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no rush obv but if you're so inclined: we're not gonna see it on sg but i'd like to see how alex processes being queer (post-coming out & being w maggie). like, she had some brief gay panic but we didn't get to see her really accept and then get comfortable w it.

If people want, I’ll do more follow-ups like this, but in keeping with minific style, here’s a oneshot of her reaching out to Kara about Things. I also have this piece that I wrote much earlier about Alex coming out – http://archiveofourown.org/works/8856685/chapters/20309353

She said she couldn’t do this without Kara.

This coming out… thing.

This realizing that her entire life isn’t what she thought it was. That she’s completely different than she thought she was.

Except she’s not. Except she is.

Because Alex knows what she’s good at. And she’s good at training.

Training to be Kara’s protector, at the demand of her mother and the passive agreement of her father.

Training to be a scientist, under the tutelage of the most renowned bioengineers in the country.

Training to be a soldier, under the sometimes harsh care of the man who’s come to be her… well, her father.

Training is something Alex is good at.

But this? This thing, this… this liking Maggie? This… this being… whatever this is…



The words still make her flinch inside.

This… thing? This thing that she can’t do without Kara?

It goes against all her training.

It goes against her training – and she’s good at her training – because she’s been trained to be sexy for me. She’s been trained to appeal to men, she’s been trained to not even consider her feelings for women as real, as noticeable, as an option that wouldn’t be… imperfect.

Because she’s been trained to be perfect.

And she’s pretty damn good at it.

But this?

She’s fallen out of a spaceship, she’s freefalling to earth, and god, she hopes Kara knows how to catch her, because she doesn’t know if she can catch herself.

She tells her mother that she knows better about people. And she wishes she didn’t.

And she does know better about people.

About men. About men whose hands are too rough – not that she minds things rough – but she minds when the roughness isn’t for her, isn’t about her, doesn’t consider her, doesn’t realize that she might have needs, too.

About soldiers. About watching people die and about having to kill. About having to sleep at night, somehow, with the last breaths of people whose lives she’s ended lingering in her ears, under her fingernails, deep in her throat.

About perfection. About the way perfection tastes like the bottom of a bottle of bourbon and sounds like her mother’s ringtone and feels like Kara’s smile hiding the storm behind Kara’s eyes that Alex will never, ever be able to soothe.

No matter how perfect she is.

So this? This… gay… thing?

She means it when she says she can’t do it without Kara.

She calls her late one night, late one night after shooting pool with Maggie, because Maggie had shown up at her door and told her she didn’t want to imagine life without Alex, and who could say no to that?

And Maggie had been kind, and Maggie had been gentle. Maggie had been careful and she’d been funny. She’d been her normal self, on just this side of cautious.

Because Alex knew it then, more sure than she’d been even when she kissed her – knew from the way her stomach swooped when Maggie bent over the pool table to line up a shot, from the way heat pooled between her legs when Maggie’s tongue stuck out slightly in concentration, from the leaping of her heart when Maggie touched her arm and the flight of her soul when Maggie laughed, when she was the reason Maggie laughed, the reason she smiled, the reason she seemed happy – that she was falling in love.

With a woman.

She’s nearly vomiting when she calls Kara, so distraught that she barely even registers Kara’s sleepy tone, the way she clearly just woke her little sister up from a sound sleep. It is well past midnight, after all.



“Alex, are you okay? What happened, do you need me to – ”

“No, no, I’m not hurt, Kara, I… I’m g… I like Maggie.”

She’s collected enough, now, to hear Kara’s relief, her soft smile, in her voice.

“I know you do, Alex. Do you want me to come over so we can talk about it? About her? Or about you?”

Alex’s stomach swoops, because talking about Maggie? That would be hard. It would be hard, but it would be easier. Because if it was just about Maggie… just about this girl she liked, and then kissed, and then rejected her, and they were just being friends, so it was no big deal, really, it was just this one thing, this one little phase, this one little mistake, misinterpretation, right?

But Kara knows, and Kara said they could talk about… Alex.

So Alex’s stomach swoops, and she stammers out a no, no, go back to sleep, she’s sorry for calling, but then there’s a tapping on her window and she sighs, because her sister is Supergirl, and her sister is just as fast as Barry Allen.

She lets her in and Kara takes the bourbon out of her hands immediately.

“Talk to me, Alex, not the whiskey.”

Alex sinks back onto the couch and shrugs and sighs and thinks about the way Maggie smiles and the way she smells faintly of motorcycle exhaust and something sweet that Alex can’t quite identify, and –


And then she’s crying, and god Kara’s arms are strong, and she’s never been more grateful for it, because she’s breaking and it’ll take a lot of strength to hold her together.

More strength than she has on her own, apparently.

It’s while she’s gasping for breathing and trying not to hyperventilate that she chokes the words out.

“Kara, I… I’m g… I’m… a lesbian.” It churns her stomach just to say it. It churns her stomach and it burns her face and it makes her sob harder, but god, god, god, relief also sears through her like oxygen. Relief and truth and something that feels an awful lot like… herself.

“I’m so proud of you, Alex. I’m so proud of you.”

Kara is kissing her forehead and stroking her hair and wiping her tears, and Alex’s phone vibrates and she and Kara both laugh wryly, because maybe one day they can cry on each other without being interrupted by work.

But it’s not work.

It’s someone that makes her heart leap, that makes Kara smile when she sees the caller ID and how quickly her sister goes to open the message.

I had a really great time with you, Danvers. Thanks for coming. Let me know you got home safe, if that’s okay?

Kara arches an eyebrow – when Alex’s tears are dry and her heart rate is a little steadier, it might be a better time to talk about the fact that Maggie sounds an awful lot like she might like her, after all – and smiles as she watches her sister’s normally steady fingers type out a response, as she watches her sister’s normally shrewd eyes sparkle like a teenager’s.

“I’m so proud of you, Alex,” she repeats, because Alex might have been trained by the world to think that being gay, being a lesbian, is less than perfect, but Kara knows better: because the happiness, the hope, the excitement, the affection in Alex’s eyes right now?

That look defines perfection.

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How would your Gladio react if his s/o was an ex-Kingsglaive member , who just got the news about her friends ( or family, because she was actually pretty close to them )? Expecially when his s/o tries to act like it isn't a big deal, continuing to joking around and being a bit sassy, while she's actually suffering in silent? Thank you for the attention and sorry for the bad english! 😆 Also, I really enjoy your writing! Everything I read here seem so sweet and romantic. ❤️

Thank you so much, dear!! Sweet and romantic is what I’m aiming for! Although I’ve been throwing in a lot more emotions lately, haha.
Don’t worry about your English - you’re doing great! Keep up the good work!!
Also, super adorable request! Be prepared to hop on the angst train though - I took the beginning of this straight from the end of chapter 1.
This was fun because I don’t get to write scenarios for Gladdy or Prompto that often! This is actually my first Gladdy scenario so sorry there’s a lot more of her than Gladdy, I seem to do that a lot eep! (;ω;)


“Insomnia… falls.”

Prompto’s voice broke the silence as he read the headline of the newspaper in Gladio’s hands. He looked up from the paper to Noctis, whose mouth was open as if he were looking for something to say.

“What?” Noct finally managed a shaky voice that quickly turned to one of anger, “This your idea of a joke?”

The way he spat the words at his friend caused Prompto to take a half step backward. Ignis stepped forward, his stern yet sympathetic gaze falling on the prince.

“I need you to calm down so I can explain,” Ignis said quickly, his eyes not moving from Noctis.

“I’m as calm as I’m gonna get!” Noctis practically yelled the words, closing the gap between him and his adviser faster than one could blink.

“There was an attack…” Ignis began, but his words trailed off. He cleared his throat before speaking again, “The imperial army has taken the Crown City.”

Noctis stood staring at Ignis, dumbfounded. Silence filled the room. Prompto turned and looked out the hotel room window, leaning heavily against the window sill. Ignis finally removed his eyes from Noctis, shifting them to the ground.

“As treaty room tempers flared, blasts lit the night sky,” Gladio’s voice finally broke the silence as he read the article, “When the smoke about the Citadel had cleared, the King was found… dead.”

“No. Wait,” Noctis said quickly, his voice beginning to shake, “Hold on!”

The voices continued to reach her ears, but the young woman was no longer processing the conversation. She stood up from where she sat at the end of the bed and quickly left the hotel room. Her footsteps echoed as she walked rapidly down the hallway her hand fumblingly found its way into her pocket. She pulled out her phone as she stepped into the lobby of the Galdin Quay. As she tapped the phone screen anxiously a few times, she found herself standing on the dock. How she had gotten down the stairs was beyond her; her legs were numb, shaky. No, not just her legs, her entire body.

Leaning on the railing, she tapped the phone screen one more time before holding it up to her ear. It was ringing - that had to be a good sign, right? She put her elbows on the railing, resting her forehead on her fist.

“Nyx here. I’ll get back to you eventually.”

No no no, she thought as she quickly hung up and dialed another number. The words “Insomnia falls” kept running through her head as the phone rang again.

“Hey, you’ve reached Crowe Altius. Leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.”

Nearly giving up hope, the girl dialed another number, letting out a shaky breath as she lifted the phone to her ear once more.

“Hello? Y/N is that you?”

“Libertus!” She sobbed his name out. She couldn’t recall a time she had been so happy to hear somebody’s voice. “Is it true? Insomnia… has fallen? Are you okay? What about Nyx? Crowe?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Libertus’s voice wasn’t filled with its usual joy, “It’s true though. And Nyx and Crowe…”

He trailed off. Nothing more needed to be said in that regard. They spoke for a few more moments before she hung up the phone, stuffing it back into her pocket. She buried her face in her hands. Nyx and Crowe were gone. Her love for them was so great - they were the family she never had. She couldn’t help it as she let out another sob. How could she possibly go on without them?

