

Kylo hummed in content as he reluctantly let you go, allowing you to roll out from under the covers. The second your body left the warmth of the bed however, a chill instantly brushed over your skin. You had almost forgotten you went to bed wearing nothing. Rubbing your hands over your arms you carefully tiptoed over to Kylo’s dresser and began rummaging around. To your luck you instantly found where he kept his sweatshirts, something that would most certainly fit you. Considering Kylo’s size, the sweaters he wore were generally long enough to go past your upper thigh. 

Carefully you slipped the cozy garment over your head and shimmied into it, assuring it fit just right. With a smile you closed the drawer and turned back to Kylo.

“You want the pancakes plain or with fruit?”

Suddenly something in Kylo’s expression seemed to shift. The smiling face you had left cozily wrapped in covers was now sitting up, seeming to furrow his brows with an air of serious contemplation. You arched a brow.

“Kylo? You ok? …It’s just pancakes.”

For a moment he shook his head, as if snapping himself out of a daze.

“No, no it’s not the pancakes. No, like…it’s just, I can’t believe you’re wearing my clothes.”

You smiled at him warmly, “Oh. Do you like me in your clothes?”

He nodded, still seeming to be lost in some serious thought.


Biting your lip faintly you pulled at the sweatshirt, assuring it stretched a little further. Even with the flirtatious look on your face, Kylo seemed lost in a daze. Dropping the smile you arched a brow.

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

He cleared his throat, nodding slightly, “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.”

You nodded, knowing better than to push him especially at this hour, “Alright. I’ll get breakfast started.”

Kylo nodded as you sauntered out of the room, carefully opening the door. The moment you walked out Kylo laid back on the bed as he brought his hands into his hair, shutting his eyes.

“I’m fine. I just… I think i’m in love with you…and that terrifies me.”

From the moment Kylo had held your hand in his, the thought had always lingered in his mind of how he felt for you. Seeing you this particular morning however, adorned in one of his slouchy sweatshirts, he was certain. Releasing a deep breath, Kylo’s eyes slowly opened to stare at the ceiling, thoughts reeling through his psyche.

“I’m in love with you.”

Welcoming a new set of twins to the world (Grayson Dolan Imagine)~~Requested

Author’s Note: This was a lot of fun writing.  The title is pretty self explanatory, you and Grayson have twins!!  Y/B/F/N= your best friends name.  I hope you enjoy reading it! :) Xx

Word Count:  1535

Warnings: one swear word

Requested: yes, by @melissashelbyx

You wake up to a ray of sunlight shining across your face.  You rub the sleep from your eyes, and turn to your bedside table.  Your phone reads 9:17am. You plop your head back onto your pillow and look over to the sleeping log that is Grayson Dolan, your boyfriend of a year and 7 months.  You always enjoyed waking up before Grayson, it meant that you could admire the beauty that is your boyfriend.  The way you could hear the soft snores leaving his beautiful lips, watching his chest rise and fall with every steady breath.  Looking at the way his bed hair fluffed everywhere sticking up in every direction.  I could just stare at him all day- “Babe, take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Grayson says in his morning voice(Damn the morning voice) breaking you from your thoughts.  Opening one eye he looks towards you, “Good morning Y/N.”  You lean over and give him a peck on the lips, “morning Gray.  I’m gonna go make some breakfast, want anything specific?” Grayson smiles, “Banana pancakes?”  You laugh, “of course,” but before you could finish you rush to the bathroom, a sudden wave of nausea washing over you.  You barely make it to the toilet before the contents of your stomach came up.  Grayson rushes in behind you and bunches your hair up at the back of your neck, keeping it out of the way.  “Y/N, babe, are you okay?”  After you’re finished you sit back against the wall and  wipe your mouth.  You gladly take the glass of water from Grayson’s hand, “yeah, it was probably just the fish from last night, sometimes fish and I don’t get along.”  You then swish the water in your mouth, desperately trying to rid your mouth of that awful taste.  You spit it out into the toilet and flush it.  “Well good.  If you need to rest go lay back down,” Grayson says, gently reaching for you hand and kissing your knuckles.  “Nah, i’m fine.  Now let’s go make those pancakes!”  You exclaim, pulling yourself and Grayson up, racing to the kitchen.

                ————-One Month Passes————-

“It should’ve come already,” you say, looking down at your calendar on your phone.  “What should’ve come by now babe?” Grayson asks, plopping beside you on the bed.  “Oh, my period.  It’s just late,”  you reply getting up from the bed.  “But everything’s okay, right?” Grayson asks, sitting up on the bed, concerned.  “Of course!”  You lean in giving Grayson a kiss, “Now I gotta go, I’m meeting up with Y/B/F/N in ten minutes.”  

“Okay, bye babe  Don’t have too much fun without me,” Grayson replies smirking, smacking your butt as you walk out, causing you to roll your eyes and giggle.

