gonna make it someday

i love comforting nihilism. who cares, we’re all gonna die. eat that cake. buy that eyeshadow. be nice to people. you dont owe the world shit. the stars dont care about what we do. give anyway because why spend your eighty years on this rock miserable and making other people miserable. the sun is going to blow up and we’re all gonna die someday. make the most of what time you do have. use the fine china for taco night and microwave lunch. smell the flowers. tell a stranger they are beautiful. 

sketch of some sort (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)


a few storyboards for a project i never actually finished, it was going to be a short film about an aromantic girl that can see people’s “red string of fate”

I colored that warmup sketch I was talkin about to reveal that I am a Slytherin!! 🐍 I’m not surprised people pegged me as a Ravenclaw, though, cuz that’s what I wanted to be when I was a young bab, and what all the other quizes say I would be if I wasn’t Slytherin lol. I consider myself to be of Slytherin mind and Ravenclaw heart. Or Slytherclaw, if we wanna call it by its ship name lol

Also my wand is made of ash with a phoenix feather core, chosen for me personally at Ollivander’s 😎 ✨

edit: fixed my chin lol

anonymous asked:

I was wondering, how much/many of your ideas should you reveal and create up front ad post online and how many should you keep to yourself as an artist? I have all these ideas for like, potential shows (im a student) that would function well as webcomics. But I'd like to be a board artist or show creator. Should I make those webcomics?

Here are your options:

Option 1: Hold onto your ideas

You hold onto your ideas until you can pitch them to executives, even though that may be years and years from now. So if you’re a student right now, that means you’re probably between 18-22. I didn’t get to pitch Infinity Train until I was 27, I didn’t get to make the pilot until I was 29. Now I’m 30 and I’m still waiting around for a possible greenlight. That is 3 years of my life waiting for other people to get moving so I can get moving. If your life goes like mine, that’s 7 years until you’ve made something. One thing. 7 years. How old were you 7 years ago and how many ideas have you had in those 7 years that could also be turned into things? YOU WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF IDEAS.

Something else to keep in mind, I was able to get moving on those ideas because I was working in the industry already, had contacts, and had started building a reputation. If you walk up the front of Nickelodeon or Disney or something and just knock on the door, they’re not going to listen to your pitch. So when will you have those contacts and reputation? How will you build those connections?

Well the first thing you do is start making and producing work. That means, ironically, you gotta start using those ideas you’re holding onto. Why would you expect anyone to want to help make your things if you’re not already making things? That brings me to…

Option 2: Make your ideas

If you don’t have work, then how are people finding out about you? They’re not. You’re not an artist if you’re not making work, you’re just a person with a bunch of thoughts. Lots of things have thoughts. Cows have thoughts. The thing with thoughts is that they’re NOT REAL. It’s all just up in your head. How are you different from any other person? Everybody has ideas, it’s making the idea into a reality that’s the accomplishment.

It’s tempting to not make things. If you make something, then that means it can be a failure and that other people can criticize it. If it remains a thought in your head, then no one can say anything bad about it and it’s just a perfect thing forever that only you know is perfect. You become the person that’s like “Then there’s this guy, he’s got like a sword, and he’s like SWUH! and it’s SO awesome!” and people go: “Wow that sounds fun!” and then you go: “Yeah, I’m gonna make it someday” and they go: “cool!” and then you sit around and waste your life and never make it because why would you? It’s perfect in your head! You already got the compliment from someone, you KNOW there would be fans and people would love it because the version you have in your head is so great! You don’t have to actually prove that it’s a viable idea or that you can even make it because you’ve already done it in your imagination.

Deep down though, you’ll know it’s not true, and it will just make you feel guilty, regretful, and jealous of people who DID actually make and follow through on their ideas. It poisons your soul, then you die, then your guts fertilize some plants which get eaten by a cow, which gets turned into a burger, which gets eaten by an actual artist and used as caloric energy to power their actual artist hands.


I think the real question you should ask yourself is “would I rather see this thing exist than not exist?” Because the fact is, if you want the thing to exist, you have to make it, no one is going to suddenly knock on your door and beg you for your ideas. Don’t sit around and wait for a future that may never come, become an active participant in what you want your future to be.