Her few moments alone had passed. The stairs behind her creaked and she quickly wiped her eyes before turning around. Gladio was standing at the bottom of the stairs, a solemn look on his face. His eyes seemed to scan her before he took another step toward her. She tried her best to lean casually against the railing, attempting a halfhearted smile. As the smile slipped from her face she realized it probably wasn’t the right time to smile in this first place.

“How’s Noct?” Her voice came out much stronger and clearer than she had expected.

“Not good,” Gladio said, still staring at her skeptically, “And I know you’re not good either. You’ve been crying.”

Gladio always knew. After all of this time, how could she have been foolish enough to think she could hide her tears from him.

“I’m fine. I’m worried about you and the guys, really. You all had family in the city. Did everyone make it out?”

“Iris is on her way to Lestallum. Don’t know about my dad. No news on Iggy or Prompto’s families yet either.”

How was he holding it together so well? She knew she certainly wasn’t.

“What about the Glaive? Have you heard from anyone? I know they were like family to you.”

She could feel her eyes grow hot, the tears beginning to sting. Her family was gone. Her brothers and sisters… gone. The two stood in silence, a large gap between them. The only sound was that of the waves crashing softly against the dock’s posts.

“Everything’s fine,” she managed a smile, “The Glaive’s fine. We’re fine. I’m fine.”

Gladio wasn’t as stupid as she was making him out to be though. He finally closed the gap between them, resting a hand on her hip. No words were exchanged, but he locked eyes with her and didn’t look away. He knew. She didn’t need to say anything more. He knew she wasn’t fine.

A few more moments of silence passed. She opened her mouth to speak, but a shaky sob came out instead.

“Gladdy,” she whimpered. Fighting it was useless.

Gladio had his arms around her in an instant. One arm was wrapped tightly around her waist, the other hand moved to the back of her head. She buried her face into his chest, unable to control her tears anymore.

He held her close, gently kissing her on the top of her head. She had nobody besides him, and he was fully aware of that, especially in this moment. And he wasn’t going to let her live life alone. He was going to protect her with every ounce of his being.

As he held her close, her body shaking with sobs, Gladio felt tears beginning to form in his own eyes. What could possibly lie ahead for them? He had no idea and it scared him more than anything. Gladdy knew he couldn’t let anyone know he was even slightly fearful though. The guys relied on him being tough. She relied on him to be her rock - and she needed him now more than ever.

Gladdy kissed her head again, blinking rapidly in hopes of stopping the tears.

“I’m here for you. I will always be here for you. I’m your family now, okay?”

She didn’t say anything, but her arms slipping around him in a tight hug was the only acknowledgment he needed.

Wanted (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 4: Mysterious Ways

oh thank GOD i finally was able to give myself that final push and finish this chapter! i know a lot of you have been waiting and im so sorry for keeping you this long without an update but after a short recovery hiatus im ready for more! this is kind of a filler chapter but still important, so i hope you guys enjoy and as always let me know what you think!!!! xx

Words: 2,578

Tag List for those who want notifications when I post updates!: @lucilaura, @impossible-box, @magicalism, @unchxrted, @dragonjedihobbit, @jodiereedus22, @brutal-crazy-joker, & anyone else who would like to be tagged, just let me know!

The pitch black, lonesome hours of the night are the perfect time for someone to go missing.

The Boss had his strategy worked out perfectly. He tracked down whoever betrayed him or who he distrusted. His men snagged them in the middle of the night. They are brought to the warehouse. And then, The Boss takes care of them.

The papers you were studying had your attention until the sound of someone struggling against a chair drew it away. He was crying, groaning, coughing.

He was facing away from you, the light from the full moon providing the only visibility in the building. The man’s silhouette was blended with the chair.

Storage crates provided the perfect hiding. Looking back, you wished you would have never watched.

The Boss’s voice came from the shadows. It overpowered the whimpering of the man in the chair.

“No artifact… again?” A flame from the lighter brought view to the shadows of The Boss’s face. Large. Withered. Angry. The end of his cigar glowed, marking his position in the warehouse.

“I told you… It was gone. Probably has been gone for years.” The man spoke through his teeth… or the blood in his mouth. You couldn’t tell.

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Rose-Colored Boy

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Words: 955

Warnings: none

Request: SOO since the new paramore album is out and the song Rose-Colored Boy realllyyy reminds me of Charles Xavier, will you (pretty pleaase) write a Charles x reader based on it maybe? I loved the latest one you did it was amazing!! - for amazing anon

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long. I have to admit it was hard to get this done but I really enjoy writing this and I’m kind of proud of how it went. I also have an alternative angsty ending so if you want I can post it. Hope you like it!!

Originally posted by randomimaginesx

Charles Xavier was a rose-colored boy. He was the kind of person that dreamt with big things. His biggest dream was solving the dispute between mutants and humans. You once had that dream too; but not anymore. Now, his ambitions annoyed you and made you feel helpless against the world. Your hopes had vanished and there was no optimist left in you.

“Every mutant has lost relatives and friends, Charles,” you reminded him, trying to make him realize how bad the situation actually was. “Their hearts are breaking and no one can do anything about it.” You were struggling, desperate to show him being hopeful was not enough.

“We can fix this, y/n. We just have to work harder,” the dreamer mutant answered with a small encouraging grin in a failed attempt to bring the optimistic y/n back. The y/n he loved and knew was still there, hiding from the world that’s been hurting you.

Wars were raging on, destroying mutant safe-houses, where many found refuge, and killing members from both sides. You fought for the cause as well as everybody, but your faith was lower every day. You felt half-empty, and you definitely didn’t know what to do.

Charles showed you the bright side of the events, but you couldn’t see them. The thought of a better life made you choke and you hoped that one day, he would let you cry instead of try to make you smile.

“I’m not gonna smile if I don’t want to, okay? Stop trying,” you growled. “We can’t all be like you, man. Not all of us views a rose-colored world. Not all of us can.”

His smile faded a little, but recovered its place a few seconds after. “Hey, don’t worry. We’ll get through this,” Charles reassured you. “It’s not a lo-”

He couldn’t finish his comment because you interrupted him abruptly. “Please don’t. Don’t say it’s not a lost cause or that I’m not a lost cause either because it’s not true. I’ve been through a lot and all I’ve got is to stay pissed, if you don’t mind.” You were tired of this. The pep talks, the useless encouraging.

“That’s not true, y/n, and you know it,” he was desperate to find a way to make you understand. “I know you do.”

But you weren’t listening anymore. You passed by him and went to you’re the stairs that lead to your room, trying not to start crying until you got there. You didn’t want him to see you like this. Red eyes, weak sob, a pitiful sight you didn’t feel ready to show.

However, you weren’t expecting him to follow you. Did he really care about you like that? Was he really so interested in making you believe everything would be alright? The answer, of course, was yes. Charles cared a big deal about you, more than just friends or teammates. But he never found the right time to tell you. With everything that was happening, he felt selfish wasting time thinking about his feelings instead of worrying about the mutants that were in great danger.

When you realized it was him, you turned around so you could tell him to leave you alone. As you let the mutant see your face, affected by the tears, his heart shattered into small pieces. You were broken, damaged by the war. You were looking down, avoiding his eyes and you were embarrassed by your state.

“Y/n…” Charles started saying, not knowing how to put his feelings into words.

“Just let me cry a little bit longer, okay? I think I want to stay in my room. I don’t want anybody seeing me cry now.

"We gotta look on the bright side, y/n” he took your hand and rubbed his thumb affectionally on it.

“Well, maybe if you wanna go blind,” you snapped sarcastically taking your hand away from his reach. You looked directly into his eyes for the first time since you started crying. He looked worried about you. Genuinely concerned. You couldn’t take it any longer. Bursting into tears, you covered your face with your hands.

Charles didn’t hesitate to hug you and hold you tight. Not letting you fall. “Let it go, love. Let all of this flow. It won’t make you less strong or tough, it won’t make you weak. It will let you free,” he said in a soft whisper, resting his head on top of yours and fidgeting with your hair in order to calm you.

When you pulled away to look at him, Charles cupped your cheeks with his hands, drying your tears away from your face with his thumbs. Your faces were so closed your noses could almost touch. “Everything will be fine. You’ll be fine, okay?”

You nodded in response, not crying anymore. Your hands were placed on his, which were still cupping your face. He took a step closer towards you and after a brief pause, Charles kissed you. Your lips fit perfectly, like two lost pieces of a puzzle ready to be put together. You kissed back almost instantly, feeling shivers running down your spine. It was electric but, at the same time, soft. He made you feel safe and, most importantly, hopeful.

Charles pulled away and you saw a grin on his face. A grin you wanted to stay there forever. A grin that mirrored your own. You were smiling too, making him melt only by looking at you. “Everything will be fine,” you repeated, not losing the smile.

Now, thanks to Charles, you were also the kind of person that dreamt with big things. Being with him made you feel upbeat in some way you thought you’d forgotten. Because now, you were rose-colored too.