               —————–With Best Friend—————

You and your best friend walk into a coffee shop and go straight up to the counter with the barista smiling, asking to take your friend’s order.  “I’ll just take an iced mocha please,” your best friend orders.  While she finishes up paying you go up and look at the menu.  “What can I get you?”  You smile, “I’ll just take a caramel latte and a cinnamon roll.” While looking at the pastry display, “Oooo, and one of those muffins, they look good, and maybe that scone.  Yeah, i’ll take those please.”  You look over yo your best friend who has an eyebrow raised at you, “What?!  I’m hungry,” you reply grabbing your change and coffee, and the bag of pastry goodness.  “Okay, whatever,” your friend says, following you to your usual booth.  As you sit down and open the bag of pastries you suddenly feel nauseous.  “Do you want these?” you say, pushing the bag towards your friend.  Your friend looks up, “I thought you were hungry?”

“Yeah, I did too… but I feel a little nauseous looking at them.  It’s weird, this has happened at least three times this week.”  Your friend chuckles, “What are you pregnant?”  Her smile drops, “wait, are you?”  You scoff.  “Y/N, when was your last period?”  You look down at the table. “Well, my period should’ve come about a week and a half ago,” you look upto her in a panic, “You don’t think.  Oh God.  What do I tell Grayson?”

“Just be honest, I mean if he loves you it will be fine,” your friend says in a comforting voice.  “Well I gotta go talk to Grayson, i’m sorry for cutting this short,” You say, getting up and grabbing your latte.  Heading for the door you turn back to your friend, “I’ll call you and tell you how it goes.”

                             ———3 Days Later———-

You and Grayson are waiting patiently for an ultrasound at the clinic, two blocks from your shared apartment.  You look to Grayson, concerned, “Are you sure you won’t be mad if I am pregnant?”  Grayson chuckles, and kisses your head, “babe, you’ve asked that a hundred times, and so for the hundredth time i’m telling you no, I won’t be mad.  I wouldn’t want to start a family with anyone else but you.”  You smile, relieved.  You squeeze Grayson’s hand, replying, “I can say the same to you.”  At that moment there is a knock on the door, and your doctor walks in with a smile.  “Hello, you must be Grayson and Y/N?”  She asks, holding her hand out to you and Grayson.  Grayson smiles, “Yes, that’s us.”  Your doctor smiles at you both before walking to the ultrasound machine,  “Well, then let’s get to it, shall we?”  You smile at Grayson.  “Now this might be a little cold,”  she says before applying the clear gel to your abdomen.  You take in a breath sharply, “Wow, that is cold.” That earned a chuckle from Grayson and a smile from your doctor.  As the doctor glides the wand across your belly your grip on Grayson’s hand tightens.  Grayson leans down to whisper in your ear, “It’s gonna be fine babe, I promise.”  And with that you’re relieved as Grayson kisses your ear before standing up.  After what seems like an eternity the doctor breaks the silence, “Okay, so here is one little one,” she says pointing to the screen, “and here is baby number two!” she exclaims, pointing to another little blob on the screen.  “Congratulations, you’re pregnant with-”  

“Twins!” you and Grayson exclaim, proudly looking at the screen.  “It looks like you’re about 7 weeks along, let me print off some pictures for you two to take home with you!” the doctor exclaims.  Grayson looks at you, “I guess that explains you feeling nauseous all those times!” You smile at him and add, “along with the constant eating!”  You both laugh.  :”Gray, do you think we can handle twins?”  He kisses your forehead, “if anyone can, it’s us.”

                               ——–6 Months Later———

You were now 7 months pregnant with twins, and boy did it feel like you could pop anytime!  You and Grayson have yet to find out the genders, you both wanted to keep it a surprise for the birth, but of course you had names picked out for any situation.  A boy and a girl, two boys, or two girls, you were ready.   But all you wanted was two healthy babies.  You and Gray were currently lounging on the couch, your feet in his laps.  You were rereading your favorite book, and Grayson was reading the pregnancy book.  That thing was practically the bible considering the way he stood by it.  “Y/N, did you know the babies are now the length of a large carrot?!”  Grayson exclaims, “how do they fit together in your belly?”  He leans over and kisses your very pregnant belly.  “Tightly Gray, very tightly is how they fit.”

   ——-2 Months Later, In Hospital giving birth——-

“Okay Y/N, one more big push,” the doctor says, “I can see the head.”  You push with a grunt/scream as hard as you can.  Soon the sound of tiny wailing fills the room.  Grayson’s smile beams at you, giving your hand a gentle, encouraging squeeze.  “Baby number one is a boy!”

“A Boy!” Grayson repeats, smiling even wider.  “Okay Y/N, we need to get baby number two out.  Can you give me another big push?”  You tense up for a big push.  You let out the breath you were holding in.  “Okay, we’re almost there! Push once more,” the doctor encourages. With one more big push another set of wails echo throughout the room.  “It’s a girl!” the doctor exclaims.  “A girl,” Grayson echos, looking down at you.  He leans down and gives you a peck on the lips.  After to babies were cleaned off they were handed to you and Grayson.  The both of you were smiling from ear to ear.  “Uncle Ethan’s here!”  you hear a voice say, coming from the door.  “Oh would you look at the happy family,”  Ethan adds, placing a hand on Grayson’s shoulder.  You look to Ethan and say, “Introducing Willow Mae,” Grayson then adds, “and Noah Xavier,” “Dolan!” you both exclaim.  Ethan smiles, “well you guys make the cutest family.”  You and Gray look at each other smiling, before adding, in perfect unison, “We know.”

