gonna make more gifs of this because yes;;;

Episode 5 of Riverdale was so good, we got a lot of new points especially around Betty’s father Hal who was someone I was wondering about, the revelation about him at the end honestly shocked me because I thought he was going to be the one who would stand up against Alice and stand with Betty but he seems to hate the Blossom’s so much (maybe even more than Alice). 

I liked the scenes with Jughead and Betty even if they were very short it helped build up their friendship and relationship with one another because yes we’ve seen small parts of it but it’s never been shown how close of friends the two actually are and with them now taking on the case together we’ll seem more of it.

I’m also glad we’re finally getting to know a bit more about Polly Cooper and with Hal talking about her being sick part of me is wondering was she ever really sick? Did he make it all up to keep her away from Jason because he knew about the engagement.

I can’t wait for next weeks episode because I think we’re gonna see Polly finally and maybe we’ll finally understand her relationship with Jason and maybe find out why he was leaving Riverdale.

Another thing I enjoyed about the episode was the look into Cheryl’s life and how broken she really is over her brother’s death and how manipulative and nasty her mother is especially towards her.

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