Alternative Ending

Blue Kryptonite - Karamel One Shot

“So, Rhonda broke her arm and Kevin has the flu, and they asked me to replace them for three days, thai means working from 10 to 12, lunch, then 1 to either midnight or 2 am.. but I don’t know if I should, like there’s a lot of dangerous aliens outside, and I want to help you!”
“Mon-El, I’m not by myself, Alex, J'onn and even James can help me, you should go, I mean if it’s not too exhausting for you.”
“Hey! I’m a superhero! I can handle some extra turns, blondie.”
“Oh right, mr. Valor.” He held Kara in his arms, swinging a little.
“I like when you say it.”
“Yeah.” She kissed him quickly, “Anyway I’m gonna go now, my bartender duties are calling.”
He kissed her cheek and ran out the door. Kara sighed, she’s gonna miss her partner a lot. But of course she was Supergirl, she wouldn’t stop at home sighing and boring herself to death; Kara decided to write a few articles about the fire that Supergirl stopped the day before, and the newborn child that Valor saved in that burning apartment. She wrote a good amount until the DEO called her in: she explained to J'onn why Mon-El couldn’t come so he told Pam to note that for his paycheck. “Hey, sissy!”
“Hey, Kara! Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, sure, why did you ask?”
“First, you never call me ‘Sissy’, second, you’re crinkling right now.”
“I’m no-” she touched her forehead “-damn it!”
“Spill whatever is going on in your mind.”
“It’s..probably silly..but I’m afraid I’ll miss Mon-El too much these days..it’s the first time we’re separating since he’s moved in with me, and I’m used to having him around all day..don’t laugh, please!” Kara pouted and Alex smiled back at her.
“I won’t laugh, Maggie completely changed my idea of 'too silly or too cheesy’. Just prepare something for when he comes home, or just keep yourself busy and you won’t even realize that three days have passed.”
“Mmh, okay..I’ll find something. Thanks, Alex.”
“Did you find the restaurant for the reception?”
“Kara, I think it’s too soon for this conversation, we got engaged just a few months ago!”
“Hey! I’m your MAID OF HONOR! I need everything to be perfect.” Kara crossed her arms on her chest.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re way more invested than I am.” The two girls started laughing, until Winn called them, there was an emergency near the mall.

As soon as Kara walked home, she dropped herself on the couch, tired like never before: she checked her phone, finding a text from his boyfriend: 'I miss you already..xx" She smiled at the screen, 'I miss you too, you have no idea.’
Kara started cooking Mon-El’s favourite meal, waiting for him to come home, and maybe watch something together and cuddle. Another beep rang in the room, about 30 minutes later, Mon-El wrote 'Babe I don’t think I can make it for dinner, I’m so so sorry..’
'It’s okay, we’ll see each other after dinner then. :)’
She was upset, but she was the one who told him to work extra turns: since Mon-El worked at the alien bar, she saw a new side of him, more responsible and mature, she found that really attractive, but most of all, Kara was proud of who he’d become. She ate both his dish and hers, yet she was somehow hungry: she picked a rom-com to watch on Netflix in the meantime. The movie was called Serendipity, and it was about two people who were meant to be together, because it was written in their destinies: when the two lovers found each other after years, she started crying, “It’s not that emotional!” but she kept sobbing until she fell asleep on the couch.
Mon-El walked home around 2 am, he found his lover hugging a pillow, deep into her slumber; smiling, he picked her up bridal-style and laid her down under the blankets, before kissing her forehead goodnight. Mon-El changed into his pyjama and fell asleep hugging his little spoon.

'good morning beautiful, I’m so sorry I came home at 2 am last night, I made you hashbrowns, if they’re too cold, just do your trick :) i love you - mon-el’
Kara found the post-it on the table, next to her plate: she heated up the hashbrowns and sighed, sipping her coffee. She was at CatCo for the whole morning, trying to focus on her articles only. She decided to stop by the alien bar for lunch.
“Kara, hey! I didn’t expect to see you.” Mon-El leaned over to kiss her, “how are you?” he was cleaning a few glasses.
“I was missing you a little too much, I guess. Did you have lunch already? I brought sandwiches.”
“I was just about to, thank you.” She grinned widely at her man.
“Nothing, you’re just really cute.” Kara bit her sandwich, “Can’t I admire my boyfriend? ”
“Of course you can. I saw you fell asleep with the tv on, what did you watch?”
“Oh, I watched a beautiful movie, it’s called Serendipity and you really need to watch it! It’s about a boy and a girl meeting in a shop, leaving their numbers on a book and a– basically she thinks that if they’re meant to be together, they’ll meet again and– oh no.” She was already tearing up at the thought of that ending when her earcom started beeping. “Alex, what’s wrong? Oh okay, I’m on my way.”
“They need Supergirl, don’t they?”
“Yuuuup..I’ll see you later.” She pecked his lips, before running outside the bar and unbottoning her shirt.
An alien was attacking a school bus with his laser eyes and all the kids were struggling, hiding under their seats, Supergirl shielded the bus, standing in front of the hostile alien and punched and kicked him with all her anger, that dude interrupted her quality time with Mon-El after all, until he was exhausted. The children behind her started cheering on the superhero, and Kara felt an overwhelming wave of pride and happiness taking over her heart.
That night, she decided to light up some candles, curl her hair and wear her sexiest babydoll: she felt prettier, but she was sure that Mon-El was the one who would’ve appreciated this more. She had an insane need of strawberries in that moment: Kara got so mad when she found out that there weren’t any, that she left a dent on the fridge. “Alex, can you bring me strawberries, pleeeeeeeaase?”
“It’s 11 pm, Kara, there’s no one open right now!”
“That’s why I asked you! I know you have them! Please!”
“Kara, are- are you crying?”
“No, I’m- Haha! Okay, I think I am after all. Please bring me strawberries!”
Alex sighed, a little confused, on the other side of the phone, “Okay, I’m coming.”

“Alex!” Kara immediately jumped, hugging her sister a little too much; her shirt got wet in a matter of seconds.
“What’s wrong?”
“Where are my strawberries?”
“Here. Why are you crying?”
“Mon-El said he’s working until 2 tonight. It’s Saturday..” Her tears fell on her cheeks again, she grabbed the box of strawberries and sat on the couch.
“Well, from the way you look, I would say that you were preparing a surprise for him..but it’s not a big deal! Stop crying, c'mon.” Alex sat next to her little sister.
“I can’t.. I can’t.”
“Kara.. I think there’s something wrong with you. Were you near some kind of..modified kryptonite?”
“No, no, I don’t think so.”
“How many times did you cry these days?”
“I watched a movie last night and I cried until I fell asleep, then this morning I went to the bar to see Mon-El, and I was getting emotional again while explaining him the plot..When I saved those kids I-”
“Okay, this is too much even for you; tomorrow I’m gonna do some tests on you.”
“Okay.. What if I touched something that made me too sensitive? What if I’m not bulletproof anymore? What if- oh no, here we go again.”
Alex got up to get some wine in the fridge, until she noticed the dents. “Kara, what’s this?”
“Oh..I accidentally did that..when I found out there were-”
“No strawberries?”
“No strawberries.”

“Kara, I’m about to check the results, are you on your way? Okay, see you later.”

“Okay, what did you find out? Is it a blue kryptonite? Am I okay? How do I cure this?”
“Kara uhm, I- I don’t know how to say it–”
“Am I dying?” Kara yelled anxiously, already crying again.
“Kara you’re not dying, you’re PREGNANT!”
“I’M WHAT?” Her voice was high pitched, she immediately covered her mouth with her hands, completely shocked.
“Oh Rao, oh Rao, oh Rao, what do I do? What do I do? What is Mon-El gonna do? I have a baby inside of me? In my stomach? I think I’m gonna pass out.” Kara blurted everything out without taking a breath, she sat down, next to her sister, who didn’t know what to say.
“I think you should–” The blonde’s phone started ringing. “It’s Mon-El.” She inhaled a deep breath and replied his call. “Hey.”
“I have a good news, I’m coming home earlier, around 9! I can’t wait to see you!”
“That’s great! I- I have something to tell you tonight as well..see you tonight.”
“Love you.”
“Love you more.”

“So, you’re telling him tonight?”
“I guess..”
“Before anything else..how do you feel?”
“I don’t know.. My head is just a big mess right now: I don’t know if I’m ready. A baby is.. A baby. It’s a big deal.”
“Yeah.. Are you more afraid of having a baby or.. His reaction? Have you ever discussed this possibility?”
“Yeah, never too seriously but yeah, we said that we both wanted to have children one day, but we never expected that day to arrive so soon..”
“Well, this is positive, isn’t it? Mon-El didn’t exclude a baby from his future. Before worrying too much, talk to him, and we’ll see the rest after that.” Alex kissed her cheek, finally making Kara smile. “You’re right..but please Alex, don’t tell anyone, not even Maggie. Pinky promise?”
“Pinky promise.”

“Finally home.” Mon-El walked through the door, ready to hold his girlfriend after what felt like an eternity.
“Hi babe,” she hugged him tightly, “let’s eat! How was your day? Is Kevin back?”
“Yeah finally, these days have been really tiring, I missed kicking alien butts with you.”
“Me too..” Kara chuckled, “luckily there weren’t many aliens to take down, so you didn’t miss out on much.”
After dinner, they cuddled on the couch talking about everything and nothing, she almost forgot what she had to tell him.
Kara stood up, holding a pillow in her arms; “Mon-El, listen..these past few days, I’ve felt a little weird..like remember when I almost cried explaining the movie’s plot to you?”
“Yeah, that was weird but, I didn’t judge you because I know how passionate you are over movies.”
“And I love you for that. But like I was saying, I didn’t feel right..” Mon-El’s forehead wrinkled with worry. “Is everything okay, Kara?”
“Alex did some tests, and she found out that I’m..pregnant.”
“You’re what?” His mouth opened in shock just like hers did a few hours before.
“I’m pregnant.” Kara covered her eyes. “Are you upset? Please say something, I can’t handle this anymore.”
“Upset? Are you kidding me? Why would I be upset if you’ve just given me the best news ever?” Mon-El stood up and picked Kara up, “Rao, I’m so happy right now!”
“Really? I was so nervous because I thought you didn’t want this! Now-now I can’t stop smiling.” Mon-El gave her multiple kisses all over her face, “I love you so much, Kara.”
“I love you too, Mon-El.”
“I can’t believe that this is happening..” He looked down on her stomach, smiling, his eyes were full of tears already. “Why did you think that I didn’t want this?” He stared into her eyes with so much love and awe.
“Because the only time we’ve discussed this, we said that we wanted it to happen in the future..but not a near future.”
“I said it because we didn’t have like..to rush, but I would’ve loved it whenever it would’ve arrived, as long as it was with you. From the beginning I knew that I wanted you and only you in my future, I couldn’t wish for a better mom for my child.”
“We’re really having a baby..”
“We’re having a baby.” Their faces were a mix of shock, happiness, disbelief, love. They couldn’t stop smiling and kissing.

