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‘What’s a banana?’ I hear some of you say. I am now in a position to tell you, dear reader, as I, not twenty-four hours ago, was forced to eat once. While the recipe does call for Par Vollen bananas, I find Rivaini ones an acceptable substitute, despite what the recipe’s creator claims. Most of us aren’t made enough to raid Qunari lands solely for the purposes of baking. – Lady Savarin Ledoure, ‘The Whole Nug: Culinary Treasures of Thedas’

Sweet mess

Sebastian Stan X reader (not named)

Warnings:Fluffy at the start, then turns smutty. Unprotected sex. (Make sure you wear a condom, kids or else I’ll come around and put it his penis!!

Request- “what if sebastian x reader are baking and suddenly it turns out into a flour mess and ends up in a smut?”

A/N: this is my 1st smut/fluff writing so sorry if there are any mistakes!! Also I added fluff because why not?? Don’t forget request are open!! -

It was calm Thursday afternoon. You and Seb were sitting at home and relaxing. “Hey y/n, wanna bake cookies?” You looked over to him as he said it. “Sure let do it.” You both walked into the kitchen, you pulled out your phone and googled ‘cookie recipe’. Sebastian walked over and grabbed the phone from you and said “We’re gonna try to make this without a recipe. Do it all from memory.” You looked at him and giggled “yeah okay babe, when’s the last time either of us made cookies?” You smirked as he started grabbing items from the cabinets and the fridge. “That’s the point” he smiled placing the ingredients on the countertop. You looked over what he had; baking soda, flour, eggs, vanilla, sugar, butter, salt. You try to remember if you need anything else but you think that’s it. You two get started. You’re mixing the wet ingredients, Seb is mixing the dry. Then all of a sudden you’re covered in flour and Seb is laughing maniacal on the other side of the kitchen. You look him right in this blue eyes and say “oh it’s on.” You reach over and throw some flour at him. You’re the one laughing now as he is shocked. He grabs another handful of flour and run over to you. You try running away but he is faster than you can catches you and dumps the handful of flour on you. You turn around and slip on the flour that’s on the floor and you bring him down with you. He’s on top of you and your underneath looking into his eyes. He leans down and kisses you, you kiss him back. The kiss turns into a heavy make out session real fast. He helps you up then proceeds to push you up against the counter. Your hands go under his flour stained black shirt, you feel his abs under your fingertips. You break the kiss to pull the shirt over his head. He helps you out of your shirt while the kiss was broke. “You’re still so beautiful with flour in your hair” he mumbles into your neck as he kisses it. He reaches behind you and unclasps your bra. “I love your tits so much y/n.” he cups your boobs still kissing your neck. Your hands are tangled in his brown-flour covered-locks. You two break apart again to pull off the remainder of your clothing. He picks you up and sets you on the countertop with ease. He lines himself up at your entrance. He pushes in and moans “oo-h fuck, no matter how many times I fuck you, you’re still so tight.” You moan his name as he is fully in. After about three seconds he starts picking up the pace. You two are moaning messes. He pulls out of you and helps you down from the counter. He turns you around so now your chest is on the counter. He pushes himself back in and continues going. Soon you feel your climax is coming you tell him “oh shit babe I’m so close.” “Me too babe just hold on for one more second” you feel yourself right at the edge “I’m gonna c-cum now ooh” he keeps pounding into you and reaches to your vagina and starts rubbing your clit. “Come on baby. Cum for me” you feel yourself come undone as his thrusts start getting a bit sloppy. You ride out your climax as he comes undone too. You both are panting trying to catch your breath. “That was sweet.” He winks to you. “Yeah but now we’ve got to clean this all up” you sigh with a smile while picking up your clothes from the floor.