gonna hold ya

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Inspired by Angels & Devils, How would the suitors respond when the princess advances on them?

Hiya! Lol, well this is an interesting turn, we don’t get to see this side of MC much. These are times when I wish I could art… facial expressions say more than words… ah, oh well…

Sid - *gets that smirk he wears so well* Hey baby, do ya know what you’re getting into? I’m not gonna hold back when ya act like that…“

Giles - *he’s a little surprised and then gets that pleased smile* “Well, this is a pleasant surprise, Princess…you’re being so assertive …”

Byron - *he smiles excitedly and flushes* “This is new - I like seeing this side of you.”

Robert - *kinda shy, but secretly beaming* “Well, it would be rude if I turned down your advances…”

Leo - *huuuge toothy grin* “Oh baby … Be naughty to me pleeease.”

Albert - *red as a tomato, rubs the back of his neck cuz he’s a little nervous, but he likes it* “…..this is really nice…”

Louis - *blushes, his lips curve upwards and he whispers* “I like that… keep going please …”

Nico - *he’s ecstatic about this* “I like it when you touch me…..it makes me so happy.”

Rayvis - *hides his face a bit and bites his lip* “You can keep going if you want…..”

Alyn - *looks you in the eye intently* “You sure know what I like…”

I’m gonna love ya, like no one could
Make your heart feel the way it should
I’m gonna hold ya, when no one would
Cause I swear you deserve so good
—  Avicii - Gonna Love ya