When it was time to sleep, Kara kept staring at the ceiling.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I’m just thinking about this little bean.” She smiled.
“Yeah and.. I couldn’t help but think if I’ll be a good mother. We’re not normal people, we are superheroes, we have enemies, we have a world to protect.”
“We can’t spend a lifetime worrying about what could happen. What did you tell me three days ago?”
“What did I tell you?”
“You’re not by yourself. You have Alex, J'onn, and even James: and that was only about the superheroing part. You also have Winn, Lena, Maggie, your earth mother Eliza..You’ll be a great mom. You’ve had good parenting figure for your whole life; I should be the one who doubts his capabilities of being a good dad.. You’ve met them, unfortunately. I grew up with maids and teachers, they were busy destroying Daxam’s society and I didn’t have a normal childhood.”
Kara cupped his face, “Hey, you’re not your parents. You are a different person, a much better person. You’ll be a great dad. We’ll be okay.”
“Thank you, Kara.”
“No, thank you. For everything, thank you for being always here for me, for the past two years.”
“My pleasure.” He kissed her forehead and caressed her head.
“Goodnight..and goodnight.” Mon-El’s hand stroked his girlfriend’s stomach, feeling like all his dreams were coming true: he couldn’t ask for a better miracle to happen to him.

I know it’s really boring and there’s a few mistakes but i had to write something 😅😂😂 let me know what you think in my inbox or in the reblogs, thank you. ❤❤❤

Mystrade prompt: "Please, you can't die now" and "Quicker, you freaking piece of.."

For the Anon who asked for both of these. This started differently but got kind of angsty. I tried, you guys. 

“Please, you can’t die now”, Greg whispered, shaking his head. When they had planned the stakeout to apprehend one of the Peckham gang’s suppliers, they’d set plans in place for all possible casualties.

Except this one.

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My Goddamn Future

TITLE: My Goddamn Future
PAIRING: Bi!Reader/Negan
SUMMARY: Thank you, @distinguishedqueenofbooks​ for the prompt of “Negan finds your pregnancy test and has a nursery made for the baby, without you knowing that he knows.” I had to have some angst because hello it’s me. But, fluff at the end!
WORDS: 1,748
WARNINGS: Language, angst in the beginning


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mrimmortal  asked:

I've noticed in a lot of headcannons y'all write seven is pretty emotionally (and sometimes physically) abusive? Honestly it's an interesting take on his character, his angstyness in his route when he first stays with MC really hurt ;^; so it's interesting seeing that come back... if it's okay, can I request the RFA comforting MC after she leaves an abusive partner (doesn't have to be 707) and blames herself? I also love your sad Jumin headcanons... why do you guys do this to me :c

Just a fair warning to you guys, if you’ve been in an abusive relationship of sorts before, this might bring up bad memories, so read at your own caution. I’m going to mainly be writing mental/emotional abuse in this post, since I have some experience to write about it from. These are pretty long too, and they were hard to write, so I imagine they may be hard to read too


  • You hadn’t talked much with Yoosung in a while, not since you got together with your boyfriend
  • But the breakup was hard on you and you needed someone, and Yoosung was the first to come to mind. he had been there with you before, maybe he still would be there…
  • On the first ring when you called him he picked up
  • “MC? Hey, I haven’t heard from you in forever, are you doing okay Have you been doing well?”
  • You tried to speak but it only came out as a sob
  • He was silent for a moment, “Where are you? I’m coming to pick you up”
  • It didn’t take him long at all to get there. A part of him broke seeing you standing there on the sidewalk, shaking and tear-streaked
  • You got in the car and at first he just drove. You didn’t speak, and he didn’t want to prod at you
  • He took you back to his house, a small place, where he made up a warm meal with some cocoa for you.
  • “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • “He.. we… it’s over, between me and him” you managed between sobs.
  • He hugged you, “It’s okay…”
  • “But.. it isn’t, it isn’t okay, because he… he needs me there, but… I just.. I left him, oh gosh I shouldn’t have left, he… he needs me, he’s going to do something bad and I won’t be there to help him, it’s… it’ll be my fault”
  • “What’re you talking about.. MC? MC he’ll be fine, you’re.. you’re not fine though, what’s been happening? I haven’t heard from you in months..”
  • “He.. he isn’t going to be okay, he’s going to do something bad, it’s going to be bad, it’ll be my fault, I’m supposed to be there for him gosh I’m so horrible”
  • “Shh, it’s okay, it isn’t your fault” what has this guy done to her? he wondered for a moment “You can’t control him, whatever he does he’ll do either way, and it won’t be your fault.”
  • “But..”
  • “It isn’t your fault. Okay? You can’t let him control you like that, he’s using you.”
  • “N…n… I…”
  • “It’s not your fault. You breaking up with him? It’s for the better, okay? I haven’t even seen you in months because of him.. that’s not supposed to happen when you’re in a relationship, you’re supposed to be able to stay with your friends. It’ll be better, okay? It’s gonna hurt now, but it’ll be better without him”
  • Your phone buzzes at that moment and Yoosung notices it’s a text from him. He snatches your phone before you can grab it
  • “You can’t run back to him, he’s just going to make you feel worse”
  • “But..” you sob
  • Yoosung shakes his head, “No. MC, you’ve been gone for months, none of us have heard from you since you started dating this guy and we’ve been worried sick about you since. You gotta let go of him, he’s not good for you. I’ve never seen you so hurt before, you used to be so happy”
  • Tears running down your face you start crying more
  • Because he is right
  • “I’m sorry Yoosung”
  • He hugs you again, letting you cry into his shoulder
  • “You have nothing to be sorry for MC. If anything, I’m sorry I couldn’t have stopped this from happening.”


  • You hadn’t seen her in a while
  • You still talked to her sometimes
  • You were worried she wouldn’t even answer the phone
  • his words echoed in your mind your friends don’t care about you, not like I do
  • But she did answer
  • How many times had he ignored your calls…?
  • Jaehee never ignored them
  • “MC? Hey, how’re you doing?”
  • “I.. I’m okay” no I’m not. don’t bother her though, you’re always a bother, he always said you are
  • “Are you free? Maybe we could get coffee together.”
  • “I.. I think that sounds good.”
  • You met her at the coffee shop. She found you sitting in a corner
  • “Hey…” She started before noticing your face flushed red and your puffy eyes “MC, are you okay?”
  • With a sniffle, you shook your head. You couldn’t hide it anymore, “I.. we broke up. It’s.. it’s all my fault”
  • The tears came back, no matter how hard you tried to hide them. She seated herself next to you and took your hand gently.
  • “MC, if you broke up, it’s not anyone’s fault.. some things just don’t work out.”
  • “No.. it… it’s all my fault. I’m just such a bother, I was too annoying, I was… I was asking for it”
  • “What.. what are you talking about?”
  • She noticed the bruises on your wrists as she spoke, “MC, has he been hurting you?”
  • You tried shaking your head, but you couldn’t even deny it, “it was my fault, I.. I deserved it, I shouldn’t have spoken up about that.. then he wouldn’t have..”
  • “No one should ever hurt you, not like that, not ever, how long has he been doing that? Is that why you haven’t been out with us?”
  • You can’t manage an answer between sobs
  • “You didn’t deserve it, you didn’t deserve any of it. It’s not your fault at all. But MC, that was abuse. Did you realize that?”
  • You shook your head
  • You didn’t want it to be
  • But Jaehee is right
  • “You’re not annnoying, or a bother, not at all. And if he made you believe that.. he’s not worth it. You should move in with me for a little bit, get away from him and get yourself situated again. We’re all here for you MC, me and the rest of the RFA. We’ve been worried about you since you started dating him.. but we’ve always been and will always be here.”


  • “Zen..?”
  • You called him from out of the blue. You were sure he would be busy, that was the only reason you called
  • But he picked up
  • “MC? Oh God, I haven’t heard your voice in forever”
  • “I.. I’m sorry, I should go”
  • “Please, don’t go”
  • You stifled a sob, but Zen still caught it
  • “MC, are you okay?”
  • You shook your head, even though you knew he couldn’t see that over a phone call
  • “Where are you?”
  • “M-my boyfriend’s place. I just.. I really needed to hear a familiar voice”
  • “I’ll be there in ten minutes”
  • “Zen, please–” He hung up before you could say any more
  • But crap crap crap, your boyfriend would be fumed
  • He just stormed off after yelling at you. You had gotten into an argument, but this time he slapped you. He never did that before. You fled to the bedroom and locked the door before you had called Zen
  • Now, there was a knock on the door, then it opened. “MC?” Zen made it.
  • You shakily opened the bedroom door. You couldn’t lift your eyes up to Zen, you felt too horrible. “I.. I shouldn’t have called, I’m sorry, I just.. I’m sorry”
  • You expected him to leave, but he rushed forward and wrapped you in a hug. “God, I missed you, please don’t ever just.. disappear like that”
  • “I.. I didn’t.. I couldn’t come back, I was just a bother and I didn’t help anything and..”
  • “Shh, where did you ever get that from? You aren’t a bother at all. You are so important, and special to me and the rest of the RFA. We’ve been so so worried about you.”
  • “M– my boyfriend will be back soon…”
  • He withdrew from the hug and looked at you before gently caressing your cheek. You cringed cause it stung, because that’s where he slapped you
  • “Did he… Did he do that?”
  • “He… he…” tears welled in your eyes, “I must’ve done something wrong, it was my fault, I always pick the arguments, I… I had it coming.”
  • “No one ever gets to hit you. You hear me? Not ever does anyone have that right. God, why are you still dating him? Does he even let you leave the house? He hasn’t even let you talk to me for weeks.”
  • “I…”
  • The door opened again, and there was your boyfriend. You cowered back into the bedroom “Oh, no, no no no…”
  • “What’s your nerve? Who the hell do you think you are hitting her?” Zen snapped
  • “Excuse me?” your boyfriend was drunk, you could hear the alcohol in his slurred speech. “I do whatever the hell I want”
  • Zen took your hand. “So does she. And she’s leaving with me.”
  • “Wh-what? You stammered as he lead you to the door
  • “She ain’t leaving” your boyfriend said as he attempted a punch at Zen. Zen caught it and pushed him back
  • “She is. And she isn’t coming back. Maybe you should learn to treat your girlfriends better”
  • And he lead you out to the car and drove you away without a second thought


