gonna go poop now

I landed just in time to tell you I put up new items on Etsy! 🛬😀🎉 The camilla train never stops haha 🚂👧😆 I was so inspired by Rome that I decided to release some rare prints and new goodies on thecamillastore.etsy.com in honour of my fabulous fans! 😙💕 I only have a few of certain items going up, like these “Overatures of Grace” prints. 💀✨ She’s definitely a print you won’t find elsewhere so grab her while you can! 😉 But I’m super pooped now, so I’m gonna go home and cuddle Loki. 😴🐶❤ I hope you like my little surprise and biggest hugs to you all my lovelies!! 💖💖😊

New hats episode tonight, will probably die publicly on Tumblr. If you’d rather not witness that, blacklist the tags on this post. Please note that the “live love” tag will not be used anymore once the episode is done airing. 

Until then… I got a flu shot earlier today and now feel like poop, so I’m gonna go nap myself until the ep begins.


 Took my chances on a big jet plane. Never let ‘em tell you that they’re aaall the same. For instance. That one is flying dangerously close to this one and now I got the nervous poops. Great. Gonna go to the toilet and everyone’s gonna know. So I’ll end up trying to rush it so people think maybe it was only number one because of how fast I go. But deep down they’ll know. They always know.

#284 You're a redhead

(Y'all I’ll be real I really don’t like this one)

Dan: That was one of the things he loved most about you. He confided in you at one point that sometimes he just stared at your hair because it was so vibrant and pretty. This of course made you beyond happy- you’d been bullied your whole life for your hair color.

“What?! How?” Dan exclaimed once you told him that news.

You laughed a little. “I don’t know, babe. I’ll tell you when I know.”

He shook his head and put on a joking cry face. “I just don’t understand, how could someone so beautiful be bullied?” He dramatically cried.

Phil: He adored your hair. He would just sit there and play with it- though he couldn’t actually do much- while you laid in bed. One day, his mom sent you some old photos and made your day.

“Aw, philly, look! You used to be ginger just like me!” You cooed.

He shook his head and smiled. “Thank God for hair dye.”

“No!” You whined. “It’s precious,”

“You’re more precious!” He said cheesily before kissing your cheek.

theundertaleluver  asked:

Watcha doin? Im bored okay, im sitting here in Gustavsvik and eating pommes XD

Well, I was just playing some of the Titanfall 2 story mode (WHICH IS AWESOME AND YOU FEEL LIKE A TOTAL BADASS) and now I’m drinking coffee, gonna go have a poop and then get some animation done :)