gonna go reread these chapters now

I have reached a new low.
Now I’m rereading older chapters, namely 121+ and at each panel I’m cackling like a madwoman and remembering 125.


- ohoho you have no idea that in about 2 hours you’re going to be…

- pffft that time will come sooner than you think, in about 1.47 hours you’re gonna….

- Ha! That smile! Could you be imagining that roughly in 1.13 hours you’ll be…

Stop me! I need HELP!

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do you know any good post "Tweek x Craig" fanfictions? (Any length is fine but i love longer fics)

Okay, thankfully most people are writing about post-Tweek x Craig plot, so yay! Here is my (long) recc. list in no real order other than the first couple are my favorites.

Breaking Up Sucks by damianwayne

  • Rated: E, Chapters: 20/20, Words: 41,979
  • FAVORITE fic. Seriously read this.
  • E rating is only for final chapter.

The Obstacles by damianwayne

  • Rated: M, Chapters: 6/6, Words: 28,814
  • Companion fic to Breaking Up Sucks.
  • Not Creek-centric, but very good.

Cinderfella by Ardentwench (TabooButTasty)

  • Rated: G, Chapters: 1/1, Words: 2,921
  • This is the fluffiest sugary cutiest fanciful creek fic I’ve ever read and I LOVE IT soooooo much.

Tinder Surprise by CaptainDude (HandbagMurder)

  • Rated: E, Chapters: 4/5, Words: 21,403 (to date)

Just A Childhood Crush by damianwayne

  • Rated: Teen, Chapters: 12/?, Words: 30,690 (to date)
  • Writer of Breaking Up is Hard. So obsessed with her fics.

Fake it ‘til you’ve already made it by Potatochutney

  • Rated: G, Chapters: 1/1, Words: 1,285

The Jealousy Game by ByeFelicia

  • Rated: M, Chapters: 2/?, Words: 6,217 (to date)

How To Not Manage a Store by Wiw

  • Rated: E, Chapters: 1/1, Words: 3,266

Ship All The Rest Of The World by InexplicableCat 

  • Rated: G, Chapters: 1/1, Words: 2,685

Honestly I just stalk the Craig/Tweek tag on Ao3 from time to time. Just looking for the info for this list, I saw a million I haven’t read, but will very soon.

Hope you like these as much as I do!

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When did you start reading 19days ?

oh, wow, i think it was– almost two years ago by now??

the first thing i ever saw about 19 days was chapter 129, the one where jian yi goes to see zheng xi at the hospital after the fight with guan shan, and according to old xian weibo that happened back in september 2015, so yeah, it’s been almost two years since i started reading it!!

i remember seeing that chapter on my dash and stopping to look at it because i really liked the art style, and before i realised it i had already went back to read the whole thing and was way too deep into it!! in my defense, i still think that’s one of the most beautiful chapters in the whole story, i love how– soft?? it is?? i mean, it’s pretty emotional, but it’s also very peaceful in a way, with the hug between jian yi and zheng xi at the end giving such a quiet feeling of comfort and security and love

characters and relationships are very important to me, and most of the times they come way before the plot, and that chapter hit on all of my weaknesses, so really– i never stood a chance!!

thank you for asking, anon!!

ask me anything

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Okay! You're completely forgiven for that last chapter now! That was just so cool how they just got a reset and live happily together instead! (i think this is a much better ending than the actual titanic film) anyway, thank you for writing this fic so beautifully and I hope and can't wait for you to write more perfect Adelle fic! *just gonna go reread and have a cry over it now...*

Thank you very much! I’m so glad that you liked the ending. I’m considering writing a few additional little stories set in that universe, with Belle & Adam with their children / explaining how Lumiere and Plumette ended up, so I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.

I’m also currently plotting out a new AU, and I really hope you’ll all like it! :)


Made some Powerpuff and Rowdyruff icons for you and the goofballs in your life. If you wanna know why Blossom’s crying, go read MTH.

So I’ve been working on revising my reincarnation au 2nd chapter for weeks now. Mostly I’ve just been rereading the first like 2 pages and going wow this needs a lot of work then quitting lol. This is to say I’m gonna make myself read it for a half hour at least. Peace.

For all you lovely people who have been waiting on An Injured Lion, here’s a bit of an update for ya.

Before I had to take a bit of a hiatus because of school and health issues kicking my ass, I had another 4ish chapters written but not edited. Now that I’ve come back, I reread the five I have posted and reviewed the stuff I had written and decided I didn’t like where it was going, so the nonposted stuff has been scrapped. 

As for the new stuff, I have a very hesitant plan for going forward and about 1000ish words written of chapter 5. It will probably be slow going to get back into posting, but know that I am working on it

The Nerd Chapter 1 (Original)
Warning: Really nerdy and dorky and really gross actually, but this is the one Kiera saw (with some revisions), and this was before I read The Crown.

Since y’all are (almost) as obsessed with Gertrude as I am, here’s the first chapter of The Nerd. This is the one I gave Kiera when I met her in February, with a few revisions, because who knew you could change so much in three months? I reread it, and I’m so scared you’re gonna think it’s boring, because I feel like it’s kinda boring, but I don’t know, I’m just insecure??

I ended up writing another version today, now that I know sweet Kerrtu exists and I actually knows what happens in The Crown. 

Hope you like it!!! If you don’t and I didn’t fulfill all of your very high expectations…well…
Love ya! - T

P.S. If this post gets more than 150 notes, then I’ll post the other version. (This chapter 1 is actually going to end up being chapter 2 for the other version. Then if for some miraculous reason people want me to keep going, I’ll keep going??)