  • You were sure he would be busy, but you didn’t have anywhere else to go. you didn’t know who to turn to, and you thought at this point, he probably hated you…
  • But you somehow found yourself sitting outside of C&R International
  • You couldn’t get the nerve to go in, so it was late when he finally came out and saw you sitting by the front doors, fiddling with something
  • “M..MC?”
  • Your head zipped up and then you started regretting even coming here, “I.. I…”
  • He cleared his throat. “How have you been?”
  • Standing up, you start to leave, “I should– I’m sorry, I never should’ve come–”
  • He grabs your hand however. It’s not tight, but you can’t get the nerve to pull away. You sniffle back some tears
  • Jumin hears it, and he pulls you towards him into a hug. “What’s wrong?”
  • “He… I broke up with him,” you whisper, and it turns into a sob as you start to cry again
  • Thank God he thinks, before saying, “Come home with me. I’m sure you need a place to stay?”
  • “I.. I’ll just be a bother. I really.. shouldn’t… I can find a place…”
  • “You aren’t a bother. I’ll take care of everything. You don’t need to worry.”
  • Between tears you manage to say, “I.. I’m sorry Jumin”
  • “You don’t need to be sorry, MC. There’s nothing to be sorry for, nothing to forgive.” He’s silent before he asks, “have you been okay?”
  • You shake your head
  • It’s been a long few months of dating your boyfriend, constant worrying that he would break up with you or do something rash or drastic, and then bouts of happiness and feeling safe with him where he would tell you how amazing you are and how he doesn’t deserve you
  • “Do you want to talk?” Jumin asks, and you can’t help yourself– you pour yourself out to him, bare and raw and ugly, about how painful those months have been and how much you missed the RFA but how much of a bother you are and how they all must hate you by now
  • By the end you’re trembling and crying, your arms wrapped tightly around you
  • Jumin pulls you closer to him and wraps his jacket around you. It was a chilly night, but all you had was a light jacket. You had no time to grab anything more
  • “Don’t ever let anyone degrade you like this. You mean so much to me, to all of us. And are worth so much more. That man is not nearly the man you deserve. Not after how he treated you. We’re all here for you though, MC. Me, and the rest of the RFA. You don’t have to go back to him. You shouldn’t. It’ll be so much better for you to get away from him.”
  • You know he’s right
  • So you let him help you


  • Seven had been watching over you since you lost contact with the rest of the RFA
  • But there was starting to be less and less ways to keep track of you the longer you were dating your boyfriend
  • He was just about ready to drive over and see you when you called him. He picked up immediately. “MC?”
  • “S-Seven?”
  • “I’m here, what do you need?”
  • “I.. I don’t know what to do. He.. He keeps saying he might kill himself, and I.. I can’t help him, I kept helping him before now, but he… he always tells me that I’m too emotional, that I’m the only who cares about him, so he should just leave, and.. I just.. I feel so worthless, and useless, and I don’t know what to do. please… help..” You managed to say between sobs
  • “He says he’ll kill himself?”
  • “If.. If I don’t stay”
  • What a bitch” he mutters under his breath.
  • “It’ll be all my fault, I’ll be the reason he kills himself, but.. but I can’t help him, I do nothing, I’m… I’m useless”
  • “You aren’t useless. You’re at his house right?”
  • “Y-yeah…”
  • He gets to his car and starts driving. “Just hold on for me, okay? I’m here MC. You aren’t worthless. Crap, you are worth so much. If he’s saying he’ll kill himself if you leave, he’s just tying you down, he’s keeping you there. That’s wrong. He’s making you feel bad so you’ll stay, and that is just wrong. It would never be your fault if he killed himself. Never.”
  • He makes it to the house and just walks in, finding you in the living room crying. “S-Seven? What are you doing here?”
  • “Where’s your boyfriend?”
  • “He.. he’s in the bedroom”
  • “Come with me”
  • “But.. but he’ll… if I leave, he’ll…”
  • “If you don’t leave, you’ll want to kill yourself. If you leave, maybe he’ll start picking up his act and stop tormenting your mind.”
  • You let out a sob
  • Seven loosens up for a moment, and he walks over to you. He takes your shoulders in his hands gently and stares you dead in the eyes “MC, you look so broken. When you’re dating someone, you should be happy. You shouldn’t feel like you’re climbing a mountain each day just to be tossed back down it. You shouldn’t feel like your worth is based on how alive your boyfriend is. That is abuse. And it’s wrong. And you, of all people, don’t deserve it at all”
  • A sob shakes you, and Seven pulls you closer to him, into a hug, and in that moment, you feel safe again. “L… let’s go” you say
  • And you leave, leaving your boyfriend and all your belonging behind, and start moving forward again


Nash imagine

y/n) where are my shoes!?“ Nash yelled from the bedroom. You rolled your eyes. You were so sick and tires of Nash always relying on you. And when you couldn’t please him he would flip out on you like it was your fault. Lately this week though, he treated you more like shit than usual and you honestly were about to hit breaking point.

"How would I know Nash, they’re not my damn shoes! Next time keep up with your stuff and you wouldn’t have to worry about it!” You yelled back from the kitchen where you were currently fixing you a drink. You could still hear him blabbering about how you were no use but to be honest, you didn’t care. It obviously wasn’t working between the too of you.

“I’m leaving for rehearsal” Nash said before slamming the hotel room door shut. You sighed, your heart breaking even more. You didn’t know what to do anymore. You couldn’t figure out what was wrong. You didn’t know if it was a situation that happened in the past that you both never confronted, or you guys just really weren’t for each other. After a whole year together you figured you knew what was right for the relationship but apparently not. You eventually pulled your phone out texting Cameron.

‘Hey Cam do you think I could stop by for a little bit,  I really need someone to talk to’ you sent.

You waited for about five minutes before he replied back a 'yeah’. You quickly grabbed your keys and purse before you made your way to Cameron’s. When you finally got there, you knocked violently on the door. On your way to Cameron’s place  all you could do was think what life would be without Nash and even though he was a pain in the ass, you just couldn’t see life with out him.

“Dang, someone’s in a hurry” Cameron joked, but once he saw your face, his immediately dropped, becoming serious. “Come in” he said. You sighed heavily, flopping on the couch. Cameron slowly made his way to you, sitting down next to you, unsure what was wrong.

“Hey you okay?” He asked laying a hand on your shoulder. Obviously neither one of you saw this coming but you wrapped your arms tightly around his waist, crying into his chest. He didn’t even ask, he just sat there, holding you. After a good five minutes of you sobbing, you finally calmed down.

“You gonna tell me now?” He asked, rubbing your head softly. You nodded sitting up.

“I don’t want to lose Nash, but I feel he doesn’t love me anymore. All he ever wants to do is fight with me and I can’t take it anymore.”

Cameron sighed. He could see in your eyes that you were trying, but unfortunately slowly giving up. “I love him Cameron, I really do. But I can only take so Much. ” you said, your voice trembling. “I understand, I have noticed to be honest. There is always tension when you guys are around”, you sighed placing your head in your hands with embarrassment.

“Cam, I don’t know what to do ” you said. He rubbed your back.

“You need to talk to him, ” he suggested. You shook your head.

“ I’ve tried but each time it just ends in another fight” you said. You both kept quiet for a few minutes before he came up with an idea.

“ you need to make him want you” he said.

“Huh?” You questioned obviously not following along.

“Make him think you’re losing interest. If he really wants you, he’ll fight for you” he said.

“And how exactly am I suppose to do that?” You asked. Cameron didn’t answer but only grinned before dragging you out the front door.

After a good hour of driving, you had finally realized where Cameron had taken you.  He had brought you to the studio where Nash and other popular viners were making vines. You both walked inside to see the big group of people sitting on couch’s or eating.

“Cam, (y/n), what are you guys doing here? ” Bach asked. The second your name came out his mouth Nash’ head shot up to find you staring directly at him.

You quickly turned your gaze to Cameron as he explained how you both were bored at his place so you both just wanted to come watch. You just grinned at Cameron before putting your arm around Cameron’s waist. “Oh cool well we are taking a break right now so you guys can just sit where ever.  Obviously Nash was still upset with you since this morning because he didn’t bother to say a word to you. Even though it hurt, you continued to go along with Cameron’s plan. You both sat down on a brown two seated couch, directly across from where Nash was at. You sighed realizing he wasn’t paying you any attention. You lifted your legs on top of Cameron’s and he just laid his hands on your thighs.

By now Nash had noticed the closeness between the both of you but you could tell he was trying to hide it. Realizing you weren’t really going far with the plan, you came up with an idea to help the whole situation.