Early Mornings (Amber Fluff)


Hi! Can you make an Amber Liu scenario where you guys are just cuddling in bed. Talking about random stuff, like pillow talk. Then at the end i you guys are like I love you so much. Can you make it really cute and fluffy please?😁 Thank you so much😊 


Its not necessarily pillow talk, but I did try to make it super cuddly and fluffy. I hope you don’t mind. Also i’m sorry that it’s so short, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless 

- Admin A

Word Count: 531

Genre: Fluff

You yawned as you closed your book. You set it next to you and turned out the lamp. As you were getting comfortable you heard your apartment door open.

“Babe.” Amber spoke. You heard her closing the door gently. Her foot steps coming closer to your bedroom. The door creaked open and you groaned. 

“Hi babe.” You mumbled. You looked to the slightly open door. Her figure was outlined. She laughed a little.

“You seem sleepy.” You groaned and nodded your head. She laughed again.

“I’ll be right back babe.” She quietly shut the door. You felt yourself slowly drifting away. You could only think about the book you were reading. The story was romantic and kind of reminded you of your relationship with Amber. Not too long after your door was shut, it was reopened. You felt a dip in the bed as Amber joined you. You rolled over to face her.

“Hey jagi.” She smiled. 

“Hi babe.” You muttered. She wrapped her arms around you.

“Why do you keep your apartment so cold babe?” It wasn’t cold, it was normal. She only whined about these things to have an excuse to cuddle.

“You make up the worst excuses to cuddle.” Your eyes heavy.

“And you like cuddling, so stop complaining.” She pulled you closer and you quickly fell asleep. 

You peeled your eyes open to the light coming in through your window. 

“Morning babe.” Her voice was soft. You smiled.

“How long have you been up?” 

“ Awhile.”

“You could have woken me up.” You mumbled.

“You look so peaceful while you rest, I didn’t want to wake you.” You began to move to get out of the bed, but you stopped when you felt her hand on your shoulder.

“Please stay.” You sighed and rolled back into the bed.

“I mean since you asked so nicely.” You laughed a little. She had a pretty bad tendency of being very needy in the mornings, but you never minded it. In fact you loved it, you loved her.

“H-hey Amber.” You stuttered. She rolled onto her side facing you and rested her head in her head. 


“I know that we’ve only been dating for a while, but I just” You became flustered as the words spilled from your mouth.

“I just really love you. And I just.” You sighed. She made you so happy, but you felt that you couldn’t return the feeling. Her lips began to curl into a smile.

“I love you too babe.” Her smile became wider, she then pulled you into a tight embrace. You felt so happy. You pulled away from the embrace, and kissed her on the cheek.

“You know you make me so happy.” 

“You make me happy too (y/n). But where did this all come from?”

“Well I was thinking about it last night, about how lucky I am to have you. And just how wonderful you are.” She quickly placed her lips on yours.

“You are so amazing babe. Now i’m gonna make breakfast, so what do you want?” 

“Mmm, can you make some pancakes.” 

“Of course.” She pulled you in for another kiss, and left to make the food.  

anonymous asked:

So, my best friend @gayjackkelly 's birthday is on May 24th, and they would love a super fluffy jackcrutchie prompt with lots of cuddling, tickling, and nose boops. I want him to be super surprised, so don't tell him I told you

I may not have technically included all of those things, but this is definitely one of the fluffiest things I have ever written, so there is that. Anyway, happy birthday @jackhasdreams !!!

Jack awoke to the smell of smoke. He lay in bed, his nose crinkling in surprise at the sudden scent, trying to figure out what would be causing the smoke. Jack only had the opportunity to ponder that particular enigma for a few brief seconds, before the fire alarm went off. “Shit,” Jack muttered, jerking up into a sitting position. “Crutch,” he began, reaching over to wake up his boyfriend, but the other half of the bed was empty, much to Jack’s surprise. “Crutchie?” Jack asked, pushing the blankets aside, and forcing himself out of bed.

“Crutchie?” Jack repeated, as he made his way out of the bedroom and into the living room. His feet padded quietly against the cold tile, the soft sound all but completely drowned out by the alarm. The fire alarm continued to beep frantically. Across the living room, Jack could make out Crutchie waving an oven mitt over the oven, where black smoke billowed into the air. “Uh, Crutchie, what’s going on?”

“It was going to be a surprise,” Crutchie admitted. “And then, I got distracted and now they’re all burnt.”

“What?” Jack asked, coming up behind Crutchie and resting his hands at Crutchie’s hips. He peered over Crutchie’s shoulder, observing the blackened remains on a pancake griddle.

Crutchie scraped the spatula against the griddle, collecting the burned batter and dumping it into the trash. “I was going to make pancakes,” he explained. “Then we could have breakfast in bed and it would be the start of a wonderfully relaxing Saturday together. But, the stupid alarm woke you up and – you can SHUT UP NOW!” Crutchie shouted at the continually beeping fire alarm. “It won’t shut up, stupid alarm,” he muttered.

