gonna have to do day 3 and 4 today because i forgot day 3 yesterday


26.5.16, 17:09 // day 13 out of 100 days of productivity

I had my biology exam today and it didn’t actually go as badly as I would have imagined!!! the questions were definitely a lot nicer than the specimen papers.

tomorrow I just have general studies (which is a go w the flow one anyway) so I’m just chilling tonight!!! and then half term!!!!!!!!! and then after that I just have 2 politics exams, one biology and a general studies one, so not long to go! (too many exclamation marks for exam time tbh)

• gone through biology (sort of????? not really)
• gone through past papers and the spec paper
• I didn’t actually do a lot today
• it was more just talking stuff through w my friends n getting it in my head
• don’t let these bullet points fool you
• ha if you’re not reading them n thinking I did so much
• I just sat an exam

here is my bullet journal that I’m actually behind in because I’ve been so busy revising I haven’t had time to write in it. if you noticed as well, I forgot to do my 30 days of positivity yesterday so I’m gonna do it today.

also I think I’m gonna do a masterpost in a bit (it won’t be up today) and so I’m gonna have a go w them n yeah!!

so happy I only have 5 (3 that really count) exams left!!! can’t believe I’ve not even done half though (I’ve done 4/9 so… n I guess some ppl have like 11 so I got lucky. n also some ppl had 5 exams this week when I had 3)

happy studying and productive days! XXX

Brushwork || ArtMajor!Calum (Chapter 4)

Summary: An Art Major AU where Dallas - third year gawky art student at VCA -  makes a deal with Calum - her cute new neighbour and project partner - and they spend the entire year learning that the perfect masterpiece takes a whole lot of brushwork.

Requested: I just make the assumption that just yeah 
Pairing: Calum + Dallas
Words: 4.6K holy fuck 
Warnings: the swears and the funnies 
A/N: woo chapter 4! I have posted 3 days in a row and life is good :-) I’m in Sydney for a few days rn tho doing touristy stuff and getting a new tattoo so things will be slow and I wont post for awhile! but I hope you enjoy this. Chapter 5 is written too, I’ll post when I can, hopefully before I leave! 

PS. I don’t own any of the photos in the moodboard

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Chapter 4: She Squeezed Me Into A Hug And I Wanted To Die. Not Literally, But like, In A Way That Would Allow Me To Not Be Here Anymore.

I really meant it when I told Polly that I would doll her up and take her to the movies. It might come as a shock to you (because it did to Polly), but I was actually seriously capable of putting together banging outfits and creating a perfect makeup look. Polly said I was almost as good as her. Almost.

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