"Cameron you should take a video with me ” you suggested, a little extra louder than normal. He nodded his head grinning at you. You stood up and then sat down on his lap. Nash watched in Envy as Cameron wrapped is arms around your waist. You lifted your phone up, holding your phone before taking a video. “ sup guys , just sitting here watching the guys make vines” you said quickly into the camera before turning the screen away from you and Cameron to everything else. “We were bored” Cameron said into the camera. You finished the video and posted it on vine before you took a couple of pictures with him. When you had finished though, you didn’t bother to get off of Cameron’s lap, knowing this had to be killing Nash on the inside.

Everyone else around had obviously caught on to what you were doing considering every two seconds you were looking at Nash to see if he was looking. Unfortunately though, he didn’t look at you a lot.

I’m going to use the bathroom, I’ll be back. “ you said to Cameron before getting off of his lap. You made your way to the back, with out knowing you were being followed.

Right as you went to open the door, you felt someone tap on your shoulder. You turned around to see dark eyed Nash towering over you. From the way his jaw was clenching, you could tell he was obviously pissed. "What the fuck are you doing?"  Nash growled, his voice low though.

” going to the bathroom?“ You answered, acting innocent.

"You know what I mean (y/n), are you cheating on me with Cameron? ” he asked, leaning away from you a bit. You sighed rolling your eyes.

“I don’t have time for this Nash” you replied, not really giving Nash the answer he was wanting before walking into the bathroom. Before you could finish fixing yourself up, you could hear yelling coming from the main room. Once you realized whose voices they were, you quickly made your way out there to see what was going on. Everyone was surrounding Cameron and Nash, making it hard for you to see. At first you thought they were making a goofy vine but that changed quickly as you got closer. When you walked up to the Minny circle, you could see Nash was fuming while Cameron stood there with a small smirk plastered on his face. Even though Nash towered over Cameron, Cameron didn’t show any signs of fear as they stood only inches apart.

“ Maybe if you weren’t such an ass and treated her how a woman should be treated, You wouldn’t have to worry about her leaving!!’ Cameron yelled up at Nash. Nash didn’t say anything else, he just pushed Cameron backwards. Before Cameron could get up and head back to get his swing in, you quickly stepped in between separating them by pushing their chest. "Stop!” You squealed. They both looked down at you, everyone around getting quiet.

“Is it true (y/n)?” Nash asked.

“ is what true?” You said removing your hands from both their chests and turning towards Nash.

“ were you and him really trying to set me up into thinking you lost interest in me by making me jealous?” He asked. You look down at your feet realizing how crappy that was of you but at the same time you had a good reason as to why.

“ it is but it was because i couldn’t tell if you really want to be with me anymore and like Cameron said if you really loved me you would have tried to fight for me” you said, your eyes watering.

“ that’s nonsense ( y/n) of course i will fight for you, i love you” he said shaking his head. 

“ i believed that at first but you have a funny way of showing it now” you said. Tearing falling this time.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

You looked at him as if he was crazy.

“Nash, all we ever do is fight. Half of the time you walk out the front door without saying i love you and.. Ugh I don’t know i just feel it’s not gonna work between us if all you wanna do is fight with me’ you said with your voice trembling.

Nash looked down with guilt in his eyes.

"look i will admit we have been fighting a lot, but it’s not like i have done it on purpose. i’ve been having a hard time being away from family and everything with me  being on tour so i’m sensitive to a lot of things but I have no excuse as to why I put everything on you, and fight with you. I’m sorry and I love you and I hope you can forgive me and i hope that you will try to work things out with me as well.” He said with full sincerity in his voice. You grinned before hugging him tightly.

“ I forgive you babe and i’m sorry for an acting that way with Cameron right in front of you. I took our plan a little to far.” You said blushing, thinking back to when you sat on Cameron’s lap.

Nash nodded and held you tightly. “ it’s ok just promise me you will never sit on his lap like that again” you giggle before nodding. 'I swear, sorry Can" you said turning your head back towards where Cameron was. Cameron pretended to pout, causing you all to laugh.

“I love you boo” Nash said softly into your ear before giving you a peck on your lips.

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A raider shoots Sole and almost killed them, but the companions save them and whatever. Surprisingly, Sole is pissed off saying 'You should let me die' or 'I'm a monster, for the things I've done', etc. How would the companions react?¿

“Jesus! Watch out!” (Companion name) Yells as their eyes lay on the deadly weapon being aimed directly at Sole. Sole had been preoccupied with the rambunctious group of raiders in front of them and had no alert for anywhere around them. It was only moments later that the bullet was now colliding with Sole’s side, and their pain laced scream following not far behind. (Companion name) gasped in horror as they watched as their friend/lover barreled into the ground. This motivated the companion to fight with everything they had, and by a stroke of luck, they finished off the last of them and immediately fell to Sole’s side. “No no, you won’t die on me, dammit!” Their companion cried as they shakily grabbed for the stimpack in their pocket. Once they got ahold of it, they quickly stabbed it into Sole’s chest and watched as their wounds gradually stopped bleeding. Sole’s eyes opened only to stare with mixed emotions at their companion, “y-you should have let me go! I deserve to die- I-” They stare down at the healing wounds, “no! I should have died!”

Cait: “Let ya’ die?!” Cait shouted with exasperation, “Sole, how could ya’ be so selfish? You have friends, people who give a shite about ya’, and you just want to die?” She angrily picked Sole up off the floor and propped them up in a sitting position against an idle post. They did not know what to say, they took what Cait had said to heart. She shoved a can of purified water to Sole, “now ya’ drink this, rest fer a minute, then we get up and go on.” She stated before huffing and leaning against a wall. When Sole had regained strength, they approached Cait shamefully. Cait knew that their outburst wasn’t something they shared often, knowing this, Cait took Soles hand and entwined their fingers, walking outside this way.

Piper:Piper looked down in shock for a few seconds, blinking blankly at them, “y-you want to die…?” Piper uttered as sadness plagued her voice. “Yes! I’ve done horrible things, hurt so many people.” Sole replied quietly. Piper sighed and grabbed Sole’s hand, “I will never just let you die. You are an amazing person, people need you-” She looked at her lap for a moment before her eyes returned to Sole, “I need you.” Sole frowned, not having heard those words before, they silently nodded before getting up and readjusting themself.

Codsworth: “I don’t believe that is such a good idea,” Codsworth suggested, “I have known you long enough to say that you are most definitely not a horrid person. When you and Nick/Nora used to play with young Shaun, I could see all the love that you are able to give. So get on up and let’s get you somewhere safe.” He aided Sole in standing up and floated them out of there.

Deacon:“Hey- Hey, woah, calm down,” Deacon is taken back by the sudden behavior and sits Sole upright, “what the hell do you mean?” Sole eyes him angrily as they gather their stuff, “i mean I want to die! Put me out of my misery!” Deacon, for once, had nothing to say. Sole didn’t either. “I think you’re gonna take a break for a few days.” He stated and helped them to their feet. Sole simply nodded and sighed brokenly. Deacon immediately swept them off of their feet into a bridal carry with a smile. Sole sniffled and rested their head on the taller man’s shoulder, it was going to be a long walk.

Curie: “Oh no. I believe these suicidal thoughts require a therapist, it is possible that you have a depressive mood. I will get you to a doctor, miss/Monsieur.” Curie helped them off of the rubble they laid on, “Please, Curie, I don’t need a doc-” Curie stopped in her tracks and turned around, “nonsense! You care about me, no?” Curie eyed them, “well, of course I-” “then let me care about you, not only does my research show that you are experiencing sadness, but I don’t want you to, okay?”

MacCready:“What?!” MacCready shouted with a look of anger, “no- Hell- I mean, heck no. You don’t get to just die out here, you survive like the rest of us. You know why? Because you have friends, and you have me- and I love you!” He flared down as he said that. Sole was at a loss for words. “You… You what?” They pressed on as MacCready attempted to hide the blush covering his face. “Yeah… I kinda, sorta, love you.” He laughed nervously. Sole abruptly pulled him into a hug, burying their face into his shoulder, “thank you.”

Preston Garvey: “General, I don’t know about all of that…” Preston coaxed them, “you’ve saved a lot of lives, helped so many people, you’re a hero.” He smiled softly and sat down next to them. “So what? It doesn’t make up for what I’ve done, none of it does.” Sole huffed, crossing their arms. Preston was trying desperately to change their mind. Shaking his head, and removing his hat, he plopped it down on Sole’s head, “that hat is filled with so many good thoughts from my own head, it’ll be sure to fill yours.” He gently wrapped his arms around Soles shoulders, they sat there silently until Sole was ready to go home.

Paladin Danse:“Come again, Soldier?” Danse raised an eyebrow at Sole as he pulled them to their feet. “You heard me, Danse. I wanted to die.” They muttered. Danse’s eyebrows furrowed at such a response, “Sole, if I can speak freely, you have a life. Working lungs, a beating heart, all of your limbs. You have done some bad things that didn’t benefit some people, but every noble deed comes with sacrifice.” Sole stared at him with slight shock, not knowing how to respond.

Nick Valentine:“Are you out of your damn mind?” Nick exclaimed as he heard the harsh words leave Sole’s mouth. Nick almost didn’t believe that they had said it at first, knowing that he could not bare the loss of them, “tell me what’s going on in your head, kid/doll.” Nick sat down next to them quietly. It took Sole a few moments before they were balling into their hands, spilling out the heart wrenching details of their dark thoughts. Nick softly wrapped an arm around Sole and pulled them into his chest, softly stroking their back as tears soaked his jacket. He couldn’t help but hum “Maybe” faintly until Sole’s sobbing ceased.