Jack reached up, removing the batteries from the fire alarm. “There you go. All fixed.” He returned to Crutchie’s side, nestling his face into the crook of Crutchie’s neck. “Breakfast in bed sounds nice,” he whispered, his lips moving gently against Crutchie’s soft skin.

“I know, it would’ve been. This is the first day that we’ve both had off in over a week. But, now you’re awake. And the pancakes are burnt.”

“We can make new pancakes,” Jack reassured his boyfriend, bringing his arms to wrap around Crutchie’s waist. “And, if you want, we can even get back in bed to eat them. Both problems can be easily fixed.”

Crutchie shrugged. “I know, but it’s not going to be a surprise anymore.”

“I can close my eyes, if you want,” Jack suggested, grinning as he rested his chin on Crutchie’s shoulder.

“Whatever, smartass,” Crutchie muttered, jabbing Jack in the stomach with his elbow. “You can head back to bed, if you’d like. I’m just gonna make some pancakes quickly.”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Jack said, gently kissing Crutchie’s neck. “I don’t mind staying out here with you.”

“Okay, but you’re severely limiting my range of motion and if I burn another pancake again, you’re eating it,” Crutchie warned.

“Fair enough,” Jack agreed. He watched as Crutchie drizzled the pancake batter onto the griddle, creating a thick squiggle. As the pancake began to bubble, Crutchie flipped it open, somehow managing to maintain its strange form. “Is that a worm?” Jack asked.

Crutchie scoffed. “A worm? Jack, this is clearly the Loch Ness Monster.”

“I guess, it’s a good thing I’m the artist of the group,” Jack commented.

“Oh. My. Gosh,” Crutchie said, breaking out of Jack’s arms. “You do not get a single pancake.”

“C’mon, Crutch,” Jack whined, trying to wrap his arms back around Crutchie’s waist. Crutchie gently pushed him back. “It was a joke,” Jack tried. “It’s the best goddamn Loch Ness Monster I’ve ever seen.”

“I don’t believe you. You’re just saying that,” Crutchie said, removing his pancake creation and pouring more batter onto the griddle, this time in the shape of a distorted triangle.

Jack pointed at the new pancake. “What’s this one?”

“That’s an Egyptian pyramid,” Crutchie explained.

“I should’ve guessed.” Jack nuzzled Crutchie’s neck again. “I guess I’ve got competition in the artistic department, huh?”

“You stick to paints, and I’ll stick to pancakes,” Crutchie suggested, flipping over the pyramid pancake over.

Jack idly watched Crutchie make a couple more pancakes, all various shapes and designs. Some were obvious: a heart, a flower, a rainbow–not a smiley face because that would require eyes, Jack, as Crutchie had indignantly explained. As Crutchie poured a squiggle onto the griddle, Jack smiled. “Do we get matching Loch Ness Monsters?”

“This isn’t a Loch Ness Monster. I’m offended you would even think that.”

“But–” Jack frowned. “What is it? A worm?”





“Jack.” Crutchie turned around, hitting him lightly in the shoulder with the spatula. “This is clearly a caterpillar.”

Jack leaned forward, inspecting the supposed caterpillar. “No,” he finally announced. “That is most definitely the Loch Ness Monster.”

“There’s only one Loch Ness Monster, so clearly,” Crutchie pointed out, “this cannot be a second Loch Ness Monster.”

“Says who?” Jack challenged.

“Says me. And the scientific community.”

“I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the scientific community says that there is no Loch Ness Monster.”

“Their bad,” Crutchie murmured, flipping the pancake onto the plate with all the others and turning off the griddle. He handed the plate to Jack, instructing him to take it back to bed, while he grabbed a second plate and the syrup.

Once they had returned to their bed and Crutchie had split the pancakes between the pair, Jack leaned his head against Crutchie’s shoulder. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” Crutchie replied, kissing Jack. He grinned at the taste of syrup on Jack’s lips. “You taste good,” he whispered, his lips moving softly against Jack’s.

“Not as good as your Loch Ness Monster,” Jack said.

Crutchie smiled. “Nothing can compare to my Loch Ness Monster. But, you are a close second.”

Jack carefully set his plate to the side, before laying down and dragging Crutchie down with him. “Let’s go back to sleep. And maybe this time the fire alarm won’t wake us up.”

ot3 on harry’s bday: harry! we’re gonna cook for you! don’t worry about a thing, we’ll make everything. louis’ gonna do pancakes. niall’s gonna make some chicken later–

harry: i just remembered every single appliance in my kitchen is broken

Gabe Landeskog Imagine

You take a seat on a bench in the airport, sliding your bag up onto your lap. 

You’ve been here for a few hours now, waiting for Gabe to come home. Living in Sweden, you didn’t get a chance to see your husband very often. The last time you had been around his was in Sochi. 

Come on Gabe…come on.

After another twenty minutes, you stand and stretch your legs for a second. As you pull you arms over your head, you feel a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“Hey there beautiful.” You hear Gabe whispers, kissing your cheek. 