As my friend Toby once angrily yelled into an empty street one day: “IDEAS ARE FUCKING INFINITE, JUST MAKE THE THING!”

It’s Will who believes that El will come home, not Mike.

Mike saw the little girl who lived in his basement for a week, burst into black ash. He misses her everyday, without a doubt in his mind - but he doesn’t think she’d come home.

But what Mike nor the boys or their new friend Max (who they met at the new arcade) is that he has flashes between the Upside Down and Right-Side up. He sees a fragile girl, in a dress he remembers that Nancy wore religiously. Mucky socks that looked like Mike’s.

The first time he asked about El, he asked Mike (as he spent the most time with her) only to watch his best friend for over a decade burst into tears - sobbing his heart out, but still able to get his words out between his sobs.

The broken girl in his visions was El. The girl with the superpowers that Dustin over sells, the girl who Lucas treated wrong at the start, and the girl who stole his best friend’s heart.

Eleven. With the telekinetic powers? She made the door slam shut multiple times, she flipped a van, she contacted him from an old pool, she killed the Demogorgon for crying out loud! Well, apparently she killed it…

The next time he sees her in his vision, she’s curled up in a little ball, in what looks like a fort - like the one in Mike’s basement. She’s shivering and shaking like crazy. So he gives her the plaid shirt he took of Hopper (who’s more like a father to him than his own and his mother’s new boyfriend…) And promised her that he’d bring her home.

The last thing he hears is the little girl’s shaky voice of. “Mike,”

He asks Mike about the fort (which causes a second round of tears in front of him) and explained that it was El’s, he made it for her when he found her in the woods when they went looking for him.

As Halloween dawned closer, the boys decided on The Ghostbusters and Max - a ghost, Will had gone from having the visions from once a week to twice until they were at least three times a day. There was this unspoken connection between the two (not the same as Mike and El’s) as they tried and failed to get El home.

Will finally decided to tell the boys about the slugs and the visions and El. It took a while to explain as his visions increased slowly.

Dustin had taken in a slug that Will had thrown up (and struggled to get rid of it) but was instantly on board with bring her home.

Lucas was a little skeptical about Will’s visions and El, but if Dustin was in - why leave the crazy teen on his own.

Max was in as well, missing out on the crazy adventure the boys had last year. And wanting to be involved this year.

Mike was sat on the fence (not knowing if Will was telling the truth, he watched El disappear into ash) he asked what she looked like. Will got it spot on - apart from now she had curly hair like Dustin’s (which made the boy shout with happiness), her dress is in tatters, she’s covered in dirt and grime, and she doesn’t have her shoes anymore.

It sounded like the same El that left him heartbroken. And he missed her. And Will has never lied to him, he’s only tried to protect his broken heart that’s not mending till El’s back.

The first attempted rescue ended in disaster as Will flashed into the Upside Down and El was fading fast. He didn’t last long there, and El told him to let her go, to leave her here to die.

Mike sobbed when Will told them what happened. El had suddenly arrived into their lives in November 1983, but she crashed into Mike’s world and left a huge hole and no postcard.

The second was slightly successful, Will decided to hold El’s hand, and try bring her home this way. When he left the Upside Down, he opened his eyes and saw the plaid shirt in his hand he gave her.

Mike whipped it out of Will’s hands and held it to his face, it smelt more of El than it did of Hopper or Will, and had a slight warmth to it. It was definitely her. The shirt smelt like El’s pillow or her blankets.

‘Third times the charm’ is what Hopper had always told Will. And he was right. Lucas had suggested instead of holding El’s hand, maybe he should hug her and maybe he’ll bring her home. Will knew Mike was attached to the girl quickly, so Will pulled Mike aside and asked for his permission - a little bit childish, but asked anyway.

And with Mike’s permission, Will went back to the Upside Down for what felt like the millionth time, and had a small conversation with her before he felt like he was going home. Also with El’s permission, he gently hugged the small girl (he’d finally met someone smaller than him!) and flashed back to the Right-Side Up.

Before Will had even opened his eyes, he heard the loud sob of Mike and one word. “El,”