Hancock: “What?” Was all Hancock said after he heard Sole’s declaration of mixed feelings. “Wait- what?” Sole had refused to look at him, their head facing the opposite direction of his. “Hey, look at me.” Hancock used his thumb to move Soles chin towards him, “what do you mean, ‘you wanna die?’” He questioned nervously. When he got no response, he sat back and pulled Sole towards him. They crawled into his lap carefully, their head drooping down to hide the anger and embarrassment. “Please don’t die on me. If you wanna talk about anything, I’m totally here.” He smiled and looked up at them. Sole couldn’t help but smile and wrap their arms around his neck lovingly.

Strong:“Human being selfish! NO die! Only dominate!” Strong plucked Sole from the ground and brushed the dust off of them, “human must be strong- human is strong.” Strong stated as he pulled them from the building.

X6-88:“I know living in a place like this, after what you had, must be tough. Especially losing your husband and son,” He scratched the back of his neck and turned towards them, “but you must be strong. For your son, and for yourself.” X6 nodded before Sole quietly thanked them.


Headcannons because, fuck it’s 12:24 am and i did this for the second night in the row glob damn it!

Adrien purrs. I’m a strong believer in Adrien becoming MORE of a cat after he got the ring and just flat out purring if somebody caresses his hair just right(I’m pretty sure this is fannon by now, but we gonna start this shit out nice and easy).

Speaking of Adriens cat nature, before he got the ring(and my smol son was incredibly lonely) he had to find ways to entertain himself. And thus started his obsession with yarn. Even before his mom left and things were happier, Adrien couldn’t be in 20 foot radius of yarn. He will find it and he will play.

When Marienette finds out she laughs a little and then makes sure to always have yarn in her room/house when he’s over. She don’t get the cheap shit either. If he’s gonna destroy and scratch at it, might as well get the durable shit so it can last.

Once him and ladybug/ Marienette and him start dating he may or may not have let it slip they were dating when cornered by the press, because he is human and he does get nervous when talking to new people so he lets EVERYTHING slip out. (plags surprised he hasn’t let it slip he is chat noir)

His mom had a lot of weird and cute nicknames for everyone. He picked up her habit very young ( like once he could actually speak, young), hence all the pet names for ladybug.

Marinette is no exception to this nickname rule

He likes to call her bugaboo the most, even though he can’t say it when they’re Adrien and Marinette.

PUNS. (Yis, yis I know we all know Adriens likes his puns) but it’s also his coping method. Making a joke out of a really bad situation makes him feel better and not, you know, have a panic/anxiety attack. He used to do it out loud (when he was alone)and force himself to do so. Now it’s just impulse. He can’t not do it anymore; it just comes out .

When his mother left, he had a lot of panic attacks. His father was more distant and nobody paid him any attention and when they did speak to him it was only about work (and even then it rare, they would mostly speak to his father. They would talk to him to put him in a certain position or to move his head a certain way) and he feels helpless because nobody [not even his own mother] loved him enough to stick around or care for him. When the sadness and pressure got to much he had a panic attack(only when he was alone and he can let it slip because again the emence pressure put on him to act like Jesus’ personal angel in public made him feel like “shit if I panic now I’m gonna get in trouble”

Most of those public panic attacks consist of him go stock still. His eyes widen and water a bit . He breathes in more air. He looks like he just realized something or has allergies.

In private though, he’s just taking as many shuddering breathes and openly crying. He manages to breath in and breath out slowly until he can breath properly again. After these panic attacks tho he just openly sobs until he falls asleep.

While Mari’s never felt with panic attacks (sure she panics but never something like what Adrien goes through) she does all she can to help him. She researches what someone should do when their friend is having a panic attack and memories the steps by heart so that when Adrien needs her, she can actually do something other than back rubs (those come after tho)

Adrien basically raised him self. I mean his mom was around for all of ten years but in hindsight it seems like a lot when really it’s not. Plus there was a lot of help around the house. Sure his mom was their but that was only really to play games or to keep him company all day. If he fell and scraped his knee, the help would get a band aid. The help would cook. Etc.) He’s practically living alone for 5 years now (he gets his own band aid, he keeps himself company, etc.).

When Mari catches on that he doesn’t let any one take care of him (1, he doesn’t know how to get help, 2, he feels like he doesn’t deserve the help) she makes it her personal mission to do all the shit he shouldn’t have to do alone with her.

Sure we know Adriens as a cinnamon bun and a sinamon bun, but he’s just a sinamon bun. Like once he is fully comfortable with his friends, PUNS my dude, PUNS(it’s still his method of coping tho, cause wow people are here and they spend time with him but what if they leave? What if they don’t like him no more? What if they grew board of him and tossed him to the curb?)

Anyways, they really only know Adrien as a cinnamon bun for the first year and once he is FULLY comfortable, his puns slowly start to come out. It shocks them how many puns he has for any situation . ANY SITUATION.

Our girl Mari, she’s so fucking smart. After the shock of hearing terrible puns come out of his sweet boy face (hehe,dumb boy with a dumb boy face) she notices little things. Like his eyes shift back and forth to all of his friend s to see if what he said is okay, the slight nervousness he hides behind all the (admittedly clever) puns. How he always falls back on a pun when he seems unsure. She starts to pun back as to show him, “hey we like you, we think your funny, we are your friends don’t be nervous”

Adriens a kitten. Kitten everything. Kitten sneezes, kitten eyes (they always held this tenderness and love) kitten face (I mean he’s adorable) kitten whiskers (cause puberty doing him dirty and it’s not letting him grow a beard whyyyyy)

Adrien is really tech savvy. His father always buys him the latest technology and on those day where he was alone (as per usual) he would start tinkering around with diffrent programs. He slowly (but surely) started getting smarter and smarted. He learned how to hack the security system (every morning, the first thing he does is turn the security cameras in his room off, and makes sure they stay off) How to unlock the special cabinets contain all the junk food he was only allowed once in a while.

The first time his friends find out, it’s when The ladyblog got hacked and was getting destroyed by the person. Like straight out deleting all Alya’s hardworking and posting really really inappropriate videos. She comes to school in a full out panic and Adrien of course is like “say no more fam,” goes to the school library(mind you with all of them (Mari, Alya, and Nino) trailing behind him like lost and confused puppies) pulls up some weird computer voodoo shit, and not only brings back the blog(with all the things that had been deleted) but found out we’re the creep who was hacking her was and all his information “so should I call the police or…?” And there all just in awe because, woah this cute little cinnamon bun was now a cute nerdy cinnamon bun, wtf no the balances of the world had been destroyed.

Everytime Mari steals a phone (it’s happened four times, what’s four more????) Adrien is the one to help her break in cause if you can’t beat em join em

Adrien’s heart is so (shockingly) big (considering the fact he was barley shown any love) which is were a lot of his stress comes from. Because how does one show affection????

While Adrien had too much time on his hands, he’s actually only read less then half of the books in his room (most of those books are decoration, no one thought he would actually read them). He’s only read that portion because he was too busy reading fanfiction on those books he read.

Adrien’s love for physics came from reading some of the physics books in his library. It fascinated him how physics is literally life.

It fascinated him to the point of him conducting his own experiments on gravity and forces and such. Like throwing himself off of his skate ramp to test gravity experiments( yes there was multiple)

Rock nerd (he collects rocks and separates them by kind: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

He’s one of those people who always has a lot of snacks on them, not only for Plag but for himself and others too. He’s the soccer mom of the group, always pulling out snacks for everyone (because Alya is ultimately the mom of the group)

He is clean. This is a huge help for Mari cause she’s not so clean and he helps her clean her room

He doesn’t like fish. If he’s at a dinner or something he’ll eat it but he won’t like it. The only seafood he genuinely enjoys is lobster and shrimp

Stationary King! It’s mainly because he seen his mom always bought stationary to send thank you cards and stuff. He adopts this quirk as well.

When there identities are revealed, they don’t get together right away like some of yalls fanfiction be showing. It takes time (ALOT OF TIME BECAUSE THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO CANT FIGURE EACH OTHER OUT EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE IN THE S AM E C L A S S). They become bestfriends, they learn each other inside and out.

Adrien initiates the relationship and Marinette says (obviously) yes. They keep it a secret though because, well those are other headcannons for another day 😁☺️😏

Thats really all I have. So long story short: Adrien is our son and we need to protect this cute cin/sinamon bun.

A Year Every Minute Pt. 52

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

The next thing Sans knew he was sitting at his usual stool in Grillby’s.

A fry was already halfway to his mouth, a smile on his face from all the jokes he had been cracking not a second before. His smile faded instantly and he dropped the fry back into the basket.

The sockets of his eyes went black and his body shook, the feeling of death and watching his brother die hitting him like a truck. Those around him barely noticed the change until he haphazardly stumbled off his stool like a drunkard.

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For the fic requests: how a lil bit of cuddling after, maybe, Yoosung fails a test? Something along those lines? Thank you!! Love this blog, btw ;>

Aw heck yeah this is cute okay here I go! (thanks!!! :D)

Yoosung isn’t exactly sure when he started caring about his grades again.

Maybe it was when MC joined the RFA, and had started to encourage him to focus on school. She was always so kind and supportive, even from the beginning. Yoosung had definitely had a bit of a crush on her at first, but honestly, everybody in the RFA was a little in love with MC.

Maybe it was when he’d started dating Seven, which, somehow, made him start seriously thinking about his future, despite Seven being the least serious person he knows.

In any case, his grades matter to him now. And he just massively bombed his geography test.

He calls Seven almost automatically while on the bus ride home, furiously blinking back tears. The big red F on his the front of his test seems to loom behind his eyelids.

“Yo yo yo, it’s my most favorite boy!” Seven’s voice immediately makes him smile, albeit shakily. “What’s up, cutie?”

“Seven, can you-” he stops, trying to control the wobble in his voice. “Are-are you busy?” he tries again.

Seven’s tone turns earnest. “Yoosung, are you okay? You don’t sound too great, baby.”