“Gabe!” You say happily, turning and hugging him. 

“Hi there!” He grins, kissing you again. “How’s my girl?" 

You grin, a little mischievously. "I’m fantastic! And you?”

“I’m alright…” Gabe says, frowning a bit. 

“Alright?” You ask, putting your hands on his shoulders. 

“Yeah. I wish our season could have continued. It was a bad end to a good season.” He says, frowning again. 

“It’s all good. You had one hell of a season!” You say, trying to get his spirits up again.

Gabe looks around for a minute, then back at you, smiling. “And I got to see my fantastic wife earlier. So that’s sort of a plus.” He says, winking at you.

“Sort of?” You gasp, mocking shock and surprise.

“Yeah, yeah.” Gabe says, kissing your forehead. “Can we go home? I’m tired.”

“Yeah. I’ve got a nice surprise for you there.” You say, smiling and picking up one of his bags. 

“A surprise? Like what?” Gabe asks, jogging after you. “Hold up! What surprise?" 

"It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now, would it?” You tease, leading him to the car. 

“Oh, come on. Please?” Gabe begs, tossing his bags in the car and sliding in. 

“Nope.” You say, pulling it out of the parking garage. 

Gabe begs for you to say something all the way back to the house, poking and prodding for you to give him a hint. 

“Please? PLEASE?!” Gabe whines as you walk into the house behind him. He drops his bags, then grabs your waist again. 

“What do you want?” You giggle, leaning against him. 

“My surprise.” Gabe whispers in your ear, tickling you.

“Alright. Upstairs. Guest room.” You say, pointing upstairs.

Gabe smiles as he runs up the stairs, heading to the spare room. You wait until he walks into the room before heading up after him. 

“What…what’s this?” He asks, turning to you as stand in the door. 

“Go check it out.” You say, motioning him in. 

Gabe walks in, looking around at the baby blue walls, running his hand over the new crib. “What’s this?" 

"Well, when I got back from Sochi, I hired a guy to renovate this room. Thought this would suit our new baby better than the old way it was set up.”

“Our baby?” Gabe asks, his eyes wide.

You nod, walking up behind him and resting your hand on the crib. 

“We’re having a baby?” He asks, looking around the room again. 

“Yup.” You grin, picking up a toy and placing it on the dresser. 

“A baby…I’m going to be a dad…” Gabe smiles, then turns to you. “I’m going to be a dad!” He picks you up and spins you around. “I’m going to be a dad!" 

You laugh, watching him stroll around the room again.

"How did I not ind out about this?” Gabe asks, turning to you. 

“You never come in here, and I had it locked just in case. I had this under control.” You smile, walking to the closet. “And look at this.”

You open the door, and Gabe starts laughing. The rack is full of Avalanche clothes, for at least the first year. 

“Where did you get all that?” Gabe asks, grabbing one of the little shirts, running a finger over his name on the back. 

“Custom made it. I had fun doing that.” You smile, watching him look through all the clothes. 

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad.” He says, giving you another hug. “I’m gonna go make some pancakes to celebrate!" 

You laugh as you hear him walk down the stairs, humming to himself.

Controlling (Request)

Fandom- Marvel/Avengers
Pairing- Steve Rogers x Reader
Plot/Request- Hi I just found your blog and read your imagines and it’s amazing, so can i have a req, when steve and the reader are dating and then they fight over something and end up fluffy? Thanks :)- castellandiangelo
Warnings- language, implied drinking, drunk reader

(your pov)
I hummed lightly to myself as I clipped on a silver necklace with a little diamond pendant hanging off. Fixing up my hair into a fancy bun I applied my make up and stood back, looking at myself in the floor length mirror while slipping on some heels.
I was wearing a relatively short (f/c) dress that hugged my curves and some black pumps that made my legs look long and sexy. Tony had arranged for the whole team to meet up at a new club opening down the street. It had taken some, a lot, of convincing to get Steve to agree to come, but I finally wore him down. He was always a sucker for me, ever since Tony and Natasha had tricked him into admitting his feeling when he though I wasn’t there.
“You almost ready (Y/n)? The cab is here.” Steve called from the living room of our apartment.
“Be right out!” I yelled back, grabbing my bag and walking as fast as I could in my mile high heels.
Steve was sitting in the couch looking confused at his phone.
I bit back a laugh, “You ok there gramps?”
“Ya how do you get th-” He stopped abruptly when he looked up and saw me. His eyes trailed up my body untill finally resting on my face. His eyes were wide and a slight blush graced his cheeks.
I bit my lip and did a little twirl, “What do you think?”
He couched and scratched the back of his neck, “Uh don’t you think it’s a little… Short?”
I looked down at it and shrugged, “I guess maybe, but I think it looks fine.”
“Well maybe you should change, you know, so people don’t get the wrong idea about you.” He said looking back down at his phone.
“What does that mean?” I asked, crossing my arms.
“If you go out like that, guys are gonna be all over you. You don’t look exactly like the most… Honorable woman.”
My face flushed and I instinctively reached down to tug the dress down a bit. “Are- are you saying I look like a slut?”
“No (Y/n) I-I didn’t mean that, I just meant that…” He scrambled for some sort of explanation but that just made me angrier.
“You do! You think I look like a slut!” I yelled
“Well maybe I do. You shouldn’t dress like that (Y/n). Just showing yourself off to anyone!” He yelled back.
“Well news flash Steve, this isn’t the forties. I’m not gonna be wearing ankle long dresses and scarves and coates and- and whatever else they wore in the forties!” I screamed.
“Well it doesn’t matter when it is, I am not letting you go anywhere looking like that!”
“Not letting me? You don’t tell me what I wear. I don’t know who you think you are, I can wear whatever I want wherever I want.”
Steve jumped up and blocked my path to the door, “As your boyfriend I’m telling you you’re not leaving the house dressed like that. If you want to go to that stupid party, you can count me out but I’m still not letting you go out looking like a prostitute.”
That was the last straw, “Fuck you Steve! I am going to that party, dressed like this, and you are not gong to stop me.”
I moved to the left to go around him, but he stepped in front of me again. I moved to the right and he did the same. We did that about three more times before I gave up and just jumped over the couch, nearly face planting the ground because of my freaking heels.
“Hey!” He yelled as I laughed and took off down the hall. Looking over my shoulder I was shocked, and a bit disappointed, to find Steve hadn’t come after me. But I straightened out my dress and fixed my hair before marching down the the cab that had been waiting for us in the parking lot. I’ll show that guy.