Yoosung lets out a little sigh, turning his face more towards the window to hide his tears from the other passengers. “Can you-can you come over? To my place? I…really need to see you right now, Seven.”

Seven’s response is almost instant. “Of course I can. I’ll be there ASAP, just lemme finish what I’m doing and I’ll be right there.”

“Okay…thank you.”

20 minutes after hanging up and getting into the apartment, he hears 3 quick knocks, followed by Seven crooning his name through the door.

“I brought you chips, darl-” Seven cuts off as Yoosung opens the door, revealing his tear-stained face.

Yoosung doesn’t give him a chance to speak before dragging him inside and tightly wrapping both arms around Seven’s waist, letting out a quiet sob.

Seven hugs him right back, planting a few kisses on the top of his head. “Hey, hey, hey, what’s this? What happened? Do I have to kick someone’s ass?”

Yoosung laughs a little and buries his face into Seven’s shoulder. “I’m so happy you’re here. You don’t have to kick anyone’s ass, I just..” he stops and sighs shakily, feeling a few more tears run down his cheeks.

Seven places one hand on Yoosung’s face and tilts his head up. “Do you wanna sit on the couch and talk about it?”

Yoosung furrows his brow. “No, that’ll take too long…you have work to do and I-”

Seven stops him with a quick kiss. “You think I care about work right now? You’re most important here. I can take as much time as I need for you.”

Yoosung’s heart swells at that. “Okay,” he murmurs, leaning up and kissing Seven back quickly, “but if you stay for too long I’ll start to feel bad.”

“I’m hurt!” Seven replies, walking over to the couch and flopping dramatically onto the cushions. “You should never feel bad in my company!”

Yoosung smiles again, crawling under Seven’s arm and tucking his head under Seven’s chin. Seven leans back until he’s fully stretched out along the couch, with Yoosung practically on top of him.

“So,” Seven starts, pulling Yoosung closer, “tell me everything.”

“I..” Yoosung sighs again-he’s been doing way too much sighing today- “I failed my geography test.”

“That’s it?” Seven’s tone borders on disbelief “…Normally I would mock you for making such a big deal out of it, but I can tell this is really bugging you.”

“Yeah, I don’t…I don’t know.” Yoosung closes his eyes and nuzzles his face into Seven’s jacket. “I guess it’s just..I tried really hard on it! And I still failed. I tried…”

“Well, if you tried, then that’s all that matters, right?”

Yoosung raises his head from Seven’s chest to look at him incredulously. “What do you mean, that’s all that matters? I failed it! I’d say that matters a lot!”

Seven makes level eye contact, grinning lightly. “I said what I meant. If you tried your best, you can’t beat yourself up, because there’s nothing else you could have done, yeah?”

Yoosung goes quiet for a moment, considering.

“I guess you’re right,” he finally replies.

“And it’s just one test, right?” Seven asks, running his hand through Yoosung’s hair. “No biggie.”

Yoosung sighs again- it’s the last time he’s gonna do that today, he swears. “I still feel bad, though.”

He feels Seven’s lips press against his forehead and smiles, leaning into the touch.

“You want me to stay until you feel better?” Seven asks, pulling him closer until they’re face to face.

“Yeah,” Yoosung murmurs, leaning closer and blushing a bit when Seven’s breath hitches in his throat. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

This turned more into kissing than cuddling I’m so sorry this got self-indulgent as hell but here it isssss


5sos preference: Your child says he/she hates him part 2

part 1


You heard Luke’s car drive into the driveway and you quickly glanced out the window. You saw your daughter open the door and run towards the front door. Your daughter ran inside and right past you. When you heard her door slam shut, you looked at Luke again, only to see him with his head rested against the steering wheel. You quickly made your way outside and tapped on Luke’s window. When Luke didn’t react you opened the door to hear muffled sobs coming from him. “Hey, what’s wrong Luke?” You asked as you rested your hand on his shoulder. He looked at you with red eyes and released another sob, causing tears to roll down his cheeks. “My daughter hates me,” Luke struggled to say. “No she doesn’t Luke, she was just mad at you, go and talk to her,” you told him smiling slightly. Luke got out of the car and walked to your daughters room. He quietly knocked on her door, “can I come in?” He asked from outside the door. When he didn’t get an answer he walked in anyway. “Dad?” Y/d/n asked. When she saw the tears streaming down his face she immediately got up and hugged him. “Please don’t cry dad,” she said hugging him even tighter. She had never seen her dad cry before, and to see her hero like this broke her. “Do you really hate me?” Luke asked as he sat down on her bed. “Of course not dad, I was just really mad,” y/d/n answered, sitting down on Luke’s lap. “I could take a break from the band and everything in a while, family is more important so if-” “No dad!” Y/d/n cut Luke of. “I didn’t mean that either, I love your band and your music, please don’t ever stop making it.” Luke smiled down at your daughter. “Maybe you could bring me with you to see uncle Mikey, Cal and Ash,” she said sounding hopeful and looking at Luke with puppy dog eyes. “Of course. Am I forgiven then?” “Yes,” your daughter said smiling at Luke. “Good,” Luke said embracing her in a tight embrace. 


It had been an hour and you still hadn’t heard anything from your daughter. Michael had been pacing the room constantly. “What if she sneaked out?” “Michael calm down, she might be a teenager, but she would never do that.” He was just asking you questions to hide his hurt feelings, but you could see right trough his facade. Michael had always been insecure and he did everything he could to make his daughter happy. You had stayed up late at night many times when some paps had been extremely hard on him, telling him he was a bad father figure, and that he couldn’t even take care of his own daughter. When y/d/n had told him she hated him it had immediately hit him like a ton of bricks. He could take it when paps of fans said it to him, he had learned how to trough the years, but hearing his own daughter say it had crushed him. After pacing a little more Michael had enough. “I’m gonna see what she’s doing,” Michael told you, already bolting up the stairs. Michael knocked on the door and y/d/n opened it a bit after. “Can I come in?” he asked softly. Y/d/n opened the door motioning for Michael to come inside. He sat down on her bed and immediately started apologising. “I’m really sorry I yelled at you earlier, and maybe I was being a bit unfair, but I was just trying to protect you,” Michael said looking at your daughter. “I know dad,” she sighed sitting down next to him. “And I didn’t mean to say I hate you, I love you dad,” she finished hugging Michael. Y/d/n might have been mad at Michael, but she could never hate him. “I love you too,” Michael said hugging back. 


You and Calum had made a deal, you would drive home alone and Calum would take your son with him for a little drive. When y/s/n came out of the dressing room he walked towards Calum. “Where’s mom?” He grumbled. “She’s home, I’m taking you for a little drive,” your son rolled his eyes. “Dad, I’m not 6 anymore. You can’t just take me for a drive, buy me ice cream and then everything’s good again.” “That’s not what I was planning on either,” Calum mumbled to himself as they walked towards the car. “Then where are you taking me?” Your son asked a little curious. “We’re gonna get ice cream and then we’re going home,” Calum quietly said. “Look dad, you don’t have to do this, it would be much easier if you just dropped me of at home,” y/s/n sighed. “No, I’ve got something important to give you as well,” Calum said as he drove into the parking lot in front of the little ice cream shop. Calum and y/s/n were now sitting in silence eating their ice cream. “So…” Calum broke the silence. “So?” Your son questioned. Calum sighed, “look, I know you’re mad, but… I got this for you a while ago and I was planning on giving it to you after your game,” Calum said as he grabbed something from his pocket. He handed it to y/s/n and he looked surprised when he saw it was concert tickets to his favourite band. “I bought 2 tickets if you wanted to bring a friend,” Calum smiled sheepishly. “Oh my god dad, how did you get them? They were sold out within a few minutes!” Y/s/n exclaimed. “Well, I am Calum Hood after all.” Your son got up and hugged Calum. “Thanks dad,” you son smiled. “So… am I forgiven?” Calum silently asked, hope clear in his voice. “Of course!” Y/s/n answered.


Ashton immediately hung up without saying goodbye to the person on the other end of the line. Nothing was more important than his daughter. Ashton held the drawing tighter and walked to y/d/n’s room. He stood in the doorway for a little bit, the sight breaking his heart. He couldn’t stand when someone hurt his girl, and that person was himself this time. Y/d/n was laying on her bed sobbing loudly, her head hidden in a pile of pillows. Ashton slowly walked over to her bed. “Hey sweetie,” Ashton softly said to her. Ashton gently lifted her into his lap, rocking her back and forth. “Daddy didn’t mean to yell at you, but he was talking on the phone and you know you’re not meant to interrupt me then.” “I know dad, I just really wanted to show you something,” she sniffled. “I know, but you can explain it now,” Ashton said, handing her the drawing. She quickly unfolded the paper, and showed it to him. “The teacher told us to draw our hero, and everyone started drawing superheroes, but you’re my hero so I decided to draw you,” she explained. Ashton cooed, “That’s so sweet y/d/n can I keep it?” Ashton asked. “Of course, it’s yours,” she smiled at Ashton. Ashton would definitely bring the drawing with him to work the day after, just to show the boys… And everyone around them, only to get home and hang it on your fridge, so it was on display for everyone that walked into the kitchen.

A/n: I’m sorry this is really bad, but i just really wanted to post part 2. I’m really sick at the moment :/

@ravenpuffslytherdor asked: leo returning with calypso please :D

OKAY RIGHT (also thanks ^.^)

ALSO this is bc the original ask didn’t work

Leo was not planning on getting punched in the face today.

I mean, he’d kinda expected to be hailed as a hero and carried on a golden throne to a sweet party where every single girl wanted to kiss him and it would give him an excuse to show off his totally hot girlfriend. You couldn’t just come back from the dead and get nothing in return, right?

Well, he was sort of right.

He didn’t get nothing.

He got a broken nose.

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