(His pov)
I sighed, pacing back and forth. It was 1:45 am and (Y/n) still wasn’t home. Maybe she was staying at the tower tonight. Or maybe something bad happened and she got kidnapped. Oh, I never should’ve said the those things about her. What if something bad happened to her and I never get to apologize.
I was suddenly thrown out of my thoughts by the sound of the door swinging open.
Clint stood in the doorway with a very drunk (Y/n) leaning up against him. (Y/n) was giggling and looking at the roof while Clint looked like he wanted to shoot himself.
“Ugh, here.” He groaned, all but dragging the giddy girl into the living room and pushing her into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and she leaned into my embrace.
“What happened?” I asked taking (Y/n)s hands into mine to stop her from messing with my hair.
“She got drunk and started doing karaoke.” He said straightening his shirt which had some smeared makeup on the side.
“Oh that’s not too bad.”
“Ya they didn’t have a karaoke machine.”
Before I could respond (Y/n) cut in, “Oh I love karaoke! We- we should get a karaoke machine and…” She slurred, trailing off towards the end and getting distracted by a painting that was hung up on the wall.
“Ok… Well I’m gonna head out. Have fun taking care of her.” Clint laughed.
“Wait, what happened to her shoes?” I called out to him. I noticed now that she was not only barefoot, but her hair was out of the bun it had been in earlier and (f/c) streaks ran through it.
“Couldn’t tell ya, see you tomorrow!” He yelled back.
I looked over at (Y/n) who and slowly but surely made her way over to a wall covered in pictures, staring intently at one in particular. Crossing the room, I saw she was focused solely on a framed picture of her and me. It had been taken awhile ago, only a couple months after we had gotten together. I had been giving her a piggy back ride around the tower after she broke her leg, in an accident including a pig, a ceiling fan, and a two liter soda bottle, and Bruce and taken a picture. She had her arms wrapped around me with her head on my shoulder and a bright smile gracing her features. I had been looking at her put of the corner of my eye with a small smile. You could see how in love I was.
I put my arm on her shoulder, “(Y/n)?”
She jumped and turned around before gasping, “Oh Steve! What are you doing here?” He wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest. “Oh I missed you so much.”
“Ya I missed you too, (Y/n).”
She stumbled back out of my arms before skipping over to the kitchen.
“What are you doing?” I followed her to find she was trying to push herself onto the counter.
“I-I’m gonna make some pancakes with the little blue star sprinkles that I made and you liked last time I made them cause you like them.”
“You don’t have to do that Doll its two in the morning.” I helped her off the counter only for her to break down into tears.
“B-but I want to make you pancakes so you won’t be mad at me.” She cried.
“No, no no, sweety I’m not mad at you please don’t cry.” I said pulling her into a hug.
She sniffled, “You promise?”
I nodded and she instantly brightened up. Dropping her arms, she ran off back to the living room. I closed all the drawers and cabinets she had opened before following her.
When I entered the living room I found her standing on the coffee table in just her bra and underwear.
I blushed and looked away, “(Y/n)? What are you doing? Where are your clothes?”
“I put them in the fire place.” She said innocently before reaching over and turning on the gas fire, lighting up the (f/c) dress with it.
I turned off the fire and put out her dress, which was now mostly ashes, before sitting (Y/n) onto the couch.
She leaned into me and started kissing me all over my face. “I Just want you to not be mad at me.”
“I’m not mad, (Y/n).” I said as she puckered her lips for a kiss. I leaned down but at the last second she turned my face and licked up my cheek.
“Ugh (Y/n)? Why did you do that?” I groaned, wiping her saliva off my face.
She leaned in close and whispered, “You taste like freedom.”
Suddenly she jumped up off the couch and stumbled towards the bathroom. I followed her and grimaced as she dropped to the floor and leaned over the toilet, retching into the bowl. I pulled her hair back and rubbed her shoulder lightly.
When she finished she fell back onto the floor and I handed her her toothbrush.
“Tha-that wasn’t because of you. It was probably because of all the drinks I had, but maybe not who knows.”
“Ok, how about we get you to bed?” I said reaching over and helping her up off the floor, leading her towards our room.
“No!” She protested struggling to get her hands out of my grip, “I’m not tired I- I want to go to the park.”
“Well, your drunk and naked so I don’t think its the best idea for you to go to the park right now.”
She looked down at herself, confused, “Where did my clothes go?”
I pulled her into our room and led her towards the bed, “Come on (Y/n).”
She began to try and pull her hand put of my grip, “No, I cant have sex with you. I have a boyfriend.”
“I know (Y/n) and we’re not having sex.” I pushed her gently into the bed and covered her with the blankets.
“My- My boyfriend is gonna kick your ass.” She slurred out, only to fall asleep seconds after the words left her mouth. Light snores left her mouth as she cuddled with the pillow.
I crawled in next to her and she instantly clung to me, entangling her legs in mine.
“I love you Steve.” She whispered.
“I love you too, (Y/n).”

(your pov)
I groaned, rolling over to my back only to flinch at the light flowing in through the curtains. My head was pounding and I felt like I was gonna throw up. I pushed the blankets back and sat up only to find I was in my bra and underwear.
“What the heck?” I muttered. How did I even get home. Oh no, what did Steve do when I got home. I hope I didn’t say anything bad.
There was a bottle of asprin and a glass of water next to me and I quickly took two pills and gulped down the water.
I jumped up, as fast as I could with this killer hangover, and grabbed my bathrobe, opening the door and poking my head out. The smell of pancakes and bacon filled my senses and made my stomach growl.
I slowly made my way to the kitchen and stood in the doorway. Steve stood with his back to me making breakfast. I bit my lip, was he still mad?
He turned around to drop something in the sink and stopped when he saw me.
He smiled lightly, “Morning Doll, how do you feel?” He asked, handing me a plate of food and ushering me to the table, pulling out the chair for me like he always did.
“Uh, fine…” I said. Did he forget about our fight last night? Or did he just not want to talk about it.
I looked down at the plate and smiled when I saw he had made the pancakes with the little blue star sprinkles on them.
Steve, with his own plate, sat down next to me and handed me a cup of coffee. I gratefully took a large gulp and began munching on the pancakes.
“(Y/n), I’m so sorry about what I said last night.” Steve said nervously.
“It’s fine Steve, lets just eat breakfast.”
“No, it’s not fine. I never should’ve called you those horrible things. I love you and you can wear whatever you want. I shouldn’t have tried to control you.
"No I could’ve handled that situation way better. And going to get black out drunk probably wasn’t the best thing to do either. I promise I won’t wear that dress again.”
He laughed, “I don’t think that will be a problem. You lit it on fire last night.”
“Aw man, really? Well that explains why I woke up naked.” I muttered.
He laughed again, “You were pretty funny last night, going on about how you couldn’t go to bed with me cause you had a boyfriend who was going to kick my ass. Then you were crying cause I wouldn’t let you make me pancakes with the sprinkles.”
I dropped my head into my hands, “Uh I don’t even want to think about last night. Did I do karaoke? I feel like I was doing karaoke. Oh and what did I do to my hair?”
“Ya I can’t wait to hear the stories tomorrow.” He reached across the table and took my hand, “I love you.”
“I love you too.” I leaned forward to kiss him only to fall back, throwing my hand over my mouth, “Oh god hold that thought, I think I’m gonna-”

Good morning everyone! Well its morning for me, good afternoon/night/whatever for everyone else. Thank you guys so much for the requests, a lot of Steve girls out there. But Steve requests are better than no requests. Speaking of which, send some in! I hope you enjoyed!- Kat 😽

I Put A Spell On You - Chapter 2 (Trixya)(Peach)

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you for all the positive feedback so far. This chapter shows Katya and Trixie getting to know eachother more; I want the series to be a bit more of a slow burner to try and make it seem a little more realistic, so I hope you’re in for that ahaha, hope you enjoy :) - Peach 

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He Wakes You Up


Calum has always woken up before you, in fact he’s turned it into a competition on who could wake up first. This morning was no different. Calum woke up to see your body cuddled against his, as it always is. He open his eyes and rubs them, as if to rub the sleep out of them. His eyes fully open and he sees you asleep and smiles to himself. Awake first, again. Another point for Cal. You’ve never gone along with his point system, as you liked to sleep and a stupid game was not going to change that. He pulls your body closer to his and whispers against your ear “Good morning, Baby.” You don’t even stir. He frowns. Usually the sound of his raspy morning voice wakes you up almost immediately, but today was different. When you didn’t wake up, he decided to take a different approach. He climbs on top of you and places kisses all over your face. Once your eyes open up, he smiles and places a kiss onto your lips. “Morning, Princess,” he says with a smile. “Morning Cal,” you say in response. “I’m gonna go make some pancakes,” he says. “Oh no you aren’t. You burned them last time. I’ll come help you,” you reply. “Okay, I love you,” he says. “Love you too,” you smile.


Ashton never minded the fact that you moved a lot in your sleep. You always pushed against him for warmth or curled up in a ball and even kicked a few times, but Ashton didn’t care. As long as he was waking up next to you, he was as happy as can be. Another thing about your sleep habits is that you were a very heavy sleeper, so usually he just let you wake up on your own or with your own alarm, but today he had plans. Ashton had set up an amazing adventure for the two of you today, so he had to wake you up early. He tried to wake you up softly, then realized that wasn’t going to happen. He walked to the window and pulled open the curtains, letting in a large amount of light into the room. You stir in your sleep, but remain asleep. He sighs, wondering what to do until an idea occurs to him and he smirks. “I know what I can do,” he says to himself. He giggles while jogging away from the bed a little and then sprinting toward it at full speed, then jumping on top of you yelling “WAKE UP BABE!” You groan when you feel his large body collape against yours, laughing. “What do you want Ashton?” you asks, groggily. “I want my bautiful girlfriend that I love to wake up so we can go on an amazing adventure,” he says with a smile. “5 minutes?” you ask him. “Okay but that’s it. 5 minutes and not a second longer,” he says then presses a light kiss to your lips. “I love you,” he states. “I love you too,” you smile.


After you and Michael bought a home together, Michael insisted you put an Xbox in your room. You said no several times because with an Xbox in your room, he’d never sleep, but you finally agreed after many “please”s and puppy dog eyes. Typically in the morning he would wake up before you and start playing Xbox or he would end up not sleeping because he was playing Xbox all night. You tend to typically wake up when Michael gets mad about loosing and starts yelling at the t.v. What a nice good morning alarm, huh? But you never minded it because he was adorable when he was frustrated. This morning didn’t follow the normal routine due to Michael actually not waking up super early to play Xbox. Instead, he slept in, resulting in you sleeping in as well. Once we wakes up, he looks at the clock. 11:26. After a moment of panic, he realizes what this means: staying in all day together cuddling and skipping work. He smiles and kisses your forehead. “Y/n, wake up. We’re gonna have the best stay-at-home day today.” “Mike I would love to, but I have work,” you say sadly. “Well, fortunately you’re already late and I’m gonna call you in sick,” he replies with a smile. You hesitate for a second and then decide staying in would be amazing. “I love you,” you say, happily. “I love you too.”


Luke always, and I mean ALWAYS sleeps in, so you have to wake him up. You loved waking up before him because he looks so amazing when he sleeps and it’s so fun to wake him up. You told him this about a week ago and since then he’s wanted to do the same to you. He’s been attempting to, but always fails as he cannot wake up early enough. Today, he gave it another shot. He fell asleep super early last night and set an alarm, hoping to wake up before you. Fortunatly for him, he did happen to wake up before you. “Hell yeah!” he whisper yells to himself. He looks at you and admires the way you slept, as he’d  only see it a few times before when you fall asleep before him or he wakes up in the middle of the night. He noticed the way your hair tangled as you slept, and the way you always seemed to curl up. He smiles and realized, once again, just how much he loves you. He wraps his arms around you and whispers softly “Good morning Y/n.” “Morning, Babe,” you smile. “Guess who woke up before you,” he smiles, happily. “You, Lukey,” you reply. He lightly presses his lips to yours. “I’m gonna go make us breakfast,” he smiles and skips downstairs. You laugh lightly to yourself and drift back to sleep.

birdflashd  asked:

(feel free to post public idc) hi I don't even know if you're up right now or on tumblr bc your queue is going so idk and this isn't going to be a very nice message to read so I hope I didn't get your hopes up but you're my favorite blogger/writer/stucky shipper and I'm not expecting an essay from you but I just got into a fight with a toxic friend and he keeps insulting me and it's making me cry a lot and it hurts so I was wondering if you have any tips on how to make it stop hurting


First of all you shouldn’t take anything he says to heart because you’re a beautiful, wonderful person, and anybody would be lucky to have you in their lives. Clearly he just doesn’t appreciate how lucky he was to have you as a friend, so he’s the only one who’s lost out here. 

Secondly here is a list of things I do when I’m feeling crappy so hopefully some of them will make you (and any of my other followers) feel a little better:

- Put on some clean pyjamas and snuggle up in bed/a huge pile of blankets 

- Listening to some quiet music while snuggling can also be nice, or just listening to music in general

- Idk if you have a pet but if you do you should play with them

- Watch some youtube videos to distract yourself (cat videos are always great, or some interviews of your fave celebrities. The Summer Soldier interview is always my go to xD)

- On a similar note, watch a movie. Watch tws, arguably the greatest movie to ever bless this earth with it’s existence

- Take a long bath/shower with some nice smelling soap and make yourself smell awesome (then spend ages sniffing yourself probably)


Thirdly here’s some random things that might cheer you up: 


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I really hope you feel better soon, under the cut there’s an extract of the new Schrodinger’s chapter for you too.

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